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Chapter 113: Learning to Drive

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Since the village chief moved his base from the village entrance to the center of the village, that spot at the entrance of the village had been vacant. At night in the game, players would set up an evening market at the entrance of the village after dark, but during the day the place was mostly vacant.

However, from that point onwards, the situation became a little different.

‘Bok Choy’ was Carefree Farmstead’s ordinary new player. Or rather, after half a month of playing day and night, she had evolved into an experienced veteran player. Her character level temporarily couldn’t catch up with the first players that had entered the game, but in other aspects, she was no different from them.

When she was among the 5,000 players, she was really mediocre and unexceptional. From the very beginning of the first gift package, she didn’t open a golden item, and when she purchased the magical spring water gift package, she could only open a below average number. The daily Food Basket always repeated the same ten things. She bit the bullet and bought a few clothing surprise boxes and could only open some scattered accessories…

To sum up, she was a non-competitive player who had never had any luck. However, she still loved the game, Carefree Farmstead!

Every day she diligently planted, harvested crops, sold them to the village chief’s kiosk, and got more money from farming. The money saved was used to expand her small house, and she carefully decorated the inside. Every day she would bring lovely and beautiful small objects to the house as small decorations. In her spare time, she went to the river and the forest to wander around, and either fished or gathered, and was always finding something she wanted to do.

She was very satisfied with her game state and felt happy about it.

When the February game event came, she was also actively involved, and saved up a full 800+ event points. This time, the gods of luck finally seemed to take care of her. Among the thousands of competitors, she was actually very lucky and grabbed the bike that only 50 players could grab!

Although she liked the scenery in the game, she would occasionally complain about how the map became bigger after the game upgrade, and the places she wanted to go suddenly became so far away. Therefore, after seeing the item of transportation appear in the points redemption list, she made up her mind at that time to get one.

Before that, she didn’t know what a bike looked like, but after she saw the word “vehicle” on it, she guessed it could be used to speed up the player’s journey. After that, she searched Starnet and found that people in the Ancient Blue Star Era did have a history of using bicycles as a means of transportation, so she became more and more convinced that she wanted to get a bicycle.

Now, the bicycle was successfully exchanged, and it was time for her to get familiar with the use of the bicycle.

Bok Choy intended to go to the entrance of their Mushroom Village to practice. When she looked up the information on Starnet, she found not only textual information, but also a lot of pictures.

It was a pity that there was no visual information, otherwise if she saw the specific steps…But it shouldn’t matter. It was enough just to see the pictures, Bok Choy thought in her heart.

After she read its history, Bok Choy knew that the triangular cushion-like thing on the bicycle was used to sit on. The middle of the huge wheel had a pedal on each side, the foot needed to be placed on it to keep stepping, so the vehicle could move. The seat and the handlebar in the middle of the bar and the flat place on the rear tire could be used to carry people. In some historical pictures, the driver of the bicycle was carrying four people in one breath!

It was a great way to get around!

When Bok Choy arrived at the entrance of the village, she found that there were already quite a few people there. They all had one thing in common with her, and that was that they all owned a tall black bicycle. Obviously, they thought of the same thing, and all wanted to practice on this flat ground at the entrance of the village.

However, unlike what she expected, those players who were lucky enough to grab a bike didn’t have relaxed and happy smiles on their faces, but were all sad, and accompanied that with sighs. Their posture of pushing the bike was skilled, but just looking at their backs, one would think they had suddenly lost their jobs or a large sum of money.

In short, the atmosphere here was very dull.

Bok Choy came late, and didn’t know what had happened in the middle. She saw a nearby sister who seemed to be watching the hustle and bustle, and ran over to ask what was wrong with all these people.

The little sister heard Bok Choy actually also grabbed a rare bike, and her expression wasn’t a little envious look, but instead, she patted her shoulder sympathetically, and comforted her. “You don’t also have to be too sad. People make mistakes. Fortunately this is only a game. You still have a chance to start over. Sharpen your eyes next time and choose more practical items!”

Bok Choy, “????” She had big question marks in her eyes. “No! What are you talking about, ah. How can I not understand a word? In the end, what happened? What did I miss? What do you mean more practical items?”

“Hmm? Do you still not see?” The little sister now understood, while Bok Choy saw nothing. She sighed and pointed to the group of people not far away, giving a more detailed explanation, “You haven’t realized it yet, but they are the same as you. They came to practice riding a bike, but we don’t know why, no matter how hard they try, they can’t learn how to ride a bike. Either they fall down, or they ride crookedly and accidentally hit someone or fall into the river…So, ah, you have exchanged the bike, it is likely that the points will be wasted! The item that can’t be used at all, and can only be put in the corner of the backpack or house to grow dust!”

Bok Choy did not believe it. Her eyes opened wide. “How can you not learn this! I have specifically checked the information. The Ancient Blue Star people used this as human transport. How is everyone unable to learn it? Moreover, I also believe that the game maker wouldn’t take out something that players can’t learn as a reward. If they can’t learn it, they must be too stupid!”

In order to defend the No.1 game in her mind, Bok Choy began to point the finger at the group of “stupid players who can’t learn how to ride a bike.”

Seeing her best friend like this, the little sister sighed exaggeratedly and threw over a “you really don’t see the coffin drop tears” look1, made a ‘please’ motion with one hand, and said, “Don’t believe me? Try it yourself, and you’ll know I’m right.”

