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He shot all over onto his daddy’s immortal robes.

“Daddy.” When Chu WuQing’s lust retreated and he returned to his senses, the shame in his heart reached the peak. He was so embarrassed to see his father’s usually neat attire covered with his own release.

Chu HuanZhi’s hand was still gently supporting Chu WuQing’s waist as he indifferently said, “WuQing, don’t mind this. You had urinated on Daddy when you were a child.”

“Daddy!” All of a sudden, Chu WuQing was no longer ashamed and he was only left with infinite embarrassment, “I’m so big already but you’re still bringing up my childhood things.”

“Yes,” Chu HuanZhi soothed him, and for the first time his cold tone carried the gentleness of spring and a glimpse of humanity as he spoke words with a pointed meaning, “QingQing has grown up.”

“Daddy,” Chu WuQing angrily complained. He swiped his storage bag, quickly took out and messily put on a magic robe.

Chu HuanZhi’s hand pressed down on Chu WuQing’s lapel as he helped Chu WuQing tidy his clothes a little. He had been spoiled since childhood, and couldn’t even wear his clothes.

But he just liked to spoil him.

“QingQing, don’t be shy. This is an extremely normal thing,” Chu HuanZhi ignored Chu WuQing’s conflict as he laughed, “It’s just like how Daddy supported you when you urinated when you were a child. Now I’m teaching you how to be a man. People will always grow up. If QingQing doesn’t want to be taught by Daddy, could it be that he want others to teach him? “

Chu HuanZhi lifted Chu WuQing’s jaw, and for the first time, his gentle eyes revealed the desire to commit murder that was ususally directed towads others, “QingQing, are you regretting breaking off the engagement with DanTai ZiYan?”

“No!” Chu WuQing shook his head in a hurry and threw himself into Chu HuanZhi’s arms, “Only Daddy is WuQing’s sole relative. In my eyes, there are only useful and useless people, and DanTai ZiYan is just a useless enemy.”

Chu HuanZhi gently stroked his son’s back to placate him and said in a soft voice, “Now I’m just a shade that has descended. I can’t stay for long. The next time we will see each other will be after you’ve left the small realm. QingQing, you don’t have to worry while doing things here. When the seal is removed, father will be waiting for you at the entrance, so you definitely cannot let yourself be wronged. If you encounter any unsolvable problems, tell them that anyone who dares to touch a single hair on your head, your father will massacre their whole clan.”

Chu HuanZhi’s two fingers formed into a sword gesture. When they slashed the air, a sword intent of slaughter suddenly condensed from the void. Even though the suppression failed, the whole abode also trembled slightly.

It was at this moment that Xuan Shan who was still in secluded cultivation suddenly opened his eyes. He felt the Path Understanding in his body flare up, and it was not in excitement nor sublimation.

Instead it was a kind of absolute fear but instinctual reverence of seeing a king.

How could he be so thoroughly suppressed when his Path Understanding belonged to a Greater Path? What’s more, he did not feel the existence of the other party’s Path Understanding.

Xuan Shan stared at the abode where Chu WuQing was in secluded cultivation, and his head slightly drooped as a startling guess rose in his heart.

“I am an empty shade, and am unable to invoke any skills. This sword intent is formed by all of Father’s heart’s blood, and it’s only with this that I can escape the True Immortal’s seal. Although it can’t hurt anyone in essence, it can frighten people and let people know that what you say is true.” Chu HuanZhi’s finger softly pointed, and that sword intent then shot into Chu WuQing’s forehead, travelling into his Dantian.

“QingQing, Daddy is leaving now.” Chu HuanZhi’s figure slowly faded, his crystal clear eyes were suffused with sorrow, as he stroked the youngster’s hair, “Give Daddy a kiss, okay?”

Chu HuanZhi had always been strong, lofty and indifferent. No matter what happened, Chu HuanZhi’s figure was like a mountain in front of Chu WuQing that blocked all trials and hardships for him.

