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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Gwyndolyn


“Where will we eat?”

“I’ll listen to you.”

“May I sit in this chair?”


Within five minutes, Chen Bai felt that he was on a roller coaster with the Marshal.

Chen Bai wondered if Heinz had a fetishism problem, or if it was an exclusive sofa that accompanied him for a lifetime. Ordinary people couldn’t sit on it? But thinking about it, the sofa looked so out of place; it seemed that Heinz allowed it to be placed in his aircraft deck and it was not an ordinary sofa.

Chen Bai used this reason to convince himself.

But even if it was not difficult for him to stand overnight or even for several days, the picture seemed a little strange in any case. Chen Bai’s eyebrows scrunched. He felt like he had returned to the time when he was punished to stand and could not sit down when he was a child. For a moment, he felt a little sad.

If this was the normal Heinz, it probably didn’t matter whether he went to Donina Restaurant or not. Did he have to stand to their destination? And even though he was a little depressed about the Valentine’s suite in Donina’s restaurant before, now he wondered if he also would not be able to touch his bed. Chen Bai was still thinking about whether he would have a miserable future. Heinz’ eyes slipped from Chen Bai’s face and finally fell on the water cup in his hand, making a thoughtful expression.

When his eyes were fixed, Chen Bai felt that the air in the mech was condensed. Then he began to seriously doubt whether Heinz was too slow to react. Now he found a red light on Heinz’ wrist suddenly lit up and then a sharp noise broke out.

The red light flashed three times, an alarm sounded one time.

Chen Bai knew that it was the alarm for a military emergency. This was a device that every active member of the armed forces must have on his wristwatch to report emergencies, or to recall orders, etc.

While Heinz’ wristwatch lit up, Chen Bai noticed that his wristwatch was shaking slightly. All the motions of his light screen were adjusted to the lightest. Only the person with the wristwatch could detect it, let alone the light.

But after these three short and rapid shocks, three longer shocks followed… It was the signal Mani set for emergencies.

In other words, he and Heinz received an emergency signal at the same time?

With a slight squint in his eyes, a guess flashed through his mind. When he looked at Heinz the next second, Chen Bai’s expression had returned to a look of surprise, as if he could not understand such a striking way of calling. If an average person saw his expression, he would be very sure that he was from the edge of Beta, but Heinz was different. He did not look at Chen Bai as he was in the middle of receiving the message and directly opened it.

Do you know the kind of performance that goes through every step carefully without the audience feeling at all? Chen Bai felt it now. But even though he felt a little depressed, he didn’t forget to listen carefully to Heinz’ voice.

“What’s the matter?” Even though it was a real-time broadcast, Chen Bai could not see since the direction of the screen was away from him. But from Heinz’ facial expression, it should not be a good thing.

“Marshal,” the voice over there sounded a little anxious and gasping, and it was apparent that it spoke under pressure, “I’m sorry to disturb you, but Miss Ellie’s side had an accident, so she had to…”

“Ellie?” Heinz’ eyebrows frowned, and he stood upright in an instant, no longer leaning his lazy body in his chair.

Standing three steps away from him, Chen Bai’s pupils shrank when he heard the name, but the signal on the other side was a little wrong. The voice spoke intermittently for half a day, and neither Heinz nor Chen Bai could understand it.

The former had adjusted the course of the mech in the instant of receiving the news. A minute later, the signal sounded a little better.

“Kidnapping?” Heinz frowned slightly after listening to his subordinates’ reports.

“Yes, Marshal. They wanted it to be a kidnapping, but Miss Ellie’s bodyguard just entered the room, and they failed to succeed. At present, the other side is still in negotiations. The signal in the meeting hall is cut off and blocked in all respects. I found that the signal is not right outside. Watch out for a while before you arrive.”

On the other side of Heinz’ screen, the satellite monitoring of the location of Ellie’s birthday banquet was immediately opened.

