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Chapter 24: “Are you willing?”

Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

It was not just the Golden Core cultivators of the various sects who noticed when the sword intent surged into the sky.

There was a Dao lake somewhere in the lower realm and a black-haired man in white was sitting cross legged in the air above the lake. A simple and unadorned Qin was placed on his legs and his long eyelashes were lowered as he closed his eyes to strum the strings. Every sound that flowed from his fingertips appeared to have a faintly discernible void intent and it was so beautiful that it seemed to have descended from the Ninth Heaven.

The birds and animals on the celestial mountain did not know what was heavenly music or music theory, but they were naturally attracted by the sound of the Qin.

The Lightning Leopard ceased its rest on the tree branches and ran towards the Dao lake; the pack of wolves stopped chasing the elk and ran towards the Dao lake; the Ghostfire Tiger stopped patrolling its territory and ran towards the Dao lake; Lightbearer Sparrow stopped singing and flew towards the Dao lake…

All the living things that could move headed towards the Dao lake.

The Dao lake under the man was just a common lake. It was as if a spirit had been poured into it after experiencing such heavenly music day and night, and the lake transformed into a Dao lake.

When the man began to indifferently strum the strings again, a sword shriek suddenly roared through the air and the young man immersed in the world of music suddenly opened his eyes. The music stopped abruptly, “Had the Opportunity been born ahead of time?” The Qin disappeared as soon as the young man flipped his palm, and his gentle temperament suddenly turned sharp. Looking at the shadow of the sword in the sky, a trace of viciousness flashed in his eyes.

Similarly, in the Core Disciple Residence of the Sixth Sect among the top ten sects.

Chu WuDan’s body was kneeling stiffly on the ground. There was an extremely smooth incision on his neck that did not even have a drop of blood flowing out. This incision was like a carefully processed work of art.

Chu WuDan’s head rolled to the ground. His brainwaves had not completely stopped and he stared with unwilling eyes that became duller and duller, before dying with great suffering.

The core disciples of the Number Six Sect dared not make a sound, let alone reprimand this blatant murderer.

Xiao Yan stood in front of Chu WuDan’s body and gently wiped the blood on the magic item. The blood instantly condensed into numerous blood pearls and rolled under Chu WuDan’s corpse. In the blink of an eye, it turned into bloodfire and completely burned Chu WuDan’s body till there was not a trace left.

Xiao Yan gave a dissolute and suave smile, “In any case, Chu WuQing is still my Shixiong’s fiancée in name. I’m the only one who can take his life. The dog shit that you are shouldn’t even be thinking of this.” 

An unrivalled beauty whose smile was extremely gorgeous. However, this smile made everyone feel a chill rising from the bottom of their feet and gave them the strong desire to leave immediately. Yet, they dared not move at all for fear of attracting Xiao Yan’s attention.

Xiao Yan continued to murmur, “No wonder the Chu Clan’s Trial was brought forward this year. Was it for this Opportunity?” He muttered to himself a little and his eyes were full of confidence as he said, “Since this has fallen into my hands, I shall eliminate the Chu Clan’s Opportunity together with Chu WuQing’s life.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a huge sword shadow that seemed to cut through the sky appeared in the sky.

The smile on Xiao Yan’s face immediately turned into astonishment, before turning to killing intent in a split second. His body turned into a sword light and flew towards the place where the sword shadow appeared.

It wasn’t until Xiao Yan’s figure completely disappeared from the Sect Leader’s Hall that the Supreme Elder released the constraints on the other five Golden Core cultivators.

One of the Golden Core cultivators spat in rage, “Supreme Elder, how can you let some unknown person kill their way into our sect’s inner section and torture our core disciple to death in public? Where is the dignity of our sect! That man is just a mere Foundation Establishment  cultivator. Don’t tell me that we are afraid of him even if his technique is somewhat strange?!”

The Supreme Elder shook his head with a solemn look and said, “I felt an extremely dangerous aura from him the moment he stepped through our gates.”

The Golden Core cultivators incredulously widened their eyes. The Supreme Elder was a late-stage Golden Core cultivator who was cultivating the Path of Flame Comprehension. There was hardly anyone in the cultivation world who was a match for him, yet he actually felt a sense of crisis because of a junior. Was that person really just a junior at the Foundation Establishment stage?

After taking in the expression of everyone around him, the Supreme Elder lightly stated, “From today on, we will activate the Mountain Guardian Greater Array and seal the gate of our sect for ten years. Everyone will cultivate in seclusion, and we will not participate in any dispute in the cultivation world.” As soon as this decision was made, a layer of mist that seemed to conceal the mountain range of the Number Sixth Sect appeared. From the Sect Leader and the Elders to the Outer Sect odd jobs workers, everyone returned to their abodes one after another, and meditated in seclusion.

Due to the decision of the Supreme Elder, the Number Sixth Sect was saved from the catastrophe that occured three years later, and became the only sect that did not suffer any damage when they rose from the lower realm.

Lin Yi’s sword shadow attracted the attention of all the children and disciples of the Chu Clan.

