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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


After that touch, Wuuth remembered what had happened before. It was a long time ago when Ning Chu hugged his young dragon form and kissed him on the forehead. The feeling of scales and skin should be different, Wuuth couldn’t be sure, and opened his eyes.

He was just in time to see Ning Chu lift his head, dropping his hand, “There!”

Wuuth stared at the back of his hand, entertaining the idea of making several wounds elsewhere on his body, so Ning Chu would kiss them all. He covered his entire left hand with a thin layer of dragon aura, trying to preserve that bit of Ning Chu’s breath.

Ning Chu couldn’t see the dragon aura, only Wuuth suddenly not moving, so he reached out and waved his hand in front of Wuuth’s eyes, “Silly?”

Wuuth grabbed his wrist and gently squeezed it in his hand, not willing to let go. He looked up and stared at Ning Chu’s lips again, “Why can’t I look?”

Ning Chu drew back his hand, turning his head away from him, “No reason…”

After clearing all the clutter, Ning Chu sorted the useful stuff into a few storage bags, and threw everything else away.

At night, when feeding the young dragons, Ning Chu asked Eldest Cub how many dragons were there on the island.

Eldest Cub crouched on a big rock, two front claws neatly placed in front of her, “Aowu.”

The island was small, and there were about 200 young dragons, plus 3 adult common dragons who helped Eldest Cub look after the young.

200… young dragons were still small and couldn’t fly for long. With so many dragons, it was impossible to find a place to stop and rest in the middle of the journey. He asked Wuuth, “How did you transfer the hatchlings here before?”

Wuuth replied, “As dragon eggs.”

“But what about now?” Ning Chu said, a little worried, “It’s too slow to take them in groups.”

With 200 dragons, it would take 6 days for a round trip to Dragon Island, so how long would it take to bring all the hatchlings there?

Ning Chu regretted not putting the coordinates of Dragon Island here, but if he did, it would be a problem later. Maybe he could make a few nets out of vines and put the hatchlings in them?

That seemed feasible, and Ning Chu planned to try it tomorrow during the day. He logged into the game, went to the two dragon islands to look around, added animal hatchlings to Dragon Island 01, and then went to Dragon Island 02 to cut down trees.

At night, Fourth Cub was the last one to return to the dragon nest before going to bed. He came to Ning Chu’s side first, straightened his back and turned around in front of him. Ning Chu picked up a glowing magic artifact from the daytime clutter to use as a light, and saw a light-colored purple gem on Fourth Cub’s neck in the light.

The gem was the same one Ning Chu had given him at noon. He had somehow pierced the gem and made a necklace out of a thin tree branch to wear around his neck.

Ning Chu laughed out loud and rubbed Fourth Cub’s head, “What will happen when you get bigger? It will break.”

This was no more than the dragon’s premium ornament Ning Chu bought from the mall, which cannot expand with the size of the dragon. Fourth Cub was confused for a moment, and seemed to have just remembered this problem. He had wanted Ning Chu to help but Ning Chu was busy, so he worked all afternoon to finally find a way to put the gem on his body.

Fourth Cub looked down at the jewel and was happy again. He rubbed Ning Chu’s hand for a while, and flew to the other dragon cubs to show off again.


The next day, Ning Chu began to weave a net, using wood magic to create dozens of long vines, and wrapped them together to form a net. Several young dragon cubs crouched aside and watched curiously. Fifth Cub smelled her familiar magic scent and wanted to make vines like Ning Chu.

She hadn’t really used magic much since her shell was broken, except for playing with other dragons occasionally, because she was well protected by Ning Chu. Fifth Cub quietly compared the thickness and length of the vines on the ground, and secretly held her breath.

Ning Chu, who was busy with his head down, had just finished weaving a net, intending to produce more vines, when he turned his head and found that a large pile had suddenly appeared on the originally empty ground.

Fifth Cub squatted next to the vines, wagging her tail excitedly.

“Did Little Five do this?” Ning Chu was surprised and leaned down to pick her up, “You’re so good, are you tired?”

Fifth Cub was still small, and Ning Chu was worried that she might not be able to use too much magic energy.

“Awoo!” Fifth Cub didn’t feel any different and felt like she could make a bunch more in one breath.

Ning Chu was a bit uneasy and let her rest for a while.

Eldest Cub had learned how to make a net from Ning Chu and brought the other three cubs over to help. Ning Chu quickly made a net and brought three large stones from the stream to try it out.

The vines produced by wood magic were several times stronger than ordinary plants. Ning Chu hung the vine net with stones outside the dragon’s nest,  before waiting for three to four days to see if it was stable. After doing this, Ning Chu began to learn the healing art with Wuuth.

