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Chapter 18: “Stand up, I will take you along to exterminate an entire family!”

Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

As soon as this remark came out, Su BeiCi’s dark pupils were full of light. He looked down and said with a smile, “I like WuQing too, but it’s not that kind of like.” He raised his head, and his eyes were full of Chu WuQing’s reflection. “It’s my heart, my mind and my soul that are happy to be with you.” 

While he was speaking, the finger on Chu WuQing’s neck moved downward. It did not lose out in the slightest when compared with Chu WuQing’s teasing which was deliberately inexperienced. Instead, Su Bei’s action was ferocious and domineering. It seemed that he wanted to leave marks on this snow white neck.

Before Chu WuQing reacted, Su BeiCi had already placed one hand on Chu WuQing’s waist and with a spin, the two people exchanged positions in an instant. Chu WuQing fell onto the seat, and Su BeiCi was leaning over and looking down at him.

Without waiting for Chu WuQing’s reaction, Su BeiCi’s lips descended. The first kiss fell on his forehead, and the next was on his eyelashes. Such an intense shower of kisses brought up feelings Chu WuQing had never experienced before, which made his breathing become faster and faster. His jade white cheek was stained with a thin layer of red.

Were women nowadays so unreserved? He wanted to lash out in reprimand, but just opened his mouth, his lips were caught in a kiss. What’s more, he did not clamp his teeth tightly because he wanted to speak, which led to the invasion of a foreign body as a tongue tangled with his.

Chu WuQing was not willing to let this person do as he pleased. His tongue wanted to dodge, but this kind of action seemed to make the foreign body more excited and it began to tease him. His action of raising his tongue to resist exposed the back of his tongue and his teeth, which made the person continuously rub the tip of his tongue along these places, making Chu WuQing’s tongue softer and softer till he was unable to resist and could only be compelled to partake in the dance together.

It was easy for the body of a youngster to be reactive. He had never experienced such exciting things in this life nor his last life. Although he was resisting in his heart, his body instinctively responded. The action of rejection became lesser and lesser. Gradually, he started going along with the kiss. The sensitive nerves in the tip of his tongue constantly transmitted this indescribable feeling to his brain and his scalp, causing his vision to blur, his eyes to become misty, as a sparkling and translucent liquid fell from the corner of his mouth.

The liquid rolled down his jaw, over his neck and under the layers of his lapels, leaving wet marks on the jade white skin.

Fortunately he was a person cultivating to become an immortal and was able to hold his breath for long. Otherwise this extremely long kiss would be unbearable for Chu WuQing. Before a Qi Condensation practitioner had thoroughly discarded their mortal body, they still needed to breathe.

When Su BeiCi withdrew his lips and tongue, Chu WuQing was already gasping for breath. He wanted to speak but couldn’t so he tried his best to gather his strength. However, Su BeiCi clearly refused to let him off.

“WuQing’s mouth is so sweet. I don’t know if it’s the same in other places.” Su BeiCi said with a light smile. The tongue that had just left Chu WuQing’s body fell on his neck, dropping kisses on the white skin bit by bit and leaving light red marks. When Su BeiCi passed the raised Adam’s apple, he turned a little bit, provoked the deepest caverns in Chu WuQing’s body, and bit the small and delicate Adam’s apple, making Chu WuQing whimper at once.

This strange and comfortable reaction made Chu WuQing feel at a loss. Although he knew about the passion of love between a man and woman, he had never heard of it or felt it in his last life, which gave him a feeling of taboo about the whole matter. Now that he was breaking this taboo, it made his excitement rise along his nerves, and instinctively… There was a reaction in his lower body.

Of course, this scene did not escape the eyes of Su BeiCi.

Although he had never done such a thing with other people, Chu WuQing’s inexperience was obvious. An immense joy bubbled out in Su BeiCi’s heart, but he had to constantly suppress the impulse in his lower body and prevent Chu WuQing from feeling it. Yet, when he saw Chu WuQing’s lower body reaction, he felt that he was on the verge of losing control and his right hand shook with the desire to press on the bulge under the white robe.

However, the ceasure of the movement of his mouth made Chu WuQing suddenly return to his senses and suddenly realise what he was doing with the former female lead.

