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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lan Yu had been out of the bathroom for a long time, and when he thought about the scene just now, he felt his face burn and his heart thumping. He understood that this was a normal physiological need, not to mention the other was a young and strong Alpha, he himself would also do it from time to time to relieve stress.

But it was one thing to know, and another to actually encounter it. Not to mention the thin walls that make the subwoofer-like moans ring in his ears.

It wasn’t until he walked into the kitchenette and started cooking dinner that he was able to put the panic down.

The dinner time in the barracks was 6 o’clock, and Lan Yu sometimes went to the dining hall to eat, but when he didn’t want to go, he had Kong Fei bring it to his dormitory.

Now it was 7 o’clock, and dinner time was long past. But the food wasn’t good in the first place, so he might as well make it himself.

There were ingredients in the fridge that he had prepared two days before, so he skillfully made a steak and tossed a salad and brought it to the round table on the small balcony.

Lu RanKong, 303’s next door neighbor, had also finished his shower and was watching a movie inside the house, and the dialogue between the male and female lead drifted over clearly with the background music.

“No, you shouldn’t go to war! So many Omegas have lost their Alphas! I don’t want to become one of them crying.”

“Dear, listen to me, in order to defend Sasu Planet, as a mecha maker, I must go to battle.”

Lan Yu hadn’t quietly watched the movie for a while, and now that he heard those lines, he couldn’t help but look over at the balcony frequently.

The Third Barracks was located outside Kata Planet’s main city, Bell, surrounded by the sea on three sides. His small balcony was facing the sea, so the scenery was stunning.

Whether it was breathing in the sea breeze in the morning and waiting for the sunrise, or quietly enjoying the moon at night, or making some sweet afternoon tea to savor, this balcony was the best place to be.

——Just don’t turn your head to look at the balcony of 303 next door.

He didn’t know who designed this dormitory building, but the balconies of the two adjacent suites were stuck together, with only a short iron flower fence between them.

When he stood on the balcony facing the sea, he felt that his frustration and anxiety were swept away.

Then he turned his head to look at 303 next door and almost fell back into self-imposed isolation.

On the balcony next to him, the uniform light gray floor tiles could no longer be seen in their original color. They were covered with a thick layer of dust, and piled with some messy scrap metal.

A few drying socks were scattered everywhere, looking like dried bacon puffs on the hangers, and were stiffly spinning in the wind.

The black lacquer carved fence had two craft iron tree leaves, and on the left and right were two hanging slippers.

The slippers had withstood a large amount of wind and rain, and the long brown fluffy cloth was twisted into locks.

Lan Yu was born to love cleanliness, usually acting outside as long as more than a week, but no matter how busy and tired he was, the first thing he did when he got home was clean inside and outside once.

He cleaned up until the place where he looked was without any dust. But this raggedy balcony, so close to his shiny balcony, made him not able to ignore it. 

He just wanted to see the sunset and feel the breeze on his own balcony, so he turned his back on the mess. Out of sight was out of mind.

The movie seemed to have finished, 303 again came with the sound of clanking metal, and he didn’t know what Lu RanKong was doing.

Lan Yu no longer looked over there, lest his line of sight touch the balcony, only sped up his eating.

He was picking up his glass of water, didn’t pay attention and the spoon fell to the ground and rolled into one of the gaps on his balcony. He helplessly squatted down and reached out to feel in that crevice.

The spoon was embedded deep, and his fingers stretched and crawled inside when he suddenly touched a clump of fabric-like stuff.

What is this?

He hooked the cloth ball with suspicion, slowly pulled it out and lifted it with his hand.

It seemed to be a sock.

But how could his own sock be here?

He brought the sock up to his eyes to identify it carefully, and found that the gray color and stiff texture looked quite familiar.

He slowly turned his head to look next door and took a closer look at the dried bacon socks hanging on the coat rack. Then he threw down what he was holding with lightning speed and grabbed the wet wipes on the round table to wipe his hands.

Using several wet wipes in a row, until his fingers were starting to redden before resting.

This was one of the socks next door being blown by the sea breeze to his side.

Lan Yu turned around and went back to the house, pulled out a piece of fabric from the closet that was left over from the bed sheet, and then took out the needle and thread box he had just bought, and quickly threaded the needle and sewed a few clasps on the fabric.

