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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Gwyndolyn


While Brother Rat was shocked by the scene, a figure on the second floor leapt out quickly. Although the magic interference of the six people was broken, Chen Bai just stopped and chose not to continue to control their brains using the magnetite. Once the brain of the experimenter was invaded, it could not resist. With less than a tenth of the strength of ordinary people, it was very likely that this would cause the direct loss of life.

It was not very advantageous to choose a non-counter-control outcome, because soon someone reacted. All six of them were Berkeley’s experiments and if they removed their robes, they could see their brain-filled sensors and the guys on the third floor could read all their thoughts through the sensors.

So before Chen Bai could reach the door on the second floor, he heard a sharp voice coming from the third floor, “Brother Rat, there’s someone down there!”

There were a lot of people below, but this sentence obviously did not mean that.

Brother Rat’s heart sank in an instant. “Go after them!”

At his command, several agents around him rushed forward quickly. Only the man who had never stopped from the beginning was indifferent. “Brother Rat, isn’t it good? If the jamming array fails, the guests on the first floor will soon be refreshed.”

“Ray Ming, you’d better find out who’s in charge now,” said Brother Rat, looking back at him fiercely. “I can’t do anything now. It’s not your turn to talk.”

Ray Ming drew up the corner of his lips, but did not say yes.

“Rat?” Mani heard these movements, reacted and found there was something similar about their voices.

The group upstairs, in the past, should be Chen Bai’s former Alliance agents from Berkeley.

Many of them grew up beside Chen Bai, so they were very clear about what was going on inside. Rat was one of Berkeley’s top secret agents. When Chen Bai was still ‘alive,’ although he was much lower than Chen Bai, he never confronted him.

His character was quite bad, but Rat was not incompetent; he was very strong in investigation and anti-investigation with speed sensitivity. He had the speed of a rat, which only Chen Bai could match.

In other words, Chen Bai was absolutely confident that he would leave the place quietly without Rat finding out. But now, because the six experimenters’ ranks were obviously not low, coupled with the behavior of just breaking through their interference array, he had to expose his whereabouts.

“Anyway, open the door.” As Chen Bai said this, he returned the same way he came from. The door was where he had just come in. As long as he went out, it was outside. As long as he could go outside, Rat could not take him because the military reinforcements called by Mike were nearby. To be safe, Rat would have to withdraw at that time.

However, when Chen Bai ran all the way to the door, Mani suddenly exclaimed, “No way! I can’t open the door!”

As soon as his voice rose, Chen Bai took a turn and hid in a corner. He took two deep breaths in and was surprised to hear the group of people coming down the stairs, the fastest and lightest of them… was Rat.

Even if he didn’t know the direction, it was only a matter of time before he was here, as the door wouldn’t open. Chen Bai couldn’t reveal himself now, so he couldn’t confront Rat head-on.

“Why can’t you open it?” Mani had never been so frustrated with inalienable channels in black technology.

“It’s Ray Ming.” In the darkness, Chen Bai answered in a very low voice. He had just sensed him and he was on the third floor.

Although there were only a few words, Mani quickly responded.

Ray Ming was the Ombudsman of Berkeley, who was responsible for following up on key actions, for rehabilitation, or for second plan implementations.

Rat might have not been with him in action, so they were not very clear about everything. At least in the past, he had not been followed by the prosecutor, but Chen Bai was always holding the highest task of Bernard and had worked with Ray Ming countless times.

If Brother Rat failed to control the people on the first floor for Death Star I, it meant that the action he directed failed. Then Ray Ming would take over to begin the second plan. The aim was to accomplish the original task and to clean up the remnants of the failed task to the greatest extent possible, including wiping out some Berkeley’s secret agents to achieve absolute confidentiality.

Mani tuned on the whole building’s closed system and then his voice trembled a little, “… I can tell you, can I tell you that the whole building is now forcibly blocked?”

“Find a way.” Chen Bai said.

“I can try to get administrator status, but it may take some time.” Once a breakthrough had been found, Mani quickly calmed down. “And I’ve seen that this circuit system can’t be remotely operated. I may not be able to turn it off for you.”

It would be more convenient for Chen Bai to work in darkness, but Mani couldn’t do it. Chen Bai had no time to do it now.

“Okay.” Chen Bai responded and looked at the wall in front of him. The sound of footsteps were getting closer and closer.

It didn’t seem like a good plan to lock up the entire floor of the building and block all the exits.

Chen Bai, as he thought, slowly retracted into the corner, then closed his eyes. As a matter of urgency, he could only quickly recover a small part of the people who were disturbed by the spirit and then let them become agitated, so that Rat would be distracted.

Although Rat was not his opponent, he could not expose himself yet.

Slowly closing his eyes, spiritual tentacles slowly emanated from his brain, and Chen Bai’s contract beast, the Long-tailed Warbler, also appeared on his shoulder. He bowed his head to quietly rub against Chen Bai’s face, then turned around and flew through the wall.