Su BeiCi reached out to the hand under Chu WuQing’s robe and firmly held it. 

“Su jiejie,” Chu WuQing gasped, “girls should be more reserved.” Yet, his voice was extremely cold.

The development of this matter was completely beyond Chu WuQing’s control. Although he wanted Su BeiCi to fall in love with him, he never wanted to do such things with Su BeiCi.

Moreover, Su BeiCi was a female cultivator. She was shy in the original work and would never think about such matters. How could she become so bold and unrestrained? He thought that with his teasing, Su BeiCi should feel indignant and shy, yet have a vague expectation, before pushing him away and fleeing.

Chu WuQing hated the feeling when things were completely out of his control and the uneasiness in his heart had risen to the extreme. For the first time, he felt a little regret for his decision. After several Heart Clearing Spells, he returned to his original tranquility.

Chu WuQing’s voice had also woken Su BeiCi up. It was not the time yet. Besides there was that Golden Core cultivator guarding outside the hall.

Su BeiCi also calmed down, but he was not affected by Chu WuQing’s words at all. Instead, he trapped Chu WuQing in the way that Chu WuQing had done at the beginning, “Didn’t WuQing say that you fell in love with me at first sight? Since we’re both deeply attracted and attached to each other, isn’t it natural to do such things?”

Chu WuQing could not refute the words of Su BeiCi. But in the original work, wasn’t Su BeiCi characterized as an iceberg beauty? After a long and painstaking pursuit by the male lead, she was deeply moved after a hundred thousand words, and the two had a truly intimate contact for the first time.

Although Su BeiCi forced Chu WuQing to admit their relationship, so that Chu WuQing could not deny his previous words, Su BeiCi also knew that Chu WuQing would not like his real self. Thus, he did not dare to expose himself too much and cause Chu WuQing to be suspicious.

Su BeiCi’s hand touched Chu WuQing’s cheek. He felt waves of limp and numb feelings at his finger tip, like an electric current coursing through him. He strove to recall the look of a married woman who had been abandoned, and imitated, “Does WuQing not like if a woman is too forward? We are people who spend our lives cultivating immortality, pursuing the truth and following our heart. That’s why I lost myself for a while in a moment of passion.”

Su BeiCi was originally a cool and elegant woman filled with heroic spirit, and her previous actions were even more dominating, which made her seem particularly pitiful with the weakness she showed at this time.

After all, they were people who had intimate contact before. Although it was half forced on his end, he did not feel disgusted. Chu WuQing could not voice any more cruel words, so he could only hold Su BeiCi’s hand and pacify her, “That’s right, we have years ahead of us. A-Ci and I don’t know each other well enough yet. It’s really unnecessary to surrender yourself too early. It’s undoubtedly a good thing to enjoy the process of being deeply attracted and attached to each other. What’s more, the clan is in a life-threatening situation now, and cultivators have a long life, so we really don’t have to rush.”

Su BeiCi nodded and said dejectedly, “I understand.” But her body did not show the slightest intention to leave at all. Instead, she raised her head and used a spell to disguise her tears, “Since it’s not suitable for us to be too intimate now, but since you and I already have a mutual understanding of each other’s intentions, we should at least give each other a personal item.”

Just as Su BeiCi had finished speaking, suddenly the doors to the hall opened, and Chu You interrupted the mood between them.

Normally, Chu WuQing would reprimand him. But at this very moment, he had a subtle sense of happiness, so he said, “What’s the matter?”

Chu You knelt down on one knee, and did not spare Su BeiCi a single glance as he reported, “My Lord, the people form the TaYue Sect have arrived.”

Chu WuQing sneered, “Do they want to negotiate or are they trying to claim compensation? Or do they want both?” Without waiting for Chu You to reply, he went to the center of the hall and said, “There’s no need to pay attention to any of their remarks. Just record them with an Image Talisman and show them to all the disciples. A-Ci, please gather all members of the XianLing Sect outside the Main Peak in an hour. I have something to announce at that time.”

Su BeiCi could only leave.

