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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Three years later…

On a planet in the Beta District, crowds of people were gathered in the downtown square, staring eagerly at the massive screen in the center. Everyone’s faces were filled with urgency.

The official website, which was synchronized with the screen, was also filled with hundreds of millions of viewers. Once famous for its volume of visitors, sites had been blown up several times, so much so that administrators had to limit the number of people to ensure that the subsequent playback was normal.

And the public forum Biubiubiu (BBB) was also a “buzzing voice”.

As a famous little poster, Ashu had made sufficient preparations for today’s grand occasion as early as she learned the news. She alone controlled five or six electronic light screens, which seemed to be more than perfect.

Everything was expected to start at 10 o’clock. At 9:50, Ashu posted a post on BBB.

[Screenshot Live XXX Begins at 10:00]

[Ashu: A legendary video of an in-depth interview with the Marshal! Five electronic light screens are ready to ensure that you have a complete view of the process from beginning to end. I am expected to record the whole journey! Strive for the first time for everyone!]

After this post came out, it was unexpectedly kept directly on the front page of the thread and gained a torrential flood of viewers.

[Potatoes without skin: !! Sure enough, Ashu is the most conscientious grandmother I have ever seen. Home page of those analysis speculation betting predictions is now open to use!! That’s the absolute truth!]

[My Marshal God: God, Ashu deserves to rise up. She can manipulate so many electronic light screens at the same time. Her spiritual force must be powerful! QAQ Envy! And that website is so crowded, the flow of people is abnormal today! Even the BBB servers have exploded several times!]

[In my lifetime: Ashu taught me how to squeeze in. Ah, I got up at 3 o’clock this morning and queued up. I finally got in and was squeezed out again. I just wanted to cry without tears. Although it’s excellent that it’s broadcasted live, I still want to see it with my own eyes.]

[Monkey without buttocks: This layer is crooked! I only wish to know what happened to the rumor that Marshal’s fiance is an inferior gender. Love is so twisted!]

The posts were boiling, but in less than five minutes, ten thousand tall buildings had been built. Ashu adjusted the setting of the posts and put it to the top of the forum for individual speeches. As soon as she turned her eyes, she looked at the screen to prepare live views.

Three years ago, the Prodi Alliance won the first battle with the Gars, but many were severely wounded; they had lost a lot of soldiers, including the famous General Helsine.

Since the founding of the Alliance, the Lyon family had been a well-known military family throughout various galaxies. The ups and downs of earlier years could be spoken of for several days and nights, but their noble status had never been shaken. Almost every household in the Alliance had an essential role in the military headquarters, and most of them were deeply loved and supported by the people.

In that war, after General Lyon, the former head of the Lyon family, died on duty, his youngest son Heinz seemed to awaken overnight, and his spiritual prowess made Dr. Einberg, the father of Alliance Aviation Mechs, call him an unprecedented explosive controller.

After that, Heinz pressed forward step by step, led the pro-army to fight hard in the last world war and eventually defeated the Gars. He became known as the hero of the whole Alliance. Coupled with his handsome appearance and elegant demeanor, he turned into the dream lover of many young people.

However, it was said that he was seriously injured after the war with the Gars and was still at risk after surviving miraculously. His injuries had worried the Allied Army for a long time, as he had not been completely cured even until today.

However, it wasn’t long before the Marshal got well and returned to the Army and some rumors began to spread on the Internet. These rumors stated that the Marshal would obey the system’s “Divine Realm” judgment and become the companion of an inferior gender.

Such a message circulated quickly and ignited the entire Empire’s information network. After more than a week, it was still the focus of major forums and newspapers.

Three days ago, a media outlet said that Marshal Heinz Lyon would be interviewed in person, and it would be broadcasted live over the Internet. And that is how everyone could finally see today’s scene. Therefore, in connection with the causes and consequences, they wanted to find out if this phenomenon was justified.

After all, the Marshal’s, the national hero’s, degree of support was not something he always had, and he still had to sacrifice for the Alliance. The people, young and old, were extremely concerned about him, hoping to save the Marshal of the Alliance so that he would get the best of all the universe. How could anyone willingly accept the Marshal had recognized an inferior gender as a partner?

