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Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis 

Not all the disciples of XianLing Sect had gone out to war. Some lower-levelled cultivators had stayed behind to guard the sect. They should’ve all been sleeping for meditating, but now, they were all startled awake.

They all saw the skies blaze with light, countless spells coming down on their guardian array. Those cultivators wore terrifying, crazed expressions. This seemed to be an even greater crisis than before, when the TaYue Sect had attacked.

“Destroy the XianLing Sect! Take the treasure!”

“This measly XianLing Sect dares to keep us in the dark and take the treasure for themselves? Kill them!”

A huge commotion like this drew the attention of all the other great sects. Only the sixth sect and the QingLing Sect didn’t respond to it for their own reasons.

Even a prodigious nigh-Golden Core from the third ranked sect came.

The cultivators immediately recognized him as he descended, shocked at his presence. “Wang Ning, recognized by the Great Elder of the QingLing Sect as an array prodigy, entering his Path through arrays, half a step to Golden Core!”

XianLing Sect’s guardian array had been modified by Gu Yu. It wasn’t so easy to break through. The cultivators that had been going crazy with the thought of treasure soon began to cooperate, attacking the guardian barrier in accordance with Wang Ning’s directions.

Compared to the TaYue Sect’s disorganized and haphazard assault, this had the style of a true army’s strength and finesse.

The guardian array was on the verge of collapse and the low-level disciples of the XianLing Sect were all pale with fright, yet none of them ran or backed down, all gazing at the only elder left in the sect.

Even though some of them had their legs and arms trembling violently with fear, their expressions didn’t hold a hint of cowardice.

They couldn’t let these people invade the ancestral peak and disturb their Eldest Shixiong!

Though the elder was also white-faced, his eyes filled with despair, he closed his eyes for a moment before opening them again, and now the fires of battlelust burned in them. “XianLing Sect disciples, hear me. We will fight to our deaths!”

At this command, the fear in their eyes retreated, replaced with a blaze of determined battlelust.

Even though their cultivation was low, even though they were nothing compared to tigers and wolves outside, they refused to back down. If it wasn’t for their Eldest Shixiong, they would’ve all died a month ago. If it wasn’t for their Eldest Shixiong, their stagnant cultivation would’ve never had the chance to improve again.

Dying today would be no more than accepting the fate that should’ve befallen them a month ago, but they refused to let anyone touch the person who had given them hope.

Yet that was when a cool, calm voice echoed from above. “All XianLing Sect disciples, leave the sect immediately. If anyone dares get themselves killed by trying to fight, then they’re breaking sect rules and will be banished, their corpse left to rot outside.”

This voice was as arrogant as always, cold and heartless, but it shook their hearts, turning their burning determination into moved tears.

The situation below was urgent, but it was nowhere near as urgent as the approach of heavenly lightning from above. The heavenly lightning was a mere two breaths away from striking Chu WuQing.

“Have you gone mad? You don’t have any time to spare to care about the lives of those ants. If you stop now, you can at least survive!” Xin Ye’s rage had reached a peak. This madman had triggered heavenly lightning, yet still didn’t know to stop.

He cared naught for Chu WuQing’s life, but this damn contract bound him to this ant! No one cared about the death of an ant, but Xin Ye refused to die because of this ant.

Xin Ye had never regretted his decision to cultivate the Death Reversal Technique. Right now, he was experiencing a humiliation that he had never before experienced and never would experience again.

Yet then, something even more unexpected occurred.

“XiaoHong, block it.”

As Chu WuQing gave the command, Xin Ye’s body flew up into the air, stopping right above Chu WuQing’s head and sheltering Chu WuQing entirely. The heavenly lightning that was enough to completely destroy Chu WuQing’s soul pierced through Xin Ye’s body.

Otherworld Demons had extremely powerful physical bodies, and Xin Ye’s cultivation level had originally been at Soul Transformation level, so under this lightning, apart from the pain of having his body taken apart, he wouldn’t truly die or be destroyed.

Yet, this lightning tribulation had Xin Ye truly experiencing the feeling of being on death’s door. He hadn’t even had this feeling when he had just achieved Soul Transformation and single handedly fought thirteen Late Soul Transformation Stage demons that sought to topple him.

Chu WuQing, damn you, Chu WuQing. You actually dared to use me as a shield. Humiliating.

Xin Ye couldn’t understand why such a cruel and malicious person existed. This Chu WuQing must look just as ugly and twisted as he was inside. That’s why he was such a horrible person. He couldn’t believe he had ever wanted to accept such a person as a subordinate or lower himself to personally take revenge. Just the sight of Chu WuQing was a blight to his eyes.

“Chu WuQing, when I recover, I’ll throw you to the lowest demons and have you eaten alive slowly, keeping your soul intact, as your body decays….”

To Chu WuQing, however, Xin Ye’s cursing didn’t hurt Chu WuQing at all. Conversely, the more Xin Ye cursed him, the easier time Chu WuQing had imagining just how helplessly enraged Xin Ye was.

Was there anything better than having someone else only able to curse at you and imagine what they could do to you, yet helpless to actually act? In any case, didn’t he spend a fortune buying Xin Ye just so the other could protect him? Otherwise, what was the point of his existence?

Chu WuQing’s lips curved upwards slightly. “XiaoHong, ah, XiaoHong. How could you speak like that about the master who had saved your life? In that auction, there were plenty of buyers who planned to purchase you as an alchemical ingredient.”

As for whether or not it was even possible for those people to refine Xin Ye’s body into an elixir or if such an act would even cause Xin Ye to recover from his pseudo-death state, Chu WuQing decided to selectively ignore that.

Xin Ye, currently being repeatedly struck by lightning, didn’t have the capacity to rebuke him. His hatred grew.