Chu Wuqing said, “It’s just a small matter for you to eliminate the TaYue Sect, but this would just be the XianLing Sect depending on us to survive and they’d be unable to become one of the fractions. What I need is a fraction that can help me. Three years later, the door to the Immortal Abode will be opened, and eighteen sect entry tokens will be dropped. At that time, the lower realm will be in chaos and conflicts will spring up everywhere. 

“The door to the Immortal Abode will not be very obvious at the beginning. If we occupy other sects and create a fake Immortal Abode, we would be able to attract the attention of the rest of the cultivators for a short time, giving us an advantage and allow us to set a trap. I have many skill manuals here, all of which are above intermediate rank and are able to let the people in the XianLing Sect improve quickly in a short time. Later, you will grant them a section of the skill manual.” 

As soon as Chu Wuqing waved, a storage bag flew into Chu You’s hand and he continued, “In addition to skill manuals, there are a million common elixirs in this storage bag, which can be taken by Qi Condensation practitioners to increase their cultivation. There are five thousand Rank One elixirs that can be used by Foundation Establishment practitioners to increase their cultivation. All disciples of the XianLing Sect will be able to receive one elixir every three days, and additional elixirs depend on their contributions. 

“If they make a breakthrough, it will be regarded as a contribution. Killing one member of the TaYue Sect is also considered a contribution. You and the XianLing Sect’s Foundation Establishment Elder will quantify the contributions as contribution points. Ten points will get them a bottle of cultivation elixirs. One hundred points will get them a section of a skill manual. If they made a great contribution, they will be given a low-level magic item.”

Chu You happily agreed. He was a man who had been through the Realm Wars. When he heard Chu WuQing’s words, his eyes lit up a little with an unusual gleam.

“If my estimate is right, the TaYue Sect will be able to tolerate it for three months at most and will launch an official war after that. In the meantime, they will pay a price to convince the other sects in the top ten sects not to interfere, and will find allies to launch a siege on the XianLing Sect.” Chu WuQing smiled and said, “The TaYue Sect will be the whetstone I provided to XianLing Sect disciples.”

Although the XianLing Sect had a false reputation as the last of the top ten sects, in fact, from the top to the disciples, they all fell incredibly short of the other sects, such as the TaYue Sect. After three months of preparing for war, Chu You had confidence in the cultivation of those from Outer Realm, but for the XianLing Sect… Moreover, Chu WuQing had paid such a huge price so he could not help but ask, “If the knife breaks from the grinding?”

Chu WuQing’s eyes clearly and lightly swept across Chu You’s body, but it caused one to feel a great pressure for no reason at all, “What’s the use for trash?”

This sentence was said to the people in the XianLing Sect, but it also shocked Chu You. Chu WuQing was far greater, far more mysterious than he thought. He didn’t know if he could still achieve his goal.

After that, except for Chu WuQing, who sat in meditation every day, the entire XianLing Sect was busy. The disciples were extremely fanatical in their cultivation, and they were full of adoration for Chu WuQing. They had boundless anticipation towards the future of the sect, and no longer had a trace of the depressed appearance in the past.

Everyone knew that everything they had today was given by Chu Wuqing. One must know that even the inner sect disciples of the top level sects would not have such treatment, and they did not want to be abandoned and return to how they were one day because of a problem with their aptitude.

Three months later, if they could make great contributions, they would be able to receive a magic item granted by Chu WuQing himself, which was enough to shock everyone.

In this way, after half a month, Chu WuQing calculated the time and progression of the plot, “Now the male lead should have been in prison for three months. Tomorrow will usher in his first life or death crisis. LinYi’s Spirit Sword Root was extremely special, and would not appear without experiencing a life or death crisis.”

The original male lead, Lin Yi, was born into a family of Dukes in the Secular World. He came in first in the imperial examination at eighteen years old. Following that, his whole family was executed up to the third generation and he was sent to prison. Three months later, he was nearly cruelly tortured to death by others. At the last moment of his life, he simulated his Spirit Sword Root. Sword Qi soared into the sky and directly exterminated the executioner.

The male lead who had originally read holy books, learned etiquette, righteousness and shame, and was a famous distinguished and accomplished scholar completely blacked. He massacred all the clans that framed him in one stroke, and walked on the road of an ‘you hurt me, and I’ll exterminate your whole clan’ face-slapping 1 male lead.