After finding a metal wire to thread through the cloth, a simple curtain was ready.

He hung the curtain between the two balconies, then fished out a pair of disposable gloves from the kitchen and put them on. He frowned, twisted the sock with two fingertips and prepared to throw them to the next balcony.

Just as he was about to throw it out, he heard a strange sound.

“Ah… Just like that… Ahhh… I can’t…”

Lan Yu froze in place.

Lu RanKong was just doing this and that in the bathroom, but how long had it been since he came out, and he’s watching a porno?

The sound is really loud, aren’t you tired!?

This Alpha male beast was in a state of mating at any time!

He stopped with a red face, his eyes wandered around and fell on his pots of succulents.

He dug out a few bigger rocks and stuffed them into the sock, aiming at the pile of iron scraps on the next balcony.

The mountain of scraps collapsed with a bang.

Not waiting for Lu RanKong to come out to check, Lan Yu swiftly pulled up the curtain between the two balconies, and went back to the house.

Lu RanKong was in the room debugging the crossbow he had just made.

According to the ancient book, he combined his own ideas. The ancient crossbow was palm-sized, and could be used to get small objects.

For this reason, he was also specifically looking for an old movie. As long as he could stay up through those love scenes, he could watch the male lead and make trinkets.

He didn’t have any other hobbies, he only liked to fiddle with these small things, and his balcony was full of production materials which were his treasure.

Lu RanKong carefully calibrated the firing pin in the crossbow, carrying out the last process, and the aerial projection showed the hero and heroine tossing and turning in a passionate and unbearable way, emitting mmm, ah, ngh.

Just as he was holding his breath and fiddling with the hair-like metal needle, there was a sudden loud noise on the balcony. Then, the pile of materials tinkled and fell to the ground.

His hands trembled, the needle deviated.

The half hour of work was wasted again.

Lu RanKong sighed, these damned sea birds, they always hit the balcony without a clue.

He put down the crossbow and walked out to put the materials back in place, and just as he got up, he suddenly found a sock of his in the corner.

The sock was bulging, with a few white stones showing through the open cuff.

Lu RanKong: … 

It was impossible for a seabird to stuff rocks in his sock and then carry them in his mouth to hit his balcony.

He moved his neck, stood up and turned his head. It had been a full month since he had fought with Lunatic K. It was time for another fight.

Just as he turned around, he was stunned.

What met his eyes was a pink sheet that firmly blocked the balcony.

Upon closer look, the top of the sheet had embroidery: hanging on both sides of the balcony, were small flowers dancing in the wind.

This wasn’t a bed sheet, it was clearly a hand-made curtain.

Lu RanKong forgot to get angry, slowly walked over, close enough to see the pink flowers.

After a long time, he gave a dumbfounded laugh.

Lan Yu went back to the house and sat on his single bed, his heart still jumping a little.

He had given himself one rule, not to have any excessive behavior, and this often made him selected by magazines as the most elegant and sensible Omega.

He was modest and courteous, and always kept his poise when things went wrong. Both the ideal partner in the hearts of the majority of Alphas was also the study of all Omegas.

But just because a sock fell to the balcony, loaded with stones that he had thrown back, he had become too impulsive, too emotional.

Lan Yu reflected in his heart, is it too much to play Colonel K? Had I unknowingly begun to be affected?

As a good actor, one must separate the role from the reality, this was a truth that he had always understood and had always done well.

Whether it was exaggeratedly being funny or issuing grief-stricken crying, after a ‘cut’, he would quickly pull out of the scene and bring himself back to reality.

That ‘cut’ was a termination note, an emotional switch, a command engraved in his mind, allowing him to always be able to put and take away with ease.

Two people who shoot emotional scenes were most likely to get attached, but no matter how hot and affectionate he was in a scene, when he faced the other party’s confession in private, he would calmly say: ‘you are too deep into the scene’.

A rejected Alpha once said: Lan Yu, you seem to be perfect, but in reality it’s only an appearance, you don’t have your own real feelings, joy and sorrow.

Lan Yu’s face was expressionless as he thought about this, knitting a scarf with his hands.

The weather was getting cold, these had to be prepared in advance, so he used the best cashmere yarn, weaving out the scarf softer than those the shopping malls sold by those big brands.

