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Chapter 19: The divine immortal touches my head; I bind my hair to accept immortality

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Then, the protagonist, still severely injured, somehow managed to find the willpower to stand. Originally, Chu WuQing had merely wanted to torment the other, even if the protagonist didn’t manage to stand up, he’d still take the protagonist with him. He hadn’t thought that the other would be able to stand with these injuries. 

Then he could consider how unforgettable this scene was from the perspective of the other prisoners.

Lin Yi’s legs shook. No one believed he could stand. After days of torment, how could the pierced bones in his legs support his weight? In that state, they might as well have been cut off.

Seeing this, the other prisoners were filled with awe and admiration. Who would’ve imagined this? This was the person who had endured so much from the beginning, ending up tortured inhumanely, falling to this state. So what if he had unimaginable willpower? This body of his was destroyed.

The Lin Family’s bones had collapsed.

Lin Yi’s fingers dug into the ground, sweat pouring down his face, yet his brows didn’t furrow in the slightest. It was too taxing. Sweat blurred his vision, the white-robed person’s silhouette grew less and less clear, like a dream, a whole world apart, something unreachable…

His Adam’s apple bobbed and his fingers dug deep, blood pouring from them continuously. He seemed unable to feel any pain, the muscles on his arm twitching. The blue veins on his arms slowly began to bulge.

Yet an action like this was already more than he could take. His body had risen less than an inch off the ground, but his wrists were already trembling uncontrollably. Soon enough, his entire body was swaying precariously. It became harder and harder to rise. After six breaths, his arms gave out and he collapsed once more.

“You can’t stand?” The voice was filled with cold mockery like the speaker was a god from the heavens looking down at insignificant mortals like they were ants. And an ant that couldn’t even stand… what right did they have to be blessed with light from a god?

…No, he could stand.

He could do it!

Just as Lin Yi’s body was a centimeter away from impacting the ground, his fall suddenly stopped. At that moment, an overwhelming aura erupted from him. His fists were clenched, pushing tightly against the ground as his entire body rose.

Soon enough, his back arched, and his still bleeding ankles shook, yet slowly left the ground. In the end, he had used his tremendous willpower to stand.

His entire body was a mess of mud and blood, barely human-looking, yet his figure was one that was impossible to ignore. He was like a peerless, powerful sword buried in the earth. If someone brushed away some of that dust, the dazzling light of his blade was sure to shine.

That was when the cultivator in the hidden room got impatient, opening the door. To him, what he saw next was a thing of nightmares.

“You did it. Then, I’ll give you a reward.” Chu WuQing’s lips curled upwards slightly, his gaze sweeping over the protagonist’s legs. At the same time, two bloody holes erupted on the Level Two Qi Condensation stage cultivator’s ankles.

“Who are you?” The cultivator’s face twisted in pain. That lowly weak cultivator who was so arrogant amidst mortals was completely incapable of resisting Chu WuQing. “Could it be that he endured all these days because he had already entrusted you with that treasure…? No wonder, no wonder this elder couldn’t find it.”

“Treasure?” Chu WuQing spread out a hand, a mid-grade artifact appearing out of thin air. “You mean this?” He spread out his hand again and a different mid-grade artifact appeared, “Or this?” The artifact changed again, “None of these?”

Each different artifact had a unique spiritual pulse. Chu WuQing took out several tens of artifacts, each of them something that cultivators could only dream of, and each had a spiritual pulse that was far beyond what he had seen in the Lin Family, yet completely different!

These treasures were right in front of him, yet he couldn’t even touch them.

It was obvious that the precious family treasure of the Lin Family was nothing to this cultivator.

He mumbled, “Why? You and I are both cultivators …”

Chu WuQing sneered. “There’s no why.” As he spoke, he struck the other cultivator with blasts of spiritual energy, causing wounds to open up all over the other’s body. “I only do things based on my own mood, and you, ruin my mood.”

Just as the cultivator’s face went grey with despair, Chu WuQing’s gaze swept towards Lin Yi. “As for him, he’s improving it, for the moment.”

Under Chu WuQing’s gaze, a shudder passed through Lin Yi’s body, but his back straightened further.

All the prisoners here would forever remember what had happened here today. That lofty, untouchable Divine Mentor would be caught and torn down so easily by a white-robed person who had descended so suddenly. Before he died, he was even tortured repeatedly, going through everything he put that young gentleman from the Lin Family through…

Yet this so-called Divine Mentor couldn’t even beat a mortal. He barely held on for six hours before breathing his last.

Lin Yi stared at the lifeless corpse at his feet, his eyes completely emotionless, however, shock spread in his heart. Even though he knew that this Divine Mentor was of the lowest echelons amidst cultivators, the ease at which he was killed was still shocking. Was this the power of a true cultivator?

Ambition blazed in Lin Yi’s eyes.

At the moment Lin Yi’s darkened eyes lit up once more, Chu WuQing grabbed his hand and leaped up. Before Lin Yi realized it, they were already on the Jade Boat, soaring through the skies and looking down on the entire imperial city.

It took four hours by horse to get from one side of the massive imperial city to the other, but far above everything else, everything in the secular world seemed insignificant and tint. He could cover the entire imperial kingdom just reaching out with his palm, as if erasing it from this land of rivers and mountains.