The soaring Sword Qi also attracted the attention of the Cultivation World. It was thought that this was caused by the emergence of a treasure. After the cultivators came and searched the souls of the common people for their memories, they knew that it was the male lead who caused it. Thinking that the male lead was the one with the legendary natural-born sword body, they went out one after another to find the male lead and wanted to take him in as a disciple.

However, after the test, it was found that the male lead did not have such a cultivation physique. Even his spirit root was just a Five Element Spirit Root, so they left one after another and exiled the male lead. Only the people of the XianLing Sect picked up the male lead to do odd jobs.

In fact, the male lead had the Spirit Sword Root, which was a more frightening existence than the natural-born sword body. It had no cultivation bottleneck below the True Immortal stage.

No one in the Cultivation World knew that there was such a spiritual root in the world, nor was there anyone who heard of it in the spiritual world. This was why it could not be detected. Only the Immortal World had the legend of a person with the Spirit Sword Root and it was merely a legend.

The owner of the Immortal Abode was that person from the legend in the Immortal World. He had never thought to find a successor with the Spirit Sword Root in the past, so he opened the door to the Trial. As long as one got a token, anyone could participate regardless of their aptitude. He did not expect that he would meet Lin Yi.

Thinking about this, Chu WuQing decided to rescue Lin Yi.

If one did not experience the life or death crisis, they would not be able to activate the Spirit Sword Root for the time being.

The cultivation speed of a one with an unactivated Spirit Sword Root was only a little better than that of a Three Element Spirit Root. Although it could barely be praised as a satisfactory aptitude, it was no longer that unattainable and incomparable existence.

He wanted to do more than just this. He also intended to take Lin Yi along and exterminate his enemies. But this was not to help him, instead it was to give Lin Yi a deeper torture. In this world, the most painful thing was to be abandoned and disgusted by their admirers, and to fall into a deeper despair after attaining hope.

What he wanted was to let Lin Yi think Chu WuQing was coming to save him and hand everything to him on a sliver platter, then ruthlessly torture him and put him in a miserable situation.

Stroking the flying treasure artifact in his hand, Chu WuQing threw it out and stepped on it.

Lin Yi, it is time to meet.

Only this time, I am the only salvation you can cling to.

Chu WuQing chuckled. His clear and cold eyes were full of playful cunning, looking both cruel and beautiful.

“Love is to put one on the knees, while evil is to push one into the abyss.


LinYi, this is what I want to bring to you. I hope you will enjoy it.”

In the Imperial City of the Secular World thousands of miles away, Lin Yi was locked in the darkest cell where the sun could be seen underneath the prison. 

Three months ago, he was a proud Son of Heaven.

At the golden palace, he was named by the Emperor as, ‘An accomplished scholar who is immeasurably talented and handsome with a noble character,’ and specially designated as the TanHua lang 3

But he was arrested and jailed at the moment before he could ride through the streets on a horse to show his glory, while his family was executed to the third generation. It was only because the princess loved him, the princess pressured the Emperor with her death, so that he could temporarily survive. Although he was still jailed, he still managed to preserve his life for now.

Originally, he thought it was just a game in the Imperial Court. If he pulled through it, there would be a glimmer of hope and he would be able to reverse the verdict for his family. But when he was put on trial, it was clear that the cause of all this misfortune was due to the greed of a cultivator.

This cultivator was a descendant of a down and out clan of cultivators. Using a scroll fragment left by his ancestor, he entered the cultivation path after much difficulty. It was a pity that his talent was insufficient and he was not capable. This man had been practicing for more than one hundred years, yet he had always remained at the Second Level Qi Condensation Stage, and showed no sign of advancement. 

By chance, he found that the Lin Family residence had a fluctuation of spiritual energy, and its purity was quite extraordinary. Thus, he became greedy, colluded with the chancellor to bewitch the Emperor and framed the Lin Family together.

Although he was only a worthless ant in the Cultivation World, in the Secular World, he was strong enough to be bestowed the title of ‘State Preceptor and Divine Messenger’, and his status was as high as the Emperor’s. The Divine Messenger imparted his guidance and advice,

For the sake of a long life and Immortal techniques, the Emperor naturally cooperated.

