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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

Early the next morning, Lan Yu was brought in by the general to take notes, describing the Lontan Planet people’s situation in detail.

——So detailed in fact, that he smashed three coffee cups before the transcript was finished.

When he appeared at the entrance to the training ground, the soldiers who had been sitting on the ground leapt to their feet.

“Hello, Colonel K.”

“Colonel K.”

Lan Yu walked past them in his military uniform, pulling his fingers out of his gloves one by one. His eyes passed over the soldiers’ faces, his black eyes piercing like two cold pools. He stopped in front of a soldier with his head held high and looked at him. The soldier held his breath and seemed to have even stopped the rise and fall of his chest.

Lan Yu hung his head and took off his gloves, tossed them to Kong Fei without looking, then said, “Buttons…”

The soldier didn’t respond and remained motionless.

Lan Yu raised his head slightly, his eyes looking at him from under the low brim of his hat, “Buttons…”

The soldier finally understood and hurriedly fastened the top button that he had just undone while resting. His hands were trembling the entire time.

Lan Yu continued to walk forward, his eyes sliding over them one by one.

Suddenly, he stopped, grabbed the leather whip held by Kong Fei beside him, and swung it at the front.


The long whip made a sound in the air, and the hat of a soldier in the middle of the group fell to the ground and rolled twice with a thunk.

“If you can’t wear your cap correctly, then you don’t have to wear it.”

The soldiers fell quiet in fear, and half the training ground was silent, in stark contrast to the other half.

“What are they arguing about?” Lan Yu frowned and looked in that direction.

It wasn’t clear what the soldiers over there were doing, they all gathered together and burst into a cheer every now and then. But none of them were under Lan Yu’s supervision, they were under the responsibility of another officer.

“Not quite sure, maybe their training officer is back.” Kong Fei whispered back.

“Who is their training officer?”

“Lu RanKong…”

So they are Lu RanKong’s soldiers, no wonder it‘s so noisy. Lan Yu turned his head and instructed several team leaders standing in the first row, “Practice your firearms this morning and review yesterday’s content.”

“As you command…”

The morning was spent in training, Lan Yu meticulously completed his teaching task. The good thing was that this body’s memories of this were all there, like a conditioned reflex in itself, so he wasn’t going in blind.

When lunchtime came, he went into the officers’ mess hall.

The restaurant was for officers only, so the environment was quite good, and the officers were sitting in twos and threes at the table with flowers, chatting while eating. Lan Yu was always alone, and no one else would take the initiative to greet him, as if he was a transparent person.

But he liked this. At least he didn’t have to make unnecessary pleasantries.

He took his plate, walked to a table by the window and sat down.

This was the best position in the whole restaurant. The sea was just outside, and there were bonsai’s giving shade in front and behind, making it both private and scenic. Every time he came, this seat was empty, and he wondered why everyone ignored it.

Kong Fei answered this question, “Colonel K, since you fought with other officers five times and drew your gun three times in the dining room for this seat, no one has dared to touch it.”

Lan Yu ate quietly and suddenly remembered that since this was the officers’ mess hall, the Colonel Lu who threw the bomb with him yesterday should also be here. The barracks were so big and there were so many officers, it wasn’t easy to meet him. But he still had to eat every day, right?

Although that person was both narcissistic and childish, they experienced a life and death drama together yesterday, Lan Yu still had a slight impression of him. But he didn’t see him even until he finished eating, so he put it behind him and left the dining room to go upstairs.

The second floor was the officers’ lounge, with a fitness room, recreation room, chess room and the like. After lunch, everyone liked to go up there to play cards and have a cup of coffee amongst other things.

Lan Yu walked past the rooms full of joking and laughing and headed straight for the innermost fencing room.

The army learned how to fight and use mecha firearms quickly, and fencing was an old competitive sport that not many people played anymore, so the fencing room was usually empty and very quiet. Lan Yu knew that K wasn’t popular, and didn’t want to spoil anyone’s lunch break, so after lunch, he would always sit alone inside.

He pushed open the door, walked straight to the small round table in front of the window, sat down, leaned back comfortably, and stretched his legs out all the way. His eyes had just closed when he suddenly heard a few sharp footsteps on the fencing stage to his right, and the sound of a sword blade whipping through the air.

Lan Yu opened his eyes abruptly and turned his head in shock to look behind him.

On the fencing stage, a person wearing fencing clothes and a fencing helmet was practicing his attacking steps alone. He hadn’t met anyone these days, so he didn’t pay attention when he entered. If he had known that someone was practicing fencing here during the lunch break, he definitely wouldn’t have come in.

But since he was already sitting here, he simply turned his chair to face the stage and watched the man practice.

Lan Yu once made a movie about a fencer and studied with a fencing expert for a few months before filming.

After studying, the master praised him greatly, saying he had good movements and agile reactions, as well as good physical coordination. Although he was an Omega, he was no worse than an Alpha, and if he gave up making movies and became a fencer, he might have a bright future in it.

Lan Yu, of course, declined. Fencing was just his hobby, and he didn’t intend to specialize in this line of work. But since then, he had been going to the fencing gym from time to time to practice. The fencer was tall and leggy in his fencing suit, and he looked good in both his stance and his gait.

Lan Yu watched intently, unable to turn his eyes away. He didn’t pay attention to the man’s appearance, but was attracted by his harsh and ruthless strikes and deft pace. This person was practicing a complex attack, crossing forward, then a long lunge, then backward, and so on and so forth.

