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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“I believe someone should have told you in the past what a psychological manipulator does.”

Before the students in Class 3-1 had reacted to the collective cards thrown at them just now, Chen Bai had already begun to give a lecture. Ling Ling was stunned and quickly opened the e-book in front of her.

What happened in the class just now was enough to make her realize that Chen YiBai was not as useless as the forum made him out to be. On the contrary, he was likely to be a real psychological manipulator that she longed to be.

At the thought of this, Ling Ling couldn’t help holding her feelings back, wishing to engrave every word Chen Bai said in her heart and a pair of eyes almost stared a hole into him.

Other people’s situations were slightly different from Ling Ling’s. Although they were also shocked by what just happened, their yearning and admiration for psycho-controllers were far less than Ling Ling’s. Therefore, there was no immediate sense of worship for Chen Bai’s existence.

But, in any case, at least at this moment, they were sitting quietly in their positions, had put away all the small movements, and listened carefully to Chen Bai.

“The Allied Military Department developed such a special military unit at a very unsure time,” Chen Bai looked out from the stage with a profound and far-reaching vision. “But in the Allied Military Department, the role played is infinite.” He said, pausing, “Imagine when an assault force is under the control of an excellent mind controller, who can not only get all the information that the army has, but can also control the spiritual force so that they act as he wants them to.”

Chen Bai’s voice was ataractic, and the way he spoke was very comfortable, although the content was enough to shock everyone’s hearts.

At this time, only Ling Ling found that the new teacher and Wu had a big difference. Wu always had his textbooks filled with annotations when giving lectures. Now and then, he had to look at them, as if he could not teach without those books, and the classroom was full of all kinds of boring theories. But Chen Bai was different. He hadn’t looked at anything from beginning to end. It was like all the information was printed in his mind and could be taken out at any time.

Unlike Ling Ling, many people did not have time to appreciate Chen Bai’s actions. For example, when Chen Bai just said this sentence, a person in the back immediately felt uncertain.

This should not be possible. If there was such a formidable person and the military department had long been a big fan of recruiting talent, ah, how could he make this course look so useless… They were the first military academy, even if their academy was in this situation, then there would be no college beyond this course.

As soon as he had finished thinking about it, Chen Bai looked up at the student who thought the question. The latter immediately tightened his back subconsciously. He was the one who had just been caught twice by Chen Bai. Now, when he received his eyes, he felt nervous conditionally.

“Some people think that if this is the case, the military department will start to recruit a large number of talents. It is impossible to be so calm, right?”

As he spoke, the boy who had just been seen by him was shocked. He pointed at himself and his mouth, looked at others and shook his head desperately. He just thought it, but he never said it.

“So what I just mentioned is based on the premise of an excellent psychological manipulator.” Chen Bai cleaned his little desk, and ignored the sudden uproar below as if it had been expected for a long time, not stopping to answer. “But to become a good psychological controller is not easy, it requires solid mental control, rigorous training, plus natural talent to make the success possible.”


Was that not the same as saying nothing?

As soon as Chen Bai explained this sentence, all the students who had just aroused some interest could not help spitting in their hearts. It was indeed difficult. Now they still didn’t attach importance to it because the Alliance has not succeeded so far. What else could they say?

“Nevertheless,” when the students were disappointed, Chen Bai suddenly spoke, and the teacher’s screen on the desk turned a new page. “In the past century war with the Gar people, the military had successfully used such a skill.” As he spoke, he played a dynamic video, which was a short film demonstration with animation. “As we all know, the Gar people have an interfering army. They can disturb the spiritual power of the coalition fighters by creating special wave frequencies. What happens to the soldiers who are disturbed by the spiritual power? I believe in the following. You already know that from the previous teaching.”

It can cause the mech to lose control. It may also accidentally attack its companions when it cannot be held. It may even cause the mech to free-fall during its voyage and disappear into the depths of the universe.

These are the reasons why every student who wanted to become a coalition soldier in the future could recite them like a flow backward and also why they were painstakingly exercising their mental control.

Nevertheless, Chen Bai said that the interfering troops had also been taken out by former teachers to make textbooks before. They all knew that, but… Later, how did the Alliance target such a particular group of Gars?

Almost all the students of Class 3-1 were stunned when they thought up to here. Because they found teachers had taught them with this example, it seemed that none of the teachers had mentioned how to solve the problem, so it was blank in all their minds.

“Because no one knows when such a special force will appear, the coalition has damaged thousands of soldiers, dead and the unidentified so that they can find a breakthrough point in the first place.” Chen Bai didn’t seem to have the same way of teaching as the previous teachers, which made the students unable to help but concentrate.

At this time, Chen Bai’s gentle and slow voice seemed to act as a catalyst for the students to devote themselves to the story. “At this critical juncture, an excellent mind manipulator who belongs to the Allied Army came forward. He tried his best to break through the brain of a captive who was captured by an Allied soldier, to get the direction of the special force and to drive a very fast armor to the scene at a short time, with great strength. The spirit protects the Allied soldiers there. That coalition force was led by Marshal Heinz, who is very familiar to all of you. Marshal’s reaction speed is breakneck. In the minute that the mind controller tried his best to force him out, he led his army to break through the Gars army quickly.”


