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Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The rabbit’s body trembled weakly upon hearing Gu Yu’s words, and its pair of big ears drooped down to cover its body firmly. It looked particularly scared. It tried to stretch out a small claw from its long ‘ear muffler’, no, it was from its body. The meat pad rubbed on Chu WuQing’s palm in a begging manner.

It was an action that was originally intended to be a pretense of innocence, yet the rabbit could not help continuously rubbing Chu WuQing’s wrist. It’s greed was boundless as it pushed Chu WuQing’s sleeve open a little more as its heart sank into an extreme struggle. It really wanted to dive into his sleeve ah.

Even though its thoughts were wandering, the rabbit didn’t forget to give a sad cry. Even after it finally attracted Chu WuQing’s attention, its meat pads made a throat-slitting gesture, and then its ears and limbs flopped out together in the appearance of death.

However, this show did not gain it pampering from Chu WuQing. Instead, Chu WuQing’s eyes became cold. The rabbit felt a little nervous and suddenly realized that if its previous actions could be explained away before, its present act could no longer be explained with ‘understanding human nature’.

The rabbit lightly swept over with its divine sense, and saw one side of Gu Yu’s lips rise slightly. It had fallen into the trap!

Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly. He never thought that he would fall into the hands of a low-grade Qi Condensation cultivator one day.

Even if it was during a life or death experience in a secret realm, even if it was in the face of an assassination from his jealous peers, he had never undergone as much suffering as he had in this moment. It was because cultivators were those that defied natural order to cultivate, so he was not afraid of life and death. As for the latter, he had suppressed all the immortal cultivators in the same sect as him, so that those who had been jealous of him could only look at his back. Finally, they would have no choice but to kneel down and call him Young Master, and did not dare to show the slightest disrespect.

But now, he clearly had the highest cultivation and was the most powerful one in the entire XianLing Sect. Yet, he could not expose anything and make himself more suspicious.

Xiao Yan retracted the claws into his meat pad. This time, he did not reveal anything and did not dare to move a single muscle. He accepted Chu WuQing’s divine sense sweeping over him and let it penetrate his fur and skin, so as not to be found out.

This was his shixiong’s fiancée. No, DanTai ZiYan was not worthy of Chu WuQing at all. If Xiao Yan had such a fiancée, he would never leave the middle realm for the purpose of furthering his cultivation.

He would guard Chu WuQing’s side every day and offer all the treasures he had to him. He would give Chu WuQing whatever he wanted and never let his brows crease in a frown. Although, Chu WuQing’s frowning expression was also extremely beautiful.

For such hypocrites like DanTai ZiYan, this engagement annulment was really well annulled.

After Chu WuQing’s divine sense had finished its inspection, the rabbit breathed a tiny sigh of relief in his heart. He also understood that he could not resist too much. He had to be patient for the time being for the sake of his long-term goal.  

The rabbit’s ears tilted slightly, covering it from everyone’s eyes. No one knew that a dense bloodlust had leaked out from the eyes of such a soft and cute thing.

The rabbit cleverly and cutely jumped onto Gu Yu’s shoulder and even kneaded Gu Yu’s shoulder with its small claws in a fawning manner. However, no one saw a wisp of Sword Qi flow out from the hollow of its palm and cracked Gu Yu’s meridians, but restored it quickly.

This breaking and restoration was too quick. If the pain was not so real, Gu Yu almost thought that the invasion of Sword Qi was an illusion. Unfortunately, there was no trace left after it healed.

The rabbit patted him twice more. He had expected that Gu Yu be in so much pain that he would squat down and even roll on the ground. Gu Yu would no longer be able to maintain that modest and courteous face at any time and place, nor would he be able to maintain his disgusting and false loyalty.

Xiao Yan’s control of his Sword Qi had reached an extremely precise level. When the Sword Qi invaded the meridians, it would not leave any trace when it was drawn away. Even if a Nascent Soul cultivator was checking, he would not find any clues.

They would only feel that Gu Yu was deliberately pretending to be injured to gain attention.

Gu Yu still had a polite smile on his face and did not show the slightest pain. He could even kneel gracefully on one knee and ask Chu WuQing for permission to be excused. His mind and ability to endure was not like a child at all, let alone that of a man from a small clan in the middle realm.

Even many of the successors of the top cultivation clans from the higher realm could hardly do this when they were at the Qi Condensation stage. This child absolutely could not stay. 

“It’s enough that QingQing has me assisting for the Chu Clan’s trial.” The rabbit’s aura became even more harmless. It did not forget to tremble even when it was about to disappear from within the range of Chu WuQing’s divine sense. It seemed that it was very afraid of Gu Yu, this hoodlum who held no tenderness towards this spirit pet.

