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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Gwyndolyn, Kris


Lilya was an experienced worker in a breakfast shop in the heart of Venus. She had already worked there for two to three years, having been employed since the end of the Century War.

Lilya liked this job very much because she was treated nicely and the boss was a good person. Most importantly, her Adonis, Heinz, also liked this shop very much! He came to eat every so often, sometimes even staying for the whole morning. Being in the same building with her Adonis, even without being face-to-face with him, elated Lilya to no end.

Lately the Internet was abuzz with the news of Heinz’ marriage, and Lilya actively participated. That’s why when she saw Heinz and his fiance coming to have breakfast, she immediately hid in a small corner to turn on her light screen and posted a thread on the forum.

A long time ago, Lilya had gained some followers from threads about the Marshal coming to eat in the breakfast shop. She could just imagine the upheaval it would cause for posting the thread of Chen YiBai and Heinz together right after the thread posted by that Aldia student the day before.

But just as soon as Lilya finished typing in the heading, she suddenly heard terrified screams coming from the front. It was very faint at first, but Lilya immediately looked up to where her station was on the first floor.

When Lilya was about to walk out of the corner to see what was going on, she felt something suddenly slam into her abdomen—

It was a really strong force. In that moment, Lilya nearly registered the sound of her skin and tissues splitting apart. She stood there paralyzed for exactly three seconds before the agonizing pain rushed up from the wound, prompting her to scream at the top of her lungs.

At the same time, Chen Bai and Heinz upstairs had caught the thing that broke in through the window. To clarify, Heinz caught it.

Looking at the thing that had been jolted away by Heinz and was currently bleeding profusely on the floor, Chen Bai’s gaze hardened.

“This is…” Heinz furrowed his brow, not recognizing what it was, nor did he quite understand how such a small little thing could cause such a big ruckus. It was about the size of Heinz’ fist, looking like some sort of ancient bat. Heinz couldn’t think of when the Alliance had acquired this living thing, and a feeling of unease immediately swept over him.

At that moment, the sounds of people screaming up and down from downstairs could be heard even more clearly from the broken window. Chen Bai’s and Heinz’ gazes met before they both swiftly got to their feet and rushed down at top speed.

Chen Bai even ran in front of Heinz because he recognized what the thing that Heinz had hit away was: a female Gabudor, a type of contractual beast. 

Contractual beasts of the Alliance were captured from a very unique rainforest planet in the Omega region. For that, they even specially set up the Hunter’s Department, tasked to go in deep and capture the beasts.

It was an extremely dangerous place, but the Alliance had never given up on it because contractual beasts are too useful to mental manipulators.

The more powerful the mental strength was, the more it eroded the person themselves. In the past, the Alliance had no contractual beasts, and there were many cases of newborn children having their mental energy erode them to death. Then the Alliance discovered contractual beasts and found out that, by creating a barrier contract with them, they could help carry the weight of the mental energy pressure. Ever since, the Alliance had been focused on capturing the beasts.

Even though a contract would make a beast entirely loyal to their master’s wishes, there were still vicious and deadly contractual beasts among their kind that hadn’t formed any contract.

For example, the Gabudor just now was famous for its speed. This type of contractual beast could cause great damage with their high speed while flying. There was even a case where a Hunter’s mech was shot through by a Gabudor on the rainforest planet.

They were on a commercial street in the center of the city, where there were many places selling contractual beasts. If the Gabudor was on the loose, then the screams from below were most likely…

Of course.

When Chen Bai reached the first floor, he could see Lilya lying in a puddle of blood; the people around her looking at the wound on her stomach with terrified expressions. Heinz, who was following behind Chen Bai, also set his gaze there.

“How could it be…” Not sure how long the screams had passed, someone finally reacted and softly muttered.

“Find a doctor! Quickly! Are there any doctors?!” That voice seemed to have shocked the crowd, someone having shouted in a fearful voice.

And yet they didn’t even understand what had suddenly opened a hole in Lilya’s stomach. They probably hadn’t even identified what had happened; some even went up to try and help Lilya stop her wound without putting up any guard.

“Don’t touch her!” Chen Bai unconsciously yelled after rushing down and seeing the scene. With quick steps, he ran to Lilya’s side and supported her shoulders.

“You’re, are you a doctor–” Someone asked, but when they saw Chen Bai’s face, their gaze stiffened.

With the popular news these few days, there wasn’t a single person in the Alliance who wouldn’t know this face.

