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Chapter 24: Part Two

Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

Golden Core cultivators had become the pinnacle of cultivation in the lower realm. It could be said that one could walk sideways in the entire lower realm as long as they did not provoke a Peak Golden Core cultivator. If one wanted power, wealth and status, they could stretch out their hands and take it, so this made Golden Core cultivators greatly cherish their lives.

It was particularly so when people saw the head of the Golden Core cultivator hanging above the XianLing Sect’s gate; this fear rose to the extreme.

Not only was Chu You more powerful than everyone in this realm, his methods were also much more ruthless than theirs.

There was also a Golden Core cultivator from the TaYue Sect among this group. The hatred in his heart could well be imagined as he faced the aura from Chu You. Compared to any treasure, he longed for Chu You to be attacked from all sides and killed. Unfortunately, the people from the Number One Sect were here, and the QingLing Sect Elder had not yet opened his mouth to reply. He was just someone from a small clan and could only endure this.

Chu You and Chu WuQing caught the reactions of the group, but they also knew that such fear was only temporary. The QingLing Sect which had several Golden Core cultivators would not really care about Chu You’s threat, and would not be led around by Chu You. They would face an extremely thorny situation once the QingLing Sect was completely enraged.

Therefore, Chu WuQing said to the Elder of the QingLing Sect through Chu You’s mouth, “Be that as it may, I also know that all Fellow Daoists here are eager for the treasure. Neither side wins if I stand in the way of Fellow Daoists’ search. Of course, it is impossible for Fellow Daoists to enter and exit the XianLing Sect at will and trample on my dignity as a Golden Core cultivator in front of me. You all must have a magic item that can search for treasures. Although I can’t let you enter the XianLing Sect to search for the treasure you mentioned, I can allow you to use any means to search from the areas outside the gate.”

Chu WuQing’s words were very ingenious. It stepped on the bottom line that would incur the wrath of people, yet gave them a sweet date at the same time. It was using the oppressive strength of a Golden Core cultivator to step on their three values, so that they would have to give in to his words.

In the past, the XianLing Sect occupied almost half of Mount DaQing, but now they were only occupying a few mountain tops. It was extremely easy for Golden Core cultivators to use their divine sense to search. Moreover, as Chu You had said, the top sects would definitely have secret artifacts to search for treasures.

Although everyone’s expressions were not that pleased, they could only follow what Chu You said and each searched with their own methods.

These methods were rather shocking to the disciples from the XianLing Sect. At the same time, they were deeply resentful of their own uselessness. All of them knew what kind of calamity they would have faced if Sect Leader Chu You did not stop the group outside the gate.

While the group was searching, Chu WuQing casually called an inner disciple over and asked, “Where are Su BeiCi and Lin Yi?”

The disciple did not dare not to conceal anything. Seeing that Chu WuQing was feeling impatient, he simply took out a jade slip and engraved the location of Su BeiCi and Lin Yi on it, an action which was clearer than speaking.

Chu WuQing saw Lin Yi sitting cross legged on the ground when he reached the location. Lin Yi’s clothes were full of blood and his head-to-toe wounds were a ghastly sight. If the same thing happened to someone else, that person would have died.

However, he was Lin Yi. He was the Lin Yi of immortal soul and life, and underwent all kinds of torture for three months when he had been a mortal. His face still remained unchanged even though his body was in complete ruins. His imposing manner that faced danger fearlessly even made people feel afraid from the bottom of their hearts.

Ghastly white bones could be seen inside the wounds, but at the same time, an earth shaking sword intent radiated from the wounds. This sword intent seemed to resonate with the sword shadow that was high in the sky, and an unending stream of heaven and earth energy flowed into Lin Yi’s body, causing him to advance to the Fourth Level of Qi Condensation on the spot.

Su BeiCi stood ten steps away from Lin Yi. All over his body were traces that showed he had been attacked to shreds by sword intent. His black pupils were as deep as the sea, and his expression suddenly changed when he realized that Chu WuQing was approaching.

