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Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Otherworld Demons were different from demonic cultivators. Rather than demonic creatures, it was more accurate to call them a foreign species.

The cultivation world was split into three thousand Lower, Middle and Higher realms, but Otherworld Demons existed outside of that. They lived in the void and didn’t need spiritual energy to cultivate, instead using the power of their bloodline and primal energy.

Cultivators called this foreign species Otherworld Demons, but the Otherworld Demons thought of themselves as the descendants of the ancient primordial gods. They were born with talent and divine power, completely different from those weak, fragile, human children, so they looked down on these cultivators who cultivated using ambient spiritual energy. In their eyes, human cultivators were lower class citizens.

Normal cultivators would have little to no chance to ever come into contact with an Otherworld Demon. After all, only after reaching Nascent Soul stage could a cultivator cut through the void for short periods of time, and only by reaching Soul Transformation could they truly travel through the void.

To the vast majority of cultivators, Otherworld Demons were mere legend, a terrifying one, too.

Yet, conversely, to high-level cultivators, Otherworld Demons were optimal material for puppetry and the weaker, beautiful ones were often captured by humans and sold off at high prices as living cauldrons and playthings.

The blood, skin and hair of Otherworld Demons could be used to improve the quality of elixirs, and even aid in artificing.

There were countless treasures in the void, too, that cultivators coveted.

Every three hundred years, a wandering powerhouse cultivator would tear open a pathway into the void, giving out artifacts that would allow cultivators below Soul Transformation stage to survive in the void for half a year. It would let the prodigies of their generation enter the void, find opportunities and fight Otherworld Demons.

However, if a non-Soul Transformation stage cultivator lost their artifact, then they wouldn’t be able to last over half an hour in the void, so cultivators would often go after each other to obtain what they wanted.

Especially with powerful Otherworld Demons there to take the blame, even the disciples of powerful factions that were usually untouchable would become targets. After all, who would know if you died under the hands of an Otherworld Demon or another cultivator?

Those who could survive the Three Hundred Year Void War were all the cream of the crop, prodigies amongst prodigies who were sure to make waves. If they didn’t successfully ascend, then they would create a powerful faction and become a sect’s founder, looked up to by countless cultivators.

Xin Ye was royalty amongst Otherworld Demons, so his status was naturally a cut far above the rest. The three-hundred-year war had very little if anything to do with him. He was like those unaffiliated immortals that led the entire cultivation world. The world and all that happened in it was too far below for his notice.

Similarly, this meant that Xin Ye’s disdain for human cultivators was a thousand times more intense than normal demon aristocracy. Usual Otherworld Demon aristocracy viewed humans as lesser, but still as people. However, to Xin Ye, they were inferior life forms.

What was even more disgusting than an injured tiger being bullied by dogs was a god being stepped on by an ant.

This wasn’t the best time for a breakthrough in Xin Ye’s secret technique. If he did so now, letting out a sliver of his cultivation, he would be harmed by the backlash, but Xin Ye no longer cared.

No one could understand the humiliation, the rage he felt right now.

“Chu WuQing, you will face the rage of go—“


Xin Ye let out a scream, one that was nowhere near appropriate for his status.

This kind of scream should come from lower class beings, rabble with neither power nor riches, from the mouth of a lowly human cultivator who had seen someone powerful that they had only ever heard of in legends, but not from primordial royalty.

Where was his lofty, arrogant countenance now?

Yet he had made this sound subconsciously. It came from instinct, something that no person or creature could escape, regardless of their birth or status.

As the direct descendants of royalty, Xin Ye had seen plenty of beauties. His own appearance could be called unparalleled beauty, too, so it could be said that he was already immune to beautiful sights. Yet in that moment, all the beauty he had witnessed in his thousand years of life was subverted.

He had seen mountains covered in lush emerald grass, lofty, powerful peaks reaching high up into the clouds, but none of that was anything compared to the prideful arch of those eyebrows.

He had seen the divine ponds and peach gardens of immortality, shining across a hundred thousand li, but it was nothing compared to the arrogant curve of those lips.

He had seen the torrents of spiritual rivers, forming a myriad of wondrous mirages, yet it couldn’t compare to the ripples in that gaze…

It was as if he had never known what true beauty, what a visage created by the heavens was until he saw that young man.

This was something that couldn’t be described with words, it was what people were talking about when they said, “a little longer and it’s too long, a little shorter and it’s too short”.

“No,” In a moment, Xin Ye realised something. This person in front of him wasn’t a hallucination brought on by qi deviation, but the person he hated the most, the person he wanted to destroy, Chu WuQing.

However, it was too late. He had already sent out that sliver of cultivation!

Chu WuQing knew that Xin Ye must be cursing him but so what? He adored it when people hated him, cursed him out silently yet were unable to do anything. It was so fun to toy with them like that.

He had thought that Xin Ye would for sure curse him out when he approached, but shockingly, Xin Ye didn’t say anything.

“Hah? Did I break you?” Chu WuQing laughed. He didn’t believe that the legendary Otherworld Demons would be so weak, especially a member of royalty.

More importantly, as the other’s master, he didn’t sense any unmendable cracks in his shield. Could it be that the other was poising to strike, or thinking up some more creative curses?

At the thought that the royalty of Otherworld Demons not only stooped to becoming his shield but ran out of curses to use and was forced to try and think up more, Chu WuQing’s spirits soared.

No matter how much Xin Ye hated him, he still had to obey him. As for the future? It wasn’t like Chu WuQing was going to live past three hundred, so who cared about vengeance in the future? He’d do whatever made him happy now.

Chu WuQing stopped in front of Xin Ye, smiling mischievously and reaching out with a foot to kick the other and see how Xin Ye would react.

