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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“No, no, no.  Wait a minute…” Looking at the egg shell that was about to break in his hand, Doctor Shang felt that his heart was about to break into pieces. He tried to press the eggshell back, but before he could touch it, the eggshell in his hand was lifted off with a small snap.

Under the breathless gaze of the crowd, a small orange kitten stood up with its head out of the egg shell. The little orange cat seemed to be unafraid of life, blinking its eyes and glancing around, and then crawled out of the eggshell with all four paws. Snapped on the human doctor’s lap, raised his head with a full breath, “Mimi!”

“I see, so the Taotie has been using the appearance of an orange cat to hide from the world…”

With a complex mood, he looked at the little orange cat on his lap. Doctor Shang sighed and looked to the side of the innocent looking courier dragon, “I am a doctor – you deliberately sent it here. Is it because it has some kind of disease, such as anorexia or something? You better answer…”

“How can that be? Every single dragon egg we send out is strictly quarantined, there is absolutely no problem!”

The dragon straightened its neck proudly and replied loudly without thinking. Another claw picked up the little orange cat, looked at it back and forth for a while, and the round eyes of the dragon suddenly showed some doubts. “Strange, this one does seem a bit wrong – because the Taotie looks really strange, in order not to be thrown away by parents during the infancy, they usually mimic a small kitten, but I have not seen this color before. You pay attention when feeding, I heard something about orange cat-shaped taoties likely suffering from bulimia…”

“…The Taotie race often suffers from bulimia?” Looking at the dragon race whose conscience actually didn’t hurt, Doctor Shang’s questioning had almost carried a few painful implications. With a thoughtful wave of his hand, the vampire at one side summoned the golden exclamation marks left behind by the elves and cooperated by pressing them one by one into the air.

“Look at you, still a doctor, trying to find reason for something you don’t understand – since it is said to be a disease, it is different from the average person. Since it is said to be bulimia, it will eat more than ordinary people. The Taotie are also the same.”

The old adult giant dragon stroked its non-existent jaw whiskers, slowly shook his head, giving a serious education to the human doctor, “Taotie, their family, generally will be divided into three kinds – ordinary Taotie, elite Taotie, and overeating Taotie. The so-called elite gourmets, in addition to steamed lamb, steamed bear paws, steamed deer tail, will have a full banquet of hard to eat dishes. Other than eating, they don’t do anything else much. The so-called overeating gourmets will feed on whatever they are willing to eat, and their mouth will never stop. You not raising an elite gourmet can already be considered good. I have a buddy who accidentally gave birth to an elite, and now has been smashed into poverty by the child…”

Looking at the palm-sized cute little orange cat, the golden dragon scoffed. He interrupted the dragon’s words, its eyes glazed and its tail smashed the ground twice with force, “Okay, Okay, don’t talk about your buddy in vain first – hurry up and give it over. I don’t care about anything else – what did I tell you? Didn’t I tell you it must be a kind that could dominate the entire district? You gave him such a small thing, do you want it to conquer the whole neighborhood by being cute?”

“Your Highness Lin, don’t be angry. You have already married out, so you don’t know – we now have new rules. All who sign two dragons, the accompanying dragon eggs must be a bad and an auspicious, to facilitate their transit division to balance the qi. We also really have tried, Taotie are now sought after, if not for your offer, this poor one wouldn’t have a home…”

The golden dragon’s status was obviously not low. Even though he was reprimanded, the dragon’s attitude instantly became respectful, as he lowered his head and slightly lowered his voice as well, “Poor Qi has nothing better to do the whole day but to teach others to fight or to do bad things. Taowu doesn’t even understand a single human sentence. If you bring Hundun out for a walk, people will think you’re walking a pig. How about you tell me, which of the Four Evils should we give him? Besides, we gave it three days of food rations…”

“Three days?!” Stunned, Doctor Shang looked at the small mountain of dragon milk powder, only to feel as if he had received a second blast, and lifted the other dragon egg up, “What about it – is this milk powder for both of them?”