When Gu Yu returned to the abode arranged by Chu WuQing, he could no longer maintain his superficial elegance. A trace of blood leaked out from the corner of his lips, but his hand was steady as it drew two mysterious talismans.

In an instant, the spiritual energy of the abode, which had been extremely beneficial for cultivation, suddenly surged!

When Gu Yu finished drawing the talisman, a great crisis suddenly attacked the rabbit’s mind. However, this talisman was unavoidable.

A sword light suddenly appeared from empty air. When this sword light appeared, the spiritual energy of the entire cave had suddenly calmed, and an infinite air of spring spreaded out from the sword tip. It seemed like layers of water rippling could be seen.

These ripples appeared to be extremely slow, in fact, they were extremely fast and carried a trace of the power to reverse time.

When ripples engulfed the abode, Gu Yu’s two talismans suddenly shattered, and the vicious Qi disappeared without trace, as if it had been erased by the heavenly law.

At the same time, the rabbit’s figure disappeared and Xiao Yan returned back to his human form. With a wave of his hand, the sword light turned into a long sword and landed on his hand.

Gu Yu was endlessly astonished in his heart upon seeing the huge changes in the rabbit who had turned into a human. After all, even Chu WuQing didn’t detect anything unusual. However, he still felt that it was within his expectations. No matter how abnormal a Spirit Snow Rabbit was, how could it be so abnormal to this degree?

The rabbit who turned into a youngster was clearly at the Foundation Establishment stage, yet the aura of a Golden Core cultivator was emanating from his body. The aura was extremely strong and even the aura of a Peak Golden Core cultivator lagged far behind.

Gu Yu’s movements did not slow at all though his heart was shaking. Five talismans flew out in an instant. At the same time, he softly patted the ground, and a bright moon rose in the abode.

The abode that was clearly three zhang by three zhang suddenly expanded a hundred times when the moon rose, abruptly widening the distance between Gu Yu and Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan did not know whether it was a Spatial Rune or an illusionary technique. If it was the former, it would be extremely amazing that Gu Yu could draw a Spatial Rune when he was an early-stage Qi Condensation cultivator at most.

Gu Yu’s future could be imagined.

Xiao Yan’s desire to kill Gu Yu grew even more. He must never let this child grow up. Once Gu Yu grew up, his position in Chu WuQing’s heart would become more and more important. Even if QingQing only had the feelings of a master towards his servant to Gu Yu, Xiao Yan was still jealous to the point of madness.

Xiao Yan’s eyebrows and eyes slightly creased and he brandished his sword. However, the words that came from his mouth did not contain the demeanor of the only son of the number one sect’s sect leader. He ignored the facts and sneered, “You little slut, even someone like you dares to have such wishful thinking towards QingQing? Do you think you’re so amazing just because you know a little about Runesmanship? It is only a little useful in this small, backward realm like this. I can easily find a hundred substitutes in the ShangYuan Sect for a servant like you. Take a guess, if I kill you, will QingQing frown because of your death?”

Gu Yu’s expression did not change, “You won’t be able to hide it from the Lord if you kill me.”

Xiao Yan’s lips were slightly curved and he said with a smile, “QingQing has already checked my body. I am truly just a rabbit and will not be suspected even if I kill you. After all, it’s normal that other sects want to assassinate a Runesmaster like you. However, who would kill a useless rabbit? On the contrary, I tried my best to step forward even though I’m a weak rabbit in order to save my owner’s servant, and finally my meridians were broken and I was on the verge of death.” Xiao Yan’s lips rose even more when he spoke of this, and an intoxicated look showed in his eyes, “I wonder if my owner will personally help me to connect my meridians.”

Xiao Yan felt his legs and feet become limp and numb when he thought of Chu WuQing’s fingers trailing over his body, from head to foot. Having his meridians broken was also an extremely good thing.

He did not know if his owner would personally feed his pet. The thought of being able to eat food that was personally fed from Chu WuQing’s hands made Xiao Yan’s whole body excited, and the sword light swept forward.

This sword rushed forward with unprecedented ferocity. The reversal of time above the ripple reached its peak. All Gu Yu’s talismans that he had put up collapsed under the unavoidable sword wave.

This slash of the sword did not give Gu any opportunity to live.

“You animal,” Gu Yu sneered, “You’re looking down too much on the lair that has been put up with the painstaking efforts of a Runesmaster.”

