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Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


That voice still carried a hint of laughter at first, but it suddenly became as cold as a knife blade on the neck when the last word was spoken. It seemed that a life would be taken as long as the blade was pushed a little forward.

The aura hidden in the air was getting closer and closer. There was no change in the spiritual energy in their surroundings. However, Xin Ye could feel the huge waves hidden below the peaceful surface with his cultivation.

“Chu WuQing, give up on this Chu Clan’s trial. When this Lord has recovered, you will want for nothing. Don’t give in to a moment of rashness.” Xin Ye anxiously persuaded, “Go back…” Xin Ye suddenly stopped when he said ‘go back’. If they went back, he would be discovered by Chu HuanZhi.

Even Xin Ye had to admit that Chu HuanZhi was a god-given prodigy among the human cultivators. Three hundred years ago, Chu HuanZhi participated under an anonymous name, practically creating a new age among the extraterritoriales. Even some Otherworld Demons praised him as a ‘God of Slaughter’.

Chu HuanZhi was the only one who came out alive at that time. No one knew what he had gained and what he had experienced. However, all the extraterritoriales were terrified and this event also caused a great stir in the Cultivation World.

The event could still be explained as sinister if it was several that survived out of the hundred that entered. However, since he was the only one who came out alive and all the geniuses of that generation had been annihilated, it was enough to drive those first-rate forces who lost their direct descendants into madness and cause them to lock-on a target for extreme retaliation.

Once they found out who this person was, they would be killed by all the nine clans.

However, the Wandering Immortal, who never took the initiative to ask for the truth, came forward to save Chu HuanZhi. Thereafter, the genius who shocked an entire era disappeared from the public’s eyes.

No one knew who he was, neither did they know of his clan. Some people speculated that he may have been secretly killed by the first-rate forces, and some suspected that he had become a disciple of the Wandering Immortal.

However, no matter what kind of speculation it was, all had been submerged in the winds and clouds of the past after there being no news for hundreds of years. It was only occasionally mentioned by the old cultivators of the big sects to motivate their future generations.

But who would have thought that the head of the Chu Clan from the AnYang middle realm was the God of Slaughter from that time. Xin Ye never noticed it until now, when he suddenly recalled it.

The familiar sword intent of slaughter which had an unparalleled sharpness just with its Path Intent. Who else could it be besides the God of Slaughter?

As long as Chu HuanZhi was there, no one could take Chu WuQing away from Chu HuanZhi, unless Chu WuQing was willing.

For Chu WuQing, he… was just a useful shield and an object to poke fun at. Don’t even mention evoking love and possessiveness; it was already good if he wasn’t thrown away when he was not in use.

There was only one person that Chu WuQing cared about – his father, Chu HuanZhi.

There was no other moment where Xin Ye felt more defeated than he did now. He did not want to admit it, yet he had to admit that even in Chu WuQing’s heart, Gu Yu, this lowly Qi Condensation cultivator, was more important to Chu WuQing than him.

At least, Chu WuQing would never throw Gu Yu up to block the divine lightning.

Not only would he not do that, Chu WuQing also gave Gu Yu countless things and taught him personally.

In the past, Xin Ye was the sneering onlooker. Those gifts given by Chu WuQing were really precious to the beginner level cultivators in the small and middle realm, but they were nothing out of the ordinary and amounted to mere children’s tricks for Xin Ye.

Yet, he was extremely jealous of those things that he used to totally despise at this very moment. He knew that he should not have such emotions, but he could not control them.

Chu WuQing would hold Gu Yu’s hand, Chu WuQing would pat Gu Yu’s head, Chu WuQing would collect arrays for Gu Yu.

All this was not due to pity. Xin Ye clearly knew that Chu WuQing held no real care or warmth to people other than Chu HuanZhi, he merely used them.

Perhaps he should add the sentence, ‘The crucial importance of absolute loyalty’.

But so what? Gu Yu had gotten everything that many people hoped for but could not attain. Xin Ye could not even restrain the trace of his desire to replace Gu Yu.