It seemed that as long as Chu HuanZhi was there, he could do anything. Even when he was in the most miserable period during his past life, there was no one who dared to ridicule him to his face and they even had to respectfully address him as Young Master Chu.

In order to satisfy his vanity, Chu HuanZhi seized a small world with rich spiritual energy and abundant natural resources from TianXu Realm and put it under his name.

Even if he stopped at the Nascent Soul stage for the rest of his life, even if he could not touch the Path Understanding for all his life, he was still a man among men.

Chu HuanZhi never showed such a weak begging disposition in front of him.

“Daddy,” Chu WuQing was angry and ashamed, but his body stood slightly on tiptoe, and his lips brushed Chu HuanZhi’s cheek. “WuQing also misses Daddy.”

“Daddy, don’t worry. I’ve been planning for the object relating to the Opportunity for a long time. That item will definitely belong to me. With Gu Yu, the incident in the illusion will never happen again. Just wait for my good news, Daddy. When I see you later, I won’t be the same as I am.”

They both had Single Element Spirit Roots, but the difference between a Heavenly Spiritual Root and an Aberrant Spiritual Root was like the difference between heaven and earth.

With the Ice Spiritual Root and by surpassing the heavens’ perfect Foundation Establishment, even if he was doomed to die in this life, he would be able to walk on a road where no one dared to stop him and enjoy himself for three hundred years.

After Chu HuanZhi disappeared, Chu WuQing immediately went into secluded cultivation and closed down and did not waste the slightest second.

On the second day, people from numerous sects came to seek an audience.

The sects a little further away still had the impression that the XianLing Sect was still that sect that everyone could bully. The Foundation Establishment disciples that could only be an attendant in other sects could become elders in the XianLing Sect.

The disciples of the XianLing Sect had low cultivations. Two thirds of the disciples were at the Qi Condensation stage and there were not even ten at Foundation Establishment! They were the shame of the top ten sects.

Most of their news were about how powerful Xuan Shan was and the alluring rumors about how beautiful the person in power of the XianLing Sect was.

But when they reached the foot of the mountain, they saw the corpse of TaYue Sect’s Golden Core, how inauspicious!

The guards at the gate of the XianLing Sect were actually a team of Foundation Establishment cultivators. How could it be? The rumoured small and weak XianLing Sect had become so powerful.

As the Sect Leader of the number two sect, the LeiYa Pavilion, he had already had a general understanding of the information regarding the XianLing Sect. He even watched their military campaign, but he was still surprised to see it at the moment.

Only QingLing Sect, the first of the ten sects, was able to allocate twenty Foundation Establishment cultivators to guard the sect.

Could it be that in order to puff themselves up at any own cost, the XianLing Sect even put on magic robes?

There were very little high-level magic items in circulation in the Cultivation World, and even magic robes were precious. Even lower level magic robes were rare and only Golden Core Elders could wear them.

But the gate-keeping cultivators from the XianLing Sect each had one.

Being sized up by all the Golden Core cultivators, the gazes of those in power who were standing around were scorching. This was something that the cultivators of the XianLing Sect had never imagined a few months ago. Even if they dreamed, they would not dare to dream of this. It was really too absurd.

But now it was truly happening.

Logically speaking, even if these Golden Core cultivators did not deliberately reveal their auras, being observed by so many Golden Core cultivators could become a silent aura, and become a suppression to the lower level cultivators.

But the cultivators of the XianLing Sect stood perfectly straight and did not move the slightest, as if the gazes of the Golden Core cultivators did not exist.

They definitely must not disgrace Chu-shixiong.

“What a great bearing.” The Sect Leader of the LeiYa Pavilion laughed as he led a group of cultivators forward.

This group of Golden Core cultivators had just stepped through the gate when a breeze suddenly blew in their faces. The breeze was reckless yet gentle. But it formed a huge pressure when it touched everyone.

