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Chapter 12: “He can’t be a demon.”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Qiao Xi was surprised to find that Han Tian was obviously a first-time visitor, yet he was very familiar with the structure of the villa.

He pressed his hand to open the fingerprint lock, skillfully took out the slippers from the shoe cabinet and changed them for the two of them, then helped himself to the sofa to sit down again.

Then, the man turned directly into the kitchen—

What was he doing in the kitchen? Are there any ingredients in the kitchen?

Unexpectedly, Han Tian came out of the kitchen with an apron on and rolled up his sleeves and said, “Have you ever had congee? How about some congee in the evening?”

Qiao Xi scratched his head. “Congee? No, I haven’t… But what are you going to make congee with?”

Han Tian smiled. “The property owners in this community will have rice, noodles, oil and eggs in the kitchen for the owners, so they will have all the basic ingredients, but no fresh vegetables.”

After listening to Han Tian’s explanation, Qiao Xi vaguely felt that something was fishy, but couldn’t tell what was wrong.

He thought about it, but finally gave up thinking and decided to collapse on the sofa to play “Fugitive”.

Thirty minutes later, Qiao Xi, who was originally nestled in the living room sofa and did not want to move, was lured by a fresh fragrance and stood up, and then followed the smell into the dining room.

The dining room was not too big, with a long walnut table and a few dining chairs of the same color.

Now, the flowers used to decorate the long table have been moved to a sideboard by Han Tian, and a heat insulating mat has been placed on top of a gray casserole that does not match the rustic dining room.

The simple, humble casserole was steaming, and the heat was floating restlessly in the air, practically beckoning people to taste it.

Qiao Xi sat down honestly on the dining chair and swallowed his saliva. “Is this congee? Why does it smell so good?”

Han Tian brought out two plates from the kitchen and gently put them on the table, then went back to get clean dishes and spoons and set them up one by one while explaining, “We have shiitake mushrooms at home, so I soaked them and chopped them up to make mushroom congee. I also had some fungus and eggs, so I mixed one with fungus and made a scrambled egg.”

He said, while giving Qiao Xi a bowl of porridge and handing it to him, “Try it.”

Qiao Xi, who had just experienced another round of stomach rumbling, took a spoonful, blew on it, and swallowed it.

The congee was soft and sticky, and after a short stay in the mouth, it slipped into the throat and fell into the stomach.

This porridge was pure and simple, without any extra seasoning, or any rare ingredients, but for Qiao Xi, it was a supreme delicacy that he had never tasted before.

He wasted no time in praising it, so he wasted no time in serving up another spoonful and sending it to his mouth.

As he was eating, he thought that using a spoon was not enough, and he couldn’t care less about his elegant image, so he simply picked up the bowl and drank it with a huff and puff. 

Han Tian didn’t stop him, but only said softly, “Slowly, be careful of the heat.”

When the bowl of porridge reached the bottom, Qiao Xi felt that the feeling of restlessness and uneasiness had completely subsided.

Could it be that what he just felt was really “hunger”?

Could it be that after staying in the earthly realm for a long time, even the body structure was affected by humans?

Qiao Xi was a little confused.

Just as he put the bowl down, Han Tian took it over and gave him another bowl, and put some more vegetables on the plate in front of him. “Slow down this time, try to eat some vegetables too.”

Qiao Xi picked up a piece of fungus, looked curiously at the dark mushroom, and slowly put it into his mouth, feeling the wonderful soft yet tough texture, and the harmonious taste of the sour.

“How’s that?” Han Tian looked at him with a smile.

Qiao Xi didn’t care to speak, but nodded his head in appreciation and took another chopstick of the yellow scrambled egg.

The aroma was so delicious that Qiao Xi almost bit his tongue.

Only when he had eaten all the scrambled eggs and fungus in front of him did he finally come back to his senses and look at Han Tian. “Han Tian, are you really a student of Medical College?”

Han Tian laughed and didn’t answer.

“You’re not, ahem, actually a student of some chef training class, are you?” Qiao Xi asked.

Han Tian looked down and blew the porridge in his spoon and said, “Actually, this is my first time cooking today.”

Qiao Xi’s eyes widened. “No way? No way! You cook so well!”

Han Tian sipped the congee and laughed. “I just made it according to the recipe… It’s not that good, it’s probably just that you’re hungry.”

“No, no, it’s really good.” Qiao Xi swallowed another mouthful of congee and began to continue the conversation that he hadn’t finished in the car, “Han Tian, do you want to really consider working for me as a cook? I’ll hire you at the price of a top chef, is that okay?”

Since working in a cafe doesn’t qualify as a “monetary contract”, I’ll hire Han Tian and pay him personally, which is a pure and perfect “money relationship”!

Unexpectedly, Han Tian had a slightly odd expression on his face. “Thank you for your kindness. But Medical College is really busy, and I have enough part-time jobs… I really can’t do it with one more job as a cook.”

Han Tian refused so directly that Qiao Xi bit his spoon, completely unable to think of how to continue the bargaining.