Just when the tip of his toes was about to come into contact, this meatshield, that shouldn’t have been able to move on its own, rose into the air.

However, the corpse was only suspended momentarily. Soon enough, Xin Ye’s corpse once again landed on the ground again.

Blood poured from Xin Ye’s mouth. Retracting the sliver of cultivation was even more costly than sending it out.

Chu WuQing narrowed his eyes. So, he wasn’t trying to come up with new curses, but trying to struggle free from his control.

However, the blood contract between them was one that Lin Yi had in his past life. There was no way it was possible to free oneself from it. All his struggles were futile.

Chu WuQing didn’t need to think to know how enraged Xin Ye was inside, cursing from the humiliation of being bound by a lowly human cultivator. The other had probably dreamt of burning his soul a hundred thousand times to ash already.

But so what? No matter how wonderful it was to imagine, reality was as cruel as ever. Chu WuQing stepped on Xin Ye’s arm, giving a soft laugh. “Xiao Hong, oh Xiao Hong… Why do you bother to struggle so futilely? Why do you hate me so? You should be grateful to me. If it wasn’t for me, you’d be ingredients for an elixir now, or adornments on an artifact. But now? Now your body remains whole, and you even have a chance to undo the seal on you, allowing you to feel the triumph of a verbal victory.” He had even payed the huge cost of hundreds of high-grade spirit stones for this.

Chu WuQing’s foot slowly moved towards his chest. The difference between Foundation Establishment and Soul Transformation was like a gaping chasm. Even if Chu WuQing used all his cultivation, he wouldn’t even be able to break Xin Ye’s skin. Xin Ye wasn’t even able to feel any pain from it, it just tickled, softly brushing against him.

It tickled his chest again and again, like sparks going through his veins. Even the air around them seemed to warm.

Looking up from below like this allowed him a view of those hanging silver strands of hair and that little mouth, opening and closing, revealing a hint of red tongue. He wondered if the feeling of that soft silver hair brushing against his chest would be as exciting as his toes now.

Xin Ye felt dizzy, as if he were high in the clouds, but then came anger. He was the emperor of demons; how could he develop such feelings for a human boy?

However, when Chu WuQing’s foot began to travel down his chest, his breath unwillingly grew heavy and even his earlobes began to turn red. His thoughts began to spiral out of control to something he would’ve been incredulous at himself for thinking before: he wanted the young man’s foot to move lower… he wanted… to be stepped on and ruined.


No, there was no way he wanted…

Xin Ye struggled to speak. “P-peasant, remove your foot at once.” His tone was scornful, yet it was also tainted with poorly hidden guilt.

How conflicting.

Xin Ye thought that Chu WuQing was sure to retaliate. Considering Chu WuQing’s personality, he would step down harder because of Xin Ye’s struggling, even stepping on his hand, basking in his rage and frustration before reaching out a hand and patting him on the cheek…

Yet, he didn’t. There was no way Xin Ye was looking forward to it, no way he was imagining it, and not a chance he was disappointed.

I’m not that kind of person!

This was strange. Xin Ye made another attempt. “Peasant, if you don’t remove your foot now, when I undo this seal, I’ll…” Despite his former eloquence in expressing his malice, he was unable to continue now. It was caught in his throat like a fish bone, unable to spit it out. His voice died.

… I’ll tie you to the bed… and make you feel how it’s like to be helpless and at the mercy of another.

Xin Ye circulated his qi according to his cultivation method to calm himself down. Chu WuQing didn’t respond to any of his verbal attacks, which was extremely strange. A scary idea began to form in Xin Ye’s mind as to why.

However, before he could confirm his thoughts, Chu WuQing pressed his hand against Xin Ye’s chest, stroking the area that had been damaged by the tribulation lightning. In that moment, the two were at a proximity they had never been at before.

He was close enough to feel Chu WuQing’s breath. He was so close that it was as if he would be able to kiss those malicious red lips if he raised his head, capturing the tongue behind the other’s white teeth…

Chu WuQing’s gaze was frigid without a hint of warmth. Xin Ye felt like he was burned, his cheeks reddening. His heart wasn’t able to beat under the effects of the seal, yet he could still hear his blood pumping through his veins.

This was the first time in his demonic life he had ever felt such desire towards a human. Closer, just a little closer…

Then, Chu WuQing really began to get closer, and Xin Ye thought that if he could breath, he’d be able to envelop Chu WuQing with their breaths entangling. However, that was when Xin Ye noticed an unknown presence approaching.

What an eerie presence. It had appeared out of nowhere, and even Xin Ye hadn’t noticed when it had approached. Now that he could sense it, it felt like they were revealing themselves on purpose, or perhaps they were like him: exposing themselves when they lost control over their emotions.

Xin Ye couldn’t figure out what was going on with this presence, but it could feel that it was dangerous. It was dangerous enough for him to be apprehensive with his cultivation sealed as it was now!

It was no friend that approached.

Unlike Otherworld Demons, this presence belonged to a real demonic cultivator, seeped in darkness and able to steal a cultivator’s spiritual energy from them in an instant. Even Xin Ye’s flesh body would only be able to hinder it for a moment.

Xin Ye wanted to warn Chu WuQing. “Chu WuQing, there’s been someone spying on you from the shadows.” However, Chu WuQing’s expression didn’t change at all when he spoke, confirming his guess from before.

He could see now, but he could no longer use his divine consciousness to communicate.

“The third, sixth, seventeenth Chu Clan member,” came a deep muttered voice, tinged with a devil-may-care air of laughter. It was a voice that no one apart from Xin Ye could sense. “Now there’s only one left.”


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