He was cultivating the Path of Cleaving Emotions, but walked a leisurely and carefree road. Even when he intended to perish together with the Golden Core cultivator from the TaYue Sect who had forced his way to the door, his expression did not change at all. It was as if nothing in the world could move his heart.

Yet, at this moment, his expression changed greatly due to Chu WuQing, so much so that a sense of terror rose in his heart.

This terror was because he was concerned, and also because of his resentment towards himself. He did not want to see the disappointment in Chu WuQing’s eyes when they looked at him.

He repeatedly said that it was because of love, but due to a single action from being jealous of a rival in love, he pushed Chu WuQing and the whole clan into a dangerous situation. He… was a sinner.

Chu WuQing stopped ten steps away from Lin Yi when he arrived. He indifferently looked at Su BeiCi and asked, “Who made Lin Yi stimulate the Spirit Sword Root?”

Spirit Sword Root? Su BeiCi had never heard of this type of spiritual root before. It had never been seen in the history of the entire cultivation world. However, Su BeiCi was a smart person and he immediately understood it when he put together the scene in front of him and Lin Yi’s explosively fast cultivation.

There were only two people here. Who else could it be other than him?

“It’s me,” Su BeiCi did not give any explanation, and did not try to shirk the responsibility. Instead, he frankly admitted it. He stepped forward and knelt down in front of Chu WuQing on one knee. “QingQing, I was wrong. It won’t happen again the next time.”

There was a great deal of weight behind this word, ‘wrong,’ when spoken from the mouth of the naturally arrogant and immensely talented Su BeiCi. Yet, he enunciated the word very carefully and precisely. He would not put up the slightest pretense when facing his lover.

Chu WuQing’s eyes widened in astonishment. How could it be? How could it be? He had imagined all sorts of possibilities, yet he had never thought it would be the former female lead, Su BeiCi, who tried to kill Lin Yi.

Su BeiCi could feel so jealous that ‘she’ would get jealous over a man? Chu WuQing thought it was extremely ridiculous, but no one was able to make Su BeiCi falsely claim something she had not done as her handiwork.

Chu WuQing suddenly had a feeling that he had lifted a stone and smashed his own foot. However, when he thought of the pain in Lin Yi’s heart when Lin Yi’s beloved person tried to kill him, the dumbfoundedness in Chu WuQing’s heart mostly dissipated. He turned to Su BeiCi, “To attempt to kill a fellow disciple, A-Ci… you, go put yourself into confinement.”

Su BeiCi’s former wish was to stay by Chu WuQing’s side all the time. Confinement was undoubtedly the greatest punishment for him, and at the same time, it also gave Chu WuQing peace and quiet.

Su BeiCi’s figure trembled and replied, “Understood.” 

Su BeiCi’s gaze fell onto the numerous Golden Core cultivators threatening the XianLing Sect, and moved onto Chu You, who confronted dozens of men with one man’s power. There was sadness in his eyes, but it was soon replaced by unswerving determination. During this confinement, he would go into Critical Secluded Cultivation. If he did not achieve a cultivation level of Greater Path Golden Core, he would not return alive.

Only in this way could he stand beside Chu WuQing.

When Su BeiCi stood up, his whole temperament had changed. He lost the ostentation of youth and the sharp edge of the years had settled on his shoulders, yet he became more attractive than before.

After ten breaths, Lin Yi opened his eyes, and the strange vision disappeared with his sword intent.

Those distinct black and white eyes had become more limpid than before, yet they were extremely deep and mysterious. It seemed that there was a cadence of a Path flowing in his eyes. It had no intention to stay or go, and was undisturbed either by favor or disgrace.

But this kind of Lin Yi gave one an ultimate sense of danger, which could not be seen or touched.

Chu WuQing’s eyes narrowed slightly. So what if he activated his Spirit Sword Root or ascended to Fourth Level Qi Condensation? Lin Yi’s cultivation was still the level of an ant for him right now.

