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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The room was quiet for a moment, then Ning Chu took the jacket, “…Hmm.”

Oh no, did he really do something?

Everyone acted differently when drunk, and Ning Chu had never been drunk before, so he didn’t know which category he fell into. He really had no recollection of what happened last night, as if he had just had a long sleep.

Ning Chu also noticed that the sun was shining outside the window and it looked like it was almost noon. It was true that drinking was a mistake… Wuuth stood without reacting, nor did he say anything else, so Ning Chu took his coat and hurried into the bathroom to wash up, taking a quick shower as well.

When he came out, the group of small dragon cubs came back from outside, Sixth Cub lying on the back of Fourth Cub yawning. Winka guessed that Ning Chu would be waking up soon, and ordered the clan to bring food over.

Ning Chu picked up Sixth Cub and carried her into the dragon’s nest, realizing that they had already eaten lunch. The fruit wine had a strong after-effect, but he didn’t feel unwell after drinking it, so Ning Chu just took a nap.

There were two meals delivered, and Wuuth stayed by Ning Chu’s side, but didn’t eat anything all morning. He always woke up earlier, basically, by the time Ning Chu opened his eyes he was already awake, it was like he hadn’t slept all night.

Ning Chu picked up his chopsticks, “I can’t get up in the morning after drinking, so you don’t have to keep watch over me.”

Wuuth sat with him at the table, his eyes downcast, “Alright.”

Although he answered, he seemed distracted, simply responding to what Ning Chu said.

It was unclear if it was because of Ning Chu, but Wuuth looked a bit depressed, and his whole body’s air pressure has dropped a lot.

He wasn’t like this right after he woke up…

Ning Chu wanted to ask, but Wuuth beat him to it, “You’re up late because of the fruit wine?”

“Well,” Ning Chu said embarrassed, “I’m not a good drinker and yesterday’s fruit wine didn’t taste like wine, so I figured…”

Yesterday Winka and the other elves also drank a lot, he didn’t know that the elves could also drink so well.

“You can’t remember what happened last night, also because of the fruit wine?” Wuuth asked again. He also wanted to question Ning Chu, whether the fact that yesterday he was like a different person, asking him if he liked him, and teaching him to kiss, was also because of the fruit wine. Wuuth guessed the answer before he could even ask.

What exactly was fruit wine? He had never heard of it before in the human world. Was it some kind of secret magic potion of the elves? He also tasted a cup yesterday and didn’t find anything wrong with it except that it was hard to drink. He was fond of last night’s Ning Chu, but then he remembered that Ning Chu was under the effect of the fruit wine when he said those words and did those things, and after Ning Chu sobered up, he forgot all about it.

Ning Chu nodded, “Then I… what did I do yesterday?”

How happy he was last night, how lost Wuuth was now. He didn’t show it, just said, “Nothing.”

He inexplicably didn’t want to tell Ning Chu, wanting to keep that memory for himself. After that, Wuuth looked down and ate, leaving Ning Chu alone and at a loss for words. He had a hunch that something definitely happened yesterday, but he couldn’t remember anything.

After eating, Ning Chu took the initiative to clean up the dishes and send them back, sending away Wuuth as well, “Where did they go now? Let’s bring them back, we have to leave Lough Valley this afternoon.”

They had done everything they needed to do and stayed an extra day. Wuuth answered and went out, and Ning Chu made sure he was gone, before heading to Eldest Cub’s dragon’s nest.

“You were in the house last night, weren’t you?” Ning Chu asked Eldest Cub quietly, “What happened?”

Fifth Cub spoke up before Eldest Cub, “Aowu!”

She knew!

After Ning Chu was carried back last night, he said his heart was beating fast and hard.

Ning Chu’s expression instantly became incomprehensible, “Sh… what?”

“Aowu, woo!” Later on, Ning Chu’s voice was so soft that Fifth Cub didn’t hear him, but then Ning Chu suddenly seemed upset.

Ning Chu was bewildered, “Upset?”

Fifth Cub nodded. “Hmm…” Ning Chu disliked that Wuuth couldn’t even kiss and taught him to open his mouth. Ning Chu and Wuuth had a relationship that the small group of dragons actually understood. They were neither ordinary dragons, nor were they juvenile dragon cubs anymore, even if they weren’t told, they could guess.

Kisses and the likes, they also understood, they were probably to show intimate behavior.

The dragons used to lick Ning Chu’s hand or cheek, but now they didn’t because they knew Wuuth would be upset. Ning Chu was completely dumbfounded, and his eyes turned to Eldest Cub, “What Little Five said, is that true?”

Eldest Cub crouched in the dragon’s nest and wagged her tail, “Woo…”

What Fifth Cub said was basically true, and there were some details Eldest Cub heard more clearly than her, but looking at Ning Chu’s current reaction, it was better to keep those for now.

Ning Chu struggled to digest the information, Fifth Cub described him like he was a different person. It turned out that he woke up in the morning feeling weird on his lips, that was the reason… His face flushed for a while, just when Wuuth brought the little dragon group back from outside.

Ning Chu said he was going to deliver the cutlery, but the dishes were still on the table as they were just now, and he himself was crouched in front of the dragon’s nest, unknowing what he was doing.

Wuuth approached, “Why didn’t you go?”

Ning Chu coughed lightly and slowly stood up, “Just had a little business to do… Er Er go and deliver it.”

