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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


As his feet hit the ground, the excited crowd surged up and was stopped by a circle of police officers holding hands around him.

Colonel Lu’s handsome face wore a friendly smile as he waved to his left and right.

Several reporters squeezed their upper bodies out of the gaps and stuck their long microphones to the mouths of Colonel Lu and Lan Yu.

“Colonels, may I ask if you had considered the consequences when you were running with the bomb on your backs just now?”

“Was there fear in your heart? What motivated you to make such a life-saving move?”

“Did Colonel K have the idea to drop the bomb in the middle?”

Lan Yu didn’t look away, but continued to move forward, chin arrogantly raised, extended a finger to push away the microphone in front of him. He pulled a new handkerchief out of his pocket, wiped the finger, and tossed the handkerchief away.

The crowd around him was immediately silenced, divided into two sides to make way, and looked at his back with respect and fear.

Colonel Lu held several microphones in his arms, cleared his throat and said with a serious tone, “As a soldier, I was driven by a sense of mission to sacrifice my life, and didn’t have time to think about the consequences of doing so. The thought of so many people behind me needing to be protected made me fearless…”

Lan Yu walked out of the crowd and continued on until there was no one else around, then stopped and pressed the terminal on his hand.

The terminal was picked up quickly, “Colonel K.”

“Kong Fei, drive the car to…” Lan Yu looked at the sign beside him, “Drive to the entrance of Joya’s Candy Store to pick me up.”

“As ordered…”

There was no one in the candy store, the clerks and customers had all run off to gather around Colonel Lu.

Lan Yu looked over from here, the young Alpha was holding a bunch of microphones and talking very passionately. The people around him had admiration on their faces, and some Omegas’ eyes were showing undisguised adoration. He was handing the microphone to the people around him, rolled up his shirt sleeves and took two steps back, calmly gazed ahead and made a throwing motion.

The flashbulbs bristled as he maintained the gesture for a few seconds before retracting it and cradling the pile of microphones back again.


Lan Yu snickered in his heart and turned his head away.

Just before he turned around, he stopped and his eyes met a pair of round eyes.

The little boy he had seen outside the mall at the beginning was sucking on his finger and staring at him steadily.

Lan Yu adjusted his expression to a friendly face and smiled at the boy.

He’s so cute, really too cute. My whole heart is melting! Look at those big eyes, those soft little hands and feet… I want to have a baby like that… 

The little boy seemed to be less afraid of him, and the timidity on his face turned into curiosity.

Lan Yu squatted down and softly asked, “Do you want to eat candy?”

The little boy didn’t make a sound.

“Baby, do you want to eat candy?” Lan Yu asked again.

The little boy gently nodded his head.

Seeing that Kong Fei hadn’t arrived yet and no one was paying attention to him, Lan Yu flew into the candy store behind him and took a packet of colorful candies directly from the shelf. He squatted down in front of the little boy again, spreading the packet of candy in his hand, lowered the brim of his hat to look around, and said, “Call out ‘Daddy’…”

“Daddy…” The little boy called out dryly.

Lan Yu just felt his pores stretch out, nervous and excited, and a little shy.

He was about to come up with something more complex and long when he heard someone shouting in the distance, “Colonel K, Colonel K.”

——A female reporter noticed that Lan Yu hadn’t left yet and bravely ran over.

Lan Yu hurriedly shoved the candy into the little boy’s hand and quickly straightened up, instantly changing into a new person with an icy face again. The little boy looked at the candy in his hand, and then looked up at the cold Lan Yu, and ran away with a cry.

The female reporter came panting with a smile on her face, “Colonel K, Colonel K, can you please do a one-knee aiming action? I’m ready to—”

“Fuck off…”

The female reporter’s eyes instantly flushed red, and she also covered her mouth and ran away.

Kong Fei drove the black SUV over, parked it on the side of the road, jumped out sharply and went to pull the door of the back seat.

