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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Gwyndolyn


Since Mani mentioned that the electricity was cut off, Chen Bai had already guessed that there were eight to nine out of ten chances of it being Heinz. The moment the guests’ brain regions strayed from the experimentees’ control means that Rat’s plan has failed.

While he did break through the experimentees’ and magnetites’ interference array, he didn’t have the time nor energy to restore the guests’ brain regions. Which meant they had to take a while to get back to consciousness. 

In the situation that they hadn’t regained consciousness, turning off the lights mattered not at all to Ray Ming’s second plan. Experimentees could have been called on by magnetites to receive commands after being experimented on. But since they couldn’t move very well in the dark, and Ray Ming would never waste Berkeley’s precious human lab rat resources, it just added unnecessary trouble for him. No matter what, this action would only be helping outsiders.

Speaking of which, Chen Bai had hardly believed that Heinz would so obediently take the Death Star I plan. He was the first Marshal since the Alliance was formed and had contributed the most in the victory of the Century War. No matter how easygoing he usually was, he was definitely not an easily grasped soft persimmon.

How would Heinz so easily and obediently listen and go back based on the words of criminals holding an entire house full of hostages? Those who also pointed fingers at the Death Star I, which was one of the many things the Alliance/government wanted to keep hidden?

Not only that, while Berkeley was hidden deep in the Alliance three years ago, to the point where almost no one knew about it, including the military and Alliance, based on Chen Bai’s investigation after returning to Venus. The higher ups in the military should have already discovered the existence of this group. And being the general with the highest status, Heinz would never have no knowledge of it even after taking a break for two and a half years before returning to the military.

These thoughts flashed through Chen Bai’s mind. After he closed the door, he could only see darkness, but with his five senses and mental energy, he could still make out what was going on around him. 

Ray Ming should have put up defences in this area, so the presence of brain interference technique was very strong, and it was controlled solely by pure magnetite. Although it couldn’t reach the level of control under an experimentee, it still had an unexpectedly strong interference.

The sounds of his attacks just now had probably coincided with the sounds from the inside, so  Ray Ming’s subordinates didn’t notice any difference. Plus, they might never have thought that an outsider could resist against the brain region interference technique here, naturally thinking that the person closing the door was one of their one.

“Quick!” the door had just closed when someone from the inside shouted anxiously, “ Don’t close the door! Go out and ask Ray’s team for reinforcement! With the electric circuit signals cut off, we can’t see his face. This guy’s movements are extraordinary! We’re losing control, probably completely in a few moments! Quick let an experimentee…”

They must have been wearing similar helmets as those on the third floor. The helmets were specially made by Berkeley, which could resist brain interference under a certain power but also limited their mental strength. This thing had been modified a lot by Berkeley, if the electric circuit signal was still operational, Heinz’ face would have been seen by all of them.

Although they cut off the guests’ signals, they could still send messages through the notification box from Ellie’s bodyguard. Heinz must have already noticed this fact and resolved their signals from the inside before the circuit was cut off.

Even so, with Ray Ming’s level of intelligence, he should have already known the dangers of the underground basement after the electric circuit was cut off. Chen Bai squinted when he thought about it, then, his mental energy slowly creeped out, inching towards the direction of Heinz and forming into a massive net surrounding him. 

“Faster!” several of them shouted anxiously in the dark. Humans were instinctively afraid of the dark, not to mention they knew for sure that there’s a “beast” standing in the blackness with them. Two seconds after that, Heinz, who was forced into a corner with a splitting headache, suddenly opened his eyes in the darkness.

Because Heinz was very experienced in this field, he already suspected something was wrong with just one glance at the outside of the first floor. After cutting off the signals and the circuit, he immediately came down to the underground basement. When he just arrived at the first floor, Heinz could already sense the slight smell of interference that was floating around.

It wasn’t just him, but many experts within the Alliance also couldn’t give a clear explanation. In the battle with the Gars in the past, Heinz had experienced firsthand the formidable force of the interference technique.

At the moment, Heinz didn’t have the time to investigate why the interference had lessened, because the dangerous smell had become increasingly potent after the electricity was cut. However, when he walked down the stairs to the underground basement, he felt that the interference had become lighter, thus thinking that it would be safer down there. He would never have thought that the interference in the underground basement was so much worse that of the outside!