Somehow, the course of events for this face-slapping male-lead cultivation novel changed from an ordinary-looking male lead to a variety of high-quality beauties. This great and face-slapping novel 《One Blade to Seal the Gods》 was no exception. The number of times that the author described the appearance of the male lead, Lin Yi, throughout the whole text was only second to that of Chu WuQing.

Although tortured by his stay in prison till his cheeks were sunken and a little bony, Lin Yi’s peach blossom eyes were still tender and affectionate. The corner of his eyes were slightly raised, and it was akin to a hook. One glance was enough to steal the soul. 

Lin Yi was wearing tattered prison clothes, covered in dried blood and filthy smears of dirt, and had a tangled mess of long hair that had not been combed for many days. Even so, his sorry figure could not detract from his magnificent bearing, causing people in the prison to continuously steal glances at him.

“Come have dinner, TanHua lang!” With ridicule in his tone, a dirty bowl was thrown on the sogon grass at the door of the cell. This excessive action caused much of the congee water to splash, highlighting the remaining murkiness even more.

Lin Yi was still quietly leaning against the corner without moving.

Pale fingertips fell feebly on the ground, looking especially vulnerable. However, his back that was faintly taut all along was not willing to bend.

“Tch!” The jailer stood at the door, enjoying his battered and exhausted appearance with great interest.

The once-proud Son of Heaven had now fallen into the mundane world. Who could have thought that this thin and starved young man had come in first in the imperial examination with top marks three months ago, was even anointed by the Emperor as TanHua, and the Emperor had wanted to betroth the Princess to him.

Even if he was a talented top scholar and a God-given prodigy, what about that?

Once in prison, he would have the same ending as those convicts.

The jailer looked at Lin Yi with pity, and kicked the bowl in front of him with his feet, “Don’t put on any more airs, it’s useless. The immortal master has already given an order. In another hour, he will send you on your way.”

“……” Lin Yi was silent throughout this. His expression did not change in the slightest nor show a look of fear at the news of his impending death. But his hand hanging by his side was tightly clenched, so much so that his fingernails dug into his palm, and scarlet blood seeped out.

In the end, he could no longer endure it? His lips curled up in a hint of an extremely cold sneer. The little Qi Condensation cultivator wanted to exterminate the Lin Family, and as logic dictated, he would appropriate the treasure that had lost its owner as his own. However, he did not expect that even after searching all over, he was not able to find the treasure. Fortunately, he did not kill Lin Yi, leaving behind a lead.

In order to get concrete information about the treasure, this State Preceptor severely tortured him every day but did not get any results. The original abundant fluctuations of spiritual energy had completely disappeared with the destruction of the Lin Family and with Lin Yi sent to prison.

The methods of cultivators greatly exceeded that of the Secular World.

The pain of having one’s heart cut open and bones dug out was nothing compared to the seemingly ordinary methods of cultivators like soul searching and bone refinement. Meanwhile, Lin Yi also gained a lot of basic information about the Cultivation World during the torment that lasted for days.

There were three thousand Paths and the world was composed of many different planes. Above the Secular World, was the Cultivation World. Above the Cultivation World, was the Immortal World. There were also various grades and ranks of cultivators; the strong were omnipotent, able to fly through the sky and travel through the earth, and had everlasting life. As for the weak, after discarding their mortal body they had a hundred years of life and were no different from ordinary people.

This so-called ‘State Preceptor and Divine Messenger’ was just a nobody in the Cultivation World. If he was not relying on the fact that this was the Secular World and no one would be able to match him here, such arrogant acts that treated the lives of ordinary mortals as cheaply as duckweed would have been punished by everyone. Even if he got away by a fluke, he would be haunted by Internal Demons from conducting too many evil acts, leading to a stagnation in his cultivation and difficulty in breaking through to the next stage.

But what about that? No matter how tragic the enemy’s ending was, it had nothing to do with him, because he could no longer see….

All of a sudden, he was dragged away by an iron hook that was lassoed on his feet, and his train of thought was interrupted by the executioner, unable to continue. The red and swollen wounds that could not heal were chafed by the rough ground and continuously bled. His life was slipping away bit by bit. He could almost see the faces and the past smiles of the Lin Family who had already stepped into the Yellow Springs.

