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Chapter 112: Very well fed

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Bai Li, “…”

Wen XingYao, “…”

After a long silence, Wen XingYao became embarrassed and tucked his tail behind him, as he tried to pretend nothing had happened. That was the third vegetable seedling he had accidentally scalded to death! That was one more than his juvenile form! How could it be that he, an adult with nearly two months of experience in farming, couldn’t match the youngster who was of the same origin as himself?

Wen XingYao couldn’t believe his eyes!

Bai Li wanted to laugh again, but when he looked at Wen XingYao’s guilty and embarrassed expression, he tried to hold back. He said, “It’s okay. You don’t have to come over to help me take care of them. I can do it alone. Of course, after knowing that Supreme is you, and you are Supreme, I will not let Supreme come near here afterwards either. You just need to recuperate in my house.”

Wen XingYao was tempted to say that helping was what he should do. It was just…It was just that he wasn’t not skilled, and when he was familiar with the process he’d be able to do a good job.

Damn. Why was it that in reality there were no such seeds that could live, no fertilizer with superb effects, and no magical spring water that could reduce planting time by fifteen minutes when you pour a bottle on them?

After taking care of the plants, Bai Li was ready to play the game. He took Supreme to look at the rudimentary gaming pod next to him, and Bai Li stopped.

“Demon Xing, you wait for me. I’ll order a new gaming pod, at least a two-person seat.” He looked down and quickly placed an order on TaoTao.

The one in front of him, although it could also do two person playing, it was a bit crowded. If one used the size of a bed to describe the space inside, this was now a single (twin) bed, and Bai Li just ordered a double (queen) bed.

In the past, he held Supreme. With him lying in it, it wasn’t much of a problem, but when Supreme became Wen XingYao, and then stuck so close, it was somewhat inappropriate.

The gaming pods weren’t too expensive nowadays, a few tens of thousands of star coins could buy the latest model. The one in Wen XingYao’s house was even a limited edition, only ten people in the entire empire had it, so Bai Li’s idea of buying a new gaming pod didn’t seem to be a problem.

The gaming pod was delivered quickly, and it took less than an hour for the staff to install everything and take the old one away. The new gaming pod was dark blue in color, with a star pattern dotted on top, which gave a sense of depth to the starry sky. Compared to the last one, the shape was cooler and the curvature was smoother.

Those in the game didn’t become depressed because the two of them hadn’t been online for hours. It was still very lively, and it got even more lively.

“Ah! Li Bai, you’re finally online!” Jiang Huaibi next door seemed to be guarding Bai Li, and when she saw Bai Li come out, she ran to his door and shouted towards the side, “Dad! Mom! Come on, Big Brother Li Bai is online!”

As Jiang Huaibi’s voice fell, Bai Li noticed that there were two more houses to the left of, and behind her house. The one behind was actually the tree house with the lowest number of redeemable items in the event. A middle-aged man and a middle-aged woman came out of these two houses one after the other. They both looked good, and smiled back kindly when Bai Li looked over.

“Hello Big Brother Li Bai, we’ve been hearing about you from Heart’s Jade. We’ve heard a lot about you.” Jiang Yu went up to shake hands with Bai Li.

Jiang Huaibi had done a good job keeping things a secret. Her parents did not know Bai Li’s game producer identity even, the couple only knew that their daughter was lucky. They entered the game and lived next door to the game’s big brother, who usually took care of their daughter. Even the luck of getting two precious game spots this time was due to the advice she got from him at the beginning.

It was true that without Bai Li’s advice, Jiang Huaibi would not have taken the path of focusing on treasure hunting, but making up one’s mind to do so at the beginning of the event would have resulted in a different outcome than if the intention had come up a day later.

So, it was truly thanks to Bai Li.

“Hello, you two.” Bai Li, always polite to his elders, humbly replied, “I’m just an ordinary player in the game. You guys can just call me by my game name.”

“That’s fine, we’ll call you Li Bai!” Jiang Yu was also formal, but could see that the youth had an open personality. He felt the goodness flowing out of him. “I heard Heart’s Jade say you took care of her. We as parents also want to thank you!”

“It’s okay. Since we have a chance to play the same game and live so close to each other, it’s only right to take care of each other.” Bai Li didn’t feel that he was ‘taking care of’ her by occasionally making suggestions, and was somewhat vain.

