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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Still in amazement, Ning Chu sat up straight and looked down at his empty palm, “…Enough.”

Not only did he feel his strength return, but his hunger also disappeared. Ning Chu had eaten very little on the way here to save himself unnecessary trouble, and had spent most of his time sleeping.

At the academy he had heard that magicians who had reached a certain level of strength could use the magical elements to replenish their energy, and could even go all the way without eating or resting. Ning Chu’s talent has only just appeared, so as a beginner, he was still far from that level, so the only way he could make his current fatigue and hunger disappear was by devouring Wuuth’s magic element.

Ning Chu looked at Wuuth, who looked calm as usual, not surprised by the result. He had known Ning Chu could swallow and digest his dark magic.

“How does your body feel?” Wuuth asked him again, “Should I give your shoulder another rub?”

“I’m better,” Ning Chu shook his head, “Is that your magic element you’re letting me eat?”

Wuuth gave a “hmmm”.

Ning Chu was very curious about this and couldn’t help but ask, “Can other magical elements do the same?”

Eating and replenishing each other? But if he kept doing this, Wuuth himself must be depleted.

Wuuth said, “Only light and darkness.”

Other talents, even if they were forced to do so, wouldn’t be able to achieve the effect, even if they were the same.

“Then you…” Ning Chu responded, “can you eat mine too?”

Wuuth hesitated for a moment before replying, “Yes.”

But in the case of equal strength of both sides, the dark magic would be suppressed by the light magic. Of course, with Ning Chu’s current strength, it would be easy for Wuuth to devour and drain him of his magical element, turning him into a wreck.

This was what Wuuth’s mentor told him when he was still in the academy. His teacher also said that light and dark were inherently hostile, so even if he didn’t mean to hurt anyone, it was best to stay away from each other.

Wuuth thought of this after he found out that Ning Chu had light magic. But he didn’t care, how could he hurt Ning Chu? If Ning Chu wanted his magic energy, he could come and take it anytime. Wuuth was only worried about one thing: now that Ning Chu knew about it, would he have an averse reaction because of it? He said in a soothing whisper, “I won’t do it, don’t be afraid.”

Ning Chu wasn’t afraid, but he remembered that he had “smelled” Wuuth’s magic element before, was it also because of this? He became even more curious and turned sideways to approach Wuuth, “I want to see your magic again.”

Wuuth didn’t hesitate to extend his hand, and black magic element appeared in the palm. Unlike other magic, the pure dark element couldn’t be condensed into a ball of light, only a black and heavy mass, with fog-like edges that glowed.

Ning Chu originally just wanted to take a look and confirm the aura and whether Wuuth’s magic element really appealed to him. However, with the experience he had just had, the feeling was so magical that Ning Chu couldn’t help but reach out and cover it with his hand to try again. The black mist came into contact with the white light in Ning Chu’s hand, and was absorbed and then transferred into Ning Chu’s body.

It was as if he was born with this instinct, and didn’t need to learn or be taught anything. As his body gradually filled up, Ning Chu focused on Wuuth’s magic element and unconsciously leaned into his arms. With a sudden tightening in his hand, the magical energy came to a screeching halt and Ning Chu looked up blankly.

“Ning Ning, you can’t devour too much,” Wuuth’s eyebrows wrinkled invisibly, “it’s not good for your body.”

Ning Chu was at best a magical apprentice, his body wasn’t yet able to carry too much, not to mention that what he absorbed wasn’t his own magical essence, there was always a process of adaptation and transformation.

Ning Chu licked his dry lower lip, “Okay.”

He did absorb a lot, and at first he thought it was nothing, but then he realized that he seemed a little… addicted.

Wuuth’s magic seemed to be able to improve his strength quickly, but the magic energy that grew in a short period of time wasn’t stable after all. Ning Chu regretted how he just didn’t hold back and sat up straight, “I understand.”

His tone was submissive, and with his head hung down, he looked really obedient.

Wuuth reached over and lifted Ning Chu’s forehead hair and boldly touched his face with his hand, “That’s enough for today, let’s try again tomorrow?”

He wanted Ning Chu to know that it wasn’t that he didn’t allow him to eat, but that he couldn’t eat too much in a day. It was the same with food, digestion took time. With his strength, if he helped Ning Chu improve using this method, he could also completely afford to feed him.

Ning Chu wanted to refuse, but was a bit tempted, “Then let’s talk about it tomorrow… okay.”

He swallowed just a little bit at a time, so it shouldn’t be a problem, and Wuuth was by his side.

After two replenishments of magical energy, Ning Chu was now in high spirits. He stood up and surveyed this familiar and unfamiliar Dragon Island.

Before coming here, Ning Chu had already cleared an area in the game, but it was too late to build a house for now, so he dug a few dragon nests at the foot of the mountain, which were covered with thick hay. The island had an ample source of freshwater, the place to live was ready for the time being, it was just short of food.

Ning Chu began to be busy, he first bought several kinds of birds from the mall to put into the back of the mountain forest, and some animal babies suitable for survival in the wild. Finally, he went to the back of the mountain to continue to open up the land, clearing out an area with a simple fence, partitioning rabbits, chickens and ducks inside.

While doing this, Ning Chu was very immersive, as if he had entered the game and become the character he had created in the first place. Then Ning Chu found that it was faster, easier, and more convenient to do things like cutting down trees and making things from the game side if he closed his eyes.

So he gave up making his own fence, and without the help of Wuuth and other little dragon cubs, he sat under a tree and closed his eyes to play the game. By the time everything was packed up, the game was starting to get dark.