“No…” A husky voice escaped from his throat and Lin Yi began to struggle violently.

How could he be willing to die before his grand revenge had been achieved and his family’s injustice had yet to be cleared?

Generations of the Lin Family had been loyal till death, and every merit they had was achieved through their blood and sincerity. Yet, it was so ironic and sorrowful that their family had been slapped with the criminal charge of ‘plotting a rebellion’ in the end. 

If he gave up like this, he would merely be freeing himself of worldly worries earlier. But after death, how would he be able to face all his ancestors that were in the nine springs?

“No…” With all his strength, he tenaciously dug into the floor with his hands, “Lin Yi is wrongly accused, the Lin Family is wrongly accused!”

The hoarse voice echoed in the gloomy prison. Just like the bloody warbles of a black-naped oriole, the words were akin to a plaintive cry. Even the most heartless executioner could not help but stop at this moment and glance back at the man who was being dragged along.

But this one glance was an unforgettable scene for him.

The former Young Master from the Lin Family had been elegant and incomparably handsome, but now he dressed in rags and covered with wounds. Other people would probably have died long ago, but there was always light in this person’s eyes for some unknown reason. However, the light was gradually dimming.

With a low sigh, the executioner heartlessly pulled tightly on the iron chain he was holding and continued to walk towards the nearby iron gate. Despite that, his steps subconsciously became much heavier. This was because he knew that after that door of torture was opened, what was waiting for the young man would really be death….

The surrounding atmosphere became more and more sorrowful, and the door representing the Door to Shura’s Hell was soon in front of them.

The gate made of refined iron was full of mottled marks. At first glance, it looked like old rust, but in fact, it was the discoloration of old and dried bloodstains that were never removed. The strong smell of putrefaction that spreads from it was not from the filth that had not been cleaned for a long time but from the deep-rooted hatred left by the ghosts of those who died unjustly and with a remaining grievance.

The harsh sound of metal scraping cut through the silence in the air, and the suffocating depression also filled every corner of their surroundings.

Lin Yi’s heart slowly stilled, and his eyes that were bursting with life had lost the color of the past.

Too late. It was all too late.

This last rationality brought him deeper despair, and his back that was always straight soon gave up the struggle. He closed his eyes tightly, unwilling to accept any external information. Even the sympathy and compassion of the executioners seemed to him like the greatest humiliation and rebuking at the moment.

He was trash! Trash that could not preserve the family’s glory! He could not even drag out his feeble existence and keep his life.

Sparkling and translucent liquid flowed along the corner of his eye and dripped down, dampening the handsome and extraordinary face.

Real men do not easily cry. But that was just because they had not reached the point of deep sorrow.

When he was about to be completely swallowed by despair, the iron chain that bound him suddenly and silently turned into dust. A slender and elegant figure that was as beautiful as a celestial being silently appeared in the cell.

He was wearing a gorgeous white immortal robe and the cuffs and corners of his clothes were embroidered with repeated inscriptions in gold and silver thread. His pure white fingertip was as fine as porcelain and as white as jade, and his alluring features were extremely elegant.

With a stunning countenance and tender skin, his appearance was unparalleled. It was impossible to describe even if they exhausted all the words and sayings of their predecessors. 

At the moment, he was standing in front of Lin Yi, with a smirk on his lips and stating in a proud tone, “Stand up, I will take you along to exterminate an entire family!”

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Translator Notes:

  1. Face-slapping / 爽文: The original chinese was 爽文, which means a sace-slapping novel that satisfies the readers by making the protag OP or vengeful etc. But the description was too long so it was shortened to face-slapping
  2. Love is to put one on the knees, while evil is to push one into the abyss: It means to be unprincipled, deciding matters based on one’s emotions and to love and hate someone depending on one’s own likes and dislikes. Chu WuQing is saying that while Lin Yi amuses him he’ll give him everything he wants, but the moment or moments when Lin Yi is no longer entertaining, he’ll give him hell.
  3. TanHua: candidate who came third in the Han-lin examination. Lang: minister; official; noun prefix denoting function or status; a youth.( 金殿之上,被圣人御口提名,言曰:“龙章凤姿,芝兰琼华”,特钦点为探花郎。)


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