Moving his hands to make the neat stitches, his heart was full of joy.

Who says I don’t have joy and sorrow?

He also put his arm around the brown bear doll on the pillow, kissed it on the top of its soft head and said, “Gu Gu, I like you so much.”

Who says I don’t have real emotions?

It wasn’t until the terminal showed it was 10 p.m. that he tucked the knitted scarf back into the bedside table. He put his arm around Gu Gu and took a brush to brush his fur.

He was an orphan, and grew up in an orphanage, accompanied by only a doll donated by others.

For so many years, the demons that lie in wait in the darkness after turning off the lights, the gossip that attacked him, as long as the brown bear hid in his arms in his nest, it would be blocked out.

Just after transmigrating, the brown bear was gone, and he soon had Kong Fei buy another one almost like it, saying he wanted to study bear culture.

Kong Fei didn’t understand what this doll had to do with bear culture, but it was Colonel K’s order, and he wouldn’t ask more questions even if it meant studying the formation of the Sasu Planet system through the plush.

Lan Yu leaned against the bed with his legs crossed, brushed the fur on the brown bear’s head and flipped it over to flop on his lap and began to brush the fur on his back. He whispered to it, “Gu Gu, today I killed a man, a real killing, not an act. A gunshot rang out, and he died.”

Speaking of which, the shape of the green-skinned corpse came to mind, and his heart jerked tight.

Outside the window the sea breeze gusts and whines, the waves lap the beach, accompanied by the chirping of sea birds.

The relaxing sounds of the day become creepy at night.

Lan Yu put down his hairbrush, hugged the half-sized brown bear tightly and got under the covers.

He didn’t turn off the lights, just lay there with his eyes closed, but his mind was getting clearer and clearer.

The green skin corpse suddenly opened his eyes, the hole in his forehead gurgling out blood. Then he felt a cold chill under his feet, and a dry green hand reached out from beneath the blanket… 

Lan Yu closed his eyes tightly. His eyes beneath his thin eyelids turned quickly, his breathing was fast and furious, and the brown bear was cuddled until it became deformed.

Just when he was trying to hold back his fear and started reciting lines in his mind, there was a sudden kicking and stomping of slippers from next door.

Then came the vibrating sound of an electric toothbrush, and the pattering and flushing of the toilet.

These sounds mingled together like a golden charm, stirring up the frozen stillness of fear, and the dark shadows and green men who had been stirring were instantly reduced to nothing.

After a while, the sound of slippers sounded again all the way to the next wall, tapping the pillow side by side with his ear.

Then the mattress creaked slightly, the walls shook again, and his bed was driven to tremble along with it.

Everything quieted down, and Lan Yu reached out to turn off the light.

There was someone not far away, the sound of the sea breeze blowing against the window pane was no longer harsh, and the darkness was no longer frightening.

There were also two thuds from the room of Lt. Col. Bean, 304, diagonally across the corridor, like he was nailing something to the wall.

He let go of the brown bear in his arms, yawned, and fell asleep in peace.


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Sue R
Sue R
May 28, 2021 12:14 pm

I felt pity for the Lan Yu, he has to act as somebody which was opposite of his nature.

May 28, 2021 1:22 pm

😑😑😑😑no comments on these lunatic flat mates

May 28, 2021 4:56 pm

Waiting for the next chapter. Expecting a neighbours at war soon. 😂😂😂

May 29, 2021 2:07 pm

Thanks for the chapter!!!

June 16, 2021 9:45 am

Noisy but also comforting.
Thank you for translating.

June 19, 2021 11:13 pm

Knowing someone is nearby. So close you can hear what they are doing is somewhat warm… And disturbing at the same time.

July 13, 2021 8:20 pm

Aw, Lan Yu! He was thrown into another world and has to pretend he is fine everyday. It’s only when he gets to his room that he can be himself.

And at night, his fears and worries are visible.

July 30, 2021 6:51 pm

es muy triste 😥

Fatheemat Sulayman
Fatheemat Sulayman
July 31, 2021 8:31 pm

Ohh God I really hate the sounds of toilet flushing or hearing people taking shower from my room,I can’t live where I hear every sounds the next door neighbor makes

November 25, 2022 6:35 am

In a crazy world, it is not so easy to find a safe haven. Wonderful how LRK is one for LY ..

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