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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Augusta’s mouth twitched. “It’s not surprising that he did this…”

The dragon youth nodded, “Right? Do you understand my difficulty?”

“I can’t help you with this. Please go back.” Augusta gave him a cold look.

“Why? Aren’t you a great mage as famous as him?”

“I don’t want to get involved in Cavaldien’s crap. No, I should say I get a headache when I hear his name.”

The dragon youth let out a breath from his nose, as if he intended to directly spray a fireball. “I see. You are afraid of him.”

“That doesn’t work to stir me up.”

“It is said that you have lost to him twice. It seems that even if you have the same title of ‘great mage’, your strength is different.”

“Kyfayar, see him off.”

Crouching on the ground and counting gold coins, the werewolf raised his head in horror, “Are you going to drive him away? But he has so many… So many…”

The dragon youth waved his hand leisurely, “Go, werewolf slave, move my luggage to the best and most comfortable room in this house — although the whole house is small and dilapidated, there are always ‘relatively good’ rooms.”

“What right do you have to order me?” Kyfayar defensively asked.

“I am a distinguished guest to your house. Do you have to babble when a distinguished guest asks you to carry luggage?”

Augusta turned and ordered, “Kyfayar, throw his luggage out!”

The dragon youth touched his chin, “Oh, it seems that I said the truth, look at your angry appearance.”

Why is the tone of this dragon so angry? Did Cavaldien break into his house just to beat him up?

“Where did you come from? Go back!”

The dragon youth was comfortably leaning on Augusta’s sofa, a hand running up his black hair as he looked at the ceiling thoughtfully. “…No.”

“You are sick.”


“Looking at you, I seem to see Cavaldien’s shameless appearance! What’s the difference between you and him?”

“That’s different. I’m the victim.”

“I am the victim!” Augusta was furious.

“If you refuse me, don’t you fear that I will breathe fire out in your little house?” The dragon youth sneered.

“That’s a crime!”

The dragon youth snorted, “Yes.”

This guy has an IQ problem! How can Cavaldien bully this magical creature with mental retardation?! Then again, why did he break into a dragon’s nest? Are you finally impatient to live and want to pursue a ‘Dragon Slayer’ kind of death?

“Why did he break into your nest?” Augusta asked, “Was he plotting to take your treasure? Cavaldien doesn’t seem like that.”

The dragon youth pondered, “I think it’s because he has a brain problem.”

“Mn, I think so, but there has to be a specific reason?”

“He said he would marry me.”

An embarrassing silence.

“Ah, he’s really sick.” Augusta summed it up succinctly.

“Yes? You think so too, don’t you?” The dragon youth finally found an ally and said eagerly, “We don’t have a thing in common. How can we get married?”

“He’s too much of a bully!” Augusta was particularly interested in being told about this ‘good friend’ Cavaldien.

“We’ve only known each other for ten years, and he wants to get married! He is too eager!”

“Wait, wait, ten years…”

“In the meantime, we only went out for fifteen or sixteen trips together. We went to fight the vampires that defected and caught wild lycans that scratched people…”

“This time seems a little bit…”

“And then I slept with him twenty or thirty times in the spur of the moment, but it’s nothing to you humans. After all, humans can be in heat all year round.”

“The amount of information seems to be a little too much, I can’t respond to it…”

“And there’s an age problem between us! I am a dragon that has lived for hundreds of years. He is a man who has only lived for several decades.”

“At last there’s a point!”

“But I look like an adult in my twenties, and he looks older than me. How can this be?! What a mess.”

“…I don’t get the point at all.”

“You be the judge. How can we get married?”

Augusta, with a ghostly expression on his face, stared at his toes in silence, as if there was an open-air cinema on his slippers that was showing three consecutive parts of the Lord of The Rings series. 

How does that make him the judge? What was reasonable? Cavaldien had been around for a long time since he was a student?! On the one hand, he thought that loneliness was more suitable for that Hun ball. On the other hand, he also thought that there was a brain circuit in the world that was so wonderful, it was a miracle of evolutionary history for creatures that could be regarded as a perfect match for Cavaldien. They should simply go together!

“Why aren’t you talking?” The dragon youth slapped his thigh hard.

“I… I’m thinking…”

“No thinking!”

“Er… Well, first of all, what do we call you?”

The dragon youth raised his head, “You don’t need to know my name. If you have to call me, please call me ‘noble giant dragon’.”

“What a coincidence. My unicorn told me the same thing, so I call it ‘unicorn’. Well, dragon, I’m really…”

“…Call me Prison Fire.”

Augusta held his forehead weakly, “Prison Fire. I really don’t know what to say, because it’s the first time I’ve met someone who poured out their love troubles to me at this age…”

Prison Fire opened his eyes, “What did you call this?”

“Love troubles.” Augusta repeated.

“I see why you’re famous — you’re as sick as he is.”