“That’s a Bi An. It’s born to eat only meat, not to drink something as pedestrian as milk powder.” Knowing that this was an acquaintance of His Highness Lin, the dragon’s attitude was also quite patient, as it good-naturedly explained. Then it forcefully patted his chest, “Do not worry, Bi An are serious beasts, avoiding disasters and eliminating disasters, absolutely first-class. They are good-looking, with a small tiger-like appearance and have a ton of spirit!”

“This one – I guess you guys haven’t predicted it having bulimia. So does it mean that this pile of milk powder is actually only enough for the Taotie to eat for about 36 hours?”

Doctor Shang’s mind was clearly not on the matter of how cool the Bi An would be, and sighed lightly with concern. He picked up the little orange cat and gently patted its fluffy little head, “Calling it a rice bucket is just too cheesy and unpleasant – I’ve decided. You’ll be called Wei XiaoShi Pian1 from now on.”

“That is indeed a good name, dear. It’s just a little long and a little awkward to say. Maybe you can give it another nickname?” The vampire was interested in this little kitten, curiously reaching out to touch it, but the little kitten showed its teeth and its hackles rose. The vampire resentfully touched his nose and regretfully put his hand back.

Seeing the Taotie and Wei Long not warming up to each other, Shang HaoJia, holding the paws of the small kitten, shook the paw and batted the disliked vampire, “Its nickname will be Wei Yao, with your surname, the other with mine. We’ll talk about the name later…”

“God – its paw is so soft…” Being instantly hit by the little kitten’s soft flesh pad, the vampire pressed his chest and sighed, then jerked up and aggressively hugged the discouraging pile of milk powder. “Honey, please leave the feeding of it to me, I will take good care of our son—”

“Daddy, that’s not what you said to me before!” Stimulated by the stark contrast, Wayne Loki leapt up and protested angrily. When he met Wei Long’s smiling gaze, his voice suddenly weakened and he sat down with a huff before the other party could speak, “I’ll sit down, sit down, sit down! You know how to make me sit down, you have the ability to change a—”

“Stand up and go heat some water for the milk powder.” The Pureblood King coldly picked the corner of his lips and nodded in satisfaction as he watched Wayne Loki get up and walk towards him. Throwing the formula into his arms, he patted him on the shoulder again. “You’re the big brother, so you have to take care of your younger siblings, you have to know how to behave, okay? Say that you understand.”

“I understand…” It was difficult to control the two words, as Wayne Loki choked and cried out aggrieved, clutching the arm full of milk powder huffing and puffing and running out the back door, “I am also a big brother at home, and my father has never bullied me so much!”

“Unfortunately, in terms of a vampire’s legal kinship, the biological father comes after the blood paternal line – so you’ll have to go by what I say in the future, and please give my regards and sincere apologies to old Mr. Old Gee.” Looking at his cheap son who had covered his face, the vampire smiled and replied, then returned to the sofa. Looking at the other dragon egg with interest, his expression actually brought a few leaps of faith, “Honey, can you feel when this one will hatch? I can’t wait to greet its little meat pad…”

“…You turned out to have this kind of hobby?” The vampire’s eyes fluttered with love, Doctor Shang’s gaze moved and came up with another 10 or so treatment options, not moving and weighing the other small dragon egg in his hand. “This one will probably be around for a while, and I don’t feel any change in it at all – but can we really have a cat at home? I remember that He has severe pet allergies…”


“That’s a joke, we dragons are born with steel and iron bones and swords and guns, when have they ever lost their hair! Don’t believe only your eyes—” The dragon proudly straightened up, fished up the small orange cat to the air as it was thrown two times. The kitten’s claw scratched it on the face. The pain made him hurt but he gave a grim smile that showed his teeth. “You see, I was right, right? Look at these harsh claws and athletic posture! It has so much of our dragon clan’s poise… Mua~ Remember to praise it~”


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Translator Notes:

  1. 胃消食片 – meaning Gastrointestinal Tablet… Cause he eats a lot?


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