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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Shortly before the broadcast, in a small house on Cage along Beta’s fringe.

“Gee, these wrinkly experts have no idea how hard the war was, how many soldiers were sacrificed, and what kind of century warfare title could replace these sacrifices…” The man with a scar on his face sitting on the sofa eating snacks, looked at the e-book in his hands, pointing to the words “century war” and murmuring for a long time. Then bored, he asked, “Right, young master?”

A little farther away, a slim figure was standing in the kitchen, bowing his head and pounding on something. Soft hair that had grown to his shoulders dropped down around his ears. The whole person looked warm under the sunshine. The long fingers moved slowly but vigorously. Calm eyes looked at the man with a sigh, laughter in his voice, “Most wars in history have names, Myron.”

“I know,” Myron, on the sofa, put his things on the table in front of him, turned his head and tried to continue his long talk, “but what he’s been through is always not – I say! Young Master! Where did the skin on your face come from, you… you?”

Halfway of what he said, his eyes fell on the young master’s face in the kitchen, and his eyes became stiff. Then, as if he had been greatly frightened, he jumped violently, and then he began to throw up loudly.

The man in the kitchen was not surprised. “Don’t I always look like this?”

“No, no!” Myron stared at him, but for his voice and his incomparable eyes, he could hardly recognize the man opposite him as the little cypress he had been with all day and all night.

His nose, mouth… everything looked very ordinary, even the extra little bit of flesh… If he was thrown into the crowd, he would disappear in an instant. Where was the exquisite face with peach blossom eyes that he knew?

In the past, Myron had always said that his face was overly feminine and didn’t look like it matched his career. But now, this face was too ugly.

“That bunch of guys made such a skin for you?!” Myron seemed to understand something, a little angry.

“Yes.” The other person seemed to be indifferent and shook the spoon in front of him. “I think it’s good.”

“Where is good?! It’s a far cry from what it used to be,” Myron retorted. “You wait, I’ll let them give you a good one…”

“Myron,” Chen Bai sipped the water from his cup. “This face is enough. You used to think that my face was too good. It’s much better now.”

When Myron listened, he wanted to refute immediately, but Chen Bai didn’t give him a chance, so he quickly turned around and said, “Don’t say anything. Have you done what I wanted you to do?”

“Ah…” At the mention of this, Myron’s flames disappeared in an instant.

Chen Bai raised his eyebrows and frowned. “What’s wrong? Didn’t it work out?”

“No! No,” said Myron, his voice rising again. “How could that be? I sent off your registration. But something happened.”


“…The input was inadvertently mistaken.” Myron said, like a child who did something wrong.

Chen Bai’s slender eyes were slightly narrowed. “What’s wrong?”

“Well, uh, that’s… The matching system picked Chen Yibai. I thought it was okay, but when everything was finalized, it accidentally landed on the name Chen Yibai.…”


“You can’t blame me! The gears in that system rotate very fast! I’ll have to go to the terminal and change it for you! It’s tough. Slow it down, and you’ll see it! I don’t want this either. Mani can quickly fix it.” Myron said, still very wronged, “Speaking of such hackers, why don’t you let that kid do it? He did these minute things. The whole terminal turned black, as you play a chicken and pecking at rice. The thieves are steady. I haven’t done this for many years.”

Chen Bai took a deep breath and habitually pinched his nose, but the touch from his fingertips made him stiff. Finally, he took his hand back. “Come on, that’s it, it’s in name only, don’t let Mani know about it.”

Of course, Myron noticed his movements and wanted to say something, but he was afraid to. Looking at Chen Bai’s appearance, he shrunk his mouth. “Clearly, he called a lot and then disappeared.… The hypocritical dead thing.”

“I’ll pass on a message for you when I’m free.” Chen Bai hooked his lips and rinsed the cup in the sink.

For a moment, there was only the sound of water left in the room, and Myron did not answer him unexpectedly. Half a day later, he whispered, “You… Must you go back? By yourself?”


“It’s okay not to go back, don’t go back…” Myron’s eyes turned. “You’re not obliged to do it. You’ve brought us out and paid so much. Now that the Gars are gone, the old thing won’t…”

Chen Bai did not speak, but the cup in his hand touched the edge of the sink and made a crisp noise. Myron suddenly stopped talking.

“You won’t change your mind no matter what I say. You’ve always been like that.” Myron finally muttered in a low voice.