Almost everyone was thinking about the live broadcast, waiting for the Marshal’s voice to deny this from the bottom of his heart, even though rumors once emphasized that his partner was chosen by the “Divine Realm”.

In Prodi, the degree of human-to-human matching was dominated by a unique system called the “Divine Realm”. Its primary purpose was to enable the next generation of Prodi to have better spiritual powers and thus maintain the status of the Alliance based on genetic matching.

This system was once highly criticized and resisted by people before the Century War. But the coalition government re-declared the importance of the Divine Realm and forced people to breed the next generation according to the genetic matching to avoid the danger of genocide again.

Despite the discontent of many people, the shadow of the Gar people had not wholly passed, and no one carried out a too visible resistance.

The Marshal could accept the judgment of the Divine Realm. After all, the title of Marshal was promulgated by the Federal Government after the Century War. It was above the three generals and was the real commander-in-chief of thousands of troops. Therefore, under such extraordinary circumstances, the military and the government couldn’t allow those sitting in this position to refuse the judgment of the Divine Realm.

But even with this knowledge, people were still reluctant to believe that the Marshal would accept the news of having an inferior gender as a fiance.

Ashu’s thoughts were slightly drifting away, and the posts on the forum were continuing to refresh as expected.

[Monkey without buttocks: I hope it’s not true that his partner is an inferior gender. This would be ten thousand steps back, and the Marshal’s excellent genes need to be passed down. Even the military department should not accept the result.]

[Skyward: I always wanted to be the youngest daughter of General Abraham’s family. I read a report that they were able to give a blood transfusion to the Marshal during his crisis. It is well known that Marshal’s blood is absolutely domineering! If he can accept their blood, they must be a pair! I will be their sister! They must be super good-looking, not to mention, their spiritual strength is also strong. Combine this with a baby, and the end result must be great! It’s much better than another one. Why not this person?!]

[Life: The Little Daughter Party has gone away! I think Heinz’ own pro-military Kureya is excellent! Two people have experienced so many lives and deaths together. They must be very agreeable, but no matter who they are, they shouldn’t be an inferior gender. In the previous photos, Marshal’s eyes were super gentle!]

[Potatoes have no skin: A friend of mine is from the XX newspaper. According to them, it seems that this news is accurate. Many senior officers in the military have to turn their faces over with the government. But the latter is insisting on the plan of the Divine Realm. I have to take pictures at this level to remember, and then I don’t know how many seconds I can survive!]

[Yo-yo: I want to turn my face, too! Although the government has reformed the Divine Realm system, if they are an inferior gender, the Marshal should feel wronged in any case.]

[Ball ball: Isn’t the Marshal a very recessive explosion controller? I have a friend who is studying medicine. She said that if this type of psychic person does not carefully select their other half, the baby will probably not be able to awaken at all. It is said that the gene is too hegemonic or something.]

In this post, everyone said different things, but basically, they were very dissatisfied with and disbelieved the stories about the Marshal’s new companion. And so, the beginning of the live broadcast was getting closer and closer.

With this in mind, Ashu regained her attention, stopped paying attention to the replies of the post, and focused on the start of the broadcast on the website.

At the same time, several light screens had already been ready to send out the images, Ashu stared at them like they were torches. In the last second of the countdown, the original black picture moved, and in the next moment, a slightly hasty picture appeared in front of the camera.

Since the news came out too quickly, Ashu had made full preparations for it and made many explorations and observations on the possible locations for the interviews. Therefore, in a second, Ashu judged that the place chosen by the interviewers was the Marshal’s front door!

Unlike the Lyon family’s old house, Heinz’ house was much more modern. Ashu’s brain flashed that sentence and sent a quick video out.

This picture had just been sent out, and Heinz’ face appeared on camera.

The sharp edges and outline of his face were not flawed at all, even with the close-up. A pair of pale, deep green eyes were full of amorous feelings, and the thin lips under the sharp nose were slightly raised. It seemed that he was calm enough to cope with such an abrupt situation. It appeared that he was not informed about such a matter in a short time. After flying home, Heinz stopped and smiled at the camera.

