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Chapter 111: The first official meeting offline

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Coming out of the game, before he even opened his eyes, Bai Li touched Supreme beside him.

“Meow?” Sleepy and a little dazed, Supreme suddenly encountered human touch, Supreme let out a milky, puzzled cat cry.

“…Demon Xing, Wen XingYao, are you really him?” Bai Li asked, somewhat suspiciously. Suddenly hearing that the kitty he had raised was actually his best friend in the game, had produced far more of a shock inside him than it showed.

Who could accept that immediately?

Bai Li was still calm when he learned that Supreme was Demon Xing. When he learned that Demon Xing was the Empire’s “unfortunately fallen” Admiral Wen XingYao of the Starnet, Bai Li was a little nervous. Finally, when he found out that what made Wen XingYao wake up from his infancy was actually the grass and wood clear spirit he occasionally fed him, Bai Li’s first reaction was disbelief.

“That’s impossible!” Bai Li opened his mouth with denial.

When he met Supreme kitty, Bai Li didn’t associate the weak and pitiful him with the powerful and strong Therian, so in front of him, Bai Li never thought of hiding anything, whether it was taking something out of hid carry space or practicing in front of Supreme gathering the grass and wood clear spirit qi. Now that the memories of the infant and the body were synchronized, what the kitten knew, Wen XingYao would also know. Bai Li simply no longer felt “sophomoric” and went directly according to what he thought.

“I fed your juvenile form stuff called ‘grass and wood clear spirit qi’. It is a kind of gongfu I practice, and it’s condensed out of the qi. When used, it will make people feel comfortable, relaxed, and let the plants grow more luxuriantly. However, according to you, it helps those who reverted to their infantile state due to Genetic Collapse Disorder. This should be unlikely. You should have guessed wrong, right? There may be another reason for this.”

The Interstellar era also had gongfu methods, but most of them were in the hands of people or families with great combat power. He did not question Bai Li’s words because he thought it might be some kind of miraculous encounter he had received.

However when Bai Li said he guessed wrong, Wen XingYao had something to say, “I shouldn’t be wrong, it’s just that you never knew before, and didn’t verify it. Through the memory of the infancy feeding back to me, I know that the aura it gives is a very comfortable feeling, and seeped directly from the body into the soul. The other night you did something to my infant form. Perhaps you fed more ‘grass and wood clear spirit qi’, thus stimulating my awakening?”

After Wen XingYao’s reminder, Bai Li really remembered, that night he did feed Supreme a few big bites because he was in a good mood. At the time, he thought he was drunk, but it turned out to be activating another layer of his consciousness?

Although he reluctantly accepted Wen XingYao’s speculation, Bai Li was still a bit incredulous as to how his grass and wood clear spirit had suddenly become so elevated.

When he designed the game Carefree Farmstead, he consciously mixed the grass and wood clear spirit into it, thinking that it would at least freshen up the air in the game, but now it was having a subtle effect on other players?

He told Wen XingYao about his concern, and the other party thought for a moment and offered a different opinion, “The energy you give me in my infancy is the purest, while the one spread in the game should be much diluted, and the effect must be greatly reduced. Even if there are more sensitive players, they’ll only think that Carefree Farmstead has some healing effect on Genetic Collapse Disorder, and won’t think more. On this point you have even less to worry about. There are now many large virtual reality games within the empire, all certified by the Imperial Research Institute to have some effect on the relief of Genetic Collapse Disorder.”

Bai Li nodded his head and thought he needed to get Carefree Farmstead certified if he had the chance. However, when he heard that the Imperial Research Institute actively looked for potential games, maybe they would come to him themselves sometime.

After he had completely revealed his identity, Wen XingYao once again apologized and thanked Bai Li for taking care of him.

Bai Li didn’t feel much anger. If he put himself in the shoes of a stranger who had lost his memory, the first condition would be to ensure his own safety. After confirming that the person was trustworthy, it was only normal to think about it again.

“So what are your plans?” Bai Li asked.

Wen XingYao was a bit embarrassed to discuss that with him, “I’m going to have my lieutenant, the game’s Easy Victory Life, come to your house at some later time. Until then, can I stay at your house?”

“Of course you can.” Bai Li didn’t mind and readily agreed. Then he asked him, “How long do you have to stay in your infant state? If Easy Victory comes over and you’re still the same, isn’t it a bit inconvenient? Do you need me to feed you some more grass and wood clear spirit energy? Since you say it works, maybe we can experiment a little?”

This proposal just happened to hit the point that Wen XingYao wanted to ask but was too embarrassed to say. He really needed to rely on this qi to recover. Originally he was worried that rashly asking would cause trouble, but the result was that Bai Li took the initiative to mention it. He was moved by that, and wasn’t about to refuse. Wen XingYao thanked him, “If it’s no trouble, thank you for your help.” 