Watching, he unconsciously got up and stood outside the fencing stage.

One of them was practicing and the other was watching, both silently not disturbing each other.

The swordsman, after a flying thrust, suddenly did a fancy sword move and withdrew his sword to stand at attention.

Just when Lan Yu thought he had stopped practicing and was ready to leave, he suddenly walked to the edge of the stage, took a set of fencing protective gear from the wall and threw it over to him.

After Lan Yu reached out to catch it, the man waved his head at the nearby sword rack, meaning to let him choose a sword. He didn’t decline but walked over in silence, and after a brief moment of thought, chose a double-edged sword from a row of long swords.

This swordsman used a heavy sword, very aggressive and oppressive, even though Lan Yu’s body was very strong now, he wasn’t ready to use force against force, choosing the double-edged sword which required more skill and accuracy.

After quickly putting on his protective gear and mask, he took his sword to the stage.

Neither side spoke much, and after standing face to face, they held their swords up to the bridge of their noses and then pointed them downward, diagonally toward the ground, completing the opening ritual. Then, at the same time, they thrust out at each other, and when they were close to the thrusting part, they stepped back at the same time with a slide, narrowly avoiding the tip of the other’s sword.

After this encounter, both of their hearts beat wildly.

Highly skilled… 

Both men stood sideways, their swords pointing diagonally at their opponents, and their unarmed hands held behind their backs.

Lan Yu exhaled and attacked with another flying thrust, which was blocked by his opponent and pushed away with his sword, and the sword blades entwined, emitting a clear clash.

Clang clang clang!

Continuous attacks, extreme sword control, blocking, sword spinning, sword twisting attacks, but in a short time, the two had already exchanged several moves. The opponent’s moves were fierce, but Lan Yu was no less fierce, and for a while, the sound of foils clashing in the fencing room was incessant.

Lan Yu made a feint, the tip of his foil stabbed straight at his opponent’s shoulder, and just as he was getting close, he controlled his sword with his hand and flicked his wrist down. The tip of the sword came down abruptly and stabbed the opponent in the thigh when he was too late to react.

Beep, the green light turned on.

Valid strike.

Both sides took another step back, hands behind their backs, swords raised and standing at attention.

The next round, the opponent was alert. Lan Yu did a feint several times, but didn’t succeed, instead, he saw the opportunity to a long lunge and poked him in the stomach.


Valid strike.

The two sides went back and forth, with the sound of valid strikes ringing out from time to time, until the end of the round, when they withdrew their foils and backed off, raising them vertically in front of them and saluting each other.

A draw… 

Lan Yu hadn’t met an opponent in a long time, and the last time he had fenced like this was a few months ago with his own fencing master. In that match, his master had lost to his foil because of a misstep. 

Since it was a draw, there was no need to compete again. He took off the fencing mask from his head and held it under his armpit, panting full of sweat, and praised his opponent from the bottom of his heart, “Your fencing is very powerful. If the competition continued, I may not have been able to beat you.”

He really meant what he said. If the match continued, it would’ve been a battle of endurance and physical strength, and the opponent was clearly better in this regard. The swordsman on the other side also withdrew his sword and slowly took off his mask, revealing a handsome face with a radiant expression.

He looked at Lan Yu and indifferently said, “That’s natural…”

Lan Yu’s smile froze on his face when he met the light brown eyes full of arrogance. Wasn’t this the same Colonel Lu who had detonated the bomb with him yesterday?

He opened his mouth in slight shock and asked, “It’s you?”

The other party ruffled his wet forehead hair to the side and asked in return, “Why can’t it be me?” He raised his chin slightly and looked down at Lan Yu, “But you’re doing fine today because you seem to be more self-aware.”

This person was obviously different from yesterday, and he didn’t know if it was because of the fencing suit, but he no longer gave off a casual feeling, and instead had a bit more sharpness and indifference.

But that annoying arrogance and narcissism was still there.

Lan Yu looked at him and almost saw his tail up in the air, he attempted to take back the compliment he started with as he added, “If we continue to compete, I may not be able to beat you, but that’s just a possibility. When walking on the road, you can be hit by a falling plane. What do you think the probability of that is?”

After saying that, he also slowly raised his chin, his eyes looking downward at the other party.

The corners of his mouth turned downward, giving off a contemptuous look. He was only half a head shorter, but his eyes unconsciously glanced upward, not fully reflecting the violent cold, on the contrary, looking peeved.

The person opposite looked at him and suddenly snorted then laughed.

The scene fell into silence for a while, until the door of the fencing room was pushed open, then both eyes turned away.

A soldier stood in the doorway, saluted and then said aloud, “It has been reported that interstellar beasts have appeared in the Lark Desert to the east, and the military headquarters has ordered Lu RanKong and K to lead the second and third battalions of mecha soldiers to investigate the situation.”

Lan Yu’s heart skipped a beat.

He actually had to go on a mission with the Lu RanKong from next door. As thoughts were racing through his mind, he sharply replied, “As ordered…”

“As ordered…”

Another voice sounded at the same time as his reply.

Lan Yu slightly looked sideways and saw that the person who answered was none other than Colonel Lu. Colonel Lu turned out to be 303’s Lu RanKong. The same sloppy stud Lu RanKong who had just jerked off in the bathroom and then watched a porno.

These two were actually the same person.

He was so complex, not only narcissistic and childish, but also sloppy and a pervert.

A thunderbolt went off in Lan Yu’s heart.

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Tiramisu never_lies
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