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Interstellar’s First Out of Wedlock Pregnancy

Chapter 16: Mecha Classes

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

A group of pitted warships flew over Alpha. After a pause, they scattered in different directions.

The shuttle-shaped bow passed through the thick clouds, and over a dense forest; half of the ship’s hull, which glowed coldly in the sun, was visible. In the cockpit of a small warship, a man in a dark blue uniform with short brown hair stared at the floating screen in front of him. Another blonde man sitting in the main command seat was also paying close attention to this direction.

The floating screen was full of green, but there were no less than ten red dots on it. These red dots were very irregular, relatively dense in some areas, and then sparse in others. Only one or two of them could be seen. Now, the upper and lower parts of the screen were the places where the ship was hovering, and could be considered a safe position.

The original display of flashing red dots suddenly turned into a confirmation page: Confirmation to dock?

The man did not hesitate to click the confirm button.

“You have chosen to dock here. In three seconds, M2 will implement your instructions. Begin the countdown: 3, 2…1. The air tank at the bottom of the ship has been opened… M2 is slowly landing… Beep, beep, there are three trees at the landing site that will hinder landing. Are you sure you want to clear it?”

The man glanced at the blonde man on the podium.

The blonde man didn’t think about it as he ordered, “Confirm it.” 

“Yes.” The man then clicked the confirm button again, and then checked the bomb on the pop-up selection interface. Three small holes appeared on the rear of the warship, and three long cylindrical shells shot out, rushing to the locked trees with a ‘whoosh’ sound.

As soon as it reached the tree trunk, the long cylindrical shell burst open, revealing the conical object with a sharp mouth, filled with liquid. After it was forced into the tree trunk, the liquid inside poured out towards the tree. In a few seconds, as if the fast forward button had been pressed, the three healthy trees began to shed leaves, then rapidly shrink, and finally turned into three small pools of gunk.

After the three big trees disappeared, the bottom of the small warship continued to spray three strong air currents, blowing the grass around like waves, and steadily landed on the ground at last.

It was not until the warship had stopped that the door in the middle of the warship opened slowly, stretching out a row of steps that fell to the ground.

Long Yuan was the first to walk to the ship’s gate. He stood at the gate and looked around for a while, then he stepped down the steps quickly.

Ye Shao followed Long Yuan onto the soft grass.

The soldiers in the rear waited a while after the pair got off the warship, and then they stepped down orderly as well. But after they got off the warship, they still consciously avoided the places where Ye Shao and Long Yuan stood.

After all the soldiers got off the warship, the ship door did not close immediately.

A little later, a slender figure appeared at the gate of the ship. The dark blue military uniform fitted him so meticulously that one could hardly see any wrinkles. His hat was properly buttoned on his head, and only a few small pieces of golden hair protruded from the brim of his hat. He stood upright, just like a javelin. His blue eyes glanced at the soldiers under the ship. The next second, a steady man’s voice was heard in the earpiece the size of a soybean grain, which was provided to everyone.

“I am your commander this time. Please call me Commander Sheryl. This time, I hope you can fully cooperate with my orders, and don’t act arbitrarily. Those who act without authorization, if they are lucky enough not to die, shall be dealt with by military law after the end of this operation.” He paused for a moment, and then the calm voice reappeared, “Since you have no objections, let’s have a good cooperation.” With that, he slowly descended the steps.

After he left the warship, the ship’s door closed slowly, and three strong jets of air were ejected from the bottom, pushing the warship up into the air. Then, two orange flames shot out from the rear, the warship sped up suddenly and became a sesame dot in people’s visions and disappeared into the deep sea of clouds.

Long Yuan didn’t take the commander’s words to heart. Even though the commander had some dignity, it was still nothing in his eyes. He took out the silver ring that had been in his pocket, put it on his finger at will, and then turned his head to Ye Shao, “Do you know how to operate an A-class mecha? Do you need to sit as my co-pilot first and see what I’m doing? Well?”

“The distribution of keys from E-class to A-class is almost the same, with only a few more buttons with different functions. And I can drive an E-Class very skillfully. Although I haven’t driven an A-class, I remember the function keys very clearly. I believe I can drive an A-Class.” Without looking at Long Yuan, he lowered his eyelashes, carefully rubbed the precious silver ring, and then slowly put it on his finger. Even though his face still had no expression, from the light in his eyes, one could see that he was very excited.

It was such a pity that Long Yuan turned his head.

“All soldiers should now disperse and equip their mechas.” Sheryl’s voice came from their headsets again.

The soldiers all immediately followed Sheryl’s orders, they ran a distance apart, put on their rings, and pressed it with their thumbs. Then, in front of everyone, huge things stood up.

The E-Class mecha was the smallest and most common silver gray steel shape, reflecting cold light under the sun. The C-class mechas were slightly larger than E-class mechas, with the same form as an E-class mecha, and looked a bit cumbersome. The B-class mecha, was like stepping on a completely different watershed; the lines were much smoother, and there were more than one color. Although the size was larger, it didn’t look bulky. And compared with C and E-class mechas, the number of B-class mechas were less than half.

There were no A-class mechas in the past.

Hearing the commander’s command, Ye Shao also reached forward and slowly clasped his finger on the edge of the ring. There was a sudden breeze in front of his forehead, and a white phantom flashed in front of him and condensed into substance——

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Minnie ford
Minnie ford
October 16, 2020 2:38 pm

Nice it’s going to be a fierce battle go Ye Shao take care of Long Yuan
Thanks can’t wait for more

October 16, 2020 8:21 pm

Curious with A Class mecha descrition now🤔🤔

October 16, 2020 9:33 pm

Thank you for the update!

October 16, 2020 9:50 pm

Would like to get some more Infos if the A-class mechas.
I am curious how the reaction of our tsundere Chihuahua spezial mecha will be, when he finally arrives at the scene and realizes that his beloved master Long Yuan is using an other mecha…… XD
Many thanks for your hard work.

October 17, 2020 12:01 am

This author is such a tease. Short chapters and each one ends in a smaller or larger cliffhanger, like here. A bit frustrating but, oh well, I like it so I’ll hold on. 😉😏
Thank you for the chapter!!!

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