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Chapter Fourteen: I’m really so kind-hearted ah

Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Addis

Just like in his last life, Chu YunShu’s gaze never fell upon any of these cultivators of his generation. That, of course, included Chu WuQing.

After waiting for ten breaths, Chu YunShu smiled, “Has everyone arrived? If they have, let’s go.”

A Nascent Soul Elder cheerfully gave his consent. It seemed like Chu YunShu was the leader of the trial for this time.

Grand Elder Zuo Shang waved his sleeve and a wave of darkness met everyone’s eyes. When they opened their eyes again, they were already on the gigantic flying ship.

There was a yellow halo on the surface of this flying ship that had the ability to block violent astral winds that came from thousands of miles away. If someone attacked, numerous rune scripts would appear on this halo, and it was able to block a Soul Transformation cultivator for twelve hours. The ship even had the ability to self-detonate in a crisis and the explosive force was able to seriously injure an almighty Void Comprehension practitioner! 

The flying ship was so fast that it was able to travel ten million li in a day. The Chu Clan disciples who were at the Qi Condensation stage would not feel the slightest discomfort while travelling and they would feel as if they were walking on flat ground when walking around the hold of the ship. There was even a small five-elemental plot in the hold of the ship that naturally renewed itself, enabling one to continually harvest spiritual herbs. If they were running for their lives, they remain hidden within this ship without concerning themselves with their cultivation resources and experience the hardship of the exhaustion of spiritual strength.

This ship was a top grade flying artifact and it was clear how much importance the Chu Clan put on this Opportunity and these talented disciples.

Normally, such an artifact would make everyone exclaim in admiration as they observed it. Instead everyone was concentrating on cultivating. Each and every one was using every available minute to sharpen their concentration and regulate their breathing. Everyone wanted to seize this Opportunity to obtain a Path and become famous among their fellow cultivators. Even if they clearly knew how dangerous this trial was and there was the possibility of losing their life, none was willing to cower.

A few days later, the flying ship reached the boundary of the An Yang Realm and they finally saw a swathe of nothingness.

“The Patricah has hidden the entrance of the lower realm with a grand array, so I’ll get off with you.” The Nascent Soul Elder said.

After they got off the ship, they stepped into nothingness with Nascent Soul Elder, and there was chaos everywhere.

After waiting for the length of an incense, a huge Teleportation Array appeared. There were six depressions on the array and one needed to put six spirit stones to activate it.

The cost of activating such a high-level array was at least six intermediate grade spirit stones. There was still the danger of an unstable transmission with the use of intermediate grade spirit stones. It would be fortunate if the teleportation failed and they were sent back. In the worst case, they could be sent to an unknown realm or even into the void, and never return.

Only the high grade spirit stones were absolutely safe, and were able to teleport dozens of people. In the entire An Yang Realm, only the Chu Clan were so rich and overbearing that they would dare to use high grade spirit stones as the teleportation cost.

Such a teleportation array was also set to block non Chu Clan cultivators from slipping in and fighting over opportunities with them. It would hurt the hearts of the regular Foundation Establishment cultivators if they had to take out six intermediate grade spirit stones at one time. Even the cultivators with extraordinary circumstances would find it difficult to get their hands on high grade spirit stones, because high grade spirit stones were almost out of circulation on the market. Only the talented disciples in powerful fractions could carry high grade spirit stones with them, it would only be a small amount.

In this way, others who wanted to enter the lower realm to compete for opportunities would be thoroughly obstructed till the Ninth Level of Qi Condensation! Even if they were sent to the lower realm by the teleportation array, each transmission would land in a different destination, which completely prevented the visitors from the other realms from quickly encountering the Chu Clan’s disciples.

After the Nascent Soul Elder placed six spirit stones in the array one by one, a stream of mysterious runes revolved above the teleportation array as the aura of heaven and earth surged. He loudly declared, “This trial in the lower realm is extremely dangerous. You are without the protection of the Elders of the Chu Clan, and are lacking the teleportation talismans that enable you to quit at the time of crisis. This trial is undoubtedly a fight for your life. But the way of cultivation is to go against the heavens, to seize the spiritual energy of heaven and earth for our own use, and snatch the resources of the world for our own fortune. How can cultivators shrink back because of the danger to their life? Go forth and demonstrate the elegance of the Chu Clan. I will be waiting for you at the entrance of the lower realm.”

One by one, the Chu Clan disciples stepped into the transportation away and immediately disappeared. 

