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Translated by Yu of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA


When meeting with the old sergeant after finishing lunch, Xie Guanze saw  the dean standing in front of the old sergeant, and he finally remembered what he overlooked. 

He overlooked the dean…… 

The dean had his back to Xie Guanze and did not see him yet. The old sergeant was standing across from him, after spotting Xie Guanze, he quietly raised his eyebrows and gave him a look. 

But unfortunately, Xie Guanze and him did not have any mutual understanding, he had no idea what message the old sergeant was trying to convey. 

Instead, the dean noticed the old sergeant’s small movements turned his head and saw Xie Guanze, he smiled without actually smiling: “Oh, you still remember work?” 

Xie Guanze awkwardly rubbed the back of his head. He thought the sentence actually meant: you still remember your superior? 

“I talked to the head of the school during lunch. In terms of the overall quality of the students, they are still much worse than the humans. The expectations for their cultural level are not very high as some of them don’t even recognize words and are forced to use elementary books for class. They cannot fall behind in cultural classes, pets need to be literate.” 

The dean did not pursue the topic of the two leaving early and he immediately switched tones and started talking about serious topics. 

Xie Guanze could not stop himself from thinking: I wonder if the head of the school has seen the magical meme of the dean wearing makeup? 

The dean seemed to have noticed that Xie Guanze was not paying attention. He glanced at Xie Guanze, his cold stare immediately made Xie Guanze regain focus as he adopted a serious attitude and listened carefully. 

“Besides the basic cultural class, also continue with the subject classes, letting the main focus be on developing survival skills. Of course, we cannot retrain the wild nature of pets, they cannot sit still in class for too long. We must prepare a sports day, let the students share their emotions.” 

Sports day? 

Xie Guanze gave it a thought. This was definitely a good idea for the majority of the students. They could participate based on their abilities, and it would also help the tamed pets find their original wild nature. 

Hou Fanghua was also pleasantly surprised. His monkey must want to participate in sports day the most. 

“Good idea.” 

“Okay, so we will discuss this with the head of the school. All the students will attend gym class, but besides the athletes class, the other students will have classes that are only 45 minutes long.” 

Xie Guanze nodded his head in understanding. This is the difference between the athletic major students and the cultural major students. 

It is not certain that the student athletes will win the top prize. There were other beasts that were willing to take other classes, such as Mister Bear in culinary classes, who would also carefully listen to instructions. 

“In the testing phase, everything is done by letting students develop harmoniously in mind.” 

While talking, the bell signaling the start of afternoon classes sounded. The athletic class started, the flying and walking beasts gathered on the west and east sides of the field. 

The dean commanded two people: “Tell Teacher Hu and Teacher Tian to both come here for a second.” 

Teacher Hu was the tiger teacher, Teacher Tian was the owl teacher. 

Xie Guanze went to call the owl teacher, Hou Fanghua went to call the tiger teacher. 

When they arrived on the field, Hou Fanghua praised himself while looking at the phalanx of walking beasts: “Oh my… My pet is so obedient, look at how straight she is while standing up, look at how exceptional the running speed is! Shewould have been a top warrior if she was born in ancient times!” 

Xie Guanze smiled, he did not say anything. 

Hou Fangcai would secretly touch her ears or scratch her cheeks while standing there. She looked very much like the Great Sage, but there really was nothing obedient about it. 

A few teachers and the dean were standing in the hallways talking about the curriculum. As they were talking, the owl teacher and the tiger teacher both changed moods simultaneously. They looked towards the direction of the walking beasts. 

“What’s wrong?” The dean asked curiously. 

A fierce bird and a beast, even when the two of them turned into human shapes, their eyesight and hearing was much better than humans. Their expressions right now were a bit strange, it let people suspect that a problem arose in the wild beast’s class. 

The owl teacher smiled, glanced at the tiger teacher: “Nothing, we just experienced what it means when people say ‘when there is no tiger in the mountain, the monkey will claim he is the king’.”


Hou Fanghua’s heart jumped. 

The tiger teacher remained expressionless: “The monkey in my class is rebelling. She started yelling as soon as I left.” 

Hou Fanghua weakly asked: “Yelling about what?” 

The tiger teacher repeated without expression: “Classmates, the teacher is not here, make some noise.” 

Hou Fanghua: …… 

The dean kept his professional attitude, but the corners of his mouth curved up a little. 

Xie Guanze could not control his emotions anymore, he could only turn away and secretly smile. 

The expression on the owl teacher’s face changed again: “Take care of that wild rowdy monkey in your class, she even started planting ideas within my students.” 

Hou Fanghua’s heartbeat sped up: “What did she do?” 

“She sang.” The tiger teacher recounted with disdain using a flat voice, “The boy from the opposite side looked over, there is only the king of the mountain looking for disciples here.” 

Hou Fanghua: …… 

From whom did she learn to develop the character of a naughty monkey?! 

The three human beings could not hear Hou Xiucai’s words in the playground. They could only see that she had indeed left her own team and danced to the bird class at the edge of the West playground.

As soon as she thought of her dancing, she was looking for a younger brother. Hou Fanghua felt his face blush.

He could not deny that he was really influenced by the Great Sage, who especially liked monkeys. He could not deny that he wanted to see his monkey grandson with the sage in this life, but he didn’t expect the monkey to be affected so much!

