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“What to do? Waiting online, very urgent!”

Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Gwyndolyn, Kris


As a senior-ranked special agent in Berkeley, Chen Bai knew better than anyone else what Berkeley was trying to do. He had asked Heinz this question because he didn’t know how much information the Marshal had about Berkeley. And assuming he knew the answer, Chen Bai felt that it would help his future missions greatly.

“At the beginning, when the Gars appeared in our area of detection, they were still a very weak race. At that time, the Alliance had differences in opinion,” Heinz thought for a bit, then said.

“There were three kinds of people then: one agreed to invade the Gars, one disagreed, and one was neutral.”

As though worried that Chen Bai didn’t understand, Heinz supplied, “This invasion was brought up in the earlier times, when contractual beasts were not yet discovered. Because the people in the Alliance had too short of a lifespan at that time, some researchers believed that apart from the Alliance, there may be a planet that could help soothe our mental energy. Thus, the topic of invasion was first brought up. But because contractual beasts were discovered in the Omega area rainforest later, it was briefly suppressed.”

“Clearly, when the invasion was brought up again, those who disagreed with it still won. The Alliance did not send out soldiers to the Gars at that time. But after that, they were completely fractured by the Gars’ sudden strong attack.”

In the vast expanse of the universe, there are many races that have had sudden growth. A few hundred years ago, humans of the Alliance were also one of the races easily bullied by other planets, until one day, they suddenly grew into their mental energy. After that, they started protecting their homeland and used all their resources in their area to secure several hundred years of living in peace.

But the appearance of the Gars had shaken some people of the Alliance. They felt that they couldn’t continue on like this, as an invasion could increase their area of resources, area of power, and even make them much stronger.

Berkeley was the product of these kinds of ideas.

“Which means, because of the divergence at that time, those that supported the decision for the invasion had created Berkeley?” Chen Bai asked experimentally, at the same time confirming in his own mind that Heinz had quite a deep understanding. With the recent situation, perhaps Heinz, top of the military faction, will have a clearer understanding of Berkeley’s movements.

“I also thought about it like that in the very beginning. But now that I think about it, that might not be the case. If Berkeley’s founder was so out in the open, he might not have had the capabilities to build Berkeley up to the scale it is today. So it’s possible that it was anyone with key positions in the military and the Alliance government.” Heinz said.

Chen Bai lowered his head and looked at his hand, as though trying very hard to absorb the information. Then he took a deep breath, “Then, do you agree?”

“Of course not!” This time, before Heinz could even speak, Fatty shouted very angrily from the front, “How could we agree? These scheming ants hiding within the Alliance only know how to use war to get what they want. They have no idea how scary wars are, and how many brothers we lost in a battle. It’s a soldier’s responsibility to protect our homeland, and we will not shirk it without dishonor. But to go through hell for those bunch of conspirators and even make the people’s lives harder to get by, I would quit!”

When Fatty’s voice stopped, the car was silent for a short while. Heinz didn’t refute what Fatty said. Fatty was his direct soldier; of course both of their thoughts won’t be too far off.

Berkeley’s research on contractual beasts as well as mechs is all to have a higher chance in battle later. But if this invasion started, there’s no turning back. As powerful as the Alliance is, the people’s lives will still be complicated by the war. Not to mention in Heinz’ opinion, the Alliance hasn’t yet reached the point of inevitable war.

Even though the harsh battle with the Gars had stoked the defensive mode under all that anger and fear of the people, the Alliance will definitely not send out armies on a whim at this critical moment.

“There are many ways to become stronger.” Heinz said as he looked out the window to see Aldia Academy come into view, something seemingly flashed in his eyes, and he said softly, “Waging a war is one of the worst.”

At exactly four-fifty, Chen Bai was sent back to Aldia Academy by Heinz to hand in the Teacher’s Competition application form to Head Claus.

Chen Bai thought that he would face another dispute and didn’t expect Claus’ attitude to have an 180 degree change. Not only did he accept the form pleasantly, he even cordially poured tea for Chen Bai to have a drink.

“In three days will be the students’ final examination, lasting for a period of three days. After that will be the Teacher’s Competition. Since you have just joined this school, Teacher Chen, you should be careful in the competition. It is still fine if your scores are slightly low for the first time.” Claus’ amiable expression was like a completely different person from when they were in the hallway before.

