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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Gwyndolyn, Kris


By the time Chen Bai and Heinz received the news of Lilya being out of the danger stage, the online discussions on the Marshal’s marriage hadn’t stopped, all the forum HOT pages’ still jumping around.

There would occasionally be ‘analysis lords’, ‘detail lords’, and ‘prediction lords’ appearing, until even the managers of BBB¹ forum noticed that the rate of people online at the same time had multiplied.

Especially the day before, after the Marshal and Chen YiBai had met each other, the news media had reported their gossip without any restraint, striving to be the first and throwing out all kinds of front pages, afraid of being even a little later than another network. For this, they had even surrounded Aldia to bring the entertainment atmosphere to the top; all the netizens concerned with the Marshal’s marriage enjoyed it without ever getting tired.

At this moment, a video was suddenly posted online, titled [Candid Photograph of the Marshal and Chen YiBai!]

This title caught a lot of attention in a flash. After opening it, they found that the video was shot with obvious haste and had been rushed, but that didn’t make it difficult to see the main character was Chen Bai.

The instant the shaking camera captured Chen YiBai’s face for the first time, a flame was lit up in the hearts of everyone who was watching the video. The followers on the thread skyrocketed, having thousands of replies in the blink of an eye.

[Monkey butts’ aren’t red: WTF can’t they add a trigger warning for blood in the thread? Was shocked out of my skin when watching it, what was that evil cult doing again!]

[It Can Only Be You: So disgusting WTF was that girl alright? He just rushed forward to treat it?! Can he handle it if something happened! He’s not a doctor! Give a like to that auntie that pulled at him!]

[Round round: Finished watching, that Aldia student from before said that he was quite awesome, plus the video was dragged until 5 min 22 sec. The Marshal also helped him, we’re not there, perhaps it was some emergency situation.]

[Keke: Want to say my brother was in the eagle hunter troop… which is the troop that goes to Omega specially to capture contractual beasts. He said that they received a report and went over there, and it was a contractual beast that injured people. It was said that it was a Gabudor, the one that would put its young in another living being’s body in the face of danger… So this girl was probably injured, and Chen YiBai’s method of treatment was completely correct! Couldn’t you all curse after finishing watching the video? The Marshal also helped out later what.]

[Dead: It’s fine if the girl’s alright~ But when I watched the video the Marshal’s face was quite cold~ the elegant Marshal displaying that expression, it’s obvious he doesn’t want to be with him. He must have been forced to lend a hand for fear of being captured on camera, anyway, just felt that Chen YiBai was full of schemes, looks disgusting.]

[Oh, don’t be stubborn: Upstairs +10086, I also think he’s disgusting. A person of his standing being after the Marshal is surely scheming, maybe he had used some conditions to threaten the Marshal. Pity the Marshal not knowing whether he could eat his breakfast with him, being that ugly. Also affectedly dilly dallying in school yesterday and only coming out when the Marshal was there. So disgusting.]

[Wakeke: …I’m from Aldia, and I had a very good friendship with someone in Teacher Chen’s class at that time. Anyway, after listening to his description, I think Chen YiBai maybe isn’t too terrible a person. Even if you don’t trust him, trust the Marshal. Your Marshal didn’t stop him despite being at the scene, what can onlookers eating melons say? Some people upstairs saying peculiar things make me want to retch.]

Wakeke was Amin’s handle, and almost no one knew this. Right at that moment, he was sitting in the classroom, using the break between classes to scroll through the forums. After having had Chen YiBai’s class, he started following threads concerning his teacher on the forum. This time, he scrawled up the forums the first moment after having heard some rumors.

“Hey Amin, the next class is, isn’t it that person’s class?” Ain, who had played ‘guerrilla warfare’ in class with Amin for a long time, suddenly sat in the empty seat beside him and inquired quietly.

Amin didn’t say anything. The thread he posted was instantly rebutted by many, someone even checked his history, saying that he had always spoken good things about Chen YiBai these past two days and speculating whether or not he was paid by Chen YiBai to post it. With some fire in his heart, he cursed back.

In actuality, Amin also knew that what he was doing had no impact whatsoever because early on, before Chen YiBai came to teach their class, he was also one of them. They don’t really care about the truth, only guessing in the direction they were interested in, achieving a sense of psychological pleasure from it. The more people who agree or disagree with them, the more excited they are.

