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Chapter 13: “I Forbid you”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


“Oh?” Miquel’s face showed a few moments of suspicion, a look of having the desire to speak.

Han Tian had the patience to explain, “From these two cases, it is likely that he was adopted by a demon lurking on earth when he was young, so he was tainted with the aura of a demon, and even signed a contract with a demon and was allowed to use the power of a demon.”

“Adopted by a demon?” Miquel obviously did not expect Han Tian’s inference to be like this.

“Mn. Wouldn’t there be demons that tame humans and then drive them to serve in the Demon World?” A look of disgust passed under Han Tian’s eyes.

“But… That was a long time ago. Ever since the Demon World signed an agreement with the Heavenly Realm, the demons have been subject to a lot of constraints. This kind of taming of humans, they should not dare to do it anymore,” Miquel said.

Han Tian’s brow knitted slightly, his mind recalled Qiao Xi’s amazement and satisfaction when he ate normal “food” for the first time. He was taken away by a demon when he was a child and raised according to the demon’s way, never given any food other than high-calorie desserts…

“Even with more restraint, demons are always demons, and evil is their nature,” Han Tian said coldly.

“Then, if the other party is really adopted by demons… Or used to be human, Your Excellency intends to…?” Miquel tried cautiously.

Han Tian’s voice was indifferent but firm. “Then, of course, we’ll snatch him back from the demons and put him back on the right path.”

Miquel hesitated, but said, “If that is your conclusion… I will report back to the patriarchs. You know, in a complicated situation like this, they might need a double check to confirm it.”

Han Tian’s tone was already impatient. “Whatever.”

Miquel didn’t dare to say anything else, and after saluting, he immediately cut off the communication.

After dealing with the heavenly world, Han Tian went to the open bathroom on the second floor, took off the restraints one by one, and unscrewed the shower.

The fine, warm water flowed down, sliding along his hair, over his shoulders and neck, following the curve of his perfect abdomen, and winding until it was scattered as droplets of water in a hidden place.

In the mist, Han Tian’s elbows were propped up on the white tiles, and as soon as he closed his eyes, the little one’s face came up again, uncontrollably, before his eyes.

“You have to learn to protect yourself!”

“If that bastard dares to touch a finger of yours!”

It was just a slender, incompetent human being… But time and time again, trying to jump to his defense…

And that little trap that thought he was clever but was full of holes, and all the little emotions that wouldn’t be said but were written on his face…

Qiao Xi, why are you in the Demon World and what does the Demon World want to do with you?

While Han Tian couldn’t figure it out, Qiao Xi, who had eaten and drunk enough, was already tapping his tail in his claw foot bathtub happily.

He had just checked the Capture Value in the [Guidebook].

To his surprise, it seemed that he had done nothing today but go to the orphanage with Han Tian, found a trash human, and came back to eat a meal cooked by Han Tian—just by doing that, Soul Capture Value actually went straight up by 7 points, rising to 16!

According to this progress, it would take three months to finish this subject by myself?

I am really the best graduate ever! When he thought of this, he was overjoyed.

That night, Qiao Xi slept extraordinarily well.

The next day, the sky was clear and crisp.

The sky was the purest blue, clear and transparent, dotted with soft clouds, like floating marshmallows.

Qiao Xi pushed open the floor-to-ceiling glass door, stood on the balcony, welcomed the warm autumn sunshine, and stretched his back against the bright mountain colors in the distance.

When he walked back to his bedroom and felt around for his phone, he realized that there was a small red dot on it that alerted him of a new message.

He clicked on it and saw that it was actually from Han Tian, timestamped 30 minutes ago: [I’ve prepared breakfast for you and put it on the doorstep.]

Qiao Xi let out an “ooh” and rushed downstairs.

He pushed open the door, but there was no one outside.

On the step, there was a wooden lunch box and a tied paper bag.

In the paper bag was a still-warm chocolate muffin.

On the box, there was a sticky note with “Breakfast” written in a very nice font.

Qiao Xi touched the bento box, and was a little confused.

An indefinable, unexplained emotion slowly surged in his heart.

He stood up dumbly, went inside, put the bento box on the cooking table, and took a picture.

“Breakfast received! Thanks!” He really didn’t know what he could say but to say thank you, then attached the photo and sent it back to Han Tian.

Getting up early in the morning to make breakfast and picking up the muffins…. Han Tian was really a very gentle person…

What would happen to this gentle person if the subject was completed and he was promoted to a real demon?

This very bizarre question suddenly emerged from the bottom of his heart.

What would happen? Of course, he would become my servant! Wouldn’t it be an honor for him to become a demon’s servant?

Qiao Xi frowned and shook his head, trying to get this inexplicable question out of his head.

However, this thought seemed to have taken root in his heart, and no matter how much he shook his head, he refused to meekly retreat.

Qiao Xi tossed his phone aside with some annoyance and opened the bento box labeled “Breakfast”.

