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Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

The sword light that was wrapped in killing intent descended with all the regalness of a king and shattered Wang Ning’s array plate.

A successful ascension into Foundation Establishment!

Chu WuQing was still in sitting meditation. The might of this sword intent was not something someone at Foundation Establishment should have. Instead, it was Chu YunShu’s Sword Path of Slaughter that had been planted in his Spiritual Resolve since his last life. The moment he successfully ascended to Foundation Establishment, the Sword Path of Slaughter was naturally formed.  

As one of the heavenly laws, there was naturally an unusual occurrence. Although the aura of this unusual occurrence was far lesser than the fluctuations from the Spirit Sword, the unusual occurrence from this sword intent naturally carried the power of heaven due to the strength of the original owner.

It made the people in the vicinity feel oppressed and frightened, as they trembled from the depth of their soul and crushed their chances of forming a core.

Xiao Yan’s fight with Chu YunShu was stopped by the sword light. Astonishment flashed through Xiao Yan’s eyes, but was quickly replaced by pride, “QingQing could break the shackles of Qi Condensation and ascend to the unprecedented nineteenth level of Qi Condensation. Isn’t it natural for him to comprehend the Path of Core Formation after he had just ascended to Foundation Establishment?”

Chu YunShu’s eyes that were always calm and steady became complex when he looked at the direction the sword light came from. After a long silence, he lamented, “He’s really worthy of being the son of the Clan Head of the Chu Clan.”

Within the QingLing Sect, Lin Yi put his sword into its sheath and raised his head abruptly as his tongue softly licked at the corner of his lips, “It’s the taste of Master.”

Outside the lower realm in the inner section of the Chu Clan, Chu HuanZhi was sitting quietly and meditating on the lotus throne.

His wide sleeves were nearly touching the ground, and he looked akin to a god as he sat there. It seemed that time had stopped around him and did not dare to flow.

Severe and destructive sword intent filled the area. There was a strong Path Intent that would even terrify a Peak Void Comprehension cultivator should they see this.

All of a sudden, the closed eyes suddenly opened, and the bloodlust in heaven and earth trembled. 

“QingQing.” Chu HuanZhi’s indifferent lips were slightly open, but what he spat out were two words that were stained with the smoke and fire of the human world, and were full of pampering.

The surrounding stagnant spiritual energy began to flow and it was so dense that clouds formed.

“Daddy?” At the final moment when Chu WuQing was about to solidify his ascension to Foundation Establishment, the sword intent of slaughter from his last life forcefully poured into him and enlightened him. This time, he comprehended it as his own Path Intent and had to refine it into his Dantian in a short time.

Chu WuQing almost thought it was an illusion when he suddenly heard Chu HuanZhi’s voice.

“Concentrate, it’s not an illusion.” Chu HuanZhi’s voice directly sounded beside his ear. It was just like Chu HuanZhi had lowered his head and was speaking beside Chu WuQing’s ear, and he seemed to be able to faintly feel the cold fragrance pouring off Chu HuanZhi.

At the next moment, Chu WuQing felt that someone had helped him up. One slender hand was grabbing his right wrist and the other was on his waist.

“QingQing, open your eyes.” It was the first time Chu HuanZhi spoke with an order in his tone, “Pick up the sword.”

When Chu WuQing opened his eyes, he saw a shade of Chu HuanZhi. Almost in an instant, he understood that his own sword intent of slaughter came from Chu HuanZhi. Thus, the moment he broke through and gained enlightenment produced a resonation with Chu HuanZhi, which caused the descent of Chu HuanZhi’s shade.

Chu WuQing immediately summoned a first grade spirit sword that Chu HuanZhi had already prepared for him. The moment the sword hilt touched his hand, the resonation with Chu HuanZhi grew stronger and Chu HuanZhi’s shade became more solid.

“Qingqing, Daddy will let you experience the real Sword Path of Slaughter.”

As soon as Chu HuanZhi finished speaking, Chu WuQing’s jade-like skin was gently caressed, bringing a trembling itchiness with it. Chu HuanZhi’s slender hands that were full of wisdom moved from his wrists until he covered Chu WuQing’s entire hand and domineeringly entwined their fingers together. 