Whether it was usefulness or absolute loyalty, it had absolutely nothing to do with his impression in Chu WuQing’s heart.

Xin Ye inevitably recalled those malicious insults and swears from the past. Not to mention Chu WuQing, even himself would never believe that he would become loyal.

Xin Ye would only feel that he was planning something, and wanted to cover it up with superficial loyalty to achieve a hidden purpose.

That damned cover up! Xin Ye wished that he could go back and strangle his past self. If he could take the initiative to share everything and hand over his loyalty at the moment of Chu WuQing’s ascension to Qi Condensation, he would at least be able to enter Chu WuQing’s eyes even if he was not in Chu WuQing’s heart. Instead, he was being thought of as a plaything to tease, a shield that could be abandoned and replaced by a better one.

In particular, it was almost inevitable that he would become a shield which Chu WuQing’s father would notice there was something strange about, and be shelved and abandoned.

Even if he still had an amusement and teasing value in Chu WuQing’s heart and he refused to abandon it for the time being, Xin Ye was sure that Chu HuanZhi would not let such variables appear by Chu WuQing’s side.

Xin Ye questioned himself, he would secretly dispose of the people who dared to peep at Chu WuQing if it were him. It should be completely wiped out since it was a variable, and let the variable become nothingness.

Xin Ye swallowed down the words ‘go home’, but danger was getting closer and closer. How, how good would it be he had his own cultivation, if he hadn’t tried this sort of meaningless skill. No matter how many breakthroughs, or how high his cultivation was, how could it compare to… QingQing disappearing in front of his eyes?

As soon as the word ‘QingQing’ came out, an explosion roared out in Xin Ye’s mind. He actually called a human’s name so affectionately… However, these two words did not disgust him when they left his mouth. On the contrary, there was an indescribable feeling in his heart. Everything seemed to follow a logical pattern. There was a sweet feeling blooming on the tip of his tongue just by calling out.

This feeling was really too strange, but it made Xin Ye feel an indescribable satisfaction. He clearly felt disappointed that he was not seen or cared about. However, when he called that name, he was unusually and secretly delighted.

That was QingQing, his QingQing.

Xin Ye’s eyes brightened a little. Anyone who looked at them would feel it was strange. It was clearly a corpse that had no signs of life, but its eyes were as brilliant as a living person.

Xin Ye made up his mind, “WuQing, go back to Chu HuanZhi’s side, only he can protect you!”

But after shouting, Chu WuQing still stood motionlessly by his side and did not respond to his words. Yes, he forgot! How could he forget?!

Chu HuanZhi, didn’t you come and go freely in my territory? Aren’t you the sky of the AnYang Realm? Aren’t you QingQing’s father? Why couldn’t you even calculate this danger and didn’t even notice it?!

No matter how talented, a human cultivator was just a humble human being. He was not worthy of being Chu WuQing’s father.

Xin Ye exhausted everything. There was even a tearing pain in his soul, but he was unable to let out a sound and couldn’t unlock even half of his cultivation.

The aura of the demonic cultivator was five steps away. He did not even need to use any spells and could take away Chu WuQing’s life as long as he moved forward a little.

“Ah, it’s not time yet,” that clear and bright voice sounded again. It was clear and bell-like, akin to strumming a piece of jade on a Guqin string. No one expected that such a sound belonged to a demonic cultivator. “It would be boring if they all died now.”

It seemed to be explaining to themself as the voice said, “Something’s definitely going to happen.”

In this way, the aura of the demonic cultivator gradually disappeared as he giggled, “One, two, three…”

With the demonic cultivator counting, Xin Ye vaguely saw qin strings in the air shooting in all directions. Although they were the texture of strings from a musical instrument, they looked more like strings leading puppets.

Xin Ye activated all his divine senses and followed the string. A Chu Clan member was being controlled at the end of the string!