“Hmph, I’ll just try it! You’ll see, I’m sure I’ll learn soon!” Bok Choy puffed out her cheeks, told her little sister not to go, but just watch from over there, and then walked majestically towards the practice area.

The other people who heard the conversation between the two people next to them had expressions of watching a good show.

“The first time today. This is the first time. Who did not say a few harsh words before going up to practice, but in the end, they all cried and went down or continued to practice?”

“Hey, young people. They’re just stubborn!”

“Hahaha! Don’t think I can’t hear your gloating tone just because you’re saying that, you’re obviously having fun in your heart, but if you’re saying such things, you’re not honest!”

“Why? Say what is honest or dishonest. Brothers and sons stay here, and not just to see the fun. I was still sad that I was slow to grab the bike, but now that I see that they can’t learn to use them, my heart is instantly relieved, whether it’s that the full Han Chinese banquet doesn’t smell good, or that the joint farming tools aren’t worth the whole collection, I’m just happy now anyway. Very happy!”

“twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter…”

Bok Choy’s little sister didn’t join those people’s discussion, she just quietly watched from the side. Towards the already taken out bicycle and her buddy, she showed an intolerant expression, and almost had to lift her hand up to block her eyes.

It hurts to fall on the ground with the bike, and not just once. It’s so miserable to think about. I hope my good friend will not cry out in pain.

Bok Choy didn’t know what the little sister had in mind, as she confidently took out the bike. First she lovingly stroked it from top to bottom, from the handlebars to the foot pedals were not overlooked. After she did this, only then did she awkwardly push the pedals upward with her feet, and sat down on the triangular cushion with a stride of her long legs.

“Well, this cushion feels so strange. It’s so small. When riding it I won’t accidentally slide down will l?” Bok Choy sat on it and twisted, as she muttered in a small voice. She was really worried that something like this would happen. Obviously she was able to ride in a car, but was defeated by the unstable seat. Just thinking about that, it was so aggravating to say.

However soon, she found that her worries were completely superfluous.

Like all beginners, she couldn’t get the bike up at all. It was hard to describe the feeling of riding a bicycle. Knowing all the steps in your head, with your hands firmly on the handlebars and both feet on a pedal…but it was a different story when you actually did it.

Hands couldn’t control the direction, eyes panicked, moving front and left and right, when the tires were going faster and faster, the two feet actually couldn’t keep up with the speed of the pedals, so they unconsciously stepped out…After that it was just like the other players. The bike completely lost control, and like an untamed horse it leapt wildly. It either rushed towards the pile of people or drove towards the roadside flowers and grasses that served as a barrier.



“Ah, it hurts!”

“What’s going on, why did I fall again?”

With the first fall, she could still comfort herself that it was because she wasn’t not skilled, but when the second, third, fourth to nth fall in just a few minutes of repeated history, she had to admit the dismal fact in front of her eyes. She, and other players, could not learn the use of this kind of transportation method.

“How can this be…? Obviously those photos look very simple! There was a large group of people riding together, but when it comes to our side, how come none of us have learned how to do it?” Bok Choy temporarily did not have the strength to get up from the ground. Her eyes were lost in concentration as she stared ahead and began to doubt life.

“Cai Cai, are you okay? Do you need some help? Let’s go to the side to rest a little?” She thought that after so many failures, her best friend should just resign herself to life, and know that this thing is something they will never learn, and therefore they should go back to honestly planting, right?

The little cabbage didn’t seem to hear what the little sister said, her brain empty and in a daze.

The little sister sighed. Look, has this thing tortured the child into stupidity? She thought about it, and continued to patiently persuade. Her persuasion mainly centered around two central ideas.

“Cycling, from getting started to giving up, you can’t even get started. There is nothing difficult in the world, as long as you are willing to give up. Let yourself go, and let your bike go.”

However, as she said more and more persuasive words, Bok Choy instead seemed to be refilled with strength and jumped up from the ground with both hands clenched into fists.

“I’ve decided! I can’t just give up so easily, I can do it! I can definitely do it! Little Maple, thank you, oh! I’m going to keep on practicing, and when I learn, I will take you to go for a ride, ah!” After she said that, she reached out, poked Red Maple’s cheek, then pushed the bike and ran away in a flash.

“Really? When did this chick become so stubborn?!” Red Maple, also known as Bok Choy’s little sister, rubbed her cheek while standing up straight. She stood still and thought about it, thinking that she should still give her best friend a little moral support, so she decided to stay over and watch her practice. However, before she could go back to her original position, she heard a loud scream from Bok Choy not far away, “Ahhhhhhhhh! I can’t control this, I’m going to crash!”

Along with the bang sound, the scream ended abruptly, followed by the familiar painful cry of Bok Choy.

Such a sound, no matter how many times you heard it, could easily give rise to a sense of alarm. Red Maple thought this time it was between two bicycles colliding with each other, but when she went to look, they found the truth was slightly different.

This time, Bok Choy didn’t hit a player who also owned a bicycle, but an innocent pedestrian passing by.

And it was not just a passerby. Looking over them carefully, the person who was hit seemed to look a bit like Big Brother Demon Xing?

Red Maple, “…”

Wen XingYao, “…”


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Translator Notes:

  1. those who haven’t tried it don’t know how hard it is


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