This kind of pressure was the suppression of a realm.

Many Pseudo Cores could not prevent their knees from shaking.

At the same time, an extremely beautiful man stepped out of the void and cupped his hands, “The XianLing Sect welcomes all Daoist friends. I am Su BeiCi, an Elder of the XianLing Sect. Please follow me to the main hall.”

This tall, stately and handsome youth was actually Su BeiCi?

Everyone in the small realm knew Su BeiCi, the daughter of the previous leader of the XianLing Sect, who was the number one beauty in the Cultivation World. When did he form his core?

And it was even a Greater Path Golden Core!

Xuan Shan was an outsider who had a close relationship with Chu WuQing, but Su BeiCi was the genuine successor of the XianLing Sect.

The Foundation Establishment guards at the gate were beyond everyone’s expectations, but they were really intimidated now. The XianLing Sect was no longer the same as in the past, and they did not rely on Xuan Shan for their abrupt rise.

Their strength has been improved qualitatively, and they could not be underestimated among the top ten sects, not to mention they still had the warships!

As soon as Su BeiCi turned around, countless beautiful immortals riding on red-crowned cranes landed in front of the various Sect Leaders.

All of these women were dressed in white magic robes and fluttered in the air like silk. The presence of Foundation Establishment cultivators were emitting from them too.

With such a team of female cultivators, using Foundation Establishment cultivators to guard the gate was definitely not to puff themselves up.

With their hands folded in front of their waists, the beautiful immortals gracefully saluted. The red-crowned cranes that were second-grade Spiritual Beasts also lowered their slender necks and made a gesture of invitation to all leaders.

Even those experienced and knowledgeable leaders from the top ten sects were a little stunned at this time, and felt that they were ones from a small and low-class sect.

“Sirs, please,” the beautiful immortals said with a smile.

But this smile put everyone on the alert. The XianLing Sect was displaying their attitude. Besides making them exclaim in admiration in their hearts, they felt that this was more like a Feast at Hongmen. 1

This was a show of imposing manner, but also of the huge combat power composed of many Foundation Establishment cultivators.


They reached the main hall.

When people saw that Xuan Shan was not there, there was no objection in their hearts. After all, they would know even if they thought a little about it. Xuan Shan was a Venerable at the Nascent Soul. How could he be casually welcoming the Golden Core cultivators from their small sects?

Although Nascent Soul and Golden Core was only one realm apart, their strength was as different as heaven and earth. It was unknown how many cultivators were stuck and unable to break through.

In this small realm, Xuan Shan was the only Nascent Soul for the past five thousand years. Not long ago, people had thought that the Golden Core stage was the peak of cultivation, and the Nascent Soul stage seemed to be a legendary thing.

To Nascent Soul Venerables, Golden Cores like them were their just like ants on the ground that could be easily trampled to death. It was already great honor to them if such an expert could say a single word to them.

In particular, on the day when Venerable Xuan Shan destroyed the LingYang Sect, he also released his aura that covered all the sects. It was practically putting everyone under his control. The minds of countless cultivators were thrown into disarray by this and they were unable to cultivate. This feeling of being suppressed by the strong even made many people with low cultivation lose control of their emotions and caused a lot of chaos.

That was why these people came as soon as they got the news.

No matter what Xuan Shan and the XianLing Sect wanted to do, it was better to get it over with.

Everyone was waiting in the main hall. The conditions here were quite good, and a cup of hot tea made from third-grade spiritual plants was even given to everyone. This tea was very clear, and the spiritual energy was so dense that it almost turned into an essence, yet there was also an immensely refreshing fragrance.

This Xuan Jade Leaf was a rare tea in this realm. Not only did it have the effect to induce calmness and tranquility, but it was also able to benefit the speed of cultivation and absorption of spiritual energy. In the past, even if these people had a high status in their own sects, they could not easily enjoy it.