Thinking about it, what made Amin turn around was probably that class with Chen YiBai.

Amin’s father was once a soldier in the army. He was cheerful and very carefree, and Amin always took pride in him.

That’s why Amin was someone who had been very decisive since a young age. He liked the ever changing world, a complete opposite from that stubbornly conservative MoWu². The well liked and popular Amin also has a great understanding of some ‘unspoken rules’ in the academy; his attitude towards MoWu was always unfriendly.

MoWu was elderly, and his memory wasn’t good. Once, while trying to prove himself in front of his peers, Amin secretly hid MoWu’s glasses. At that time, MoWu tried finding them for more than ten minutes but couldn’t, so he only sighed and gave their lessons in a blurry manner.

Having done it once, there will come a second time. After a while, Amin’s guilt even disappeared. Using this as amusement, he took photos of MoWu to use as emoticons and spread them around the school’s webpage, even editing MoWu’s videos as entertainment.

Under the trend of such a big environment, Amin had never thought that what he was doing was wrong.

And then he heard Chen YiBai telling the story of that war. Amin listened more attentively than anyone because in the team that was led by Heinz and attacked with brain interference by the Gars, had been his father.

The danger of the situation had made his mother wipe away her tears every day at home. A not too old Amin was also heavily impacted, thinking that he was about to lose his father, even secretly crying in his sleep. Twisting and turning in bed, as well as nights without any sleep, were regular occurrences.

Until the Alliance was victorious.

After the Century War, the Alliance government was busy with rebuilding. He often couldn’t even see his father’s shadow for a few months. But after he went back that day, Amin impulsively ran to the army department for the first time to seek proof. After getting his father’s verification, Amin suddenly felt very ashamed in that instant.

He was relatively more sensitive than the other students. He didn’t know why MoWu, having played such a critical role, and doing something so important, was not mentioned by any teacher in Aldia Academy. But he thought, to tell them the first time he came here, Chen YiBai was different.

“What ‘that person?’” Seeing more and more names and curses coming, Amin finally gave up. He looked up and glared at Ain, “Doesn’t he have a name for you to say?”

“It’s not…” Ain, being scolded by Amin, was a little confused. “Why is your temper so weird lately? Everyone’s discussing him; later is his class. Someone from the class next door even asked me to help them film something. I still think that last class was quite strange, not sure if we’ll succeed…”

Ain continued speaking, his voice slowly becoming softer, and he couldn’t help but think back to the scene from the last class. Just thinking about the situation made him feel the cold lingering fear, his gaze eagerly turned towards Amin. It was his habit to turn towards Amin when he was indecisive about something.

But Ain noticed that Amin’s expression had grown darker just now. His heart thunked, subconsciously wanting to call out, but at this moment, he suddenly realised that it had become noisy behind him.

“What happened?”

“Hey! That person is coming; he’s really coming to class.” The people sitting in the row behind Amin all became excited, running towards the door.

“What happened?” Ain turned his head to look at the people suddenly surrounding the door, not quite understanding.

Amin was faster by a step as he ran over there. After going back and forth in the crowd, he could finally see the people standing outside the door.

Among a bunch of uniform-wearing students, looking very eye-catching, was Chen YiBai and… head of year, Claus.

They could only see Claus frowning while glaring at Chen YiBai, not knowing what the both of them were discussing. But when Amin stuck his head out, he could hear Claus say in a fierce voice, “Wear your uniform properly starting from tomorrow! To become a teacher, you should at least understand your responsibilities. If this continues on, your stay at Aldia will be no more than one week!”


Editor’s Note:

[1] We’ve seen Biubiubiu (BBB), which is an online news forum, as well as Frame, which I associate with a platform like Weibo.

[2] Memory helper: MoWu, also called Wu Haiming, was the previous teacher of Chen Bai’s class.


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People love to hate.
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Wow, all the hate… well, let’s wait and see if those haters are able keep their faces intact later on. Thank you for the chapter!!!

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People and forums can get so critical at times! But the media will always say what they want, I’m glad Heinz and CB don’t care for that! I can’t believe Claus! CB just came from a rough morning!

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