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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Gwyndolyn


Chen Bai could prevent students from spreading their information through the optical network in class, but he was no longer able to control the students of an entire college at the same time. And even if he did, it would only cause him more unnecessary disasters, so once class was over, the news that he appeared in the college would spread like a spark in a prairie fire.

Not only the college but also those on the network would know. He was afraid it wouldn’t be long before the whole Alliance knew he went to class, not to mention the media with a very keen sense of smell in this respect.

The Marshal’s fiance, who had occupied the number one section of all the major network forums for so long, suddenly appeared. As long as it was a news media outlet, they would surely flock to it.

Chen Bai did not expect that the news would arrive so fast.

Sitting in his mech and staring at the light screen, Chen Bai felt as if he could not return for a long time, underestimating the speed of these news hunters.

[What are you going to do?] At this moment, Mani, sitting several blocks away from the college, biting biscuits while easily cracking the college’s periphery monitoring network, jokingly sent messages to Chen Bai.


Heinz sent one too.

Chen Bai’s eyebrows twitched as he watched the letters from Heinz arriving in his mailbox in less than half a minute after many pictures were sent.

The original letter was written as follows: [Wife, it’s too dangerous outside. Wait for me at the college first, and I’ll pick you up.]

This inexplicable tone of voice made Chen Bai shake while meditating on whether he had forgotten all the things of that year, or was he familiar with them?

Especially the name wife… it seemed he was thinking of something, Chen Bai sighed.

His return from this trip, using Heinz’ marriage to achieve his goals, caused him to be full of guilt, so whatever Heinz considered for him to do, he was willing to do without touching the bottom line.

After thinking about it, Chen Bai said, [Ok.]

Without asking how long to wait or where to wait, he answered with a kind word.

But half a minute later, another message was added, [Can I change my form of address?]

Heinz, who was far away in the army, saw this and raised his lips and said, [Well, what do you want me to call you? YiBai, Little Bai, Baby, My Heart?]

[… YiBai.] Chen Bai, with goosebumps on his face, picked one that he could still accept.

Heinz, with a sincere smile in his eyes, returned an [Ok] and stopped making fun of him. Instead, he silently took out what he thought was the most elegant clothes from his wardrobe. As he looked at it, Lieutenant Smith, sitting next to him, asked in surprise, “Marshal, it will be Miss Ellie’s birthday banquet soon, are you going out now?”

After carefully smoothing every wrinkle in his jacket and confirming his handsomeness, Heinz turned around and said, “No, you can take the gift with you.”

Ellie was the youngest daughter of the honorable General Abraham, who was the one who stayed behind three years ago to organize the rescue of Heinz after the withdrawal of the army. Marshal always respected him, so he was still very good to Ellie because she was his childhood playmate. At least for her birthday party, Marshal used to never be absent.

“Where are you going then?” The lieutenant was somewhat distracted by the sudden change.

“Getting my wife from work.” As Heinz spoke, he gave the lieutenant an inexplicable look.


Chen Bai had always been a very trustworthy person, so when he returned the “ok” message to Heinz, he planned to sit in the underground hangar until he came. But things changed quickly. He sat in the underground garage for fifteen minutes and received a lot of new information from Mani.

“Found the big black wave frequency.”

Such simple words, but Chen Bai, who was still calmly brushing data to pass the time, changed his face, “Where?”

“Golden Crocodile Underground Market.”

“Find a way to lock it in. I’ll get there now.” As Chen Bai said, he quickly started the mech. “Real-time broadcast the situation at the college entrance to me.”

In two seconds, Chen Bai’s mech appeared in the sight of the various departments of the college. His eyes swept away, and the next second, the mech started at high speed and slowly drove out of the underground armory.

This was the rule of most colleges in the Alliance. Although teachers could drive mechs to the school, there were rules on speed and stringent regulations in the college. That is to say, whether he could escape from the hands of these journalists depended on the moment he left.

Although these reporters do not necessarily have pictures of his mech, at this time, every one of them was stopped. It was easy for so many people to stop his mech, however, once the mech was exposed, it would be inconvenient for him to go anywhere before he could get a new shape and his whereabouts would soon be leaked. Exposure meant that everyone in the Alliance knew what he was doing every day.

Plus, he walked away without saying a word, and the reporters outside the door were not sure what to write. If Heinz had already set out, the reporters would surely know the news there, judging from the fact that the reporters were so quick to react to his situation. Knowing that Heinz’ agreement with the judgment of the divine was related to the interests of the military and the government, the repeated rise of negative remarks would aggravate the public’s aversion to the divine and would only make it difficult for him to be himself.

But a lot of information had come out; he could not leave. After all, he had a real purpose for his return, if completed earlier, he could also return to marry Heinz truthfully.

After much deliberation, Chen closed his eyes and made a silent decision.


Reporters had a strong sense of smell for news. After the confirmation of the previous period, the major media outlets had found their own “EyeLiner” in college. To get the report for the first time, some journalists even found their homes near the college at all costs to see Chen Bai’s appearance.