Second Cub, who was named, shook his neck hair and pawed at the chopsticks on the table. Ning Chu grabbed a bag to put the dishes and chopsticks in, and let Second Cub send them back to the usual eating place. Then he turned his head to Wuuth, blushing and wanting to say something.

Wuuth reached over and touched him, “What’s wrong?”

Ning Chu thought, No wonder Wuuth wasn’t in a good mood just now. It must be because I forgot, while he was trying to figure out something else. This dragon must be upset, since he even cared about being pushed away in his sleep at night for a long time.

Ning Chu grabbed his hand, “I… let’s go out and talk.”

It was already humiliating to be seen drunk by Eldest Cub and Fifth Cub last night, so it was better to talk alone. Wuuth obediently followed Ning Chu out of the room and to a nearby tree.

Ning Chu lowered his head and spoke first, “I didn’t mean to forget what happened last night.” 

Wuuth was stunned, “You remembered?”

Seeing Ning Chu shake his head, Wuuth fell silent.

“I asked Eldest Cub and Little Five,” Ning Chu buried his head even lower as he continued speaking, “Did I… kiss you yesterday? “

Wuuth softly said, “But you forgot.”

“I didn’t mean to,” Ning Chu lifted his head, his voice getting smaller, “It was because of the wine… I’ll never drink again.”

He was so close that Wuuth reached out and took him in his arms, kissing Ning Chu with his head down.

After a moment he backed away a little and whispered, “You kissed me yesterday, too, because of the wine, not because you meant to.”

This sounded correct, but there was something wrong with it.

Ning Chu dwelled on it for a while, then simply stopped his train of thought, reached around Wuuth and kissed him, “I kissed you like this yesterday?”

Wuuth’s eyelashes twitched, “No.”

“Then how…”

Before Ning Chu could finish his sentence, his chin was squeezed firmly and his head was tilted up uncontrollably. Wuuth pressed down on him and kissed him again, catching Ning Chu unprepared. His first thought was, Where did Wuuth learn to do that?

Then he belatedly remembered that it was probably last night… Ning Chu’s back was against the trunk of the tree, as his mind vaguely recalled some memories of last night. Wuuth was eager, as if he wanted to prove something with this kiss, and Ning Chu began to try to respond to him.

The arm around his waist tightened, and the gesture really worked, as Wuuth’s little bit of depression just now completely disappeared. Ning Chu hadn’t drunk any fruit wine now, he wasn’t kissing him under the effect of the wine. Wuuth finally let go of Ning Chu, touched his reddened lips, and used the healing spell.

Ning Chu didn’t bother to tell him that kissing didn’t require healing and touched the side of his face, “Happy now?”

Wuuth honestly admitted, “Yeah.”

Ning Chu had to admit, he was happy too. Unlike Wuuth, he felt a sense of accomplishment in coaxing a quietly disturbed boyfriend. Ning Chu remembered the dragon spell again… he would be happier if he learned how to do it for Wuuth.


In the afternoon, Ning Chu went to say goodbye to Winka and prepared to leave Lough Valley. Winka wanted them to stay and let them leave in the morning, but Ning Chu refused. Winka had to give up and had some bottles of fruit wine sent to Ning Chu to take with him.

Ning Chu quietly glanced at Wuuth and was about to shake his head when Wuuth took them, “Thank you.”

He put the bottles into his storage bag, very naturally.

Winka smiled, “You’re welcome.”

Dragon Island was just above Lough Valley. Ning Chu intended to use the function of changing coordinates again, he had enough money now anyway.

He said goodbye to Winka and the elves, and rode the dragon high into the sky. The red dragon grew smaller and smaller, and finally disappeared between the white clouds.

Winka withdrew his eyes and said to the clan, “Let’s return.”

Back on Dragon Island, Ning Chu spent 2,000 currency again to change the coordinates to the area where the dwarves were located. After confirming the coordinates, a familiar vibration came and then calm returned. Not long after Ning Chu left, a group of people arrived to the entrance of Lough Valley.

“Boss, this is the elven territory ahead,” the subordinate carefully identified the map, “Should we post it here too?”

The man who was called the boss replied, “Yes!”

Two men behind him took some papers and stuck them on the trunk of a nearby tree.

On the paper was a portrait of a person, but only the lower half of the face, the other half was covered firmly with a mask. At the bottom, there were a few words, “Reward for information about this person”, with a partial description of his physical features.

They were from the High County money bank. The day Wuuth, disguised as a Church member, withdrew all the money from the account, but by the time he was discovered he has long since disappeared without a trace. Money banks were all over the place and have started to have people posting bounty orders everywhere, catching the attention of some mercenary groups.

The person on the portrait wasn’t even showing his whole face, but this was the only clue they had, posting it was better than doing nothing.


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Oh boy, got away just in the nick of time! So happy that Ning is really starting to like Wuuth and kissing him too🥰 thank you for the update ❤️☺️

October 15, 2022 2:22 pm

It’s tough for NC and Wuuth, one being a dragon and both being so inexperienced in love and relationships. Very tough for us readers 😁
I thought that money would end up costing them.
Thanks for translating and editing.

December 5, 2022 2:36 am

Sometimes I’d wonder if ml will have a preferred physical look someday and not from a human he copied 😅 … Or this is okay too i guess 🤔 just remembered that mc is in another person’s skin too …

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