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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Gwyndolyn, Kris


Chen Bai never thought he would easily accept anyone’s embrace. The one he hugged most often was probably Mani, but that was largely when Mani was young and he was the one who initiated it. 

It could be clearly seen that Heinz’ hugs were different from Mani’s. This hug had a faintly sweet smell, not like someone who purposefully sprayed on perfume, but good-smelling nonetheless, and the strong broad shoulders could also make someone feel secure.

This frivolous looking man has a very dependable arm and shoulder, Chen Bai quietly thought in his mind.

He still remembered the first time he was hugged by Heinz; the other was still a teenager. Heinz’ embrace was filled with teenage courage and a driving force to move forward. Seventeen years had passed, and he had morphed into someone like this.

Chen Bai silently closed his eyes, counting three minutes in his heart before he left Heinz’ embrace, looking like a scared cub who had just calmed down after some comforting, though his eyes were still slightly reddened around the edges.

Heinz looked on and couldn’t help but reach out and touch his head. Then he hugged him, pulling Chen Bai tightly with his face against him, thinking of taking him out of there.

At the same time, the crowd of onlookers that had gathered outside of the washroom immediately separated to create a path, letting Heinz take Chen Bai away.

“I’ll bring you to the hospital for a checkup.” After getting onto the mech, Heinz fretted as he stared straight at the wounds on Chen Bai’s arm, thinking that using disinfectants for a simple treatment was not enough, and acted as though he was fighting for his way to bring Chen Bai to the hospital.

Chen Bai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry for a while. Although his act in the washroom was a cover up so that his intense actions before could be seen as instinct instead of rationale, Heinz’ trust in him while he managed the situation as well as the comfort undoubtedly made him feel touched.

“No need. It’s just a light wound. I still need to go to class later.”

“No, the Gabudor went inside her body just now. What if you were infected with some kind of virus?” Heinz insisted, his eyes staring meaningfully at Chen Bai’s arm. An image of a blood stained hand flashed in his mind, and Heinz’ heart wavered, immediately adding, “… it’s better to do a full body checkup.” 

Not waiting for Chen Bai’s reply, he looked down at the wound once more and suddenly sighed, “Though I didn’t think your actions were problematic, but could you consider my feelings the next time you do something dangerous like this?”

Chen Bai was stunned, the words he wanted to say sliding back down into his stomach.

… Thinking about it, there were a lot of people at the scene, so there was bound to be someone who filmed the entire thing. With him rushing forward like that, it’s fine if the woman was alright, but if there was any mishap, he would have to bear the full responsibility.

Chen Bai didn’t care about any of this. For him, having been at the scene and having had the ability to help, to watch someone lose their life because he minded other people’s thoughts was the most unbecoming.

Even though in his past career he had countless near-death experiences, it was exactly that that made Chen Bai understand even more how fragile a life was.

Therefore, if it happened again, he would definitely do it again.

But Heinz?

If that video was filmed and shared out, everything Heinz did yesterday would be in vain. The public media would surely have put some of the focus on Heinz, and the responsibility would not be only his to bear.

“I’m sorry.” Thinking until now, Chen Bai lowered his eyelids. “I didn’t consider it thoroughly.”

Through Chen Bai’s expression, Heinz seemed as though he understood what Chen Bai was thinking. Looking at that extremely average face, he took a deep breath, then sat beside Chen Bai. “It’s not like that.”

His voice was very gentle, moving closer to Chen Bai’s ear. The latter could even feel Heinz’ breaths hitting his own neck, close enough that it was almost as though Heinz could kiss the hollow of his neck in the next second.

“You misunderstood. I don’t care about the media or the public opinion, I was referring to when you do these kinds of dangerous stunts next time.” Heinz said, suddenly reaching out and pinching Chen Bai’s chin, forcefully turning his head around. He remembered to use his light green eyes to stare straight at Chen Bai, the emotions flowing out of his eyes at that instant could almost swallow Chen Bai whole.

“This marriage came very abruptly, and you might not have even accepted it fully. But no matter what, I hope you remember that you are not alone anymore,” Heinz’ tone was serious as he spoke. “When you rushed up just now, you didn’t glance back at me. Does it mean that, if one day the road ahead of you was filled with danger, you won’t even give me any notice before just walking towards it?”

Chen Bai was stunned. He then opened his mouth, unable to speak.

Heinz’ gaze turned darker and darker, as though remembering some extremely bad memory. His tone even took on some fierceness, “So, what I’m trying to say is that for this kind of situation, there wouldn’t be a second time.”

There wouldn’t be… a second time?

Chen Bai blinked, under Heinz’ almost forceful manner and posture, he softly called out pain.

It really hurt; the pain could even be heard in his voice. Only then did Heinz come to with a start, and his gaze moved, all the sternness just now disappearing without a trace. Then he loosened his fingers, his brow furrowing when he saw the marks left on Chen Bai’s chin.

Chen Bai didn’t notice his expression but instead minded what the other had said.

Is it to not let him rush in without any notice next time… or is it to not walk this path without any notice?¹

He could accept the former… but the latter seemed to have a different taste, so he couldn’t help but give a few more glances towards Heinz.

Yet Heinz somehow turned and walked away, his movements so blunt that Chen Bai, who was sitting behind him, felt stunned at his actions. He got… angry?

Heinz was not angry. Of course, he wasn’t.

Not only was he not angry, he also quickly opened a thread in the pink forum, the title [Accidentally bruised my wife’s chin, what to do, waiting online, quite urgent.]

Not sure if it was because of his previous posts having attracted followers, nonetheless, Heinz received the replies faster than last time.

[1L: Wow, the original poster is doing great! Quick to learn the ways of a high-powered CEO! Not sure what your wife’s type is, but some females like to be abused like this~ maybe the original poster can imagine later on the bed…]

What kind of nonsense?