Lan Yu looked at the crowd when he bowed to get into the car and found that Colonel Lu had stopped his speech and was surrounded by a group of excited Omegas who were huddled together to take pictures for the camera.

He also happened to look at the SUV and met Lan Yu’s eyes, so he glanced left and right at the Omega beside him, then looked back proudly, and the smile on his face seemed to deepen.

Lan Yu had been in the entertainment industry for so many years, and he had seen a lot of Alphas that were like bees attracting butterflies, which wasn’t surprising at all. This narcissistic male peacock, urinating in a circle to mark his territory like a male beast, a childish single-celled creature. These Omegas could only see the Alpha, it was really too annoying.

Kong Fei turned the car around and asked, “Colonel K, are you going back to the barracks, or do you have another place to go?”

“Go back…” Lan Yu said.

As the SUV drove back to the barracks, Lan Yu looked out the window until his eyes glazed over, then he withdrew his eyes and opened his terminal.

First, he transferred ten credits to the candy store just now, and then he clicked on the social networking software. The one he posted at noon was still there, the number of views had changed from 1 to 10, and there were people leaving messages saying that the cake looked delicious.

Lan Yu didn’t reply, quit the software and turned off the terminal.

When he returned to the dormitory, he stripped off his wet uniform as soon as he entered and went into the bathroom naked.

After all, it was a military dormitory, and even if it was a Colonel officer’s suite, the conditions weren’t that great. There was only one toilet in the bathroom, with a sink immediately to the left and a showerhead hanging on the wall to the right.

He went under the shower head and pulled the shower curtain, and it was difficult to turn around in the small space. The hot water flowed over his body, and he tilted his head back to let the water wash over him, breathing a long sigh of relief as all his fatigue was taken away.

He rinsed for a while before reaching for the shampoo. He reached for it for a while before remembering that this wasn’t his own villa and that it wasn’t in the old familiar spot, but on his left hand side.

He turned off the water, squeezed out a dollop of shampoo, and rubbed the lather on his head. His fingers were massaging his scalp between the piles of foam when he heard someone pass by in the hallway outside.

——It was the sound of leather soles hitting the tile floor, one at a time, unhurriedly.

Only four suites on this floor were occupied, and Kong Fei said most of the officers lived in another dormitory, and only the later ones came to this building.

302 was across from him and a baby-faced second lieutenant, whom Lan Yu had met only twice, lived there. In two encounters, the baby-faced lieutenant ducked his head at first sight and ran away in a huff down the wall.

In 304 was also a Colonel, he was also on the opposite side of the room. He was a simple-looking, good-tempered man who would nod his head in greeting every time he met Lan Yu.

In terms of K’s interpersonal relationships, a nod of greeting to him was already considered a warm greeting.

Although the two men and Lan Yu had little interaction, the building was simple and the sound insulation wasn’t good, usually just doing something, even if it was just the water flushing in the toilet flush, they could all hear each other.

Every day, listening to these sounds, Lan Yu had been able to distinguish their footsteps. The lighter one was the baby-faced lieutenant, the heavier one was the naive Colonel, and now these unhurried footsteps… it was the first time he had heard them.

The owner of the leather shoes passed by Lan Yu’s room 301, stopped at the next door, swiped his card to open the door, entered the apartment, and closed the door.

Next door was 303, Kong Fei said that inside lives K’s rival Lu RanKong, but that person recently traveled, so it had been empty.

Lan Yu rubbed his head and thought, I guess that Lu RanKong is back.

Since K and this man had a problem, he should pay attention to less face to face, so as to avoid him as much as possible to minimize conflict and trouble.

——The same way the baby-faced lieutenant avoided him every day.

There were two muffled thuds of leather shoes hitting the ground, followed by the sound of a duffel bag being thrown on the ground. A few seconds later, behind the wall next to Lan Yu, there was the sound of water dripping and a sigh of satisfaction that came with relief at last.