The Nascent Soul Elder from the Chu Clan sat on the spot and meditated. Suddenly a gale whistled past him, and amongst this primal chaos, he heard ten thousand beasts roaring simultaneously and felt a sense of immense crisis at the same time in his heart.

“Who on earth is this rascal whose behaviour is so wretched as to tail the Chu Clan?” The elder of the Chu Clan angrily roared.

In the next moment, a Nascent Soul cultivator appeared and immediately started to exchange blows with the Chu Clan elder. In the blink of an eye, the battle between the two ascended into the sky.

A youngster in black strode out from within the dense fog. Following behind him were attendants that were all Early-stage Nascent Soul cultivators.

The youngster walked to the transportation array and put down six high grade spirit stones before stepping into the array and gave a slight smile, “I’m really looking forward to meeting Shixiong’s fiancée. Who knows what kind of person you are, you actually bewitched Shixiong till this extent. For the sake of Shixiong’s Path, and for the face of the Artificer Line of the ShangYuan Sect, you have to die.” Killing intent showed in his eyes.

This person was Xiao Yan.

On the other hand, Chu WuQing and the rest waited in the darkness of the transportation array for three breaths before light hit their eyes and they appeared on a field.

The group of people did not make a single movement. If this Opportunity was about vying for resources against others, a contest of the spirits stones of the best grade could be said to only be among the Chu Clan disciples. Once those with weaker cultivation fell behind, they were in grave danger!

Only when everyone was present, some who harboured errant thoughts would have the idea of killing their own clan members.

The Chu Clan wanted a direct competition where one was not afraid of sacrifice, as exceptional heavenly geniuses could only be refined through a baptism of blood. However this did not mean that the participants could massacre each other. This was a trial to raise disciples, not one for raising Gu.

Moreover many of these Core disciples were the descendants of those in power. If the killing of a disciple was witnessed by another, after the trial ended, the consequences after returning to the Chu Clan could be imagined..

Chu YunShu laughed gently. This laughter was as clear as a cloudless sky, and the tone was extremely beautiful as he took the lead and left. However, those who heard it felt that the laughter was full of ridicule and disdain.

Very soon, Chu YunShu’s figure disappeared. 

The rest of the cultivators in the Late-stage Foundation Establishment planned to leave. They did not have to be afraid of any interception or assassinations with their cultivation. However, their cultivation was far inferior to Chu Yunshu. If they let Chu Yunshu gain the Opportunity, they would have no chance left.

As soon as these people left, several gazes swept over Chu Wuqing.

In the higher realm, they did not dare. But here, without the suppression of those in power in the Chu Clan, Chu Wuqing was just a Level Eight Qi Condensation cultivator that could not even guarantee his own life. What’s more, it was even more ridiculous how he was bringing along a child at the First Level of Qi Condensation.

Was he really taking this bloody trial as a sightseeing trip?

Although Chu Wuqing did not bring a powerful assistant, it was commonly understood that he had ample cultivation resources and numerous artifacts in his storage bag.

These things were able to increase the possibility of success in this contest over opportunities by several times. It was a waste for a Level Eight Qi Condensation Stage cultivator like Chu Wuqing to use them.

But a Middle-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator who dared not speak to Chu Wuqing at all when they were in the Chu Clan came forward and said to Chu Wuqing, “Clan Brother, don’t be afraid. With Gege 1 here, there will be no danger along the way.” In this lower realm, without Chu WuJuan, let alone Chu HuanZhi, Chu WuQing did not seem to be as high in the clouds.

Moreover… Chu Wuqing’s cultivation was only at Level Eight Qi Condensation. It was clear that he had just come to gain experience at this trial, and it was simply impossible for him to truly participate in the competition. He could not help a tremor in his heart as his eyes fell on Chu WuQing’s snow-white wrist with the intention of grasping it.

A scene emerged in his mind. Chu Wuqing, who was originally high and untouchable, had his lofty and unyielding character broken because of the cruelty environment in the lower realm. This person who could not be approached before sobbed and fell into his arms, and was forcibly fucked by him…

… Furthermore, it was said that Chu WuQing and DanTai ZiYan had annulled their engagement. After sleeping with DanTai ZiYan’s Path Companion, he could obtain a supreme Opportunity and became an existence that disdained the geniuses of the higher realm.

The Middle-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator felt his nostrils heating up as his gaze became more unbridled. 

“Scram!” Chu Wuqing sneered in reprimand. Either this person was too stupid, or thought of him as too stupid. He even disdained to conceal the desire in his eyes to murder others for treasure.

He knew that Chu YunShu did not go far at all. Although his figure had disappeared, this area was still within his divine sense. The Late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivators who had left after Chu YunShu were also in the vicinity.

