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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Gwyndolyn, Kris


In these past few years, Chen Bai’s understanding of Heinz was gained mostly through all kinds of channels from large media discussions to news. One reason was because, before the start of the Century War, Heinz did not have power or status high enough to be closely monitored by Berkeley. Casanova types of people in the Alliance were not lacking, especially in the center of Alpha region.

And as Berkeley’s strongest agent, Chen Bai was constantly busy flipping through all kinds of missions. Aside from Berkeley’s assigned information, he hardly had any time for other things.

Then again, most of the news media only reported how Heinz was something of a gentleman and basically every exposé was just all kinds of celebrities and models gushing about how much they liked him. After that, it seemed to have become an unspoken rule in the entertainment industry that anyone who showed their face in the media would mention Heinz Leon, then describe in detail how elegant and polite Heinz was.

Heinz climbed to the #1 position of the National Desired Lovers board. At that time, some called him a Casanova, and others who had ambiguous relationships with Heinz all praised him. The specifics however, probably only he himself knew.

Yet, no matter if he was dashing or a Casanova, after getting to know him for a long time, Chen Bai simply considered this guy to be a thick-skinned hooligan.

When he had just arrived at Alpha Region early on, Chen Bai had told him how they should address each other when they got in contact. Well, he had started with changing the address as told, his attitude full of sincerity. But now that Chen Bai was less stern, this guy immediately seized the chance to change it again.

He was a great example of a hooligan, and his constant hot and cold attitude made others feel at a loss. After being tormented like that for a while, Chen Bai had become too lazy to make rebukes about the name issue.

Speaking of hot and cold, Chen Bai suddenly remembered the day when they had returned to Heinz’ apartment, and the other’s mind had been fluctuating up and down, that pink social media website flashing across occasionally.

Looking at that situation, he had a strong urge to open the website, yet at the same time he tensed his own face, his facial expression and emotions undulating between different extremes…

Chen Bai narrowed his eyes and thought for a bit, then told Mani about what generally happened that day, as well as a vague address. After asking him to find out more about the pink forum website, Chen Bai turned and left the apartment.

[Going to Donina again?] Chen Bai walked down the stairs while replying to Heinz.

They planned to meet at Donina for their first meeting to prevent the media from creating too much gossip without restraint. But now that they had been together for so long, they had been caught on camera together many times.

Though the media and forums were always paying close attention to their actions, it wasn’t as tense as before. With Aldia’s students and the worker at the breakfast shop that day defending him, many people had already changed their opinion on Chen YiBai. Now that they didn’t make any large waves, the media’s focus naturally decreased. So, why were they going to Donina now?

[We should visit interesting places like this more to lengthen the novelty of our marriage.]

When Heinz sent his reply, Chen Bai lifted an eyebrow. It was not about the meaning of this message, just that these kinds of words didn’t really sound like they had come from Heinz. He forwarded it to Mani, asking him to carefully check it through.

[Ok, I’ll wait for you at the café opposite of the teacher’s dorm.]

After he finished replying, Chen Bai turned and entered the café.

It was afternoon now, and students were still having class, so the street looked a little deserted. Chen Bai ordered a small glass of juice, then sat beside the window.

Recently, Heinz had become busier with work and barely had any time to orbit around Chen Bai. Honestly, at first Chen Bai was unaccustomed to not receiving messages from the other during the lunch hour.

But he was only a little accustomed. Fortunately, they hadn’t been together for too long, and Chen Bai could still adjust to these little emotions. But what if it had been after a long time?

He had never forgotten the memories of his younger days. He also couldn’t deny that Heinz was very attractive to him; otherwise, why would he agree to the other’s invitation without rejecting it?

But he and Heinz… was it possible?

Not to mention that his match to Heinz by the Divine Realm was fabricated by him, could Heinz himself accept it?

Chen Bai sat like that for ten minutes, thinking that, before he had returned to Venus, he wouldn’t have believed that he would one day spend such a long time struggling with relationship problems.

When the bottom of the juice glass could almost be seen, a familiar mech appeared at the door of the café, and a familiar person climbed down.

All the passersby turned their gazes over. Chen Bai sipped the last of the juice in the shop, then sighed and stood up, walking towards Heinz.