“Hey, what’s so troublesome about it? It’s just a handful. Besides, aren’t we friends? Isn’t it normal for friends to help each other? You even spent a lot of money in my game, and I didn’t say anything, right?” Bai Li said with a smile. Inwardly, he felt that Demon Xing was still too mindful.

The conversation between the two was almost over. After another half hour passed, Bai Li felt a little sleepy. He said so to Wen XingYao, and went offline. He didn’t choose to quit the game first and then close the gaming pod, but chose to close the gaming pod directly, which broke the user’s connection with Starnet.

Before going offline, Bai Li deliberately glanced in the direction of Wen XingYao, and found that his figure was, indeed, also slowly disappearing.

Supreme really was Demon Xing.

He called the cat “Wen XingYao” several times, but he did not respond. Bai Li knew that this time Wen XingYao shouldn’t be in the juvenile body, or that his consciousness was still asleep.

After he thought about it, Bai Li squeezed out a little bit of grass and wood clear spirit and fed it to Supreme. After that, he coldly separated Supreme from himself, despite the “mee, mee, mee, mee,” sound he made when he approached him. He had read something in Wen XingYao’s lingering expression, probably that he wanted him to stop treating Supreme like a normal cat.

Supreme did not understand Bai Li’s meaning. “Mimi, mimi, mimi,” he screamed pitifully, and also followed behind Bai Li, as he wanted the human to look back at him. The result was that the ruthless human, not to mention not looking back at him and touching his head, didn’t even stop or wait for him to move.

The flame on the tip of the tail dulled with sadness.

Bai Li accidentally glanced at that, almost got a soft heart, and wanted to pick him up and soothe him in a warm voice.

Luckily, he held back.

After he slept for a full eight hours, Bai Li felt an unfamiliar stare and with a jolt, regained consciousness. He met with a pair of deep, dark, golden cat eyes.

Bai Li instantly guessed that this was Wen XingYao inside Supreme’s body, right?

“Demon Xing?” Bai Li called out to him tentatively.

The cat nodded seriously, his furry face full of gravity.

Then Bai Li…

“Pfft!” He couldn’t hold it in, and burst out laughing.

Wen XingYao looked at him helplessly.

“Haha! Sorry, I didn’t mean to.” Bai Li covered his mouth to stifle his laughter. “Maybe Supreme usually looks like too much…Now looking at you like this, I feel a little funny. Just you don’t mind me, ah. Demon Xing, you can relax a little. You don’t have to sit so rigidly. Just think of it as playing in a friend’s house.”

Wen XingYao also didn’t want to act that way, but he thought about how this was his first official meeting with Bai Li in reality. Although one was in human form and the other in his beast state, for him, it meant a lot. So, even if he wanted to relax, he couldn’t.

However, since Bai Li said so…He hesitated for a moment, nodded slowly, and then, little by little, slowly relaxed.

Bai Li was satisfied with his change. He nodded while getting up from the bed, hurriedly went to the bathroom to change out of his pajamas, then led Wen XingYao towards the dining table, posed as a host.

“Are you hungry? We’re an hour later than when we usually eat breakfast. Wait for me for a while. I’m going to heat up the food. Hey, if only you had told me your identity earlier, now the delicious food had been almost eaten up by Supreme and me, so there isn’t much left, if you were any later, you would only be able to eat cold lettuce with me.” Bai Li said, as he took out the last few precious meat dishes from his storage space, heated them up, then brought them out and placed them in front of himself and Wen XingYao.

Wen XingYao had mixed feelings. He especially wanted to tell Bai Li that it didn’t matter, that he didn’t mind, but because of his infantile state, he couldn’t speak. He could only save those words to wait for the game.

During the course of the meal, Bai Li looked up at Wen XingYao from time to time, with a curious glint in his eyes. Being sensitive to Wen XingYao’s feelings, he deliberately made these movements and eyes unobtrusive and subtle. However, he still underestimated the keen observation power of an Imperial Admiral, and Wen XingYao had to do his best not to let the fur on his body stand up at the roots.

Bai Li’s gaze…It was really a bit hot, wasn’t it?

Bai Li let Wen XingYao rest in the living room while he got his tools and went to the balcony. Wen XingYao looked around to see what was going on, and then he followed him. The vegetables on the balcony had already received a batch of new seeds planted not long ago, so he could only see the new layer of green that grew on the dark brown soil.

Wen XingYao looked over curiously, and incidentally recalled the role played by his juvenile self on these pots of vegetables. Then his eyes widened in astonishment as he looked at the tip of his tail.

The flame on his tail had this effect? How come he didn’t know that!


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