Dancing was not enough. Hou Xiucai did not spare another moment and directly ran to the bird class, to a group of students, not knowing what the chatter was about.

Teacher Eagle live broadcasts: “This monkey’s eloquence is very good, it spoke, sang, and boasted. I do not know who to learn from.”

Xie Guanze and the minister glanced at Hou Fanghua at the same time. He was ashamed to see his old face.

Two pet teachers paid close attention to Hou Xiucai. They didn’t notice the behavior from the human beings for a while, and were communicating happily.

“I’m still fooling the owl in my class as her driver, and I want to go to heaven! I’m not afraid to fly to the sky and be killed by the wind.”

Tiger teacher sneered: “Oh, it’s not that there are too many beasts in our class. She just can’t control a monkey. What does this mean? You birds are too weak! “

In addition to the king of beasts, there were many beasts in the tiger class, such as clouded leopard, leopard cat, caramel, lynx, and other carnivores much more ferocious than monkeys. If the pets were angry, they were enough to tear monkeys. Therefore, it was not unreasonable for the monkey to go to the bird class to hang out with her younger brother.

Teacher Eagle spat: “Bah, it shows that the monkey is clever and knows how to bully the soft and fear the hard! Her master must be a chicken thief.”

Hou Fanghua: ……


The minister and Xie Guanze kept the same smile and watched the joke quietly.

The eagle teacher continued to sneer: “Oh, also thinking of the peacock in my class, did she not consider how high peacocks can fly?”

The bird class had just finished flying class, and most of the students still kept their original forms.

Hou Xiucai was obviously a beauty. When she arrived at the bird class, she went straight to the most gorgeous peacock.

But didn’t she know that peacocks are the most laggard in terms of flight?

The male peacock had a bad temper. He was harassed by the monkey. He was very annoyed and flew away with a flap of his wings. Not only that, he swept Hou Xiucai’s face with his tail.

The eagle teacher laughed: “Oh, ha, failed!”

Hou Fanghua: if you look for a mount, how can you still fail? What a shame!

Hou Xiucai angrily returned to her own animal class, and looked a little dejected.

“All right, the play is over. We should go back. If we don’t go back, the monkey will make trouble.” The tiger teacher rubbed her fist and seemed to be thinking about how to teach the naughty monkey a lesson.

After the two teachers left, the minister said meaningfully to Hou Fanghua: “Old Hou, I didn’t realize you are the mischievous type!”

Hou Fanghua: ……

No, leader, you misunderstood!


Xie Guanze thought that this scene was just Hou Xiucai’s mischievous act. Unexpectedly, when school was over, she saw a scene that startled his eyes at the school gate.

Hou Xiucai, while riding an ostrich, dashed to the school gate from the playground. With a branch as a whip in her hand, she cried out with a wild laugh: “Hya, giddy-up, hya!”

Xie Guanze: !!!

Hou Fanghua: !!!!!

“Wait, whose ostrich is this?”

Would his bear child ride someone else’s ostrich?

Hou Xiucai obviously didn’t have this worry, and sang aloud: “White dragon horse… No, big ostrich, claw facing west, carry Hou Dasheng to trot with three younger brothers ~”

Behind her, three petite men and women ran nimbly, one of whom was the flying mouse that Xie Guanze had met.

Xie Guanze looked at Hou Fanghua in silence: “Congratulations, your monkey has become a big sibling today. As a beast, she has successfully gained her own riding bird and three younger brothers.”

The minister also joked: “It’s good to be a big sibling today and a saint tomorrow. There’s hope!”

Hou Fanghua:…

Don’t say it, he has no face left. He was thrown away by Hou Xiucai.

After a day’s business trip at Pet University, Xie Guanze had a good time laughing, and he couldn’t keep his mouth closed until he picked up Xie King home from work.

But Xie King’s mood was not so happy. He pursed his mouth tightly and seemed a little depressed?

Xie Guanze didn’t ask directly. He knew that Xie King couldn’t hold back. He would say it himself.

When he got home, Xie King went straight to the kitchen, and soon heard the pounding of pots and pans.

Xie Guanze opened his laptop slowly and wrote a summary of his work today. The content was not long. By the time he finished writing, 15 minutes passed.

It’s almost over. The anger has calmed. I can go and soothe.

Xie Guanze stretched out, squeezed the king’s favorite juice, and then took two cups into the kitchen.

“What’s the matter? What makes my baby so unhappy? “

When the king heard Xie Guanze’s coax, his face softened. He took the juice and drank it in one breath. Then, he said the reason.

“I want to practice knife work!”

Xie Guanze: “Oh?”

He looked at the leftover flour in the pan on the cooking table and smelled butter in the air. The oven on the cooking table was also hot. What does it have to do with the knife?

Xie King was still indignant: “I have a student who is a woodpecker. My vegetable-cutting skills are so bad that I can’t compare with my own students!”

Xie Guanze recalled the woodpeckers he had seen, and his expression went in a trance: “There are still woodpeckers?”

“There are also ospreys and seagulls.” Xie King said, lifting his chin with pride. “People just like birds. They say birds are good friends.”

Xie Guanze had a mysterious smile on his face: “Well, men love their own birds.”

Xie King:???


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