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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Ning Chu used all his strength, but couldn’t push Wuuth away, he wouldn’t budge. He was a humanoid dragon, if he wanted to do anything to Ning Chu, Ning Chu had no ability to resist.

Ning Chu began to panic, took a few deep breaths, and his tone cooled down, “Let go.”

Wuuth lifted his head, not easing up on his strength. The magical light used for illumination was withdrawn by Ning Chu, and there was only a palm-sized lamp in the dragon’s nest, placed in the center, which was now blocked behind Wuuth’s back, so the sight in front of Ning Chu was dimmed, and the look on his face wasn’t quite clear.

“You just…” Wuuth exhaled a hot breath, “offered to kiss me.”

He couldn’t restrain his excitement, so Ning Chu first pinched his face, then reached over and touched it, using a healing spell for him. In Wuuth’s mind, it was the equivalent of Ning Chu kissing him twice in a short period of time.

“So what?” Ning Chu kicked Wuuth in the calf, “And you started to be a pervert?”

With a healing spell to treat his wounds everyday, why had Wuuth suddenly gotten this excited this evening? Wuuth didn’t know what it meant to be a pervert, he only knew that Ning Chu wasn’t struggling in his arms. He got the better of him and brought his face closer, “One more kiss, one last time.”

The two of them moved so much that Fifth Cub looked up sleepily on the other side and closed her eyes, lying back down. The other dragon cubs slept and after a quick glance at the other side, they also went back to sleep.

Ning Chu stared at the side of Wuuth’s face, wanting to take a bite out of it, but feeling that it was too cheap for the dragon. He reached over and squeezed it, this time with ten percent of his strength, leaving a redder mark on Wuuth’s face.

Ning Chu was about to say, “Don’t even think about it,” when Wuuth let go of him with satisfaction.

He saw that Ning Chu’s hand was a little red from too much force and gently held it, using healing magic to restore the original whiteness.

Dark magic was pure black and as the black mist wrapped around his fingertips, Ning Chu sniffed in the air. He smelled the same scent that he… had smelled on Wuuth before. This time his senses were clearer and Ning Chu gazed down, determining that the scent came from the magic element in Wuuth’s palm.

The magic element was supposed to be odorless, and Ning Chu had trouble describing what he smelled. If he had to describe it, it would have to be… a scent that people somehow found attractive.

The red mark on Ning Chu’s fingertips quickly disappeared, and Wuuth put away his magic. The aura instantly became extremely faint, and Ning Chu surprisingly became a little disappointed. It was clear that he had seen Wuuth’s dark magic more than once before, but it had never been like this.

It seemed to be since he came to this island… 

Ning Chu watched Wuuth sit up and thought to himself, Is there any special connection between the light and dark elements? 

From the name, it sounded like the relationship of opposites.

Wuuth didn’t know what Ning Chu was thinking about and smoothed out the cushion he had crinkled as he whispered, “Go to sleep.”

After he turned back into a little black dragon, and laid down in his usual position, Ning Chu reacted. He wasn’t going to kiss him, so why was he suddenly so nice again? The little black dragon curled up on the pillow, keeping a suitable distance from Ning Chu, his dark red eyes still looking at him.

Ning Chu stared at him for a moment, extinguished the lamp and pulled his jacket back to sleep.


The vine net with stones hung for four days without a hitch, and it was very strong. Ning Chu was so pleased that he was ready to make more.

Together with Wuuth, there were five adult dragons, each of which could take some of the young with them. There was just one problem: the dragons couldn’t rest or stop to feed the hatchlings until they returned to Dragon Island.

Ning Chu asked Wuuth, and from here back to Dragon Island, even traveling day and night, it would take three days.

“Don’t worry, it’s only 3 days,” Wuuth said, “We’ll talk about it when we get back to Dragon Island, it’ll be fine.”

He could use magic to put all the young dragons into a deep sleep, and as for the other dragons, flying for 3 days straight was not a problem. When he came here to look for Eldest Cub, Wuuth had a problem with the dragons changing shifts once every half day, only Ning Chu felt sorry for them, fearing that they would get tired after flying too long on the road.