“Xiao Bai.” Heinz’ brow furrowed slightly. As though he could guess what Chen Bai intended to do, Heinz also ran up to him, his hand reaching out to call the other.

Being just a step too slow, Chen Bai’s hand reached down to Lilya’s wound and entered into her stomach without any warning.

“Ahh!” The onlookers screamed immediately. At the same time, Lilya’s half-conscious face looked even more pained.

“What, what are you doing?! Are you trying to kill her?!” Someone who obviously recognised Chen Bai and knew he wasn’t a doctor, shouted. “Her wound was already bleeding profusely. You will kill her like this!” 

The terrified people couldn’t help but repeat the same sentences several times, with more screaming and cursing thrown in like waves.

“Salt.” Chen Bai’s face didn’t look any better. The female Gabudor had obviously just given birth, her reproductive organs hadn’t even had time to stitch back up.

In the situation where a Gabudor was scared, there were cases of them shoving their kids into the body of other contractual beasts. The little Gabudor would then eat up the body of the contractual beast from the inside, using it as nutrients for growth.

Chen Bai’s voice wasn’t clearly heard in the crowd. Having someone who was widely discussed for some time appearing in front of you, especially with this attitude, the people’s fear and terror seemed to have found a release and were all turned into anger.

A woman with heavy makeup went up and pushed Chen Bai, yelling for others to join her. She even pulled at Chen Bai’s shoulder, trying to push him to the side.

“Get up! Why is someone from the Beta area who knows nothing doing here? A pheasant being able to climb a tree, you think you’re so capable? If you cause her death, you… you won’t ever be able to redeem yourself!” The woman exerted a heavy force, but Chen Bai still held on to Lilya steadily, without moving an inch. He pursed his lips, sweat beading on his forehead, trying to find the small Gabudor inside Lilya’s wound.

It wasn’t too long ago, and he came down very quickly, so it shouldn’t be too deep. As long as it didn’t reach her internal organs, she could still be saved. Chen Bai focused intensely, even using his mental energy to stabilize Lilya’s mind, trying to stimulate her mind repeatedly so she didn’t fall into a dead faint. 

His complete disregard had thoroughly angered the woman behind him. 

Seeing that yelling had no use, she even raised her purse. When the purse almost came down on Chen Bai’s head, a hand suddenly reached out to grab her arm roughly.

The woman was stunned. Lifting her head, she saw the dark foggy face of Heinz. 

The scene just now was pandemonium, so almost none of them even noticed Heinz who had followed behind Chen Bai. 

Glancing at the woman coolly, Heinz handed something in his hand to Chen Bai. “Salt.”

“Sprinkle it around the wound,” Chen Bai instructed.

Heinz said nothing, squatting down and sprinkling the salt. The onlookers seemed to have noticed that the Marshal had appeared, and their expressions stiffened. Even though what they were doing seemed to make no sense whatsoever, no one continued rebutting, especially those few that had tried to push Chen Bai out of the way.

Putting salt on a wound is very painful. The half-fainted Lilya even woke up from the sheer pain of it. It hurt so much that she couldn’t even make a sound, only subconsciously grabbing Chen Bai’s arm and tightly squeezing her grip.

Heinz, seeing Chen Bai’s fair arm being grabbed and left with nail indents, furrowed his brow deeply.

But Chen Bai didn’t seem to notice this, he reached deeper and deeper. Seeing that his second finger joint was almost buried in, his facial expression suddenly changed. At the same time, a long-tailed warbler appeared. The moment Chen Bai hastily retracted his hand, it sped over, using its claws to catch a black shadow in midair.

Only now could Heinz see clearly the small black shadow caught tightly in the claw of the long-tailed warbler. Though it was bloody, Heinz could still see the similar silhouette of the small thing he had jolted away upstairs.

His expression was stunned for a bit. At that moment, the pain written on Lilya’s face also lessened slightly, and Chen Bai began to try to staunch her bleeding.

His moves looked unsteady, as though he was quite unfamiliar with how to bandage wounds. It also looked as though he was too shocked by the scene just now, his arm trembling slightly with his actions.

Seeing this, Heinz peeled him off and motioned for him to take a rest at the side. Then, with nimble hands, Heinz focused on applying pressure and a simple bandage to the wound.

When he was almost finished, the emergency rescue mech’s signal finally arrived outside the door. The doctors and nurses rushing in were stunned after seeing the scene in front of them as well as Chen Bai’s blood-stained hand.