As soon as he spoke, the space around Gu Yu suddenly distorted and Gu Yu disappeared into the distortion.

Before Guy Yu disappeared, Xiao Yan felt the five elements in the entire abode had been thrown in chaos and the land which had been exceptionally good for cultivation became an inauspicious land for vicious spirits!

However, Xiao Yan’s clear and bright eyes were excited as he sneered, “I have smashed through five inauspicious lands for vicious spirits since I started cultivating, but none of them were owned by a Runesmaster. I wonder what kind of backlash you will get when I break the array.”

Gu Yu kneeled on the ground and gasped harshly for breath after the intense battle. He cut an extremely sorry figure and there was even a trace of blood on his face. His clothes were utterly tattered.

Although he had temporarily blocked Xiao Yan by depending on the array and even caused some damage to him, the strength of the two was too different. After the array was broken, Gu Yu was injured by the backlash and had exposed his hiding place.

On the other hand, Xiao Yan didn’t even have a drop of blood or dust on his white clothes. He even had a bored expression as he looked at Gu Yu. His eyes carried a lofty sense of ridicule as he neglected the facts, “You still want to serve QingQing with this kind of strength? How ridiculous. I can easily break an array like that previous one.”

He reached out his hand and the sword light that harbored the power of time came out from his hand. Xiao Yan’s lips drew up a smile, “As long as I wish to, I can easily kill and behead you here; letting you die here without an intact corpse and then refine your soul. At that time, even QingQing would not know what happened here.”

“I will never die here.” Gu Yu gritted his teeth, “My life belongs to the Lord, and I will never die in the hands of others.”

“Oh really?” Xiao Yan snorted disdainfully at Gu Yu’s words. He was merely a servant, yet he actually vainly attempted to resist him. With a wave of his hand, countless sword lights chopped down in Gu Yu’s direction.

“…It seems I can only use that array now.” Gu Yu’s expression became more and more serious. In recent days, he had been studying the secret manuals for arrays that were given by the Lord and learned many powerful arrays.

One of the high-level arrays was extremely profound and mysterious. Even the most powerful Runesmaster could only understand half of the essence of the array. Gu Yu did not have such strength, but when he thought about how his Lord would praise him and look at him in appreciation if he learnt the branches that this array gave rise to, he was full of motivation.

But even Gu Yu, who had a heaven-defying talent in arrays, was only able to understand half of it. He still did not know how powerful it was when used. However, he could only use that array in this situation.

When Gu Yu closed his eyes and pressed his hand to the ground, the surrounding ground suddenly lit up. It turned out that countless runes had transformed into a boundless sea, intertwining with each other to exert their strength. The tides that formed actually protected Gu Yu amidst them and Xiao Yan’s Sword Qi was completely blocked by the array before it was assimilated by the array.

“Damn it.” Xiao Yan’s expression changed. “What kind of array is this? How can such a young Runesmaster use such a powerful array?”

As the only son of ShangYuan Sect’s Sect Leader, Xiao Yan naturally understood the power of these arrays. He looked at Gu Yu with more vigilance. He had thought that no matter how powerful Gu Yu was, Gu Yu would never be able to fight against him. But now it seemed that his attainments in arrays could even make the core disciples of the higher realm’s top tier sect in Runesmanship ashamed of themselves.

Those insufferably arrogant Runesmanship geniuses were practically a joke compared to Gu Yu.

At this moment, Xiao Yan’s killing intent rose to the peak.

Xiao Yan, who originally had some apprehensions and was afraid to alarm others, no longer held back his strength.

“It seems that you are nothing more than this.” Xiao Yan sneered. He would not be very sure if it was a completed version of the array. But for this half completed array before him, he was ninety percent sure he could break it. The only thing to consider was time.  

Gu Yu coughed up another mouthful of blood in the middle of the array. His entire body, from his four limbs to his bones, were throbbing in pain. He almost wanted to faint like this. However, he knew that if he fainted here, the half completed array would definitely not be able to keep him alive.

“My Lord… Cough cough cough…” Blood flowed out again as Gu Yu spoke, but he seemed not to notice, “I can’t… die here…” He had not completed the task assigned by the Lord, how could he die here so easily?

If he died, wouldn’t this shameless youngster who pretended to be a rabbit do even more shameless things to the Lord?

What should he do to survive?

Gu Yu looked down at the array under him, and soon the answer emerged in his mind.  

This branch was an array that combined attack and defense. Now this half-completed array only had fifty percent of its original defense power and no attack power at all. But if it was fully completed, even Xiao Yan would not be his match.