The cultivators who wanted to seize the unusual treasure did not retreat because of this unforeseen event.

The moment the array plate shattered, Wang Ning frowned slightly and took two steps back. It was obvious that his mind and spirit had suffered damage. However, when the Sword Qi shot into the sky, the aura that obscured Chu WuQing’s cultivation level disappeared and what radiated out was the aura of an Early-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Although this aura was particularly strong due to the Sword Path of Slaughter, it was only just the aura of an Early-stage Foundation Establishment.

A glint of avarice flashed in Wang Ning’s eyes, “It’s just an Early-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator. A heavenly law will soon fall into my hands like this.”

As soon as this remark was said, the people who had been overwhelmed by Chu WuQing’s aura were ready to move again.

This was especially so since Chu WuQing was still sitting in meditation after he had reached Foundation Establishment. Thinking of how badly mutilated he had been before this, it was obvious that he was already extremely weak.

“Kill!” This time, Wang Ning summoned his Life-bound magic artifact that had been half refined.

The spells from the cultivators smashed towards the sword light at the same time.

At this moment, the unusual changes from the heavenly law induced by Chu WuQing entering Foundation Establishment disappeared. The might of the heavenly law that caused fear in their hearts dissipated, and everyone was ready to take action.

When everyone’s spells were only one inch away from Chu WuQing, he suddenly stood up from his meditation pose. With this action, his aura actually surged again.

“QingQing, the Path of Slaughter is a Path I walk alone. Anyone who goes against my will shall be killed.” Chu HuanZhi’s breath was touching Chu WuQing’s ear. As soon as the voice finished speaking, his hand slashed out with Chu WuQing’s sword.

The spiritual power of this slash came from Chu WuQing’s Dantian, and the Path of this slash came from Chu WuQing’s sea of consciousness. However, the strength of the slash and the power it contained was something that Chu WuQing had never experienced.

It was like Chu WuQing had been possessed by Chu HuanZhi. There were no distracting thoughts or emotions in his eyes, as if all beings in the world were ephemeral.

With that single slash, Wang Ning’s life-bound magic artifact was shattered in an instant.

Wang Ning’s expression was still arrogant, but blood was flowing out from the corners of his mouth and his face was deathly pale.

However, the might of this slash did not disappear. It seemed that it became more excited since it was stained with blood. Wang Ning’s arms were shattered from the remaining might of this Sword Qi!

“No!” Wang Ning wanted to escape with the speed of a Golden Core by using the method of burning his primordial spirit. But as soon as his primordial spirit started burning, he felt that his whole soul was shrouded in the air of annihilation. It was as if there was already no life around and all living things were dead.

The burning of his spirit had been sealed off.

“That’s impossible! He’s not at Foundation Establishment, he’s at Golden Core. No, he’s not a Golden…”

“To seal all living things with the Path of Slaughter.” Chu HuanZhi’s voice softly echoed with a kind of gentleness that was difficult to describe. It was like how he taught Chu WuQing to wear clothes when he was young, “Do you understand? QingQing.”


Wang Ning’s body suddenly collapsed when the word ‘break’ came out.

Although this scene took a long time to describe, it actually happened in a flash. All the cultivators were stunned.

How could it be? The aura of an Early-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator was clearly coming off Chu WuQing’s body. How could he kill Wang Ning, who was half a step into the Golden Core stage, so easily?

“The people in the XianLing Sect are all monsters!”

Everyone wanted to escape, but how could they be faster than Wang Ning? They would just be reaped by Chu WuQing’s Sword Qi. The only lucky thing was that there were many people who came to seize the treasure and besiege him. Chu WuQing needed time to kill people. If they scattered in all directions to escape, they may still have an opportunity to live!

As long as they escaped to the QingLing Sect, the sect leader of the QingLing Sect would not leave them to die!

“QingQing,” Chu HuanZhi’s tightened his grip on Chu WuQing’s waist, but his gaze became clearer and clearer, “Hunt in all directions with the guidance of Sword Qi.”


At this moment, Chu WuQing felt that all the people running away in front of him had become prey and he was the only hunter in the hunting ground. He let the prey think that they could survive and escape, just to increase the fun of hunting.

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