Chen Bai turned his gaze. Old Claus and Professor Wu HaiMing were rivals; the former’s power not even reaching half of the latter’s peak. That’s why Chen Bai could easily creep into his mind to find out the reason for his sudden change in attitude.

Seeing Heinz’ cold and aloof face in the surveillance room in Claus’ memories, Chen Bai couldn’t help but pause.

Thinking back to the other’s recent attitude of hiding nothing from him, Chen Bai lowered his eyelids. He actually didn’t need to be constantly protected by Heinz. He could still manage things by himself, including today’s Stone Recognition event.

However, this feeling of being trusted, of being constantly protected, was like a drug that Chen Bai couldn’t help but sink into. It was a trust that he never dared look for in the past decade or so, but he couldn’t.

Chen Bai told himself in his mind, he couldn’t.

“Oh right, I asked you to come at this time because I was scared that when I’m not here it’ll be hard to edit anything if there are any errors in the form. Teacher Chen, I have troubled you to come back a second time,” Claus plastered his face with smiles as he hurriedly explained every single action in the morning to Chen Bai, “There won’t be a next time, no next time. Unfamiliar at first but accustomed soon, right?”

Chen Bai seemed as if he hadn’t heard the other’s effort trying to curry his favor in those words and flashed a polite smile at Head Claus. “Nothing of the sort. I’m the newcomer here and have troubled you with worry.”

“Ay, it’s no trouble. I haven’t seen a teacher like Teacher Chen that’s so well-liked by students for a long time! Let me tell you…”

It was true when they said people chatter more as they grow older. When Chen Bai came out of Head Claus’ office, half an hour had already passed. He tried explaining his behavior in the morning, then tried to become closer with Chen Bai and even remembered to help Chen Bai lower his pressure for the exams, putting all his effort into hinting that it’s fine no matter how terrible the results were.

It wasn’t until when he was leaving that Chen Bai suddenly turned around to look at Claus and asked, “Right, I keep forgetting to ask. Do you know why Professor Wu HaiMing had taken a leave of absence, sir?”

The amiable Head Claus seemed to have a weak point of his prodded after hearing this, as his expression froze unnaturally for a short while before he waved his hand and said, “Ay, as one gets old, they get sick easily. Even if he didn’t apply for leave, he’s almost at the age of retirement. Why? Were you and Teacher Wu acquainted before?”

As he asked the last line, a bright glare flashed across Claus’ aged eyes.

“Oh, no.” Chen Bai shook his head, his expression natural as he said, “I have a student in class who really likes Professor Wu. She asked me about it privately, but I wasn’t very sure. Seeing as she looked quite worried about it, I just thought of asking you about it.”

Claus seemed to understand instantly after hearing that, as he lamented how rare it is to have a student so concerned about their teacher before politely sending Chen Bai away.

When Chen Bai had gone in, it was just in time for the students’ recess. When he came out, all the students were generally gone. He had thought of buying a crispy pastry but seeing the long line in front of the crispy pastry shop across the street, Chen Bai felt somewhat disappointed as he was on a tight schedule. Looks like he can’t eat it this time.

Just as he was feeling gloomy about it and was preparing to leave, he suddenly heard a loud honking sound from across the street.

… That was the sound of a mech. Because the blare was too sudden, Chen Bai instinctively lifted his head. Then, he saw a very familiar mech – Fire Beacon.

“Eh? Isn’t that the Fire Beacon? Why is it here… Ahhhhhhhh Marshal!” One of the students originally lining up in front of the shop to buy crispy pastries turned her head, doubting her own eyes. When she checked again, she instantly shrieked.

“Ahhhh, it really is the Marshal!” The companions beside her were startled and looked that way too, before suddenly becoming excited, “Really! Why is the Marshal here? Ahhh it’s my first time actually seeing him in real life! So handsome, ahhh, as expected he’s 360 degrees flawless, ah!”

“No, over there, isn’t that his fiancé Chen YiBai?” Another student with sharp eyes saw a preparing-to-leave Chen Bai across the street. “He’s here to pick up Chen YiBai? Ah, there’s even a crispy pastry in his hand…”

“That’s right. That’s bought from our shop.” This student was already in front of the cashier, his question heard by the lady boss, and the latter said with a beam, “The Marshal said he bought it for his wife. He even said his wife likes sugar, asking me to add even more sugar paste.”