Ning Chu opened his eyes and saw the same thing as in the game.

Wuuth sat quietly beside him, waiting, and several other dragon cubs were nearby, all of them having rested for a while after eating in the afternoon.

Dragon Island was a real home for several dragons, and they were very relaxed lying in the grass at sunset, turning over every now and then to change positions. Fifth Cub was lying in his arms, wagging her tail a little, and on Ning Chu’s other side was the dragon egg in his bag.

He picked up Fifth Cub and the egg and looked into the distance, “Shall we go back to the other Dragon Island?”

There was still a house he once built, so he could sleep in it at night without having to crowd the nest with the young dragons.

Wuuth then got up, “Okay.”

Fifth Cub in Ning Chu’s arms responded in kind, “Aowu!”

At this time, the hatchlings were called back to the nest by some adult dragons, and Eldest Cub was also nearby, making sure the hatchlings were safely back before she flew to Ning Chu’s side.

Dragon Island 01 was right next to it, and Second Cub turned back to its adult form to carry everyone and the dragons, arriving a few minutes later. There were many young dragons on the island still playing outside, and when they saw unfamiliar dragons appear, they rushed to hide and then quietly ventured out to take a look around.

There were streetlights in the residential area, but they had been damaged over time. Ning Chu had repaired them one by one when he first returned, and now they were working just fine. The dragon cubs had slept in the afternoon and weren’t sleepy at all, so when they saw some of the largest dragon climbers on the roadside, they flew up in a flash.

Fifth Cub was also very excited, she subconsciously stretched her wings, but didn’t dare to fly, and looked at Ning Chu for help. Ning Chu put Fifth Cub on his back and the two dragon cubs left together. Ning Chu wandered around the neighborhood and came to the residential area. Many of the houses he once built were no longer usable, and only the former hatchery hut remained.

He pushed open the door and since the house was cleaned yesterday by Ning Chu through the game, it was very clean. There was a short wooden table on the innermost side of the wall, which used to be used to hold dragon eggs. Ning Chu put hay and soft cushions on the wooden table and tried it out.

“We can sleep here at night,” the length of the wooden platform was just right, and the area of the bed in the academy dormitory was about the same. Ning Chu got up to take out the pillows and placed them, and put some dragon nests in the house, “it may be a little crowded. When I’m free, I can build a larger house. “

Ning Chu was still a human, although sleeping in the dragon nest wasn’t bad, he preferred this kind of house. While the dragon cubs could sleep anywhere they wanted, Ning Chu guessed they would stay with him. Soon after the nest was set up, the dragon cubs came over one by one.

Fourth Cub was still the last one to come in, his purple jewel was back around his neck, and he found a nest of his choice in the corner, licking the scales on his tail.

Eldest Cub sent Fifth Cub back to Ning Chu and flew to the dragon’s nest. All the cubs had a nest, including Wuuth and Sixth Cub who had not hatched yet. Ning Chu took out the golden egg and put it into the smallest nest, and then placed a dragon crystal next to it. Finally two dragon nests were left empty because Fifth Cub wanted to sleep with Ning Chu and Wuuth also wanted to sleep with Ning Chu.

Ning Chu had swallowed Wuuth’s magic energy during the day, and had some subtle feelings in his heart, so he didn’t refuse him. The little black dragon came to Ning Chu’s pillow as he wished, and picked a suitable spot on the outside.

Moonlight shone in through the two windows on the side, and the room was soon quiet, with the sound of light breathing rising and falling.

Fifth Cub, a juvenile, slept best, rolling over early with her belly exposed and a pair of front paws resting under her chin. Ning Chu moved gently to help Fifth Cub adjust her position and covered her with a soft cloth.

After all this, Ning Chu laid down and turned his head to see the little black dragon still awake, crouching next to his pillow. Ning Chu turned on his side to face him, reached out and touched his paw, whispering, “You…”

The little black dragon understood, lying down to come closer.

Ning Chu continued, “You’ll be okay if you give me your magic energy, right?”

He had thought about this during the day, when he saw that Wuuth was as usual, nothing was different. Then Ning Chu didn’t resist the temptation to try to devour again, and didn’t ask when he was momentarily lost in thought. He was still thinking about this, worried that Wuuth would not feel well.

The little black dragon moved a little closer and tried to lick the tip of Ning Chu’s nose to tell him he was fine. Ning Chu vaguely guessed his intentions, froze in place and didn’t move, and couldn’t help but hold his breath. The little black dragon moved hesitantly, but finally didn’t do it, he backed away a little and rubbed his head on Ning Chu’s hand.

Ning Chu breathed a sigh of relief and realized after the fact that he had obviously guessed, but didn’t hide. And, he was a little disappointed at what was going on. Ning Chu took a few deep breaths and stroked the little black dragon’s horn, “It’s okay, go to sleep.”

He turned over and lay flat, closing his eyes. The little black dragon lay quietly on the pillow, waiting for Ning Chu’s breathing to calm down and fall into a deep sleep, before coming close to lick the side of his face, to make up for the one just now.


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The Dragon King is the most fervent worshipper of the Majestic Dragon God NingNing

September 27, 2022 2:38 am

Opposites definitely attracting.
Their future lives seem idyllic; as long as the Church leaves them alone.
Thanks for translating and editing.

September 27, 2022 2:38 am

Wuuth is learning patience. Ning is learning he kinda likes the attention from Wuuth❤️

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