So, he could only finish the second bowl of congee with a regretful face, and then let out a sigh of satisfaction.

Qiao Xi, who for the first time knew what it was like to be “full”, finally put down his bowl, held his cheeks and looked at the man in front of him as he elegantly drank his congee, and some thoughts ran through his mind in a chaotic manner.

Suddenly, he understood why he felt a little out of place just now. “By the way, Han Tian, how do you know this house so well? Do you even know what ingredients are stocked in the property?”

“Well,” Han Tian stopped moving and gently pressed a tissue at the corner of his mouth, answering naturally, “I’ve delivered to this neighborhood, haven’t I? So I’ve been into other villas. As for the ingredients, I heard about it from other customers.”

“You have delivered to other people in the community? And entered their homes?” Qiao Xi himself didn’t even notice the vague displeasure laced in his tone.

Han Tian glanced at him and his eyes curved slightly. “Yes. Huh, I thought you knew that before?”

“Mn,” Qiao Xi replied sullenly.

Well, he knew it before, but, thinking about it again today, he always felt very unhappy.

This kind of feeling was probably the same as seeing the hellhound you raised running to wag its tail at another demon?

Looking at Qiao Xi’s expression, Han Tian stood up and rubbed his hair, his voice was particularly soft. “Okay, I won’t deliver to other people anymore. So… So don’t think too much about it.” 

Huh? I’m not thinking about anything? I didn’t think too much…

Qiao Xi wanted to explain, but he found Han Tian had already picked up the dishes and sent them into the kitchen to clean up.

After cleaning up the kitchen, Han Tian put his watch back on, which he had left by the sink, and declined Qiao Xi’s invitation to take him back to school, and walked to the entrance.

Qiao Xi came after him, asking with some hesitation and expectation, “Tomorrow is Sunday, will you go to the cafe?”

Han Tian shook his head. “Tomorrow… I’m afraid that’s not possible.”

Sunday is the clinic’s ” charity” time, he will be very busy.

A ray of disappointment passed through Qiao Xi’s eyes. But he smiled, waved his hand and said politely, “Oh, I’ll see you the day after tomorrow.”

Han Tian nodded. “Mn, see you the day after tomorrow.”

However, after Han Tian left the house, he did not walk towards the exit of the neighborhood, but turned right and walked towards the artificial lake.

He flew along the lakeside path and went around to a villa behind a fence in the dense forest on the opposite bank.

That was his temporary residence in the earthly realm, his so-called “home”.

Only, his “home”, like his office at the clinic, was empty and clean, without any extra things.

On the second floor, there was a study and a bedroom, and even the bathtub in the bathroom was removed, and only the shower was kept.

According to Han Tian’s habit, he would only leave the “necessary things”.

Standing in the pure white living room, Han Tian pressed his watch.

“Sir Seraph! You have finally responded!” Miquel seemed to have been waiting for him for a long time.


“Your Excellency Seraph, this afternoon, you administered ‘discipline’ to a human. However, the patriarchs have some minor questions about the disciplinary measure you just performed.” Miquel looked at Han Tian’s face and weighed his words.

“Miquel,” Han Tian said directly, “there is no need to beat around the bush so much. The old men must be jumping up and down with anger again when they see that I didn’t speak kindly and chant the hymns first.”

“Well… not really angry.” Miquel said carefully, “It’s just that the patriarchs were slightly confused and wanted to know why you skipped the ‘exhortation’ step and went straight to ‘discipline’.”

“Heh,” Han Tian raised his eyelids, an icy coldness under his eyes, “Miquel, please tell the old men that, in my opinion, such scum who prey on children have no need to be admonished and no possibility of being redeemed.”

He glanced at Miquel’s face with a slightly embarrassed look and said slowly, “I will tell them directly later, and if you have any more complaints, come directly to me, there is no need to make things difficult for you.”

A trace of gratitude flashed in Miquel’s eyes and he whispered, “Okay.”

Han Tian paused for a few seconds and then asked, “Any progress on the demon scent?”

Miquel lifted his head and lowered it again, seemingly ashamed. “Not yet. The Demon World is very tight lipped this time. I haven’t found a breakthrough yet.”

Han Tian’s face was a little better, and there was even a faint smile under his eyes. “It’s okay. That little guy can’t be a demon.”


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July 21, 2023 7:54 am

I’m with HT, in that some people are way past being admonished; it would mean nothing and they plead forgiveness and to change, but they have no intention, it’s just to save themselves and then they go back to their true nature.
QX really is a conundrum ☺️ I can’t wait to find out more about him.
Thanks for translating and editing.

July 21, 2023 10:38 am

I wonder what makes Han Tian say that..

July 22, 2023 3:07 am

Thanks for the chapter!

Audry Gazali
Audry Gazali
July 22, 2023 11:36 am

Hahaha that little guy can’t be a demon. Coz that little guy is so stupid and naive. 😂 Qiao Xi become more human than demon already, having feeling and being hungry. He is so cute not knowing what hungry is and never eat anything else but cake? 🤣

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