Chen Bai smiled softly, wiped the teacup clean that had just been washed, wrapped it up, and put it in his backpack. Then Chen Bai put his pack on his back and watched Myron sitting on the sofa with the e-book.

“No need to send me off,” Chen Bai said as his hand hooked around the door handle. “Take care of everyone.”

As soon as his voice fell, the door opened. He closed it again, but after a few seconds, there really was no hesitation at all as he walked away quietly. Myron looked at the door, and after some time, his face was full of tears. The seven-foot-tall man finally sat on the sofa obediently and hit his lower leg.

A few minutes later, there was a repressed and painful cry from the man in the room.


Chen Bai didn’t bring much, except the necessities, most of them stayed at Cage, to keep his home and tell himself that he will come back one day. After putting his luggage away, Chen Bai sat in his own mech. This fellow’s ordinary mech was unusually light and small, which Chen Bai liked very much.

Who knew how lucky he was to get his own mech, or whether it was God’s will to give him such a suitable mech as if to let him continue on this road.

Looking out of the window at the endless grassland on the edge of Cage, Chen Bai thought that when he arrived here three years ago, it was still a barren place.

Putting the last piece of candy into his mouth, Chen Bai’s face was somewhat obscured and difficult to understand. He touched his finger on the skin of his face, then sighed low. “In fact, it doesn’t feel good.…”

As soon as his voice fell, a crisp teenager voice came from the armor. “Then take it off?”

Chen Bai was stunned.

“You don’t think so,” the teenager continued, while the lights in Chen Bai’s cabin turned on. “Aren’t those people who leave without saying goodbye very annoying?”

The resentment behind him was getting heavier and heavier. Chen Bai hardly needed to look back to see who it was. In fact, he should have guessed it as early as when the teenager spoke. Looking at the grass outside the window, Chen Bai chuckled. “How did you get in?”

“Bribery with the latest antivirus chip, it loves it,” the young boy said in his dull voice.

“That’s it?” Many of them were rare geniuses in optical network operation. The spirit of an SS control system made him almost invincible in this respect. So Chen Bai had no doubt about the strength of this chip. But with these, this little fellow could quickly get into his mech.

“…” The teenager paused for a moment, reluctant to say, “And the execution code I got from you before.”

Chen Bai raised his eyebrows. “I didn’t change it?”

“It’s all the same in exchange. You can’t get any new ideas when you get your password.” The teenager grumbled discontentedly.

Indeed, Chen Bai’s password was so different. He used to test Tucao many times before. He said that this guy seemed to have no flaws with the enemy, but he could easily break his mech if he knew more about him. Chen Bai smiled and stopped asking him about it. Mani was brought up by him after he was rescued that year. His mech was not designed to prevent this fellow from entering.

That’s because Mani was a child in the Omega area who was almost killed by spiritual beasts. To give him a sense of security, Chen Bai set up special entry permits many times on his mech and then let him carry a summoner with him so that he would stay there.

Even if the mech was changed later, because of this, he didn’t set up any more passwords. Plus with Mani’s abilities, it was really not difficult to get in.

“Not yet?” Before Chen Bai spoke, Mani asked.

Inside the cabin, there was a moment of silence. After a while, Chen Bai’s voice came. “Are you going too?”

Mani did not answer at once, plopped something on his electronic screen. Before Chen Bai asked, a large number of documents appeared in front of him, including his ugly new ID card and the funny name on it, “Did you fix it without me? Chen, Yi, Bai?”

The tone of reprimanding was the same as when he was brought back. Chen Bai squinted his eyes and did not speak. As soon as his slender fingers moved, all the documents disappeared from his eyes. The next second, the mech started.

The destination, of course, was the capital, Venus.


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😅😅😅i need to reread again …lost again🤣🤣🤣

May 28, 2021 4:53 pm

Does he have on a mask? Or was his face altered with surgery? Also how did his friend mess up? I wasn’t clear on that! Will re-read! Looking forward to next chapter! ❤️❤️

May 28, 2021 4:58 pm

*waiting for the plot to start making sense*

So, he got engaged by accident while trying to hack into something? 😅

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Okay… the scene is set, now let’s wait for some development.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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So I have no idea what I’m reading

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I’m so lost like a headless chicken

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since chinese letters have different-character-same-sound thing, I figure ML is suppose to be matched with a “chen yibai” with the different spelling/meaning?

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