To find a more powerful, impulsive personality, a stimulation was erected… Zaza turned into Chen Bai’s eyes and let him see every guest on the first floor from his view.

But just as Chen Bai had found his goal and put his spiritual tentacles in to try to restore the brain, footsteps appeared behind him, only separated by a wall!

Chen Bai quickly opened his eyes and forced his mental energy to withdraw for a second, but soon, he slowed down and listened to the movement behind him while holding his breath.

The other side seemed to be aware and, step by step, they very quietly walked in, but his actions, even if more careful, in front of Chen Bai were superfluous.

The latter could clearly realize that there only needed to be a crack in the door to see him in the corner.

If he was fast enough, it was better to start first. It was not too difficult to drop one person, but it was impossible to eliminate all of his companions, otherwise things would become very troublesome.

Chen Bai had already thought about rushing up from countless angles even as the man slowly walked towards the door.

Three steps.

Two steps.

One step.

The doorknob was gently turned.

With a squeak, the door was pushed open in front of Chen Bai.

At that moment when the dangerous aura became more and more serious, suddenly the sound of “clap – -” came from the crack of the door and all the dimmed lights coming from the outside were dimmed.

At the moment, when the outside lights went out, Chen Bai jumped out of the corner without thinking, grabbed the hand that was put on the door handle, quickly kneed the other party’s stomach and then smashed his knee into the man’s forehead. The man couldn’t even utter a muffled hum before losing consciousness.

“The circuit system was jammed!” Mani’s voice was ringing in Chen Bai’s ears, with a certain degree of joy, “Is someone in the control room?”

Darkness was almost like God’s help to Chen Bai. He had not answered Mani’s words. Although the movement was very small, the companions of Rat were not stupid, especially the sensitivity of Rat himself. They would soon be aware of it.

“Give me the way to the basement.” Quickly changing the place, and making sure that no one was around Chen Bai, Mani tried closing the entire venue. These were not normal reactions, but Chen Bai had to go to the basement to see what was there. An unknown feeling let Chen Bai’s eyelids twitch several times.

“Do you think there is something wrong with the basement?” Mani asked.

“Eight out of ten chance.” Combining many of the road maps sent and the memories in his mind, Chen Bai put them away.

“Can’t they go too far? There are so many people in this exhibition hall. If all the accidents happened, Berkeley himself would be in danger. The time’s not yet ripe. He shouldn’t take such big risks.” Mani whispered his thoughts.

But Chen Bai did not answer him. Every minute and second of time was precious. From the moment he confirmed the route, Chen Bai had left his place and ran towards the basement without stopping.

Berkeley did not dare to offend so many people at once, but suppose it was a small, fixed-point explosion? There was no need to hurt people. If the military intentionally concealed it, the news would be sent out. As long as Berkeley instigated fire in the back and launched the theme of ‘interference is achievable,’ it would be enough to achieve his purpose.

Thinking, Chen Bai arrived at the basement door. He had to go and see it before Mani could open the door.

“Wait, Chen Bai!” Mani suddenly cried, “Slow down, I can’t get the basement monitor on. I can’t get rid of the danger for you, in case, in case…”

What if this was a trap waiting for Chen Bai?

Rat did things directly and if all this was a trap, Mani probably wouldn’t worry about it at all. But obviously, it was a two-part plan, which meant that Ray Ming had a hand in it. Compared with the Rat’s nerves, Ray Ming was a well-known trickster. Mani didn’t like to communicate with this person when they were in Berkeley before.

He and Chen Bai were also good at psychological manipulation, but different from the latter, Ray Ming liked to peep at other people’s psychology wantonly and turn it into a game.

Was it possible that their actions had been flawed long ago? Did Berkeley come all this way unaware? Had it already spread throughout the Alliance? Would that be Ray’s test? At that moment, the feeling that every inch of the body had been stared at by Berkeley had swept over every cell in Mani’s body.

But before Mani could get away from this fear, Chen Bai opened the door directly and severely. Then he took the arm of the person who rushed towards him with one hand and turned it at a strange angle. The next second, the ‘crack’ of the bones sounded.

Chen Bai’s five senses were very sensitive. Although the basement was also dark, he could feel that there were people in this room besides the one that had just fallen down and there were more than one or two.

In addition, it was also full of the atmosphere of interference, not even lighter than the floor above and should have an independent magnetite in it.

“Who?!” There was a loud cry in the darkness, “Come and help!”

Chen Bai stepped back two steps and squinted. Then he slowly closed the door behind him and locked it. After that, his deep eyes quickly locked onto a figure in the dark room.

Sure enough, he felt another person outside.

This person was surrounded by a group of people, all over his body was spiritual overflow. He was ferocious like a suffering beast and caused everyone around him a headache. Almost everyone around him was unable to control themselves, having lost their reason, but still around a dozen people dared not rush up…

It was Heinz.


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