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Chapter 20: There were even evil spirits circling around the mountain range.

Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

The Emperor suddenly opened his eyes when he heard what Lin Yi said. He couldn’t believe it, but was also unable to refute it.

He didn’t get the longevity elixir, and the grand Divine Messenger had his head chopped off so easily. That scene seemed like a joke compared to the extermination of the Lin Family.

The moment the sword cut off the Emperor’s head, his eyes were just as round as the State Preceptor he conferred the title on and he died with a remaining grievance.

Chu WuQing had been standing at a distance all along. After he had done everything, Lin Yi walked towards Chu WuQing step by step and bowed as a disciple would towards their master, “Immortal Master.”

The Daoist Immortal said that it was just because of his interest that he saved himself when he came. He was just an ordinary mortal, how could he stay beside the Daoist Immortal and intrude on the immortal’s surroundings?

Their fate would probably end here. Thinking of the preaching that occurred several hours ago, Lin Yi’s heart had already regarded Chu WuQing as his greatly respected enlightenment teacher, and could not help give him a ‘disciple to master’ bow at this moment of farewell, even if the Daoist immortal would not accept it at all.

Chu WuQing thought of the scene of his enemy in his last life, who was the darling of the whole heavens, bowing down towards himself. That appearance of completely obeying him gave Chu WuQing a bit of pleasure.

But such pleasure was nothing compared to the feeling from having his fiancée snatched away and suffering the humiliation of death by Ling Chi 1.

A lofty and unyielding character that would rather break than yield?

A will that would never change?

An elegant and out-of-the-world young master from a noble family?

An immortal emperor who could take the lives of others as he wished and control the life and death of all things in the world?

Now, he was just a person who had been rescued by himself and all hopes were attached to him.

“Kneel,” Chu WuQing berated coldly and his voice was full of contempt, “I don’t need a disciple. I just need a lowly servant, nothing much but a plaything.”

Chu WuQing thought that when he said this, the Lin Yi who usually could not endure the slightest indignities would feel deeply humiliated. According to Lin Yi’s character, even if Chu WuQing had saved his life, he would not really care about it from the bottom of his heart. Instead, the immense contrast from because of the great contrast from beginning to end would cause more hatred. Yet, the small and weak Lin Yi had no other choice at this time.

Unquestionably, holding back one’s grivance was the biggest torture to a person who was extremely proud of themself.

Chu WuQing lowered his head slightly. His hair swept down from his clothes to brush against Lin Yi’s shoulder, his nose bridge, his lips and his neck, “Why are you silent?”

“The grace of a drop of water should be returned as a gushing spring2. Daoist immortal granted me life and led me onto the road of cultivation. Becoming a slave or a servant is not enough to repay one in ten thousand of the favour bestowed.” Lin Yi raised his head. His eyes were steadfast, but his heart was full of tremendous excitement. However, he was afraid of being disliked by Chu WuQing, so he had to restrain his excitement and show the best side.

Pretending to swallow humiliation and bear disgrace?

Chu WuQing’s lips were slightly raised, and with a wave of his sleeves, the two men returned to the flying boat again and soared into the air. Yet, they still kept their previous positions.

“Since you want to become a slave or a servant, how can you be on an equal footing as your master? Kneel down.” Chu WuQing coldly stated. He wanted to see Lin Yi show despair, painful struggles, and the ultimate humiliation on his face.

However, Lin Yi good naturedly and happily kneeled down. It was just that his back was still ramrod straight. It seemed that even if he kneeled down like this, his faith and pride would not be affected. Etiquette was just a secular thing.

Obviously, Lin Yi’s expression was not tyrannical nor haughty, but it made Chu WuQing feel that Lin Yi was still as unruly and proud as he was in his last life.

A thought came to Chu WuQing’s mind and he chuckled. He looked up to the rising sun in the distance, walked to Lin Yi step by step, causing a slight change in Lin Yi’s breathing. Chu WuQing said, “Although this flying boat is good, there’s no seating for a long and arduous journey and it’s really inconvenient to put a bench here.”

When he reached Lin Yi’s side, Chu WuQing’s fingers suddenly touched Lin Yi’s back, before he sat down on his back with the intention of making Lin Yi bend his back, “Just be a human chair for a while.”

All of Lin Yi’s thoughts were drawn towards the person behind him as he kneeled. He could feel every subtle action of the person behind and smell the delicate fragrance emanating from them.

This delicate fragrance was different from the incense that the secular healers liked. It was like a crisp and icy fragrance from the peak of a snow mountain that did not have the slightest stain of the mortal world. It permeated through one’s soul to the body and mind, and produced an illogical charm and grace.

At the next moment, the man’s long and delicate fingers touched his shoulders, and then he could feel the layers of robes sweeping over his back. Listening to the words of the man sitting on him, he was unable to control the reddening of his earlobes.

One breath later, there was unimaginable softness falling on his back. Even though it was covered in several layers of immortal robes, he could still feel the softness, elasticity and thickness, and could imagine the way it was covered in his long robes and underpants. 

The blush on Lin Yi’s earlobe immediately spread to his whole neck. He moved his body to let Chu WuQing sit more comfortably and also for the purpose of increasing the contact surface between the both. Even though he knew that such thoughts were evil and sullied the Daoist immortal, he could not control them.

This expression of Lin Yi’s was seen as a humiliating struggle in Chu WuQing’s eyes. Lin Yi was so ashamed and resentful that his face was red, but he had to endure it. Moreover, the motion of bending over made Chu WuQing feel satisfied.

However, this was still far from enough.

Once again, his fingers touched Lin Yi’s shoulder and slapped him softly, “Lean down, it’s too steep.”

The finger was slender and when it fell on his shoulder, it had an ineffable feeling because of its strength. Lin Yi’s body was trembling slightly. It was hard for him to control his instinctive excitement, even if he knew that it was going against the holy book and all his previous beliefs.

Lin Yi back trembled lightly. It seemed that he could not bear such a weight and was silently enduring this painful humiliation.

Chu WuQing’s lightly smirked and his butt slid down a little as he moved from Lin Yi’s shoulders and back to Lin Yi’s waist. This instantly caused the blush on Lin Yi’s neck to spread on his whole face, and even his breaths started coming in rapid pants.

It seemed that the air itself became stifling due to Lin Yi swallowing humiliation and bearing disgrace.

Chu WuQing’s smirk widened. How could the torment in Lin Yi’s heart compare with the extreme suffering in Chu WuQing’s last life? He would never ever let Lin Yi live a smooth and steady life like before.

After half a day, Chu WuQing came up with another method. He stood up suddenly and threw Lin Yi down from the flying boat. He coldly ordered, “As a lowly servant, how can you be fit to sit on the same boat as your master?”

Then he made Lin Yi run below while his flying boat travelled forward at a speed that was neither fast nor slow.

He was at First Level Qi Condensation stage cultivation and his constitution was much better than ordinary people. Lin Yi could only strenuously and persistently chase after the boat without daring to slack off. Only then did he manage not to get left behind. His feet were chafed till his blisters bled.

But to him, it was undoubtedly an unconventional training experience. Soon, great amounts of spiritual energy gathered between his feet. It was almost dense enough to form a fog that could be seen by the naked eye as it refined his cultivation and forged his body.

This was obviously not working. Chu WuQing recalled what he saw along the way. He immediately remembered that there was a mountain range near here. The spiritual energy of the mountain range was severed and it was completely barren. There were even evil spirits circling around the mountain range.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Ling Chi: the death of a thousand cuts (old form of capital punishment)
  2. The grace of a drop of water should be still returned as a gushing spring: Even a small favor should be redoubled (in action)

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