Heinz wasn’t very skilled in this area, so from the moment he walked in, he already couldn’t control himself. His brain region was forcefully entered, and the feeling of his mental energy loosening and letting go overcame him. In his confusion, Heinz could almost see the helmet-wearing people standing in front of him. Under normal circumstances, these people were no match for him, but his body seemed to stop listening to him, and he can only move based on his instincts, like a beast, without any control whatsoever.

The existence of brain interference technique was known early on by the higher ups, but they have yet to find a way to solve it. 

After his mind was forcefully blanked, Heinz couldn’t even form a thought, and desperately tried to pull back his wandering mental energy. While he became increasingly anxious, he felt a cool and gentle feeler slowly reaching into his brain. Heinz’ body suddenly froze.

Heinz was an explosive mental manipulator. Dr Einbergen had said before that his mental control and senses, as well as differentiation were his weak points. That’s why he could only do nothing when facing this sort of interference technique. There were many more mental manipulators who were similar to him in the Alliance, especially within the military. Over half of the soldiers were not skilled in dealing with the interference technique. 

Yet, brain interference technique was different from the feeler that had just slithered into his brain, because the latter was called brain invasion. 

No matter how unskilled a soldier was when facing brain interference, they would still have a very high self-defence mechanism when facing a brain invasion. This is because the interference technique can only interfere with their brains and make them lose control of their body. If they were separated in a distance away from the brain interference area, they would become better in a while. But invading their brains was different. The interference technique will make them feel messed up; but invading into their brains means being able to read the information in their minds and even take away their lives.

So no matter who it was, their brains had to have very high self-defence mechanisms, especially an SSS-ranked manipulator like Heinz. A normal brain invasion would trigger resistance and defences in his brain, even cutting off the threat the latter suffering from the rebound. To an SSS-rank Heinz, all of these are instinctual.

But when this gentle yet slightly cool mental feeler slowly invaded his brain, Heinz’ brain had no intention of resisting. In fact, it also lowered his self-defence mechanisms, and let that mental feeler come in freely, not being able to resist forming a feeler itself and coil around the former.

It’s soft and cool.

The unexpectedly tangled feeler in Heinz’ brain suddenly froze. But it regained its wits quickly, and gently continued roaming around his brain, trying to help him gather his scattered mental energy. Feeling that soft touch, a face that looked like it was meticulously carved unconsciously appeared inside Heinz’ brain.

It was the last face he saw three years ago, after he was heavily injured in the battle with the Gars, fell into Pisaka Area, and sent out a rescue signal right before he fell into unconsciousness. 

After that, he was captivated by it every single day and night.


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June 29, 2021 4:47 pm

Are we finally getting to the part where we find out why the Marshal has fallen in love? 😮🤭

June 29, 2021 6:15 pm

Friend, not foe!
Thank you for translating.

June 29, 2021 8:28 pm

Yes!!! It’s him Heinz! Looking forward to finding out how CB captivated him day and night! He felt the feeling and recognized him! He doesn’t realize he has that person, his married to him! ❤️❤️❤️

June 29, 2021 10:58 pm

Aiyahh…you feel me…i feel you😆😆😆

June 30, 2021 12:14 am

It is for 8 minutes reading. But i always find myself double the time if i want to understand those terms & plot & skill? It is so hard but i always eagerly waiting for each episode, i am craving for fluff & romance!

June 30, 2021 1:32 am

Marshal, sir, that’s your wife-to-be, he is helping. I bet that as soon as Heinz regains his power, those little rats will be doomed. After all the Marshal is protected. 😉

Thank you for the chapter!!!

July 6, 2021 8:40 pm

Wifey Xiao Bai to the rescue~ again <3

March 22, 2022 1:46 am

So correct me, Berkeley is the organization that Chen Bai escape from. Berkeley isn’t part of military but did experiments on their secret agents member. So, since Chen Bai said he is ex-soldier at one time, it means either Chen Bai is a soldier before being captured by Berkeley or he become as soldier as a Berkeley’s spy right? I am so confused on the power spread of Berkeley, Military, Allaince and their planet/empire(?).

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