Inside was a sandwich with a toothpick to hold the shape, and a bottle of milk placed upside down.

The sandwich was quite rich, with sliced ham, fried egg, cucumber, tomato, and sweet corn kernels.

Looking at the harmonious color scheme and smelling the sweet aroma, Qiao Xi forgot about everything else for a while and enjoyed it with the milk.

In the evening, the phone finally rang after a quiet day.

It was Han Tian’s reply.

Qiao Xi hurriedly opened the screen and took a look.

[You’re welcome.]

[By the way, your watch, I finally fixed it. Sorry it took so long.]


Qiao Xi’s mind buzzed and he sat up straight, and without thinking, he tapped a few words: [Fixed? No way!]

When he reacted, he tried to press “withdraw”.

However, the phone already vibrated lightly and a new message popped up: [Eh? It’s fixed…] followed by a [puzzled face.jpg].

Qiao Xi slapped his head, cursing himself for not being able to keep his hands to himself, and at the same time hurriedly typed: [Oh, I just didn’t expect it to be so fast, huh. It’s been hard for you, hasn’t it?]

Han Tian returned a big smile. [Don’t worry, it actually went very well. I’ll have it for you tomorrow.]

Qiao Xi only felt his heart was in stitches.

He gritted his teeth for half a day and finally replied: [I’m looking forward to it.]

The other party replied with another smiley face.

Qiao Xi: …

Well, he now had a very bad feeling. He felt that this innocent little fool, who was about to get his hands on the prey, had been cheated by someone else, right?

The next day, Han Tian just pushed open the door of the cafe, and Qiao Xi, who had been sitting at the table, “snapped” and straightened his body, his eyes looking straight at him.

Seeing Qiao Xi, Han Tian took off his shoulder bag, sat down opposite Qiao Xi and said solemnly and sincerely, “I am really sorry. I didn’t know until yesterday that this watch was so expensive.”

This statement was similar to what Qiao Xi had expected before.

He squeezed out a smile. “You don’t have to be so polite.”

Han Tian shook his head. “I did something wrong, so I should try my best to make up for it. But I’ve searched all the watch repair stores and boutiques, but I couldn’t get this watch fixed.”

Well, up to this point in the episode, it’s all normal.

So how exactly did you fix it?

Han Tian sighed. “Fortunately, when I went to the counter yesterday, I met a classmate from a very wealthy family. He told me that if I agreed to one of his demands, he could send me a watch of the same model to compensate you.”

Then, with a serious face, he took out a dark brown wooden box with inlaid studs from his shoulder bag and slowly opened it in front of Qiao Xi. “Look, this is exactly the same as the one you had before, right?”

Qiao Xi’s mouth had already opened into an “O” shape.

What? What? What? That’s not right! This is not how the plot should go! Shouldn’t it be, you are full of shame to ask for help, and then I give you a request, you grit your teeth and agree to it?

How could a scene stealer come out? What?

Looking at Qiao Xi’s astonished expression, Han Tian cautiously asked, “Ah, th- this watch is different from the one you had before?”

Qiao Xi didn’t care to check the watch lying in the velvet, he just felt his throat was dry and his head was sweating. “Oh, your classmate is really generous, the market price of this watch is two million, he just gave it away.”

Han Tian nodded with a simple face. “Yes. Like you, he is very kind and generous. Didn’t you also say before that it’s okay if the watch is broken?”

Qiao Xi laughed dryly. “Oh, haha. So, what exactly did he ask you for?”

Han Tian, who had a straight face, suddenly stammered, “Well, it’s nothing really. It’s his own business…”

Qiao Xi couldn’t even fake a smile anymore and asked with a shaky voice, “Oh? His own, what is it?”

Han Tian’s voice was softer. “Actually, it’s nothing. It’s just that, to stay with him for one night…”


Qiao Xi’s heart could no longer maintain its elegance, almost cursing out loud: Sure enough! I’m sure I’ve been tricked! What generous classmates, what special kindness, the other party must be ill-intentioned! They must have taken advantage of this opportunity to eat you up! My prey is about to be tricked into doing this and that!

He slammed the table, stood up with a crash, and said loudly, “No! You return this! I forbid you to promise him!”


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July 22, 2023 9:57 am

What is Han Tian scheming now? 🤣

Audry Gazali
Audry Gazali
July 22, 2023 11:55 am

Hahaha the angel is much much more sly and cunning than the demon! Just like cat plays the mouse before he eats it. But he did make breakfast for Qiao Xi! 😊 Oh, I really can’t be patient to read new chapter every day. Thank you for choosing this story.

August 3, 2023 5:38 am

QX’s mind working overtime again.
So, what QX has in mind, to make HT his slave, goes against the pact between the Demon World and Heavenly Realm?
Might QX have been adopted by a Demon and given powers, or be a demon/human mix?
Thanks for translating and editing.

Last edited 1 month ago by WangXian31
August 6, 2023 3:19 pm

Han Tian really said “I can fix him” XD

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