Ning Chu thought about it, “Then… it’s fine.”

With the help of the dragon cubs, Ning Chu spent another full day making 5 vine nets, and the old one that had been used for testing before wasn’t among them.

Early the next morning, they began preparing to move the dragons. Wuuth’s adult form was the largest, so he had the heaviest burden. Ning Chu rushed to make a smaller net, which together held 80 young dragons, and he flew with them.

The remaining dragons were divided equally. Ning Chu wanted Eldest Cub to carry a little less, but she refused. The young dragons in the vine net were already sleeping, having been fed in advance, and Ning Chu had deliberately used branches to make a bed inside so that they wouldn’t crowd each other.

Once the preparation was done, Ning Chu found that there was still a lot to worry about. The vine net had to hang on several dragons, and he was worried that the vines would strangle them, so he hurried to widen the top.

After making sure everything was in order, Ning Chu climbed up on the back of the black dragon’s neck, “Let’s go.”

The black dragon took off first, leading the way, followed by the other four dragons in the back.

Ning Chu was carrying Fifth Cub in his arms. He had made a simple bag with padding to hang around his neck, and inside was the golden egg, with the thick padding underneath. He wanted to sit on Second Cub’s back, who had neck hair and would be more comfortable sleeping on at night.

However, Wuuth was obviously upset that they wouldn’t rest for 3 days in a row, and he wanted Ning Chu to stay with him. Ning Chu saw the change in his mood and turned his feet, walking towards Wuuth.

Wuuth had only hard scales on his body, and Ning Chu bought cotton and fabric to tie around the back of his neck so that he would be more comfortable.

As for sleeping at night, Ning Chu only tied himself up with vines to make sure he wouldn’t fall down.

It was a spectacular sight to see several dragons flying together. Second Cub was excited to go forward with the vine net on his back, but Ning Chu stopped him and slowed him down to join the group. Fourth Cub was the last one, and he glanced nervously behind him to make sure the jewel hanging from the tip of his tail was still there.

After a long day’s work, it was already afternoon by the time the hatchlings left the island, and night was fast approaching.

Ning Chu carefully adjusted his position and lay down, using his wood magic to bind himself to the dragon with layers of vines, with only his two hands moving below the elbows. The dragon’s egg was on his side, and was also firmly tied.

Fifth Cub was in Ning Chu’s arms, lying in Ning Chu’s clothes, following Ning Chu’s example and wrapping herself in thin vines and soft leaves. Ning Chu sighed, hoping that they wouldn’t have to go through such trouble when they migrate other dragon herds in the future.

The five dragons flew through the night sky, passing by a city along the way. They sped up and hid their forms in the clouds. In order to ensure that they reached Dragon Island in the shortest possible time, they were bound to pass through places where there were humans, as Wuuth told Ning Chu.

If they went around, they would spend two more days on the road, which was fine for his dragons, but the young dragons would be a bit overwhelmed.

In the end, Ning Chu decided not to go around and told the dragons to be more cautious when passing through the crowded area. After a peaceful night, Ning Chu opened his eyes and looked at the sky, feeling his back ache.

He sat up with the vines removed, hammered his shoulders, and fed oat grass to Fifth Cub, who had woken up with him, and ate. The dragons were behind him, flying quietly and silently, and Ning Chu yawned as he held his dragon egg. 

Meanwhile, there was a group of people below sitting on the backs of their respective contracted beasts. The leader held a disc in his hand and looked down at it, the pointer inside was jumping back and forth between the four color zones. They had noticed the disc moving in the early morning hours, and it was unbelievable that the pointer was pointing at all the colors.

This meant that the four magic dragons were appearing in this place at the same time. The Church congregation originally thought it was a mistake with this thing, plus some time ago they didn’t know which way they were counted and lost a lot of people, now they were acting very cautiously.

So many people died in a row, the Pope was angry, suppressed the news and ordered them to find the culprit, but the wave of people seemed to have evaporated into thin air. As for the method they used to falsify the traces of the dragon’s appearance, the Church people also had no idea.