As soon as these two words were out of Chen Bai’s mouth, the students became excited one by one. It was their Marshal indeed. He was an Alliance hero! In all the stories about the war that they had heard before, it seemed that if one mentioned the Marshal, those desperate situations would be reversed and unexpected results would be achieved, including the Gar rebellion, leading the Allied soldiers to victory.

Just as the students were excited about the turn of the story, Ling Ling, sitting in front of them, asked in a low voice, “That… What about the psychological manipulator? If he suddenly burst out in a short period with strong spiritual power, a person to support the interference of the Gar people would suffer ah…”

Ling Ling’s question stopped all those who had just been excited.

“Yes.” Chen Bai looked at Ling Ling, and his voice suddenly sank. “They were an outstanding operator, but because of his age, he no longer can reach the peak. Besides, it took a lot of energy to break through the captives before. In that raid, he traumatized his brain, although he was later injured by it. He was rescued, but his mental control and brainpower have been greatly weakened, and he can no longer stand on the battlefield as a psychological manipulator.”

While the substantial result came out of Chen Bai’s mouth, his eyes lifted and at the moment when the students had not responded to the situation just now, he once again uttered a word that shocked everyone. “The name of this psychological manipulator is Wu Haiming.” Chen Bai said, with a glimmer of light in his eyes, “In the history of Alliance psychological manipulation, with the Century War at that time, he drew a milestone of the manipulator and with the most direct action, he moved the ability of the psychological manipulator to a place that everyone can see.”

Wu Haiming, the full name of MoWu, served as a teacher of psychological manipulation before Class 3-1 in the First Military Academy.


Chen Bai finished the class on time. He sucked up every second. As soon as the bell rang, he called for the class to be over. Then within three seconds, he disappeared from the classroom.

But even so, it was eye-catching to the academy’s students.

“Hey, that’s not the inferior gender that just stepped out of Class 1?” In the corridor, a chubby teenager opened his eyes wide. Just when he wanted to see more clearly, Chen Bai’s figure had disappeared.

“Class 1 is a psychological manipulation class. Didn’t the old devil Wu ask for leave? How come there is another teacher?” Another teenager also answered the question.

The people around them who were incredibly interested in the gossip news had rushed to the gate of Class 1 and asked for information from people they knew well.

“Hello! Amin! Did the junk fiance come to your class?” The teenager seemed to be in high spirits and quickly gathered around Amin. Under the urging of the gossip heart, his whole person was almost shining. “Did they make a lot of jokes? Come out and say, you must have recorded a video! “The teenager rushed forward and croaked out a long list, only to find that Class 1 seemed a little wrong.

Everyone was sitting in their seats as if they could not recover from something for a long time. The teenager was shocked and pushed Amin again. “Hey, why aren’t you laughing? I think that the inferior gender just ran out. Was he so embarrassed that he couldn’t say anything? Still, I haven’t seen a world where even electronic light screens can’t be used…”

“Shut up!” Amin’s impatient slap pushed the man up, then turned his head and shouted, “Can you see what’s on my mind?!”

“… Ah?” The man who was pushed aside was stunned and didn’t understand what he meant. “You, you did you take medicine this morning? How can I know what you’re thinking?”

“It’s invisible; it’s a waste, you’re waste, your class is waste!” When Amin finished, he rushed out of class without waiting for his classmates along the way.

Not only Amin, but everyone in the class was the same. It seemed that they had been hit by something massive. Their mental states were a bit wrong.

At this moment, Chen Bai, who fled quickly after class, arrived at the gate of the underground hangar armory.


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June 5, 2021 11:08 am

Woah….Chen Bai gave an awesome lecture! I can just imagine the way the students felt. I had an instructor that could mesmerize the class like that 😳 to to point where everyone would sit stunned when class was over for a few minutes while we tried to compute everything. And I loved that he used the lecture to hit them with the professors identify

June 5, 2021 6:26 pm

ah, that quote hit again. Never judge a book by its cover.


June 5, 2021 10:16 pm

Yeah, that hit pretty hard, didn’t it? You were taught by an expert, you ungreatful little brats!

Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 6, 2021 9:59 pm

Love it!! When a teacher can leave that kind of impression, it’s a good thing! He didn’t even use the textbook which was direct and engaging and he used up all the time in the class! You can never judge a book by its cover!

June 7, 2021 6:29 am

CYB…you have frighten your students😂😂😂

October 5, 2021 2:36 am

Prof Wu is a herooo UwU

white rabbit
white rabbit
October 5, 2021 8:16 am

Okay, I’m starting to get a hang of this book.

October 19, 2021 6:12 am

Not going to lie I was so confused at the start of this novel but it’s starting to pick up……

April 5, 2022 2:57 pm

OK, but “causing mech to free-fall and disappear into the depths of the universe”? Causing it to uncontrollably fly in one direction, or something? How does one fall in space?

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