Heinz frowned before he even finished reading it, thinking that not only was Chen Bai’s behavior in bed only for him to see but also only his to imagine. Therefore, he deleted that thread without a second thought.

[2L: Advice to original poster! Now it’s time for your heroic moment! You must bring them to the hospital coldly, with an expression like you’ve undertaken the entire hospital! Also radiate some gentleness, you will definitely move their heart!]

The entire hospital… undertaken by me?

Heinz thought, first with a frown, then his eyes lit up.

While Chen Bai was still debating whether his actions really angered someone, Heinz returned.

“I’ve just talked to my assistant; we’ll go to the hospital now.” His tone was unshakably firm.

“Ah?” Chen Bai turned blank. “I have class later…”

“Private doctor. It’ll be quick,” Heinz coolly persisted.

Why go to the hospital for a private doctor?

“But what if there’s no time…”

“Then take a leave of absence.”

He hadn’t finished speaking before he was cut off by Heinz. Chen Bai could only look at him speechless, feeling as though he was entirely in the hands of the other. Although he had decided to use this method to get what he wanted, knowing that there may be many difficulties, he never would have thought that Heinz would make things difficult in this way.

But, Chen Bai quickly understood why Heinz had taken them to the hospital. Because Heinz didn’t take them to just any other hospital but the one that the wounded girl at the breakfast shop was taken to.

After bandaging and a blood analysis, Chen Bai walked out with an obviously wounded arm, coincidentally hearing a female doctor conversing with Heinz.

That doctor obviously quite liked Heinz. Her face blushed red when she spoke, and her eyes sparkled as she looked at Heinz carefully.

When facing this kind of woman, Heinz seemed very gentle, occasionally replying to the other, both of them seemingly having a pleasant conversation. Even so, the moment Chen Bai walked out, Heinz saw him immediately.

He said something to the doctor from afar, which Chen Bai didn’t catch.

But the doctor’s gaze turned to look at him. She looked at Chen Bai, then looked at Heinz, finally turning her eyes back to blink at Chen Bai.

“…All in all, the patient is currently out of danger. But to minimise the possibility of bacterial infection, they should still stay in the hospital for observation for a while.”

With all the discussions online, the doctor who had shown some dislike of Chen YiBai before couldn’t help but to continue, “The wound was treated very well. If a wound caused by a Gabudor is not treated in time, the patient would most likely lose their life. The cases I’ve seen before mostly… didn’t have any survivors. So, I would like to help Lilya thank you for your bravery and decisiveness.” 

This was a very patient doctor. After explaining to Chen Bai word for word, she also added that last sentence.

Chen Bai quickly waved his hands saying that it was no problem, his gestures having a hint of embarrassment from being praised for the first time. The doctor suddenly smiled wider, then waved at both Chen Bai and Heinz, not bothering them anymore.

“I’ll send you to school, then wait for your report when you get back.” Heinz informed after she walked away, his voice sounding like it’s a matter of fact and without any of the gentleness from when he spoke to the doctor just now.

Chen Bai looked at him, thinking that this contrast was quite interesting; he asked amusedly, “Don’t you need to do anything in the morning?”

Heinz’ brow moved, thinking that high-powered CEOs are probably very busy, so he immediately schooled his expression and breezily said, “Let the secretary wait.”

Assistants or secretaries, didn’t seem to fit in with a marshal. Walking behind Heinz, and noticing his slightly reddened ear tips, Chen Bai couldn’t help his heart from softening and chuckled lightly.

At the front, Heinz seemed to have heard his movements and turned his head to ask, “Why walk so far behind?”

“Ah.” Chen Bai felt awkward after being discovered snickering.

“Come here.” Heinz didn’t seem to mind at all and pointed to the place beside himself. “Walk side by side.”

Chen Bai looked at the direction he pointed, understanding his meaning. He didn’t reject it and walked over in two steps, stopping right beside him.

Thinking that Heinz’ actions were a bit funny, he didn’t try to hold it in. But in his sparkling gaze, there seemed to be an emotion other than amusement swirling in that gleam.


He said with a laugh.


Editor’s Note:

[1] This sentence is kind of ambiguous, but I believe Chen Bai is internally asking whether or not Heinz is aware of his abilities. Something like, if Heinz didn’t want him to intervene here without notice, would he need to be notified of Chen Bai’s other combat/intelligence related abilities.


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July 16, 2021 12:56 pm

Really enjoying this.
Chen Bai is a fascinating character, as is his past relationship with the sweet Heinz. What a hero too! Heinz must have been both surprised and impressed.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
Thank you for translating.

July 17, 2021 3:02 am

Great chapter! Looking forward to more fluff between Chen Bai and Heinz. They suit each other perfectly!

Thank you for the chapter!!!

July 17, 2021 4:57 am

Heinz reading too much on CEO setting😂😂😂😂

July 17, 2021 1:11 pm

WTF!? Bruising his wife’s chin is considered acting like a CEO, and is admired!? You think masochism is more likely than domestic abuse?
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July 24, 2021 4:15 pm

Enjoyed this chapter! I’m glad Heinz was able to convey to CB that he is not alone and cannot just walk towards a dangerous situation like that! I’m hoping Heinz realizes that he does not need the forum! People can just get ridiculous there! I’m enjoying seeing their relationship grow! ❤️❤️

January 11, 2022 6:39 am

These past few chapters, the way it was faced seemed too forced for me. It might be early to say this but I don’t see any chemistry.

November 6, 2022 2:47 am

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maybe the author forgot? or his eyes can change colour?

Black Lotus on The Halfmoon
Black Lotus on The Halfmoon
November 28, 2022 7:19 pm

pretending to be a cold CEO when you were a Marshal was really awkward lmao

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