Gu Yu no longer cared about anything else and began to meticulously study the secret manual. No matter much pain his body was in, he put all his attention on the secret manual in front of him and unwittingly entered a mysterious state. His hands were constantly gesticulating something on the ground and his mouth was chanting words, just like a lunatic.

Meanwhile, Xiao Yan’s attack from outside the array was becoming stronger and stronger. At last, a tiny crack appeared in the array. It seemed that the array could no longer bear the attacks any longer and the cracks spread out. The entire array would collapse on the next blow.  

Xiao Yan sneered, “Die—”

Then, he was astonished by the sight before him before he had finished speaking.  

The array was completed the moment it was about to be broken. The cracks that littered it were repaired in the blink of an eye. At the same time, numerous white lights lit up from within the array. If one was to look carefully, the white lights were countless and exceedingly fine sword light!  

“Shit.” Xiao Yan could feel the power of the sword light in an instant. Even he was not sure that he would be able to block all of it.  

He did not expect that Gu Yu really throughly understood and completed the array.  

Xiao Yan was incomparably furious, but he also knew that he could not do anything to Gu Yu now. If he insisted on staying, he may get hurt.  

The longer the time dragged on, the more likely Chu WuQing would come over. If Chu WuQing saw this scene, things would become troublesome.  


The rabbit and Gu Yu left. Chu You had not returned, thus, Chu WuQing was the only one left on the Ancestral Peak.  

Although Xin Ye was still there, Chu WuQing would never acknowledge his identity as a person. Xin Ye was just a useful corpse shield. 

One man and one demon could communicate telepathically due to the contract. Chu WuQing did not deliberately hide his thoughts and this opinion was immediately transmitted to Xin Ye’s mind.  

Previously, Xin Ye was used as a shield when the XianLing Sect and LingYang Sect were fighting, thus, he was already extremely dissatisfied. Moreover, that little Golden Core cultivator that had eyes but failed to see actually regarded him as a refined corpse. All of this was ‘bestowed’ by Chu WuQing!  

He could live with the fact that Chu WuQing used him as a shield when the warship appeared later. However, he even forced him to be a shield for those cultivators in the lower realm through the use of the contract!

Such galling shame and humiliation! 

No matter how much he cherished Chu WuQing’s talent because of his astonishing Foundation Establishment ascension, after the experience of being treated as a shield and blocking lightning tribulation, Xin Ye’s merger feelings of cherishing Chu WuQing’s talents disappeared.

Such a malicious peasant! Even if Chu WuQing offered his soul and blood to become his subordinate, he was not worthy of helping the lowest ranking Otherworld Demon beast clean its body. 

Anyone would find that ugly appearance that was stuck countless times by lightning and that extremely malicious temperament an eyesore.  

Most of the Otherworld Demons were naturally beautiful due to their blood lineage, and the Royal Clan was the most beautiful. The purer their bloodline, the higher the chances that they would be beautiful. If Chu WuQing was put among them, the demon beasts definitely would not be able to stomach anything after eating.

The most suitable use for such a peasant was just torturing his soul, letting thunder and lightning split apart his soul time and time again. This Lord would inject a trace of True Qi to maintain his soul and keep it from dying, and let him endure all the pain this Lord had suffered a thousand fold.

As for these peasant clans, they would remain kneeling and watch the miserable appearance of the peasant. Such a scene must be very interesting.

“Peasant, this Lord’s divine sense has been unsealed. In less than ten years, this Lord’s cultivation shackles will also be lifted. At that time, you and your clan will face this Lord’s rage.” Although Xin Ye was lying on the ground, it did not detract from his temperament as he loftily stated. His voice was as steady as metal and stone, it’s strength inviolable.

Chu WuQing’s steps were getting closer and closer to him, but strangely, he did not refute Xin Ye’s words. Did he finally know fear?

Xin Ye tried his best to mobilize his divine senses. He wanted to break through the numerous shackles and release a trace of his cultivation strength. When Chu WuQing stood in front of him, he would deal a fatal blow to him and see him writhe in agony.

Chu WuQing’s foundation would be destroyed with just a trace of his cultivation strength leaking out. Even if he was an exceptional genius, he could not escape.

The peasant would certainly be in so much pain when he immediately lost everything after he had just gotten it, that he would fall into Qi Deviation.


The steps grew closer and closer. When Chu WuQing’s white silk boots appeared in front of Xin Ye, Xin Ye’s divine sense was released. He wanted to see the appearance of this peasant who dared to enslave him. The cultivation strength that was full of killing intent was also revealed at this moment!


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Minnie ford
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