As soon as he appeared, the college would surely have something to do, and the journalists who received the news would immediately flock to it. Although they couldn’t rush inside Aldia, it was a piece of cake for them to surround it.

This group of journalists was thinking the same thing as the students from Class 3-1 at the beginning. They all believed that a person from the Beta fringe who has just arrived in the Central District of Alpha would surely be at a loss and go to the school by the back door. After class, they would be more confused. When they made a surprise interview, they would surely be able to frighten him into a panic. They wanted Chen YiBai to make a fool of himself. Under the public anger, it would increase the reading capacity of their newspapers and periodicals.

Especially on the third day after the trial of the two men in the divine realm, according to the Alliance Law, they could report the affairs between the two men, whether black or white. As long as it was about them, it would be very hot. Especially when they came to the academy and found that the Marshal’s mech was not at the gate, the reporter’s hearts were blooming like flowers. These last two days, they were closely following the Marshal. Although the army could not get in, people were watching nearby, and some backs were added. So they were sure that the Marshal and Chen YiBai never met in these three days.

On the first day of Chen YiBai’s arrival at Aldia for work, Marshal Heinz, the fiance, did not even have the intention of sending a personal escort. The reporters who caught this moment also thought of the name of the headline the next day.

[Marshal has no intention of contacting his fiance on the third day of the judgment of the divine realm], [Marshal and Chen YiBai have had no contact, and the relationship is complicated] and [Did the Marshal really accept the judgment of the divine realm?] A handful of them could be easily grasped.

Fifteen minutes after they were blocked at the door of Aldia, a fantastic scene appeared in front of reporters. Chen YiBai came out unexpectedly. A man, without any bodyguards or any sense of prevention, walked out directly from the gate of the college!

All the reporters were stunned when they saw the scene. They were all ready for a mech, but they never thought that the other side would come out of it so openly and honestly. There was a brief silence outside. After that, the group of reporters swarmed over, scrambling to pass the microphones to Chen YiBai, and inquiries flew into his ears.

“Excuse me, Mr. Chen, you haven’t seen the Marshal since you came to Capital Star. How do you feel?”

“Do you have any complaints about the views of the people of the Alliance on your marriage?”

“How did you enter Aldia College as a teacher? Did the Marshal arrange it for you? Was it to make the status of the two more equal?”

Even with the escort of a whole team of bodyguards, it was not necessarily safe to get out of the surroundings of the flock of reporters. Although the security guards of Aldia had rushed up to make room for him as much as possible, the fighting power of these reporters were so durable that they still blocked Chen Bai’s way.

The latter had long anticipated such a situation, as he walked along the road blocked by the security guards, he reached out and touched the watchband that had just shaken on his wrist. This was the signal he had only agreed on with Mani. If he pressed this signal, Mani would invade this local area network and then make the reporters’ machines short circuit. Losing the signal source, this kind of information could only be moved to release the next day. For the sake of safety, of course, the same thing would never happen in the same area twice.

But it takes a lot of preparation time to do this. Before he pressed the signal, the wrist vibration meant that Mani was ready. Next, as long as he pushed the corresponding signal point, the reporters would surely have disturbance because of the mechanical loss of signal.

As long as Chen Bai took advantage of this gap and boarded the large-scale chartered aircraft Mani arranged for him, he could leave this place and then change to his mech at some appointed point, so that he could safely disappear within the scope of journalists supervision.

This would ensure that his mech was not exposed for the time being, but also make it so that he could be known so when the time comes, he would get a lot of comments on the forums and maybe turn the topic slightly.

However, at the moment, Chen Bai pressed the signal source, a scream burst out from within the press group.

Chen Bai was stunned.

Even if it was a mechanical failure, the scream was too much… Two seconds later, the mental force in his mind seemed to sense something. Chen Bai suddenly raised his head. Then the next second, he saw Heinz opposite the bustling crowd.


“God, Marshal!”

“Marshal is here!”

Reporters screamed one after another entering Chen Bai’s ear; he looked up at the familiar and unfamiliar face, there was a moment of blankness in his mind.

More than a decade ago, a scene flashed through his eyes. When he regained consciousness, Heinz’ arm had fallen on his shoulder, and he hugged him protectively. He said in Chen Bai’s ear by bowing his head, “Sorry, I’m late.”


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I can’t wait to find out what happened in this encounter a decade ago?? Maybe the Marshall
knows it is him and that’s why he is happy?! Also I think at some point they attended the academy together??!! Looking forward to next chapter 💜💜

June 7, 2021 8:35 pm

Reporters: We’re going to make a big scandal headline about how the Marshal doesn’t want to see his fiancée.
Chen Bai: I’m going to fry all your circuitry if you think I’m gonna cooperate.
Marshal: Darling, I’m here to pick you up from work~!

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Right now everything would be a pure speculation so I’m waiting for some more info.
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their relationship is a bit confusing, or maybe i’m too used yo the marshal being cold at first and so I feel it weird that he’s so wife here wife there 🤔

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