As General Abraham’s youngest daughter, Ellie grew up being given all the stars and the moon. It’s not too bad to be a charming lady. Her birthday party, every year in the past, would be animated and the banquet venue was filled with all kinds of flowers. It was the kind of birthday party for the little daughter of the Abraham family that people could see from the outside.

But at this moment, the place should be busy outside but not empty. Even looking through the glass window, there was no lively atmosphere.

Looking at the destination coming closer, Heinz asked, “What about the exchange request from the other side?” 

“The other side hasn’t mentioned it yet, but Marshal, you know Miss Ellie’s temper. I’m afraid there will be no response there. Miss herself will be the first…”

“I know,” Heinz interrupted with a stern look. “Send me your location and find a place to hide. I’ll go over and meet you first and let me know what’s going on.” Having said this, Heinz hung up the phone.

It was quiet again in the mech, and the sound that came from time to time was from Heinz, who was monitoring the situation through multiple messages.

Aldia Military Academy was located in a relatively remote area of Venus because it needed a lot of space for students to practice with their mechs. Ellie’s birthday party was in the heart of Venus. Even if Heinz were to speed up, it would take more than twenty minutes to arrive.

Chen Bai frowned. This was Heinz’ aerial mech. Without fully understanding the monitoring structure inside, he couldn’t open the light screen at will or venture to look at Heinz’ news. So he stood in his place, and his mind moved quickly.

Heinz, while monitoring the venue over there, kept receiving a message and said to Chen Bai, “I’ll put you down on the road in a moment. Find a place to rest and eat first. When I finish the work over there, I’ll come back to pick you up.” 

“…” Chen Bai’s eyes moved, and his face made a nervous look and said, “Can I go with Marshal?”

“No.” Heinz’ attitude was steadfast, and Chen Bai noticed the gap in his speech. He had issued the order of deployment through the internal system of the military department. Even far away, Chen Bai could also judge by the above icon that it was the pro-military system Heinz was using. There should be two or three of his personnel who were on the way to accept his order. 

Almost all of Heinz’ personnel were generals. How many people would they bring with them? Chen Bai couldn’t tell for the time being. But the first task should be to get Heinz to agree to let him go too.

Thinking about it, Chen Bai said, “I want to go in. I absolutely will not interfere with Marshal. In such a dangerous place, Marshal, if something happens to you, I may be able to help you?”

Although his performance was as an inferior gender from Beta fringe moving to Alpha center, Chen Bai did not wholly make his image a cowardly one. Now he added some emotional expressions of wanting to establish a transitional period in front of Heinz. It was not good to be too publicized or dull.

But even if he couldn’t get first-hand information right now, Chen Bai’s brain didn’t stop working, because according to Heinz’ reports, there are still many doubts.

For example, who would choose to kidnap Ellie at her birthday party? If the other party was prepared enough, would things change just because of the appearance of a bodyguard?

Daring to kidnap a General’s youngest daughter who had a bodyguard, at such a high-profile time, such a coincidence? Was it possible to interrupt the entire plan directly at such a critical moment?

While Chen Bai was thinking fast, Heinz was not idle, and his tail was almost standing up behind him.

Did his wife care about him?


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Poor Chen Bai must be wondering what kind of brain hole his fiancé has! 🤦‍♀️💀

June 14, 2021 8:03 pm

One word… Awkward! 😅

Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 14, 2021 9:40 pm

The Marshall is just something else! Now he will tell him no all the time lol I loved how his “tail” was standing up when he thought his wife cared lol I’m really curious about the Marshal and his actions. Thomas was right on something, if they got matched, his wife also has to be strong. Looking forward to next chapter!

June 15, 2021 1:05 am

The general is showing a fickle side to wifey🤣🤣🤣

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Why do I feel like Ellie is planning the kidnapping herself?

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Why wouldn’t his wife care about him? What IS Heinz playing at?
Looking forward to the next chapter and thank you thank you for translating.

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