“This is…” A doctor with quick reaction rushed up to take Lilya and lifted her onto a first-aid bed with Heinz’ help.

“Wi-… wild contractual beasts invaded,” Chen Bai muttered softly under Heinz’ scrutiny. He then pointed at the thing still in Zaza’s claws. It was still alive. If it wasn’t caught by Chen Bai’s contractual beast Zaza, which was the long-tailed warbler, it might have already attached itself to another host with the blood it had just consumed. “Gabudors are parasites. They have abnormal birthing. She… she might have a bacterial infection…”

The doctor’s expression immediately turned solemn, not even caring that he was talking to Chen Bai, who was currently a sensation in the news worldwide. A contractual beast invasion was a very severe problem; he and a few other nurses quickly supported Lilya onto the mech.

“Are you alright?” Heinz walked up from behind and patted Chen Bai’s back.

He looked like he was out of it. His hands unconsciously rubbed together, as though it was the first time he had seen such a large amount of blood, and he couldn’t help but use his nails to scratch the back of his hand.

“We managed it considerably in time, there shouldn’t be any problem,” Chen Bai lowered his head and mumbled, as though he hadn’t heard Heinz’ question.

Looking around, the still frightened crowd couldn’t help but lock their gazes on the both of them. Heinz pursed his lips, then dragged a seemingly out-of-it Chen Bai to somewhere with a basin. He lowered his head and attentively helped him clean up the blood stains on his hands.

Having his hands held by Heinz, Chen Bai’s eyelashes fluttered, his seemingly empty gaze sparked.

Heinz diligently washed his hands for five minutes. And to make sure that there were no leftover smells to trigger him, Heinz even used fragrant vapors several times.

After making sure that his hands were clean, he then turned to look at Chen Bai, and his heart couldn’t help but soften.

Chen Bai looked like a child who made a mistake, pondering over and over again whether or not he did something wrong in a step. Whether it was his pale lips or his faraway gaze, it would make anyone feel sorry for him.

Especially the bleeding nail marks on his arms, which the sight of just broke Heinz’ heart.

“Don’t think about it,” Heinz whispered softly, before he reached out and hugged Chen Bai. He didn’t care how many people were around them, only hugging Chen Bai in his embrace, his hand smoothing down the other’s back in a repetitive motion.

Face buried in Heinz’ neck, the light in Chen Bai’s eyes flickered. After a long moment had passed, only then did he gently shut his eyes.


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July 13, 2021 10:07 am

Why do I have a feeling that Heinz really knows his wife’s real identity?? Especially now that Zaza was seen.

July 13, 2021 10:38 am

Heinz was great in this, actually listening to and trusting Chen Bai’s actions and direction. That’s the way to his heart, not pretending to be ‘cool’… put that book away now 🤗
Doesn’t look good for Lilya though; hope they save her.
Thanks for translating and looking forward to the next instalment!

July 13, 2021 11:41 am

Such a great chapter! I really enjoyed how Heinz trusted CB to handle the situation. Im glad they were able to save her on time. CB was very brave although it was difficult for him. I enjoyed the after care his husband provided. I wonder if he will recognize who he is??

July 13, 2021 4:52 pm

Thanks for the chapter!

July 13, 2021 10:43 pm

This is getting more and more interesting with each chapter. And I hope that woman, who pushed and insulted Chen Bai will apologise, he tried to save the girl not to kill her, while she and the others just stood there and screamed.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

July 13, 2021 10:55 pm

Awww……lost at the moment

November 1, 2021 5:58 pm

I wbt when Chen Bai wiped out Heinz’s memory of the rescue when looking took any memory of the two of them together. Chen Bai had a crush on him, and I bet it didn’t come into fruition, but Heinz must have interacted with him on semi regular basis. So Chen Bai wiped all of their memories together in order to cover his tracks so Heinz wouldn’t be a target. Or come looking for him.

March 22, 2022 2:39 am

It is heartbreaking seeing Bai’s state after saving Lilya. That bloody hands, absent minded mind, thinking that he had done something wrong after when he did nothing wrong… I wonder what did this incident triggered him? Good for Heinz that he acted naturally and not still thinking of that pretentious guide 😅.

Black Lotus on The Halfmoon
Black Lotus on The Halfmoon
November 28, 2022 7:08 pm

I say, why did he need to follow that 365 something book of whatever lmao.. he just need to follow his heart to capture his waifu heart…

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