“Why are you scolding me?! You are just like the characters in TV series! ‘Honey, he proposed to me, but I didn’t agree. I think it’s all too sudden. I didn’t think about it and was not ready to accept it! God, should I promise him?’ ——How could I know that!”

Prison Fire stared at Augusta. “Why did you suddenly imitate another person and answer your own question?”

Augusta sighed in despair. There were so many different ways of thinking between human beings and dragons. At this rate, they would never be able to talk smoothly. Cavaldien and Prison Fire had been dating for ten years? He had to admit that there was something special about that stupid idiot! No, no, maybe it was just because he was a fucker that could communicate with the dragon like an alien!

“Why sleep with him if you don’t like him at all?”

Prison Fire curled his hair in confusion, seemingly out of habit. “Yes, why? I can’t remember what I thought at that time. It’s strange! Did I fall into his magic?”

“Once or twice. You’ve been in his bed for twenty or thirty times! You couldn’t have been hit by his magic during every single one of those times?”

“But I really don’t remember! Why would I sleep with him? It seems that naturally… This is so strange! It must be magic!”

Augusta felt that there was a swarm of bees in his skull cavity, which made him want to scratch his head. “This kind of thing, Prison Fire, I really can’t take control. I suggest you find a Gypsy Witch who specializes in divining the fate of love. Maybe she can be more useful than me.”

“I don’t need the Gypsy Witch, I just want you to get rid of him!”

“I said I can’t do it!”

Prison Fire’s face darkened, “I understand that you humans are haggard and never do anything that is not good for you. Come on, what do you want? Wealth? I can give you so much money that your house will be piled up. Will you help me?”

“…Thank you. I’m quite satisfied with my current financial situation.”

“Really? You, the poor mage living in such a small house, don’t you want money?” Prison Fire scratched his chin, “What about strength? In addition to gold, silver and jewelry, I also have a lot of magic items, all of which have wonderful power. You can choose at will.”

“This is more attractive than wealth. But if I need magic items, I’ll make them myself.”

With his hands on his knees, he arched his back and opened his mouth to reveal his sharp teeth. His golden eyes narrowed, his pupils shrank into a line, and his throat hissed like a snake spitting out a message. “Do you want to know about Cavaldien’s weaknesses?”

Augusta stood up, “Deal! Kyfayar, take this distinguished guest to the guest room!”

While they were talking, Kyfayar, who had been hung aside, began to pile the gold coins in the shape of a castle. Hearing his master’s words, he quickly knocked down the castle and pretended that he had not played with the gold coins of the noble guest.

“Guest room! I see!” He crammed the gold coins into the broken box. Kyfayar had to hold it in both hands. “This way, Dragon Lord!” Kyfayar said.

Prison Fire looked at Kyfayar in surprise and nodded with satisfaction. “Magician, your werewolf slave is pretty good.”

“I’m not a slave!” Kyfayar protested.

“And what are you? Oh, I see. Your magician master set you free, right? Well, free werewolf servant.”

Kyfayar rolled his eyes and didn’t argue with him.

He led him to the largest and most luxurious room in the house (usually reserved for Lilianna, according to Augusta), but the dragon youth only scoffed at the so-called ‘luxury’. “A humble little room is not as good as my toilet. Forget it. If you’re away from home, you have to make do with it.” He commanded Kyfayar, “Put all the gold coins on the bed!”

“What? Are you sure? You have so many gold coins that you can put it somewhere else instead of the bed.”

“Nonsense, why do you think I’m carrying so many gold coins?”

Kyfayar was embarrassed, “But where are you going to sleep?”

“On the gold coins.”

“Don’t you think it’s too hard?”

“Don’t you think a bed is too soft?”

“Our beds are ergonomic, not too hard or too soft!” Kyfayar tried to justify the luxurious four poster bed.

“So are my gold coins!” Prison Fire said with displeasure.

“There is no gold coin like that!”


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January 18, 2021 2:45 pm

I just realized that this novel has 43 chapters and we’re at 33. It’s ending too soon! QAQ

January 18, 2021 10:08 pm

🤣 😂 Dating for ten years, been places together, done things together, slept together many times…(I wonder who was who in bed?🤭) I can kind of understand why Cavaldien would talk about marriage. This is an inter-species understanding problem that Augusta got mixed into. Looking forward to more since the situation is hilarious.😆😆😆

Thank you for the chapter!!!

January 18, 2021 11:38 pm

Augusta has been sold out😂😂😂

April 15, 2021 3:18 am

hahaha the hilarity of each chapter hahahaa +1

November 15, 2021 11:07 pm

He only slept with him twenty plus times and has been together for ten years. Yep, the dragon is as crazy as the rest. Poor Augusta, I wouldn’t know what to do with this loony either. Kyfayar making a castle out of the dragon’s gold coins while they were talking was great!

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