The healing spells vary by degree, and Wuuth taught Ning Chu the simplest one first. He sat across from Ning Chu and recited the incantation. Ning Chu stumbled at first, but became more proficient later, with a white light appearing in his palm along with the spell.

This was much easier than his practical class at the academy, except that the white light didn’t look much different from an ordinary magic elemental ball.

As the white light waxed and waned, Ning Chu managed to use the spell for the first time, but the effect wasn’t quite stable, so he asked Wuuth, “How do I test it…”

No sooner had he said that than he saw Wuuth cut his finger. The wound wasn’t deep, only a little red blood seeped from his index finger, but Ning Chu still froze, “You…”

Wuuth reached out, “Come.”

Ning Chu’s mood shifted for a moment and the white light in his hand went straight out.

“Ahem… I’ll try again.” Ning Chu recited the incantation again and covered the wound with the white light from his palm. A few moments later, the blood from the wound disappeared, leaving only an extremely shallow mark.

Ning Chu’s eyes widened, “Did I do it?”

Wuuth gave a “hmm”, “Good talent.”

Ning Chu was very happy, this was the first time he could really use his element and magic.

As for Wuuth’s comment about good talent, he only healed such a small wound, he just thought Wuuth was motivating him.

In the following days, Ning Chu’s learning progressed quickly. He could already memorize the primary spell and didn’t need to recite it, which would be even better if he had the assistance of a magic staff, and he could barely use the more advanced healing spells, but they weren’t quite stable yet.

During this period, Wuuth’s hands were wounded several times by himself, just to let Ning Chu experience the healing effect. The wounds weren’t deep, but Ning Chu had little confidence in himself during the first two days of learning and was a bit distressed.

So Wuuth made him kiss it, saying that it would heal faster. Ning Chu knew that Wuuth was talking nonsense, but he would still comply with his request and kiss the wound as a reward for teaching him the healing art.

Later, Ning Chu discovered that the healing technique also worked on injured plants.

Ning Chu was shocked and questioned Wuuth, “Did you do that on purpose?”

Now that he has been discovered, Wuuth honestly admitted, “Yes.”

Ning Chu was a little annoyed that Wuuth didn’t say anything even though he knew it all along and hurt himself on purpose, “Don’t you ever make me kiss you again!”

He didn’t learn magic again in the afternoon, and went to play with the dragon cubs, so Wuuth followed Ning Chu and tried to talk to him, but Ning Chu didn’t care. It wasn’t until the evening before bedtime that Ning Chu was lying on his side on the cushion when a voice came from behind him.

“Ning Ning.” Wuuth whispered, admitting to him, “It was my fault, don’t get mad, don’t ignore me.”

Ning Chu was more than angry, he hadn’t spoken to him all afternoon, which made Wuuth even more anxious and annoyed. After a few moments, Ning Chu rolled over and changed position, looking at Wuuth silently in the light.

Wuuth’s mind moved slightly and tried to lie down next to Ning Chu. He didn’t turn back into a little black dragon, and Ning Chu didn’t kick him out, but reached out and pinched his face, saying indignantly, “You want me to kiss you that much?”

If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have agreed to it the first time in a moment of confusion.

When Ning Chu let go of his hand, Wuuth replied, “Yes, I do.”

Ning Chu was speechless for a moment, and the anger he was feeling had subsided by now, so he reached out and touched the red marks on Wuuth’s face where he had pinched himself, “It doesn’t hurt, does it?”

Wuuth was simply flattered and couldn’t resist approaching Ning Chu, “It doesn’t hurt.”

Ning Chu’s hand gathered white light, as he gently stroked it with his fingertips, using healing magic to remove the marks. Just as he withdrew his hand, everything darkened and his body was pulled into Wuuth’s arms.

Ning Chu struggled while raising his head, “Let go of me…”

Wuuth didn’t move at all, the tip of his nose rubbed against Ning Chu’s skin, “Ning Ning.”

His emotions from being ignored all afternoon exploded, scattering rapidly before becoming empty again, eager to grab something else to fill it.


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Atta boy Wuuth, love your man❤️

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Thanks for the chapter!

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NC will really be a force to be reckoned with, with his multiple powers.
I don’t know how he can resist Wuuth. I love that character.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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sigh.. the romance.. was to slow!!!! 😂 😂 😂

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Jace Gosht
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Boo for forcing Ning Ning at the end. Have more restraint and respect his space a little longer! Especially now that he’s finally coming around!

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