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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Ning Chu froze for a moment as the cold horns of the dragon brushed against his cheek, and said in surprise, “Eldest Cub!”

“Aowu… ” Eldest Cub licked the tip of Ning Chu’s nose, a pair of clear dark blue pupils reflected Ning Chu, she lifted a forepaw, touched Ning Chu’s side face gently.

Ning Chu hugged Eldest Cub tightly and felt his heart finally fall into place, “My good cub, I’m late.”

Eldest Cub also missed Ning Chu very much, her eyes were wet, and she buried her head in Ning Chu’s neck. After holding her for a while, Ning Chu let go of the little dragon cub in his arms and picked her up for a closer look, “Let me see, have you grown a little fatter?”

Eldest Cub shyly dropped her wings and tail, and obediently let Ning Chu look at her. She had ice blue scales all over her body, with her horns and the tip of her tail being the most unusual, looking like translucent irregular ice sculptures, much lighter than the color of her scales. The dragon wings on both sides were also there, growing at the end of each finger bone, looking like wearing a few light-colored stones.

Eldest Cub was fine, without any scars or marks, and should’ve been well protected from any danger out there alone, so Ning Chu was relieved.

“You seem to have grown a size,” Ning Chu put Eldest Cub into his arms and touched her dragon wings, “Not fat, but still as beautiful as before.”

Eldest Cub “whimpered”, tilted her head and rubbed her horn against Ning Chu’s palm.

Ning Chu suddenly realized that they had found Eldest Cub, so how long had he slept after eating the fruit of the Tree of Life? He turned his head and found himself still sitting between Wuuth’s legs, being held by him until he woke up. The other four dragon cubs were also there, crouching neatly next to each other.

Ning Chu hurriedly got up from Wuuth and looked around, “When did we… arrive?”

The place they were on seemed to be an island, with endless seawater in the distance bordering the blue sky and white clouds. Ning Chu stepped on soft grass under his feet, with woods and several mountains behind him.

“Just arrived,” Wuuth also stood up, his eyes following Ning Chu, “How are you feeling?”

“Woo?” Eldest Cub barked softly, the same concern in her eyes.

When Wuuth appeared here with several dragons, Eldest Cub was very surprised, especially at the resurrected Fifth Cub. She saw a human in Wuuth’s arms, and then Third Cub told her that he was ‘Ning’ who had rejoined them. Before Eldest Cub could rejoice, she found Ning Chu was unconscious.

Ning Chu felt carefully and shook his head, “It’s okay already.”

Strange to say, he was in so much pain that he felt like he was going to faint from it, but now he didn’t have any discomfort, as if he had just had a dream.

Fifth Cub couldn’t hold it any longer and ran over to Ning Chu’s legs, “Aowu! Aowu!”

Ning Chu bent down and picked her up. Fifth Cub first rubbed the tip of her nose against Ning Chu, and then turned his head to pull at the other side of Eldest Cub.

Just before Ning Chu woke up, Wuuth’s expression was so irritated that they didn’t dare to make a sound, and Fifth Cub couldn’t even talk to Eldest Cub properly.

Eldest Cub licked Fifth Cub’s horn and rubbed his forehead against each other, Fifth Cub whispered ‘aowu’, opened one side of his dragon wings and turned his head excitedly for Eldest Cub to see.

Ning Chu held the two young dragon cubs in his arms while walking towards the woods, “Where are we?”

“On an island without a name,” Wuuth said as he followed Ning Chu, “Dragon Island was overcrowded, so I found this island later and let Chilly take care of the cubs here.”

Chilly wasEldest Cub’s nickname. The island was remote and hard to find, almost isolated, but still not as safe as Dragon Island, so Wuuth deliberately let Eldest Cub stay here.

No matter which race, the protection of the young was the most important, when Wuuth let the young stay on Dragon Island, leading the adult dragons out, the adult dragons continued to breed in the outside world. The decision to keep only the young on the island had been retained until now, and when the young grew up, they left as well to make room for a new batch of young.

However, Dragon Island wasn’t large enough.

Before Ning Chu’s return, Wuuth had Fourth Cub continue searching around Dragon Island to find a new island that was safe enough, but never found anything. Now that Ning Chu was back, he had the power to build a Dragon Island that would hopefully bring all the dragons to a new and perfectly safe place to live in peace like they did in the beginning.

Wuuth also knew that Ning Chu didn’t have enough money.

Ning Chu cleared the money he found from the Church congregation that night and recited that he had made half a million, leaving him more than 400,000 short. Wuuth didn’t have much of a concept of money, but he remembered that the Church was rich.

400,000, I wonder how many storage bags is that. Wuuth lowered his eyes in thought, not revealing anything on the surface.

Ning Chu moved towards the depths of the island, and really saw many young dragons among the trees.

There were various species, their age basically between two months to six months, playing with each other or lying in the grass to sunbathe. There were two or three adult ordinary dragons in the distance to watch over them.

“It’s a nice place,” Ning Chu said, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, “Is it far from Dragon Island?”

“Three days away,” Wuuth replied, stepping forward to stand at Ning Chu’s side and look at him, “Want to go back to Dragon Island?”

Ning Chu hesitated, three days wasn’t a long time, but a round trip would take six days. He could still see all of Dragon Island from the game, and it was easy to buy supplies to drop off, so he didn’t have to go back for a while.

Fourth Cub flew around beside Ning Chu and wanted to talk to Eldest Cub. Ning Chu simply sat down against a tree and let go of Eldest Cub and Fifth Cub in his arms, so that all the little dragon cubs could get together and catch up.