The four of them briefly chatted for a while and got to know each other, then Jiang Huaibi took her newbie parents and left, saying that she would take them to recognize the road and go for a stroll in the forest.

Bai Li watched the family leave.

Turning around again, he saw Wen XingYao on the other side of the house, already busy in his yard.

Bai Li rushed forward to greet the person. “So you are online! Why didn’t you call me just now?”

“I saw you were still talking to them, so I didn’t bother.” Wen XingYao opened the door and let Bai Li in. “Li Bai, just now it wasn’t convenient to speak, and there are some things I still want to talk to you about…”

Wen XingYao said that he could rely on his infant body to help him with household chores, and also said that he didn’t need too much intimate care. Everything else would just be the same as before. Even if he had to eat cold vegetables with him, he wouldn’t mind a bit. After all, even cold vegetables tasted a hundred times better than those sold outside. A thousand times better.

After Bai Li listened, he choked for a while and suddenly felt a little sympathy for the lives of the Interstellar people. When even the Interstellar Admiral was so well fed, no wonder every player who entered Carefree Farmstead, and every viewer who watched the live food broadcast in the game, became hardcore fans…

“Then, I will try to keep it as it is in the future,” Bai Li nodded and responded. “But do you have any special signs when you wake up? I tried calling out to you a few times in the middle of the night when I first got offline, but there was no response. I also aggravated Supreme…”

Wen XingYao thought carefully, but shook his head helplessly. “There are no signs. I wake up suddenly every time and find myself in control of my infant body. But from awakening to the end, I mean the process that happens when I am about to lose consciousness afterwards, for that I can describe how I feel. When I wake up, it’s usually accompanied by  warmth all over my body. It’s not a normal body temperature, but a somewhat burning temperature. When that temperature slowly subsides and my body temperature returns to its usual state, my consciousness will fall back into darkness, and the juvenile will take over my body again.”

“Ah…so…” Bai Li’s eyes flashed with a few thoughtful lights. “It’s a fever first, then slowly cooling down…”

He suddenly remembered that the other day at noon, Supreme’s behavior suddenly became a bit strange. He even accidentally fell off the table and hung on his leg. At that time he felt that Supreme’s body seemed to be a little hot, but didn’t take it to heart. He only thought that he had a fever that would not dissipate, or just woke up a little high body temperature and was also normal.

Now that he thought about it, could it be another possibility…? At that time the one who occupied Supreme’s body was actually Wen XingYao himself? However, before he asked, the other directly denied it. It was only in the early hours of that day for a short period of time he was awake.

It couldn’t be that the other man was lying, right?

Bai Li quickly recalled what happened at noon that day, when he seemed to be wondering why Supreme had become so strange, and then muttered something to himself. With his words, the already somewhat stiff Supreme moved more and more stiffly in accordance with what he said, and finally even used his tongue to lick away the qi of the grass and wood clear spirit on his fingers…

Bai Li, “!!!!”

Unknowingly, had he actually said such miserable words? No wonder Wen XingYao would deny it. If he admitted it, wouldn’t it be a large social death scene? The kind of thing that everyone would like to forget and was like needing amnesia. Every time it was mentioned, it was a major blow to his mind, ah.

He decided to pretend he didn’t know about it!

Bai Li felt a thin layer of sweat appear at the corner of his forehead, and he didn’t dare to meet Wen XingYao’s eyes, for fear that the other side would realize that he spotted the oversight and he had guessed that Supreme turned out to be him that day. The two of them ended the exchange deep in their own thoughts, and Bai Li went back to his courtyard in a state of confusion.

Wen XingYao also didn’t have the heart to take care of the plants in the ground. He took out the pet egg obtained from the previous ‘blind box’ and the other new egg exchanged in the early hours of this morning and took a look at them. He found that there was no great difference between the two except for the pattern on the eggshell. He thought that maybe there would only be a change only when the shells were about to break, and stuffed them back into the backpack. He then closed the courtyard door and planned to go to the village for a stroll.

Mainly to take a break.

The difference between the number of points he and Bai Li got from this event was not that big. Both of them couldn’t exchange for the other two limited items which were less in quantity after exchanging for the pet eggs.

Like the tree house. There was now one near his home, but the “bike” was something that he hadn’t seen yet.

If he went for a walk through the village, maybe he could see the other players using a bicycle.

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