However, under such circumstances, who would be in the mood to drink tea? These people held wariness in their hearts. Although they felt that Xuan Shan would not use such a vicious method to plot against them, it was possible for Chu WuQing to do so.

For various reasons, the image of Chu WuQing in everyone’s minds was basically a terrible person akin to caldron. His appearance was gorgeous and vulgar, like a prostitute and he used some unknown means and managed to get connected to Xuan Shan. It was really hateful.

So when Chu WuQing came out from inside, they could not react all of a sudden.

They could not recognize that the incomparably noble and beautiful youth with a breathtaking bearing was actually the rumored Chu WuQing.

They even thought that this must be Chu WuQing’s toy-boy, who was forcibly seized by Chu WuQing. How could such an honourable, elegant and ethereal person be that Chu WuQing?

But things turned out contrary to the way they wished. When Chu WuQing opened his mouth, he smashed the delusions in people’s hearts to pieces.

Chu WuQing did not even bother to exchange greetings and immediately got right to the point, “If you’ve gathered here today, you must have made a decision in your heart. My XianLing Sect will not accept disloyal people. Everyone here has been against my XianLing Sect both secretly and openly. If you want me to dispel my doubts, you should place a restriction on yourselves. After this, my XianLing Sect will not treat you unfairly.”

The people were immediately flabbergasted, even if Chu WuQing’s appearance was still beautiful at such a time, he looked like a fiend in their hearts.

After all, a restriction was not a joke. Some people even began to wonder whether Xuan Shan had a change of heart, and if there was something wrong.

Otherwise, there was no need to use restrictions with Xuan Shan’s cultivation. As long as they dared to have the slightest disloyalty, Xuan Shan could eliminate them with one finger.

The ending of the LingYang Sect had made everyone fear and submit!

What’s more, everyone thought that the most dissatisfied was definitely the number one sect, the QingLing Sect, and the high-ranking QingLing Patriarch.

In this world, the Patriarch of the QingLing Sect always meant what he said and he had the full power to decide everything. But now they were being put under a restriction by an ignorant youth, which was an extraordinary shame and humiliation.

The Patriarch of the QingLing Sect sat in the first seat, and there was no change in his expression when he heard such words.

However, everyone was of the firm opinion that the QingLing Sect’s Patriarch would definitely voice his objections. Unlike them from the younger generation, the Patriarch of the QingLing Sect was a friend of the same generation as Xuan Shan.

Since they were friends of the same generation, the Patriarch would be considered as a senior. Even Xuan Shan’s master had to respectfully greet the Patriarch with a ‘Wishing the Patriarch with good health.’ when he saw him.

Chu WuQing actually dared to say such words. He was really tired of living.

“I don’t believe Venerable Xuan Shan would make such a request.” One said.

“Are you doubting Venerable Xuan Shan?” Chu WuQing coldly looked over.

“I don’t doubt the Venerable Xuan Shan.” That person snorted disdainfully, “I just can’t believe a junior like you, I want to see Venerable Xuan Shan.”

“So you guys are here to provoke us?”

Chu WuQing looked indifferent, but he knew in his heart that the current situation was not favourable for him. After all, Xuan Shan would be rejected by this small realm after forming his Nascent Soul. Nowadays, Xuan Shan was forcefully remaining in the small realm, but he could not move. He could only rely on secluded cultivation to maintain the prestige shrouding the whole sect. Once today passed, he would have to leave for good.

The atmosphere froze for a moment, and then another person quickly opened his mouth to smooth things over. He seemed gentle, his words were anything but, “Daoist Friend Chu, we just want to see Venerable Xuan Shan. After all, this thing like a restriction is not a simple thing. Once we see Venerable Xuan Shan, we will respectfully let you put the restriction on us.”

“Do you think you can just see him if you want to?” Chu WuQing coldly stared.