“Cheh,” A plump little girl from the side pursed her lips in disdain after hearing that, “What good is he? He thinks himself so capable yet went and made people suffer. Didn’t everyone see the video that day? So hot-headed, he probably got such an opportunity because the Divine Realm is blinded by pie falling from the heavens.”

She was talking about the contractual beast attack at the breakfast shop.

Coincidentally, the people standing behind this young lady were none other than Ling Ling and some other students from Class 3-1. When they heard this, some immediately felt indignant, “Hey, don’t speak if you don’t know anything. That injured girl even made a video to clarify and thank Teacher Chen for his crisis management!” 

“Yes, that’s right. Teacher Chen is amazing. The doctor-in-charge said that if it weren’t for Teacher Chen’s intervention in time, she might not even be saved. Unlike you who only talk big and curse at people. Don’t talk drivel about Teacher Chen!”

Under Ling Ling’s lead, many students from Class 3-1 stood up to talk for Chen YiBai. All at once, the students in front of the shop were busily conversing.

On the other side, under Heinz’ scorching gaze, Chen Bai slowly shuffled until he was in front of him. His hand immediately went to the mech’s door as soon as he reached it, as though wishing for nothing more than to disappear on the road at once.

“Here, take a bite and see if you like it.” Heinz forcefully suppressed his evil laughter, continuing his on-going portrayal of a deviously charming CEO, and shoved a large pastry to him with a grin. “Buy another if you don’t like it.”

“No good wasting it. This will do.” With so many onlookers surrounding him, Chen Bai had no desire to eat the crispy pastry, only wanting to quickly get on the mech and leave. And yet Heinz still stood in front of him with a serious expression, blocking the door.

As serious as his expression was, Chen Bai still smelled the scent of a prank in the air, all emanating from this fellow. Meeting that pair of light blue eyes, Chen Bai narrowed his own.

“Don’t you like crispy pastries?” Heinz saw how seriously Chen Bai looked at him and couldn’t hold back his laughter this time.

Chan Bai looked down at the crispy pastry in his hand, then silently looked up. He looked at Heinz barely holding in his laughter. Though he already had a feel of this guy’s terrible characteristics, he suddenly asked faintly, “If I don’t like it, can I return it?”

As he was saying this, his eyes were shining, clearly asking the question about the crispy pastry. But his eyes were staring straight at Heinz, along with a teasing expression on his face, he seemed to be asking to return not the pastry, but rather…

He! Can! Not!

In that instant, Heinz understood what Chen Bai meant. He wants to return the product? Even asking with a grin, was it to return the pastry or him?

The crispy pastry could be returned! But not him! If it was yours, it was yours. You dare run away after running into my embrace yourself?

Shocked by the words from Chen Bai, Heinz’ stature was not as sturdy as before and was easily pushed aside by Chen Bai. The smaller man entered the mech with a grandiose expression and shut the door with a -bang!-

The moment the door was closed, Heinz vaguely saw the hint of a smile hanging at the corner of his lips.

When the gears in his brain started turning again, Heinz pondered on how to redeem his stupid image just now as he thought about posting a new thread on that pink website.

“My wife seemed to tease me just now, what to do? Waiting online, quite urgent!”


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He! Can! NOT!!! (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ 😭💀🤣🤣🤣

August 14, 2021 11:32 am

Oh Heinz, please let those awful books and websites go; they’re not helping!
Good for Chen Bai’s students, defending his character.
I’m getting a little lost with some aspects of this story, so have decided to read over.
Thanks for translating and editing.

Sue R
Sue R
August 14, 2021 1:41 pm

😆😆😆 Heinz !!! if you kept challenging me, I will conder returning you. Good on you Chen Bai.

August 14, 2021 9:39 pm

Why our Marshall such a tsundere type🙈🤣🙈🤣🙈🤣

August 14, 2021 11:13 pm

I have a feeling that sooner or later Chen Bai will let himself fall on that trust. I think he needs it. And the last scene, the Big Marshal got teased by his wife, so cute and so funny!! 😂😍
Thank you for the chapter!!!

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Awwww lol CB got him good! Lol I hope he can trust him and sink into it! ❤️❤️❤️

April 13, 2022 9:20 pm

Marshall. Stop asking for help online. Even in modern times, it doesn’t help xD

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this ketchup bottle marshal 😂
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