Looking at the cubs, Ning Chu suddenly thought that Wuuth had left Eldest Cub here to ensure the safety of the young dragons on the island, if he took Eldest Cub away, the young dragons… 

Ning Chu voiced out his thoughts, making Wuuth silent for a moment, “You want to take them to the new Dragon Island?”

Ning Chu looked embarrassed, “I… am still more than 400,000 short, and can’t afford to buy it.”

“I’ll figure it out,” Wuuth said, asking in a low voice, “Are you sure you’re okay? Does your body still hurt?” 

“Yes, I’m fine, I’m not in pain anymore,” Ning Chu was curious and asked, “What’s your solution?”

Wuuth didn’t answer, as if his mind wasn’t on this at all, he stared at Ning Chu, “I’m worried about you.”

Being looked at by him like this, Ning Chu was a bit embarrassed and lowered his head, “I… I don’t know what happened, Fifth Cub is obviously fine, just slept…”

If he had known it would hurt so much, he wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to eat it, he would have had to find a more appropriate time to talk about it. After waking up, Ning Chu hadn’t had a chance to try out the effects of the fruit, so he turned off all the game’s data and opened his palm to try to spawn vines.

However, his eyes were sore from staring at his hand, and he didn’t see any green shoots.

Wuuth saw that Ning Chu looked a little off and became nervous, “What’s wrong?”

Ning Chu turned his head, looking bewildered and puzzled, “It seems… it didn’t work.”

He ate the fruit, and was in pain, so how come there was still no reaction at all? Was his qualification really that bad? Ning Chu’s disappointed expression was written on his face, so Wuuth raised his hand and put it down again, whispering, “It’s okay, I’ll protect you just fine.”

He knew that Ning Chu used to use magic elements from several dragons, and ate the fruit to improve his ability. Wuuth didn’t care about this, he only regretted that he didn’t throw the fruit away earlier and let Ning Chu suffer for so long for nothing. He couldn’t help but hold Ning Chu’s wrist, “I want to hug you.”

Ning Chu was still lost in the loss of why the fruit was useless to him, and looked up, “Why are you hugging me< Are you comforting me?”

“No,” Wuuth said bluntly, “Wanted to be close to you.”

Ning Chu didn’t answer, but Wuuth felt he was agreeing. He tried to reach out, leaned in and wrapped his arms around Ning Chu’s waist.

Ning Chu struggled weakly, “Before I woke up, didn’t you…”

The hug lasted a long time.

Before he could say anything, his movements hesitated and he sniffed at the nape of Wuuth’s neck.

Ning Chu looked up, puzzled, “Why do you smell?”

“What?” Wuuth looked down to check, and there was nothing.

The smell was so faint that Ning Chu couldn’t tell what it was, and smelled all the way down to Wuuth’s hand.

Ning Chu’s memory of last night was very fuzzy, and he couldn’t remember exactly what happened, only that he was hurting all over, but Wuuth remembered. He remembered Ning Chu actively tilting his head and rubbing his side against his hand. He was too anxious and worried to think about anything else, but now he remembers it all together.

Ning Chu also grabbed Wuuth’s hand and sniffed it carefully, he intuited that the scent was very important, when Wuuth’s hand suddenly lifted up and touched his face.

“What are you doing?!” Ning Chu shook off Wuuth’s hand and glared at him, “Don’t move your hands.”

Wuuth was rejected again, but his heart was vaguely satisfied, and he obediently ‘mmm’d.

On the grass in front of them, several dragon cubs told each other what happened before they met Eldest Cub. They met Ning Chu one by one, killed several bad guys, and became friends with the dwarves and elves.

Eldest Cub listened quietly, but Second Cub was the most silent of the cubs, lying down a little further away with a weed in his mouth. He didn’t seem to fit in very well, so Eldest Cub noticed him and flew closer. When he saw Eldest Cub coming, Second Cub spit out the weed, stood up then crouched down.

Eldest Cub looked around Second Cub and lifted one of her front paws to hook off the grass leaves on Second Cub’s neck fur, “Whoo?”

Second Cub hung his head, “Aowu…”

His tail wagged a little, and his forehead was suddenly rubbed by a cool dragon’s horn. Eldest Cub licked Second Cub’s forehead again, turned around and called out, “Aowu.”

Second Cub got up and shook his neck hair, followed Eldest Cub over to the other dragon cubs.


The author has something to say: The dragon language translator is offline today, someone has to translate what they’re saying (doge). And Ning Ning will not turn into a dragon, oh, at least not in the main story, extra to be determined, to write if it will be a completely separate extra.

In addition, I’ll put all the rare dragon settings and names of the current ones here:

Big cub: Frost Dragon, female, eldest, water ice magic, ice blue

Second Cub: Gale Dragon, male, wind magic, yellow-brown and white

Third Cub: Scarlet Flame Dragon, male, fire magic, red

Fourth Cub: Heavenly Thunder Dragon, male, thunder magic, purple and a little silver

Fifth Cub: Rosette Leaf Dragon, female, wood magic, green

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Want to know what difference the fruit has made to NC. It will hopefully become apparent eventually.
Wuuth had done a lot to protect the dragons in NC’s absence and NC seems to realise this.
In other stories, dragons that can take on human form, fall in love with humans and take them as a partner, so hoping Wuuth & NC will end up together 🤗
I’ve a feeling robbing the Church is what Wuuth had in mind 😬
Thanks for translating and editing.

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I guess Ning won’t turn into a dragon, but maybe his sense have improved? Thank you for the chapter!

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