He did not intend to expose that he was at Level Ten Qi Condensation. Once he found an Opportunity, he would be able to ascend to Foundation Establishment, but he must ensure there was a deterrent for these insignificant things.

With Chu You here, he could confidently run amuck. The only danger was if Chu You would be too busy to attend to other things when forming a Dan, and he would be encircled in an ambush and killed. Having Xiao Hong hold them back was useless. It was better to let Chu You form his Dan while no one dared to make a move before everyone’s eyes.

Immediately, Chu WuQing summoned the LingLong Pagoda and stroked the body of the pagoda. Chu You appeared out of thin air!

Many cultivators found it hard to breathe because of the aura from the raging hellfires. This was a Path comparable to that of Chu YunShu’s.

Chu You’s emergence made everyone slightly shocked, but when they saw Chu You’s posture of kneeling down on one knee while facing Chu WuQing, they soon understood what was going on.

Chu WuQing had brought more than one person. The so-called Level One Qi Condensation kid was just a cover-up. An artifact that enabled one to carry cultivators around and not be discovered by other high-level cultivators was unheard of by all. It could be imagined that Chu HuanZhi must have paid a great price for it.

Immediately someone howled angrily, “Chu WuQing, you cheater!” 

Chu WuQing, who had no competitive edge, suddenly became an existence that was able to crush people because of the cultivator he brought out. No one could accept it.

And those people who had other thoughts once Chu HuanZhi and Chu WuJuan were not present, were forced to suppress such notions at this moment. They were exceedingly tangled in their hearts, after Chu WuJuan left, there was suddenly another Chu You that they hadn’t heard of?

To say nothing of how Chu WuQing was originally unattainable for them. This was not because of Chu WuQing’s own capabilities, but because of his identity. They thought that Chu WuQing would definitely lose his halo once he came to the lower realm.

They would have a chance to exploit him once he lost his glory. However, Chu WuQing even managed to conceal the existence of such a cultivator and bring him in. Not only did he firmly draw a line from the rest of them like how he was before, he had also become a powerful competitor like Chu YunShu!

This made the contest over opportunities much more difficult! It was hard for them to accept this. Compared with those Level Ten Qi Condensation and Middle-stage Foundation Establishment cultivators, they also hoped to snatch the opportunities. After becoming the most meritorious disciple of the Chu Clan and leading the Chu Clan to the top, would there be a lack of beauties throwing themselves at them?

Unfortunately… Chu WuQing had crushed all their hopes and made everyone’s mood extremely complex. Moreover, they felt unbounded envy because this affected their core interests.

What made them the most angry was that there were five people placed around Chu WuQing even though he had done things to such a degree. Although they were five steps away from Chu WuQing, the five formed a type of array, which could prevent any person with errant thoughts from going forward to assassinate him.

Their gazes moved back and forth between Chu WuQing and Chu You. When they fell on Chu WuQing, it was full of infatuation. When it fell on Chu You, it was full of painful bewilderment, yet it was also full of deep frustration. Just by looking at their expressions, it was easy to know all their inner thoughts – Clan Brother WuQing should have the best of everything. At such a time when one could boost their favorable impression, why wasn’t their own cultivation high enough for them to step forward? They couldn’t even compare with an attendant. It was also fortunate that he had such a powerful attendant, but… It was really hard to endure the envy towards this man named Chu You!

How could there be people in the world who had such a muddled brain that they only knew how to be infatuated with beauty.

Moreover, everyone was not an idiot. Who would kill Chu WuQing in public?! Were they seeking death? Do you even need to be so vigilant as to stand in the formation of an array?

Chu WuQing smiled proudly and took in the scene of the people’s faces changing like a palette all at once, “So what if I’m cheating. What can you do to me?” He shook his head and sighed, “It’s so cool to cheat openly.”

“As the son of the Clan Head, how can you be so shameless and openly violate the clan rules?!” Some people could not watch on, yet they were deeply resentful. Why couldn’t they cheat like this too? Why didn’t they have a father who was the Clan Head?

Chu WuQing smiled, “Okay, after the trial ends three years later, you can go and file a complaint to the Clan Head.” Then he turned to Chu You and said, “You are halfway to the Golden Core stage, so you should form your core here.”

Chu WuQing took a few steps back and stated to the people, “I guess that everyone has not seen a cultivator forming a core at such a close distance or a Path of this grade. I’ll give everyone a fortuitous chance to watch it for free and hope you can gain some understanding. I’m really so kind-hearted ah.”

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