The captain behind him said something with a sullen face to the people next to him. It seemed that he was very dissatisfied with the scene, which contrasted sharply with Heinz’ face.

Ashu tightened her lips and stopped the scene with her heart beating wildly. Then she sent it to the forum.

[Life: God!! Handsome!! Marshal’s High Definition Close-up!! Really feel like ID ah! Save and save!]

[Yo-yo: My mother, Marshal, sure enough, 365 degrees without dead corners!! So gentle! More and more envious of his fiance ah ah ah ah!! Whoever saves the galaxy!]

[Potatoes have no skin: I thought that this one and that one are much better than an inferior gender. Now I suddenly feel that no one is worthy of my god. How to break them up… My heart is breaking. So I say that such an emotionless marriage is really annoying. I hope the Marshal can find someone he likes.]

[Chan Tian: Upstairs, if you say so, you will be invited to tea! The government now attaches great importance to this, otherwise as to the Marshal, how could he suddenly be disturbed by this kind of media.… It hurts to think about it.]

For a while, the posts were refreshing crazily again. Ashu didn’t look at it, her eyes always on the screen.

Everyone knew that because the Marshal was matched with a marriage, the relationship between the military and the coalition government would obviously be rigid during this period. Otherwise, the Marshal would be as close to them as he had been for three years. Now that the media had arrived, some results were probably already changed.

Ashu thought in her heart and sent a screenshot at the same time. With the cooperation of spiritual force, there was no pause in her movements.

Heinz had stopped and made a decision immediately after judging the scene. There was no fury on his face, and he had a proper smile on.

Adi, the host, seemed to be very excited, that their people could stop Marshal, but this did not mean they could stop Marshal’s people. So Adi knew that time was very urgent, and she had to finish all of her questions quickly.

“I never dreamed that one day I could talk to the Marshal face to face like this.” She excitedly made a brief opening remark, feeling exactly the same as everyone else on the screen.

“It’s also my pleasure.” Heinz chuckled, not disturbed at all.

Such a simple action made all the children watching live broadcasts in front of the screen shocked, and all kinds of foolish remarks were drifting in the sky.

However, the host was the host, the pivotal moment was to have proper management of their emotions. She breathed in deeply two times, made a fist-clenching action, before continuing, “Well… When we received the news before, we couldn’t believe that Marshal would accept an inferior gender matched marriage. This is also the most curious thing for users of our website. So I want to ask for the Marshal’s own answer. Is this rumor true?”

Adi was a little cautious about the idea of putting an inferior gender with anyone for a matched marriage. So even if the Marshal denied everything, she could make a big fuss about it, or not go into it at all.

However, to her surprise, Heinz’ eyes did not move, and then he even very indifferently returned, “It’s true.”

With his quiet voice, which was a little deep, every watcher heard him.

The Marshal admitted that he would accept the system matched marriage and his partner was an… inferior gender?

In such circumstances, Heinz’ frankness shocked many people, including the host in front of him and Ashu, who was busy with screenshots. Both of them were obviously stunned for a moment, which slowed down the speed of Ashu’s screenshots and Heinz had already begun to speak again.

“I know everyone cares a lot about the fact that my fiance is an inferior gender, but it’s not bad for me personally.” Heinz said as he looked at Adi, not letting her interrupt at all. Even though she knew that allowing Heinz to continue to explain would be a direct violation of the people behind her. “It may surprise everyone, but I don’t like children very much. My partner being chosen by the Divine Realm for me, has nothing to do with me, except for it being harmless. So I don’t mind taking the other person as my partner as long as they get along with me.”

The tone of Heinz’ speech was gentle to the utmost, but the words revealed firmness and indisputability every minute and every second.

While Ashu was too busy with screenshots to see the frenzied replies, Heinz smiled unconcernedly at the camera during the silence of the host.

“Of course, this is only my one-sided view. If the other party is not satisfied with me, he is welcome to reject the judgment of the Divine Realm after the six-month trial period.” When Heinz finished this sentence, a mech slowly arrived in the distance of the camera.

Everyone who watched this video recognized it almost at first sight. It was the Fire Beacon!

