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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Gwyndolyn


Looking at Chen Bai’s frozen face, Heinz’ eyes seemed to show a slight smile. Then when he found Chen Bai stiff for half a day and not replying, he immediately took back the expression on his face, held out his hand and solemnly said, “I am Heinz, and I was joking.”

“…” Chen Bai looked at his outstretched hand and suddenly changed his serious face. He choked a little, but still shook his hand and said, “I’m Chen YiBai.”

In less than a second, Heinz retracted his hand and looked anxious as he had lowered his head and opened the screen. He did not forget to continue talking to Chen Bai. “I was afraid you’d feel embarrassed, so I made a few jokes.” While he said this, he also put something on the screen with his finger and continued to say in a very serious tone, “I just said that because it is the law that the two parties must meet on the third day of the Judgment and what will happen that night, I believe I do not need to explain more.”

Assuming Heinz was just an ordinary person, Chen Bai could easily see the content on his screen, but the other side was also a marshal with strong mental strength. For the sake of insurance, he couldn’t look casually.

But even if he couldn’t see the content on Heinz’ screen, he could still see his expression. He saw Heinz at first, and the two men went to the mech. The latter’s attitude was unexpectedly warm and intimate. It was not like he was facing a fiance who just saw him for the first time, but rather like he was facing a true fiance. It was the same as meeting a good friend after many years.

At the time, Chen Bai felt a little puzzled by his actions. Even if he wanted to find a good time to investigate his brain, the idea was forgotten. However, the attitude of the other party was much more acceptable than that of the initial reaction. But assuming Chen Bai could see the content on Heinz’ screen, he would take back what he just thought.

Because at this moment, Heinz was seriously talking with Chen Bai, and the opposite was Thomas, Heinz’ friend who he had played with since childhood.

Thomas, as Chen Bai also knew, was famous for his infatuation for his wife in the circle. His wife used to be a flower of the academy, who he pursued all the way. It took him ten years to catch up to her. After that, he became a good husband with filial piety. The two people had known each other for more than twenty years, but they depended on each other emotionally. 

Heinz didn’t talk about anything else. He just told Thomas about what he had done. Finally, he added, [I feel like my wife doesn’t want to talk to me very much after we got in the mech. It’s urgent, help!]

Before Thomas answered, Chen Bai responded to what he had mentioned out loud, “I know.”

After that, Chen Bai carefully recalled that the last time he met Heinz was three years ago when the latter was almost in a coma. He did not have a chance to learn anything about his personality at that time, so it was difficult for Chen Bai to judge whether his attitude had just arisen suddenly or for other reasons. So for the sake of insurance, Chen Bai pretended to be embarrassed and said cautiously, “I know all this and the judgment was also very unexpected to me. I was very nervous all day today, but it’s very nice to meet Marshal for the first time. You are so approachable.”

He was referring to the words Heinz had just said when he met him.

‘Listen to you,’ ‘jealous,’ these kinds of words were not very likely to be said to a stranger, even if Chen Bai believed in Myron’s technology, he should not make any mistakes when he was using his new identity, but being careful might make it worse.

Nevertheless, he had heard before that Marshal Heinz was a thorough playboy before he suddenly woke up during the war. He shuttled between various occasions every day, with a bad temper and was especially good at entertaining females. He immediately fell in love with countless people after short communication.

One second, he was whispering sweet talk; the next second, he was likely to leave without hesitation. In the past so many years, Chen Bai had never heard of the Marshal acting as he was now.

Maybe it was just his sudden fantasy…?

Just because he was actually his fiance and an inferior gender from the Beta area, had he accidentally aroused his alarm? Chen Bai’s brainstorming usually worked fast, and Thomas also responded to Heinz, [Strangers aren’t familiar with you so anyone would be at a loss. Maybe you’re a little bit distant.]

[No, what if my wife thinks I’m too cold and sad?] When Heinz saw the phrase ‘a little distance,’ he immediately denied it.

[…] Thomas seemed to have been choked by him and then said, [You have to believe that the person you were matched with from the Divine should have an extreme psychological endurance…]

This remark was a bit of prevarication, but it inexplicably pleased Heinz. His mouth immediately drew into an arc, then returned a sentence, [I think you are right.]

Yes, his wife was tough.

After returning this sentence, Heinz also raised his head, and his blue eyes fell on Chen Bai. He ingrained what he had heard in his memory. Finally, he squinted his eyes, laughing, and answered quite distantly, “Is that right?”

He didn’t know which sentence he was answering, but this state of Heinz immediately calmed Chen Bai down, so he temporarily put aside his doubts and began to look at the mech.

Every mech had different forms. For example, Chen Bai used to take a lot of people with him, so there were many different seats in his mech, and his even had front and back rows. But Heinz’ was different. It seemed that there was only one area in his mech. A one person seat and a sofa next to him. The single-seat sofa looked comfortable, but it was a little out of step with the overall pattern as if it had just been added.

But if he turned around, except for Heinz’ special seat, only the sofa was seatable, so Chen Bai politely asked Heinz, “That sofa, can I sit down?”

[At first, it is better not to be so close. Play a little tough. Show them only a little to make them feel more comfortable and then launch an offensive. From time to time, reveal a little gentleness, so that the other side can form their offensive and then attack in one stroke, is one of the perfect ways.]

Thomas was called to take care of his children, but before he left, he did not abandon his close friend of many years. Instead, he recommended a book entitled {Teaching You How to Catch Up with Your Favorite Female in 365 Ways.}

Quickly opening the book, Heinz flipped through it and then turned it over. The Marshal was stiff.

Why didn’t Thomas let him read the book earlier? He had just been so enthusiastic and did not want his fiance to answer him in vain. Was it too late to pretend to be cold and correct his image?

Looking up again, he heard Chen Bai asking if he could sit in the chair. Heinz stared at him for three seconds. Then he decided that no matter how much he had, he would turn around early, wake up on time, be handsome and be tough.

Two seconds later, Chen Bai heard Heinz reply with a voice of minus ten degrees, “No.”


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June 11, 2021 2:13 pm

Hywiigrubiit why are you relying on dubious dating advice from a book!? I can’t even… 🤦‍♀️

June 11, 2021 9:45 pm

After reading about a certain vampire and his love guide, we all know how unreliable relying on a book in pursuit of love is. AND marshal, please, note that youre partner is not a female…

Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 11, 2021 10:58 pm

*facepalms* you were doing well, Marshal. Until now.
Oh boy, good luck! lol

June 11, 2021 11:36 pm

Marshal you were fine! Don’t rely on books! I love how he is not interested in his looks, he hasn’t mentioned yet! But I do wonder why he wants to work things out now, if supposedly he was a playboy?? So curious for next chapter! ❤️❤️

June 12, 2021 1:37 am

i feel like thomas is digging a pit for his marshal …LOL

June 17, 2021 10:05 am

Not another lover’s guide book… they never seem to work.
No?! On his lap perhaps? 😉🤭
Thank you for translating.

October 5, 2021 3:46 am

This poor clueless in love Marshal is so cute hahahaha

March 20, 2022 8:37 am

Who is Thomas and how is he communicating with Heinz😵. I’m so confused

July 7, 2023 2:40 am

Is it true the Marshal is a playboy??

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