The sunlight was just right, and Aldia’s gates were slowly opening. The instant Heinz saw him, his eyes showed a hint of an unrestrained smile, then he held out an arm to hook around Chen Bai intimately.


The most famous Donina restaurant in Alpha Region had a luxurious and exquisite atmosphere, filled with a fun and interesting air. To provide customers with enough privacy, there were partitions made in a lot of creative styles. Chen Bai followed Heinz inside and felt himself infected by the atmosphere.

When he had just taken two steps in, his gaze landed on a couple making out passionately in a corner. They kissed so intensely that they looked like walking pornography, as though they wanted nothing more than to swallow the other whole. There were many couples in this same arrangement around them. Inside such an environment, Chen Bai suddenly had goosebumps all over his body.

One must know, he was a psychological manipulator that had undergone constant training in Berkeley to hone his senses, making him very sensitive to everything happening around him. And it would be impossible for the heavy sentiments in Donina not to bother him.

If he was working, or was accompanying any other person, it might have been better. Yet he was with Heinz right now, with the only person who could arouse his lust.

 Heinz had booked a private room. When they were guided in, Heinz asked as they both sat down, “You don’t like it?”

He couldn’t sense other people’s emotions like Chen Bai, so he judged based on his observations.

“… No.” Chen Bai hung his usual smile on his lips as he never liked bringing the mood down. “You know I’m more sensitive to certain things, so I’m not used to the environment around here. I’ll probably be fine in a while.”

It probably wouldn’t be fine even after a while, Chen Bai thought. He felt a special attraction towards Heinz, so he would be even more affected with someone like that sitting in front of him.

The good thing was that the room Heinz had booked was half-open. The cold breeze blew languidly around them, making Chen Bai slightly more awake.

“Donina is a very famous lover’s restaurant in Alpha Region…” No matter what, he was still a Marshal. Growing up in all sorts of social circles, adding on his care and attention towards Chen Bai, Heinz could tell at a glance that he was forcing himself.

Even his voice carried hints of unease. Heinz had posted the words that Chen Bai had spoken at the academy onto the pink website, and there had been many ‘seniors’ who followed his thread and had given him advice. If he didn’t advance now, then when?

He had even immediately called Donina for a reservation. At first, Heinz had thought that Chen Bai would not agree. But then his mind turned and remembered when Chen Bai had just arrived at Alpha Region; Chen Bai hadn’t rejected his invitation to Donina. So, he thought once more to bring him here.

But he wasn’t ignorant of Chen Bai’s sensitivity to certain things, it was his mistake that Chen Bai was feeling uncomfortable now.

Seeing Heinz’s upset face, Chen Bai suddenly felt his heart soften. Just as he was about to say something to soothe him, a voice sounded from their side.

“Eh, Marshal?” 


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August 22, 2021 3:14 am

I’m glad Chen Bai is now considering if he & Heinz could be together.
It will be amusing if Mani discovers the website Heinz has been getting tips from. That will explain his yo-yoing behaviour. He’s not violent though, so is hooligan the best way to describe him?
Who’s interrupting Heinz’s plans?
Thanks for for translating and editing.

August 22, 2021 4:05 am

I just know that chen bai interferes in divine realm. If i were to speculate, heinz could also do the same. What if even without the interference, they are already the chosen ones?

August 22, 2021 4:17 am

Who is this third wheel interrupting their date, ah!? Unless you’re going to be a catalyst for improving their relationship, go away!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

August 22, 2021 7:11 am

Will there be vinegar? 😇😶‍🌫️🤭

Sue R
Sue R
August 22, 2021 1:21 pm

Mental power is somehow definitely can’t be controlled at all the time.

August 22, 2021 8:45 pm

Eehhh..who is the one making noise😡😡😡

August 23, 2021 3:45 am

Oh, so he actually made the Divine Realm match them, interesting. Let’s hope this bad choice of a restaurant turns for the better. Is this unexpected interruption here to play third wheel, past lover or just a pest?
Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 25, 2021 7:11 pm

Looking forward to seeing more of their date! Awww Heinz! I can’t wait for Mani to uncover the pink website! ❤️❤️❤️

October 6, 2021 2:38 am

Eh? Beech? Don’t ruin the moment (or the lack thereof) XD

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