Three years ago, it accompanied the Marshal in the Century War, battled in blood and was written into the textbook as a super mech!

Even Ashu did not have time to respond to the situation, a group of small mechs of different sizes flocked over. This was the strength the media was utterly unable to stop, so when Adi finally regained consciousness, only Heinz was left behind.

“Wait.…” Adi opened her eyes wide and looked in the direction where Heinz was leaving. Her mind seemed to have just relaxed. Before that, it was as if she had been suspended by something. She could not even think. Seeing that the target was leaving, Adi rushed over anxiously under the view of the camera. A series of questions were conveyed from her microphone to everyone in front of the camera. “Marshal, then, that means tomorrow you will live with your fiance as promised? Do you really not have any opinions on such an unfair ruling? Or is your opinion sacrificed for the government and the military… Was it true that your fiance will be attending the Aldia Military Academy tomorrow?”

Adi chased the Marshal all the way, and the camera followed her. After following the Marshal, never able to catch up with him, she turned to the camera panting and frustrated. “…Marshal was busy, because of a crucial meeting about to start, so he had to leave first.” Adi gave a meaningless explanation to the camera, blushing and panting, looking a little confused, but finally, she held on, took a deep breath, and smiled in front of the camera. “In less than three days, the news about Marshal’s fiance should be published soon. If you want to keep in touch with this kind of most secret news, you are welcome to pay attention to.…”

A surprise interview that attracted much attention ended in this way.

Under the stream of forum replies, Ashu shut down the screenshot screen and silently sent the recorded video of her post. While the video was still being compressed, Ashu noticed that the response rate of her post, which had been somewhat moderate, suddenly soared again.

Eyebrows wrinkled slightly, Ashu opened the post, a little after looking, her eyes fell on one of the replies.

[Tan: [Picture] Just transferred to the Aldia Teaching System, goes by the name Chen Yibai. A special recruit who was sent in two days ago; inferior gender; from Beta District; mental strength is not yet known.]

But in three or five minutes, the forum below had been blown up.

[The rest of one’s life: ??? Fuck me! Technology emperor ah, but what the hell?! Who is this? So ugly?! Where’s our Marshal?]

[Heaven and Earth: …I feel my vision has been impacted, and I can’t say they’re ugly. Put that ordinary face next to the Marshal’s face… I think it’s ugly. What’s the matter? Is it really him? Are there any mistakes? Who the hell is he?]

[Chan Tian: Chen Yibai? That name sounds like nothing at all. What “spiritual power has not yet been known”, even Super S accepts incompetence ah! And it’s on the edge of Beta. The system won’t get it wrong. Aldia also hired him as a special teacher?! What the hell? Are the signs of the First Military Academy going to be smashed?]

[Xiao Haifa: Feeling that my spirit has been impacted… It’s totally impossible to imagine Marshal wanting to look at that… Sleeping together in the same bed ah ah ah ah! Too much!]

For a while, the whole forum boiled over the program as they quarreled, showing their dissatisfaction. Everyone on the BBB forum, from the curious in the beginning to angry users now, filled it with all kinds of comments; the Divine Realm; mysterious fiances; military academies; as well as a variety of other things. Ashu looked at it a little and reopened the photograph that was sent out by the so-called mysterious technology emperor.

Chen Yibai was from the general coalition in Prodi, which was divided into three regions:  Alpha, Beta, and Omega. He lived on the edge of Beta, which was different from Alpha’s prosperity. It was almost the most impoverished area of Prodi. Omega was not because of the various uncertain planets like Pisaka, as well as its proximity to the contraction zone of the universe that made it basically inhabitable.

This fellow who was never noticed in the crowd, and may not have taken a course on mind control, had just become Marshal Heinz’ companion. This was one of the most spiritual powers in the Alliance and also in the universe! And the Marshal seemed to have accepted that very frankly.

For a time, the online rate of the Alliance had soared to its peak, and it was rare for men, women, and children to maintain a unified opinion across the ages.

Why on earth did this Cinderella-like plot happen to their Marshal?

But whether good or bad, this person… this person compared to their Marshall was too cold!


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