Lan Yu, washing his hair, froze, until the toilet flush sounded before he reacted, this wall must be 303’s bathroom.

Lu RanKong didn’t go out even after he finished urinating, and after a rustling of clothes, there came the metallic sound of a belt buckle hitting the ground.

Lan Yu couldn’t help but reach out and press against the wall. This wall was made of some kind of material, smooth and waterproof, with a milky white light, and he suspected that the middle was hollow.

Clatter… The sound of a shower starting rang out from next door.

Lan Yu uncomfortably stood under the nozzle, although separated by a wall, he felt something wasn’t right.

Forget it, he needed to hurry up and rinse the foam out, later, he would wait until no one was next door before taking a shower. He reached out and turned on the shower switch, and hot water flowed out.

The person behind the wall didn’t notice that the water was also turned on here, and started singing while taking a shower.

Lan Yu thought it sounded familiar, but couldn’t remember for a while. He guessed it was because he was an old acquaintance. He accelerated the action of his hands, rinsing his head and then quickly smearing soap everywhere.

This K’s life was relatively plain, living while pretending to be an Alpha for a long time, as if he was really an Alpha, first, he just dressed in the bathroom where there wasn’t even a bottle of shower gel, only half a rock-hard soap.

He was the one who had added all the bottles and jars to fill up the small space.

After finishing using the shower gel, Lan Yu looked in the mirror and gently pushed away the foam on his right shoulder with his hand, revealing a bright red heart-shaped mark.

He also had this mark in the original world, the location and shape were exactly the same, but his old one was a light brown birthmark, but in this world, there were obvious bumps and edges, like a bright red scar.

Lan Yu touched the mark for a while, and when he returned to his senses, he found that the singing had stopped next door, and only the water was still flowing.

Until he rubbed his whole body once, there was still no movement.

Lan Yu began to mutter in his heart, this person was suddenly silent, could it be that something happened? For example, he was stunned by the heat or something.

He himself fainted in the restroom after a scene because of low blood sugar, and it was the assistant who noticed that something was wrong and rushed in to drag him out.

Lan Yu flushed while keeping an eye on the middle wall, hesitating to reach out and knock, and if there continued to be no response, he would inform Kong Fei to take a look.

Even if Lu RanKong was K’s rival, he and himself have no enemies, send someone to see what happened. While he was lost in his thoughts, he found that the wall between the two of them was trembling. His first reaction was that there was an earthquake.

But the bottles and jars under his feet and around him didn’t move, only the wall was shaking.

Lan Yu put his wet hands on the wall and touched it.

No wonder it was not soundproof, what kind of wall was this? It looked smooth and beautiful, but in reality it was just a thin layer, not much different from the plastic partitions of those simple sheds. With his hand on the wall, the tremor amplitude was increasing, the frequency was getting faster, and it was mixed with low gasps.

He put his ear to it, the sound of water was too loud, so it was a little hard to hear. Just as he was about to turn off his side of the shower, he suddenly heard a long moan.

The sound seemed to ring just out of earshot, echoing around the room with an insatiable huskiness that was extraordinarily sexy.

At the same time, the wall under his hand stopped vibrating.

Lan Yu instantly understood what Lu RanKong was doing against the wall, his heart raced, and his face turned red.

Realizing that his ear was still pressed against the wall and that the man’s back was there, he took two steps backward as if he were hot, almost slipping and sitting on his butt on the toilet.

This shameless Alpha!


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Sue R
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Hahahaha…..thank you for making me laught.

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The earth really moved 😆
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Lu Rankong might not know other people can hear him pleasuring himself. 😂 How many times will Lan Yu have to cover his ears?

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Reay shameless!!! 🤣🤣
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Ju RanKong and who he have met in the rescue are the same person rightttt? Their surnames match :00

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If you run out of adjectives, you may use LY’s for LRK

>narcissistic male peacock

>male beast


>single-celled creature

>shameless Alpha


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