It was clear that his insides had been erased and even his heart and sea of consciousness were no longer present. However, this Chu Clan member had the aura of peak Foundation Establishment cultivator and even looked as vigorous as a living man.

No one would have thought that the talented cultivator standing on the sect’s martial arts stage and berating the low level disciples would be an empty puppet controlled by strings if they had not personally seen it.

Xin Ye scanned them one by one. After looking at the last one, he was surprised to find that not only was Chu WuQing alive, there was also one Chu Clan member who was not among the puppets.

It was Chu YunShu, whom the elders of the Chu Clan had placed high hopes on.

The person with the highest cultivation in this Chu Clan’s trial.

“It’s impossible. It’s absolutely impossible,” Xin Ye murmured. “How can the Patriarch of the Chu Clan not discover if there’s really something wrong with Chu YunShu? How can Chu HuanZhi not discover this? Even if Chu YunShu could hide from these two Chu Clan members, how could he hide from the lower realm… Even this Lord only managed to enter the lower realm through the special secret technique passed down from the Godly Demon Clan, by sealing myself in a suspended death state…”


“Could it be that Chu YunShu is no longer a Chu Clan member and the soul inside his body had already been changed?”

Just at this time, a qin string shot through the air towards Chu WuQing. Chu HuanZhi’s voice sounded again, “Leave a mark first.”

Chu WuQing was stunned. He felt something enter his body. However, it was repelled by the fledgling Greater Path in his body and the Foundation Establishment that smashed the heavenly law at the moment it entered.

When Chu WuQing looked inside, he saw that half of the string fell into his Dantian, but it was wrapped by layers of liquid spiritual energy and gradually turned into Demonic Qi. Finally, it conflicted with the trace of the power of faith that remained in his meridians and disappeared.

The spiritual energy in Chu WuQing’s body was reduced by half with this!

Only by taking three high ranking Spirit Refining Pills did it prevent the collapse of his Foundation that had been established not long ago.

“Chu YunShu,” Chu WuQing did not have the slightest doubt. He had always known that Chu YunShu was strong, but he never thought that he was this strong!

Chu YunShu’s Immortal Cultivation was half a step into the Golden Core stage, but his Demonic Cultivation was unfathomable. Even the author did not state it clearly and only showed it from the side. Chu YunShu became the Lord of the demonic cultivators soon after he betrayed the Chu Clan and made all the demons submit to him. It was clear that his strength was extraordinary.

It was because of such a peculiar event of two souls in one body whose cultivation negated each other that Chu YunShu was able to hide from the lower realm.

Yes, with how strong Lin Yi was, how could Chu YunShu’s plug-in be less than that of Lin Yi’s as an existence that was almost on the same level as him?

However, this should not be happening now. Chu YunShu clearly massacred the Chu Clan members only in the Divine Opportunity Abode 1 , which became a very important step for Lin Yi to obtain the Divine Opportunity. How could he kill him now?

Moreover, Chu YunShu was clearly dismissive of him in his last life. How could he pay special attention to him?

Was it because of the nineteenth level of Qi Condensation and the Foundation Establishment that incurred divine lightning, causing Chu YunShu to become afraid of him? Afraid that he would become the variable in his plan to kill the young elites of the Chu Clan?

Chu WuQing suddenly felt a pressing urgency at this moment. The whole world could not be motionless since he was changing. A sense of crisis was pressing on his mind.

He had to speed up the slow collection of the power of faith. This was the only way to resist Chu YunShu’s Demonic Qi at this stage. The expedition against the other sects also needed to be brought forward. Who knew what other variables would happen? He could not just rely on the memory of his last life and the original text. Nothing would be waiting for him at its original place forever.

Only by controlling all the sects in the lower realm could he orchestrate a startling deception three years later, which would fabricate the strange changes caused by the appearance of countless Abodes and Divine Opportunities. This would baffle the geniuses from the higher realm who came to snatch the Opportunity and cause them to miss the key moment.


It would also let himself escape Chu YunShu’s first wave of slaughter.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 仙缘洞府 – XianYuan Abode

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