Some people said that it could be a magic dragon together with humans or other races… when the words were raised, no one believed it at all. When the disc was found to have movement, the subordinates immediately reported it to the chapter’s Grand Elder, who ordered people to come out and investigate.

The pointer paused slightly and a team of people rounded the corner of the path, when the pointer jumped and re-captured a trace of the trajectory of the magic element. However, their speed was still not fast enough, and after chasing them a little further, the pointer stopped completely, no matter which direction, it was no longer showing anything.

The leader looked up at the blue sky and white clouds, and ordered his subordinates, “Let’s go back.”


After three consecutive days and nights of flight, the dragons arrived at a desert.

Fifth Cub looked up from Ning Chu’s arms excitedly, “Aowu!”

“Huh?” Ning Chu looked around blankly, “Are we there yet?”

But where was there any sign of Dragon Island around here? Just then, Ning Chu’s body started to lean back, and the dragon carried him upward into the clouds. Ning Chu reached out his hand and felt a handful of moist vapor. Before long, the dragons began to dive down, through the thick cloud layer.

A sea appeared abruptly below, with two green islands side by side at the far end of the sight.

Ning Chu’s eyes widened, “Is this… Dragon Island?”

It was clear that just now there was an endless desert, as if they had passed through some interdimensional channel and entered this hidden and unknown world. No wonder there were rumors that Dragon Island could only be found under the leadership of the dragons.

The dragons flew all the way in the direction of Dragon Island, slowing down when they came to the two Dragon Islands below. Ning Chu carefully compared the two Dragon Islands with their locations in the game and pointed to the left one, “Go to this one, this one is new.”

Ning Chu had already sorted out a clearing on Dragon Island 02 by chopping down trees in the game whenever he could some time ago. The dragons landed on the island one after another, putting down the hatchlings they were carrying.

Wuuth turned back to human form and lifted the dormant magic of the dragon hatchlings.

The hatchlings woke up one after another, and Ning Chu had to feed them immediately, including the other dragons. After the hatchlings had eaten and drunk and gone to play in the forest, and the young dragons had been fed, Ning Chu collapsed on his back in the grass and was able to rest for a while.

He had usually turned off his stats when he didn’t use other magic in order to adapt to his new talent, and his stamina was no better than before.

Wuuth helped Ning Chu up and let him lean on him, “The ground is covered with moisture.”

Ning Chu tilted his head, “You can rub my shoulders.”

He wasn’t only tired, he hadn’t moved in two or three positions in the past few days, and always felt uncomfortable.

Wuuth did as he was told, and after a while he found that Ning Chu still looked tired. He stopped and took Ning Chu’s hand in his.

Ning Chu felt like he was falling asleep and opened his eyes in a daze, “What’s wrong?”

He looked down and saw black dark magic elements starting to spill out of the hand Wuuth was holding. Wuuth spoke up, “Eat these.”

Eat… eat what?

Ning Chu was confused when suddenly his palm started to glow.

It was his light magic, only a thin layer, but couldn’t be covered by the black mist in the slightest. At this time, the black mist began to become less and less until it disappeared completely.

Ning Chu was sluggish. This wasn’t quite right. He obviously felt that his strength and condition had rebounded, and that dark magic that had disappeared, it was almost like it was swallowed by him.

By his light magic.

Wuuth put away his magic element and gently squeezed Ning Chu’s palm, his voice ringing in his ear, “Is that enough?”


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September 25, 2022 7:39 pm

That dang church 😡 what’s with them anyway? Why hate dragons so much🤨 Ning and Wuuth work so well together. Can’t wait for Ning to realize it 😎❤️ Thanks for the update ❤️

September 25, 2022 9:35 pm

Successful move and the start of a new life for all the cubs and adult dragons.
For an awful moment I thought they would have trouble with those Church people.
Wuuth taking care of NC as usual.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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I want a Wuuth too 🥺💖

Continuous 3 days sounds very tiring. One batch move was cool – like migration 😆 .Finally got home 🥺 Mc’s first time stepping in real life&body

My heart kept on thumpingg 😆😩 Wondering if the church has the means to track them to dragon island.
Is the gem that’s now on xiao 4 really safe 😅 are there any jump scares/twists

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