In the XianLing Sect at this moment, Chu WuQing’s expression was as calm as still water as he ordered Chu You, “You’ll deal with the Golden Core cultivators. Do everything as I instructed.”

Chu You’s life and soul was connected to Chu WuQing through a special secret technique from Chu HuanZhi. As long as Chu WuQing wanted to, he could delve into Chu You’s mind with the use of this secret technique and see everything through Chu You’s eyes. He could also share their divine senses within a certain radius.

Chu You’s body turned into a blaze of fire and he travelled to the XianLing Sect’s gate in an instant, stopping these Golden Core cultivators from advancing. He released his aura and spoke in a deep tone, “Fellow Daosists, why are you trying to barge through the gates of our XianLing Sect without permission or announcing yourselves?”

Not everyone knew that there was a Golden Core cultivator in the XianLing Sect, and they were extremely surprised to be enveloped in Chu You’s aura. In the end, they had just stopped advancing but did not have the intention to retreat at all.

The two people who tried to recruit Chu You that day were among this group. They naturally recognized Chu You at this moment. A cultivator of a Greater Path came to such a small sect like the XianLing Sect and became its Sect Leader. It must be because there would be a priceless treasure here.

It was just that these people found it hard to speak up with the QingLing Sect here. However, everyone’s eyes were on the Late-stage Golden Core cultivator from the QingLing Sect, and the meaning in their eyes were very obvious.

Though the QingLing Sect naturally knew about the unforeseen events at the XianLing Sect, they didn’t care about the struggles of such a small sect. They only knew that the XianLing Sect had a Golden Core cultivator, and were unaware that he was the cultivator of such a Great Path. There was a trace of heaviness in his heart as his words became much milder, “Everyone has seen the unusual changes of heaven and earth due to the birth of a priceless treasure. Does XianLing Sect intend to take it for themselves?” He discarded his initial thought of taking it directly.

Chu WuQing was so angered by the righteous attitude from these people till he burst into laughter.

He knew what this group of people were thinking. No matter how powerful Chu You was, he was just one Golden Core cultivator. It was hard for two fists to win against four, moreover, there were twenty eight people here and more Golden Core cultivators would arrive after hearing the news.

The most important thing was that even if they could not beat Chu You, they could still eradicate the XianLing Sect. Besides, there was still Chu WuQing in the XianLing Sect. It would be enough to threaten Chu You if they caught Chu WuQing.

Chu WuQing became a burden for the first time in his life and this made him feel powerless and indignant. He decided that once this affair was over, he would improve his cultivation first no matter what Lin Yi did. 

Of course, he could hide in the LingLong Pagoda and these people would not be able to use him to threaten Chu You. But if he did this, all his effort he put in the XianLing Sect would go up in smoke.

Therefore, he could not immediately fight against them even if he knew what these people were planning.

Chu WuQing spoke through Chu You’s lips, “Fellow Daoists from the QingLing Sect must be joking. These unusual changes in heaven and earth are not due to some priceless treasure appearing. This matter concerns our sect’s secrets and cannot be disclosed.” Everyone’s expression changed as soon as these words came out. An derisive impatience could be seen in the eyes of the Golden Core cultivator from the QingLing Sect, as he felt that the XianLing Sect had the impertinence to fail to appreciate their kindness.

However, Chu You’s reaction was also within their expectations. It would arouse their suspicions if a Greater Path Golden Core cultivator just let them enter and exit their inner courtyard so casually. Even so, Chu You’s actions still made them feel extremely dissatisfied.

“The XianLing Sect is really capable. It’s only just a small sect with one Golden Core cultivator, yet there is also a secret that can cause such unusual changes in heaven and earth,” An Elder from the QingLing Sect sect sneered, “Don’t refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit.” His attitude was tremendously arrogant.

Chu You did not show any weakness as he replied, “My XianLing Sect does not have such a capability. It’s not like the noble sects will have the final say. Even if this matter was not part of the secrets of my sect, there is no such thing as a treasure here. Even supposing there was such a thing, it should be a treasure belonging to my sect since it appeared within my sect. What would it have to do with you?” His aura spread out again as he spoke.

Despite knowing that it was hard for Chu You to win against them, they could obviously feel the threat to their lives in this aura and were not willing to rashly make their move.


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November 19, 2020 10:37 pm

Thank you for the chapter!!!
Wow… These people are so shameful, preaching righteousness and yet being worse than bandits. At least bandits are honest.

Minnie ford
Minnie ford
November 20, 2020 4:49 pm

Thank you for exciting chapter more please

November 22, 2020 4:49 pm

This webnovel is so silly.. but it hits that right sort of indulgent. Who hasn’t ever wanted to go nuts, cause all sorts of trouble, and bully the people that have made you miserable in the past? You may be a villain to everyone else, but you’re still the hero of your own story, WuQing! …. Or that’s what I’d say if everyone else didn’t keep misinterpreting your actions as something good. When the time comes, will you be able to outrun so many ‘rivals’?!

January 6, 2021 11:30 pm

Greedy people always have lame excuses to looted and plundered other people sect😑😑😑

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What a bunch of brainless shameful idiots
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