“Aren’t you having a secret motive if you’re hiding and concealing things like this?” A quick-tempered man could not help but open his mouth, “Even if Venerable Xuan Shan is in secluded cultivation, he can’t even spare this bit of time now?”

As they said this, they thought, how could the QingLing Patriarch be so indifferent? This matter should be of the most importance to him. The dignity of the QingLing Sect had been trampled on!

Though they yelled fiercely, in reality they did not dare to stick their necks out to challenge Xuan Shan’s power and influence, even though Xuan Shan might have encountered problems.

However, as long as there was a one in ten thousand possibility that there were no problems, they would have to leave their lives here. Who would not cherish their lives after they had cultivated a Golden Core with much difficulty.

No one dared to bet on the one in ten thousand chance.

Just as everyone was in a deadlock for close to an hour, the QingLing Patriarch stood out happily.

He looked solemn and respectful, as if he was about to say something earth shattering.

All the sects breathed a sigh of relief. Their lives would finally not be hanging by a thread.

After all, they still had some misgivings over whether something had happened to Xuan Shan. If Xuan Shan was all right, they would be the next LingYang Sect.

When they thought of a big sect like the LingYang Sect, that was exterminated, had just offended the XianLing Sect which only had a few members, and was about to be downgraded to a small sect, they felt a chill in their hearts.

It was nothing much if they lost their own life. If the sect was destroyed because of them, they would be condemned as a sinner through the ages.

And the person who caused this was Chu WuQing who was standing there.

Without him, the one that would have been exterminated would be the XianLing Sect.

The Patriarch of the QingLing Sect aggressively took two steps forward, but at the next moment, he respectfully saluted Chu WuQing, “WuQing-daren, I’m willing to be placed under a restriction.”

He had been waiting for this moment. He had foreseen that there might be something wrong with Xuan Shan. Otherwise, Chu WuWing would not have delayed the meeting with all the sects.

This kind of problem can’t be due to his cultivation, otherwise Xuan Shan would never spread out his aura to support Chu WuQing with such a strong hand. It was very likely that Xuan Shan was about to leave this realm.

Without Xuan Shan, there was a chance for him to show himself off. Maybe he could also break through and ascend to Nascent Soul.

His Yin Yang Sword Path was also one of the Greater Paths. He has been stuck at the Golden Core stage for many years, and was well prepared. He was sure to exceed Xuan Shan.

“Oh?” Chu WuQing was a little surprised. He didn’t expect that the incomparably arrogant QingLing Patriarch would have this attitude. He couldn’t help but ponder, “QingLing Patriarch, you are willing to be placed under the restriction like this? Aren’t you worried that I would play some tricks?”

When he said this, he also swept his eyes over the row of people standing there. Everyone couldn’t help but wonder if they really thought too much.

The Patriarch of the QingLing Sect was still bothered that he did not have the chance to show his loyalty for Chu WuQing. Now how could he let it go? His attitude was extremely humble, just like he was Chu WuQing’s servant.

“How would I dare to question you?” The Patriarch of the QingLing Sect was immensely eager to be a servant of Chu WuQing, “Your will is the will of this old man. No matter whether Venerable Xuan Shan is here or not, this old man will only listen to you. Who this old man wants to follow is not Venerable Xuan Shan, but you.”

The words of the QingLing Sect’s Patriarch were so shameless that even Chu WuQing was startled. This QingLing Sect Patriarch didn’t even have the slightest of his indifferent, celestial, arrogant and superior air from before.

It almost made one suspect that he had been kidnapped and replaced.

Chu WuQing indifferently said, “But, Patriarch, your cultivation is profound. How can you be a servant of a junior? Just be an elder of my XianLing Sect.”

The others thought that it must be because the former number one in the Cultivation World was not willing to be subordinated that he had taken the lead to voice his opinion. As a result, he was so shameless that his attitude towards Chu WuQing nearly made everyone’s eyes pop out.