Chu WuQing might be verbally toying with the other, but he didn’t pause for a moment in his Foundation Establishment. He quickly circulated his qi and refined the first wave of spiritual rain. The danger of the lightning tribulation was momentarily avoided, but the danger from below was fast approaching.

If he had yet to accomplish Foundation Establishment when they broke through his last line of defence, he would be helpless.

When the fourth strike of lightning descended, a tremendous sound erupted from the base of the sect, sending shockwaves up the peaks.

XianLing Sect’s guardian array was finally broken!

The members of the other sects immediately grew excited, greed shining in their eyes as if they were about to obtain the treasure for themselves. “Charge! The treasure is on the ancestral peak!”

It grew harder for Xin Ye to communicate with his Divine Sense, but the world around him grew clearer to his senses and he sneered at Chu WuQing, “Had you stopped then and not desecrated my body like this, then perhaps I’d allow you to use me to save yourself, but now… hmph.”

Chu WuQing ignored Xin Ye’s words. Currently, the fifth wave of spiritual rain had already begun to fall, but his DanTian, having expanded nine times, hadn’t even been filled to half full yet.

The first wave of enemies had already arrived at the base of the Ancestral peak. The obstacles in their way could only delay them momentarily. They were insignificant.

Chu WuQing kept himself calm, intensifying his use of his cultivation technique.

After thirty breaths, the cultivators who attacked XianLing Sect had broken through the Ancestral Peak’s defenses and began the charge upwards. The lightning tribulation clouds were still gathering but these people weren’t afraid at all.

So long as the tribulation clouds were still there, it meant that the treasure still hadn’t been taken!

Of course, when the excited crowd arrived at the mountain peak, they didn’t see any treasure, just a lake and the person in the middle whose appearance was obscured by his blood and injuries.

The person’s signs of life were weak, but they were surrounded by a powerful aura. An unknown object hovered above their head. The sight shocked them all. The person who sat safely, peacefully in the center of the lake was clearly the sect leader of XianLing Sect.

If they were alone or with only ten other people, perhaps they would be afraid, but right now, this was a chance to get the treasure for themselves. With several thousand of their fellows at their side, they had no fear.

“The treasure must’ve been hidden by the XianLing Sect leader. That’s why the tribulation clouds are gathering above his head!”

“The spiritual energy here is dense enough to form mist. It must be because of the treasure.”

“Kill the XianLing Sect leader, take the treasure!”

A tidal wave of several thousand people approached the lake at once. The triggering of the arrays and talismans only caused them to falter momentarily, but these obstacles had them even more certain that the XianLing Sect Leader had the treasure on him.

The sixth wave of spiritual rain formed, and the air was filled with the sound of explosions. Chu WuQing’s defences were halfway dismantled.

The tribulation clouds gathered in the sky once more, and the incoming crowd slowed.

They saw the massive lightning dragon come crashing down towards Chu WuQing. Just when they thought Chu WuQing was as good as dead and would be forced to take out that treasure to avoid the lightning strike, Chu WuQing moved, commanding, “Rise.”

That charred unknown object suspended above Chu WuQing’s head suddenly shot up towards the tribulation clouds. The moment lightning erupted from the clouds, it lit up the unknown object. That unknown object… was no object, it was clearly a person!

And a living cultivator, too!

“Good heavens.” Many of the cultivators were struck dumb by what they saw. That person could take the tribulation lightning with their bare flesh. They clearly were no ordinary cultivator, yet they were being tormented like this by Chu WuQing. If it was then, who wouldn’t even be able to take the aftershocks of the tribulation lightning…

The first cultivator began to waver, his scalp feeling numb. It was hard to believe what horrors awaited them if they ever fell into Chu WuQing’s hands.

“No wonder even the QingLing Sect treated them with such courtesy.”

“I hear that when the TaYue Sect attacked, this new sect leader of the XianLing Sect beheaded the TaYue Sect’s Golden Core Elder in one strike.”

For a moment, they came to a strange deadlock. They were afraid, but they didn’t want to give up on the treasure.

Then, someone spat on the ground, sneering, “What are you afraid of? If this XianLing Sect leader was really that strong, then he wouldn’t just be sitting there. He’d have killed us all by now. In my opinion, he’s clearly lost that power already.”

The others all heard this and felt like that cultivator was right.

Wang Ning stayed standing on his flying artifact, arms crossed and looking stoic and lofty. Suddenly, he frowned, “Why is he here? Not just him, the QingLing Sect, too. Didn’t they say they wouldn’t interfere?”

Then, Wang Ning immediately directed his artifact to attack Chu WuQing’s defenses. The faltering assault once again gained momentum. Clearly, Wang Ning was getting impatient, thinking that the core disciples of other strong sects were here for the treasure as well.

This time, they made even faster progress than before.

Three zhang. 1

Two zhang.

One zhang.

Thin droplets of sweat beaded on Chu WuQing’s forehead. The seventh wave of spiritual rain had finally arrived.

Nine chi 2, eight chi… five chi, three chi!

One chi!

All the cultivators wore expressions of excitement. Even Wang Ning, a lofty and powerful core disciple of this realm, couldn’t contain his excitement.

Wang Ning waved his hand and a disk array suddenly appeared in midair, exuding a terrifying presence. This was the source of Wang Ning’s Path. This attack was equivalent to an attack from a Golden Core cultivator.

Just when everyone thought the conclusion to this battle was set and the treasure would appear.

A powerful aura erupted from Chu WuQing, and a streak of sword light pierced upwards through the sky from his body.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Zhang (丈) a unit of measurement equivalent to about three and one third meters.
  2. Chi (尺) a unit of measurement equivalent to around one third of a meter. Ten chi is equal to one zhang..

Jouissance (Translator)

Lives in the UK while translating.


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