Chu WuQing’s hand gently waved and Lin Yi’s body seemed to have been grasped by an invisible giant hand as it rose from the ground in an instant. Chu WuQing brought him along and rapidly headed for the main gate.

In addition to not allowing this group of people to enter the door of XianLing Sect, he could not let anyone be under the misunderstanding that there was really a priceless treasure inside the XianLing Sect. Otherwise, all attention would surely be attracted when the Immortal Abode was opened.

The XianLing Sect’s territory was small, so it was extremely easy to search. All the Golden Core cultivators used all kinds of divine senses and secret treasures, but they could not find any trace of the treasure.

Chu You stated, “As you can see, there is no precious treasure in our XianLing Sect. Fellow Daosists, please return.”

Although they did not find anything, it did not mean that Chu You had not hidden the treasure in a short period of time through a remarkable deceptive ability. How could they be willing to go home with their tail between their legs despite such an exceptionally low possibility?

However, Chu You had already made concessions. Could they have the capability to say that they wanted to search Chu You’s body? Or would they really besiege Chu You immediately?

This was obviously unrealistic, so a temporary stalemate was formed.

That Golden Core cultivator from the TaYue Sect had other intentions. Seeing that the scene at this moment was stabilized by Chu You, and even the Late-stage Golden Core cultivator from the QingLing Sect was not speaking up, he immediately made a speech to incite disharmony, “What else can the strange changes in heaven and earth be other than a signal of the birth of a priceless treasure? You are the only foreign Golden Core cultivator in the XianLing Sect, and you’re even at Early-stage Golden Core. I would sure like to know what kind of secret could trigger such strange changes with a cultivation at a level like yours? Do you, the XianLing Sect Leader, think the cultivators here and I are all three-year-old children?”

The TaYue Sect’s Golden Core cultivator was aggressive, but his words resonated with the hearts of the group and the original slightly relaxed atmosphere suddenly changed again.

The cultivator from the QingLing Sect added, “Will Sect Leader Chu kindly explain this?”

The Golden Core cultivator from the TaYue Sect became even prouder upon seeing the cultivator from the QingLing Sect support his words. Noticing that Chu You wasn’t saying a word, he immediately continued, “Sect Leader Chu……”

When he had just opened his mouth, a ball of hellfire came towards him with endless power. In an instant, the flame surrounded him entirely. The blue flame that was full of fierce resentment slowly teased the neck of the Golden Core cultivator from the TaYue Sect. It only needed a thought from Chu You, and he would be burned to death within two breaths.

Moreover, Chu You’s flames were composed of hellfire and being burned by it was more painful than falling into the Ninth Level of Hell. It could be compared with the pain of a hundred ghosts entering and swallowing up one’s body.

The cultivator from the TaYue Sect trembled. Then he remembered that there were many Golden Core cultivators here, the people from the QingLing Sect were supporting him, and that Chu You would anger everyone and become the signal that ignited the conflict if he killed him. Thus, he immediately straightened up and sneered, “Sect Leader Chu, do you have a guilty conscience?”

Chu You glared coldly at the Golden Core cultivator from the TaYue Sect and said, “I’ll count to two. If you don’t shut up, you will die.”

The expression of the Golden Core cultivator from the QingLing Sect changed and he berated, “Chu You, you dare?!”

Chu You’s voice was full of menace that seemed to come from the nether world as it judged the life and death of people. It was extremely terrifying. The person from the TaYue Sect grew increasingly frightened. But he immediately changed his mind when he heard that the cultivator from the QingLing Sect supported him. The last time Chu You killed someone, he did not give anyone any time to talk. What he said about counting to two was clearly a bluff!

With all the Golden Core cultivators and the QingLing Sect here, he would not dare!

The TaYue Sect cultivator derided, “Chu You, as a Greater Path Golden Core cultivator, why did you suddenly come to the XianLing Sect a month ago? It must surely be because you had long foreseen the emergence of a priceless treasure.”

Chu You’s expression did not change, but his eyes were extremely cold. He was eyeing the TaYue Sect cultivator like he was looking at a dead man, “One.”


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