Subconsciously, that was exactly what Lin Yi did. He stretched out his hand, yet what he hid away was the eighteen years of his life. He raised his head absent-mindedly and was met with a sea of stars. His hand, able to cover the entire imperial city from up high, couldn’t touch even a single star, nor cover even a fraction of the sky.

All his accomplishments in the secular world, all his grudges and attachments seemed to disperse into nothingness.

As for the white-robed, silver-haired person at the front of the boat, he seemed to merge with the night, the sky around them, able to disappear at any moment.

“Have you looked your fill yet?”

The cold voice had Lin Yi’s mind snapping back to the present. For the first time in his life, he felt embarrassed, but this embarrassment didn’t cause him to waver in the slightest. Instead, looked back at Chu WuQing even more resolutely.

Chu WuQing raised his eyebrows. He reached out a hand and placed it upon Lin Yi’s head. In an instant, spiritual energy poured from his palm, nourishing Lin Yi’s dried and cracked meridians like a flowing river. The spiritual energy circulated through him, healing his broken body.

In that moment, everything around Lin Yi seemed to blur. An air current filled with chaotic insight of the Path, injected into his meridians. Only Chu WuQing’s figure grew clearer and clearer.

Lin Yi was fed an elixir and after three breaths, ambient spiritual energy gathered in his meridians, channelling into his Dantian and forming a small ball of white gas.

In the moment this white ball of gas appeared, all his exhaustions and pains vanished. His entire body felt light with power. Something had changed, and it caused Lin Yi’s entire being to shudder.

The divine immortal touches my head; I bind my hair to accept immortality. 1

Chu WuQing’s pupils dilated. He had tried on a whim, yet it had succeeded so easily. The protagonist was the protagonist after all.

A cruel smile appeared on Chu WuQing’s lips as he asked in a low voice, “Do you still remember who framed the Lin Family?”

Lin Yi’s eyes darkened. “XianZhang, I remember, I remember every single one of them.”

Chu WuQing nodded softly. “Then kill them all.”

As soon as he heard the word ‘kill,’ Lin Yi’s dark eyes went blood red. He hadn’t forgotten the words he had heard when we fell into despair, “Stand up, I’ll take you.”

Though the ties he had to the secular world were insignificant, if he couldn’t even wipe out something so insignificant, how could he accomplish his Path?

Chu WuQing waved his hand and a low-grade standard flying sword landed in front of Lin Yi. “Go with this sword in hand.”

With that, Chu WuQing’s flying boat headed towards the first place Lin Yi pointed out. Though it was late at night, the sounds of song and dance could still be heard from the massive estate.

On the throne, a middle-aged man sat, holding a luminous jade cup. This cup was the very cup that Lin Yi’s grandfather had won during his military campaign to Mobei.

The eighty-year old man hadn’t managed to live through peaceful last years, executed in public under the false charge of treason and being forced to watch all the younger members of his family except Lin Yi murdered before his own eyes.

The entire Lin Family, apart from Lin Yi, had been exterminated to the ninth generation, leaving nothing and no one behind.

Lin Yi’s figure rapidly disappeared into the mansion. Chu WuQing watched from above on his boat. He didn’t want his own fortune to be tainted by the karmic repercussions of Lin Yi’s actions, but his mere gaze gave Lin Yi infinite courage.

Level One Qi Condensation was around the level of the martial experts of the secular world. Just with one man and one sword, the mansion became devoid of life in an hour, just like the Lin Family estate.

The Wang Estate, the Liu Estate, the ShangGuan Estate. The plot had changed but things were heading on the same course as it did. Everyone in these estates were killed.

With this commotion, word naturally had gotten to the imperial palace and the city defenses were raised, on high alert. However, Lin Yi gained momentum with every battle, developing an unstoppable courage. His swordsmanship also grew more mature, more fluent. He hadn’t ever cultivated a sword cultivation technique, yet each strike had the wisps of sword intent forming.

So, this was the sword spiritual root?

Even inactivate, without the absolute advantage in cultivation speed, it could still facilitate someone’s mastery of swordsmanship to such an extent.

When dawn came, Lin Yi finally arrived in the imperial palace, soaked in blood. He fought his way to the emperor, and that lofty person who had annihilated the Lin Family just for a so-called elixir of life, pissed his pants in fear.

So, this was the emperor of the secular world? This was the person he had once sworn to serve with absolute loyalty?

What a joke.

“Lin Yi, no, no no, Lin XianZhang, don’t kill me.” The usually prideful emperor’s face was filled with terror, scrambling and crawling away, yelling in that disgusting voice, “Save me, Divine Mentor!”

Yet as he spoke, a human head rolled towards him, stopping next to his feet. The eyes inside the head were bulging, practically about to fall out of its sockets. It was easy to imagine how the owner of this head was so unwilling to accept death.

“Is this thing the Divine Mentor you’re looking for?” Chu WuQing asked leisurely, taking out a white handkerchief and wiping at his bloodstained fingers. When it was him, this action seemed immeasurably gentle, his sleeves swaying in the breeze.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Comes from a very long poem with a very long name by Li Bai. The term “bind my hair” is a ceremony of coming of age, perhaps to symbolize the start of a new life and the end of one’s mortal life, at least in this context.

Jouissance (Translator)

Lives in the UK while translating.


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