Was this person before them, who was itching to kneel down and lick Chu WuQing’s shoes, really that incomparable arrogant Patriarch from the QingLing Sect in the past?

If it wasn’t for his cultivation and aura, they would have thought that the one before them was just a person who took in the QingLing Patriarch’s appearance.

However, such a scene just proved Chu WuQing’s status. The behaviour of the Patriarch of the QingLing Sect caused people to begin to guess things like whether Chu WuQing was the illegitimate son of Xuan Shan. Although Xuan Shan looked very young, if you think about it carefully, he was at the age where they wouldn’t be surprised if he had a hundred illegitimate kids.

Therefore, the Patriarch of the QingLing Sect, who had been trapped at Golden Core for many years, said these in order to curry favor directly with Chu WuQing and indirectly with Xuan Shan, so much so that he didn’t even want his face.

Yes, no matter whether there was something wrong with Xuan Shan, he was the only one who had achieved the Nascent Soul stage in the past five thousand years. Their cultivation was not as heaven defying as the QingLing Sect’s Patriarch and after four hundred years, they would have to face death.

If one did not become a Nascent Soul, they could not be called an immortal.

As expected, the Patriarch of the QingLing Sect was experienced and wiser, and had thought further ahead than they had. They had all helped the Patriarch of the QingLing Sect. Xuan Shan had a private relationship with him, so how could he expound on his wisdom to them who had provoked Chu WuQing?

If this happened, they would have to follow what Chu WuQing said. Even if he was a weakling, people still had to be afraid of the Venerable Xuan Shan backing him. What’s more, Chu WuQing himself was such a flamboyant, domineering and difficult-to-deal-with type.

Those who originally wanted to make a fuss immediately gave up and pretended to be honest and sincere. Even the first one who spoke out before, for fear of being hated by Chu WuQing, was the first one to run out and respectfully said, “WuQing-daren, I’m the first one who’s willing to be placed under a restriction.”

Looking at him like this, where had the arrogance from before gone?

“Oh, you seem to have good sense.” Chu WuQing nodded, “Not like some other people…”

The others practically hated the speaker, and felt that his speed of seeing the wind and setting the helm was too fast. However, it took countless years for the people here to reach their present level. They were all like human spirits and who knew how thick their skin was as they immediately changed their attitudes.

“I’m willing too.” “It’s just a restriction. Does the Venerable Xuan Shan still need to rely on it to threaten us?” “Since it’s the will of the Venerable Xuan Shan, of course I have nothing to object to.” Everyone agreed and flattered Chu WuQing constantly at the same time.

The Patriarch of QingLing Sect was even a little unhappy. He thought that if these people continued being provocative, he would stand out and teach them a lesson to increase his weight in Chu WuQing’s heart.

He never expected these people to be so shameless.

The Patriarch of the QingLing Sect who thought this way didn’t reflect that he was the most shameless one.

“That’s good.” Light bloomed from Chu WuQing’s hand, and a golden veined pattern appeared on it. One could see that it was a powerful restriction.

So much so that just by looking at this restriction, there was a sense of admiration in people’s hearts.

What an exquisite and outstanding restriction it was. Compared with the restrictions they used that were extremely crude. It must have been created by Xuan Shan with his Nascent Soul cultivation, and awarded to that Chu WuQing.

For a moment, everyone was convinced by Chu WuQing, and no one dared to have any doubts.

“Come over here one by one.”

Who would have thought that the restriction would be the creation of the Qi Condensation stage Gu Yu.


When the matters of the sect were finished, Chu WuQing handed over the important affairs to Chu You and Su BeiCi. He planned to completely go into secluded cultivation for the sake of the bloody storm that would come three years later.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Feast at Hongmen: A banquet set up with the aim of murdering a guest; refers to a famous episode in 206 BC when future Han emperor Liu Bang escaped an attempted murder by his rival Xiang Yu.

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