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Chapter 118: Visiting the tree houses

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Little Moon, why are you still waiting outside?” Mo Song politely asked as he turned to the first owner of the tree house, “Sparse Moonlight.”

Sparse Moonlight was a female player, and her appearance was on the heroic side. When she smiled, she was bright and airy, which left a good first impression on the audience.

[Wow! It’s a beautiful lady, I didn’t expect it! Little sister is also someone who owns a mansion in the game!]

[Oooh, rich woman!]

[Don’t post a pop-up screen. Let me take a good look at the house behind the young lady!]

Sparse Moonlight said with a smile, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to wait outside the whole time. I was watching the live broadcast, so I knew you were about to arrive and came outside to greet you. Brother Opinion, where do we start first?”

She had grabbed the tree house in the early morning of the 18th, and afterwards contacted Gray Scales and his boar brigade to collapse her original house. Then, only after replacing the house, would she start upgrading the rooms again. Therefore, at that moment, the tree house was in fact only one room, and the interior was nothing to see. Fortunately, the audience who visited was only focused on the exterior of the tree house.

Mo Song planned to follow the tour plan agreed to before. “So, you first introduce us to the tree house tree species, and then take us around, and finally you can share with the audience how you felt when you got this item.”

“The tree house is called a tree house because it grows on a huge tree. The tree is five meters high, it takes four or five adults to hug it, and it’s called ‘Blue Carpets.’ I don’t know if there are such flowering trees in reality, but they appear in the game, so let’s assume it was a reasonable existence.”

“You asked me how to get up there? Of course I don’t just climb up! In fact, there is a wooden ladder behind the trunk. Right now it’s blocked where you can’t see, while on the side there is a ladder made of vines. I tried them a few times, and they are very strong. Both are tools for going up the tree, whichever I prefer to use.”

Behind Sparse Moonlight, the huge bluebell tree gently swayed its branches and leaves in the breeze. Under the light sunlight, the blue and purple flowers were tinted with a dreamy color, which gave people the trance-like illusion that there seemed to be a group of elves in little blue and purple dresses hiding among the flowers and secretly observing them. Because of the 30% olfactory synchronization, the audience also smelled a nice fragrance, that was also light and refreshing.

The roof changed from the plain look of other huts in the game to a light purple color, like it was wearing a thick blue carpet hat, which made the live viewers scream, [This is simply the dream house!]

When looking down from above, the yard that originally had quite a large area quickly shrank a significant amount. The crop of strawberries that had just been planted had only just grown green blades of grass, so the field turned into a green carpet, which looked more than a little lovely.

Mo Song didn’t refuse and sat down with her. He sighed comfortably in no time, and said that his state was so relaxed and comfortable, he didn’t even want to get up! Although the audience felt that he had a point, they still coldly and ruthlessly urged him to hurry and stand up. Don’t forget the business of the day!

“As for how I felt when I grabbed the tree house, of course I was very happy and excited! To be honest, it took me a long time to come back to my senses, I didn’t believe I would have such luck. I only had a little over a thousand points, I just wanted to try it out at first, but I didn’t think I would really get it! After I got the tree house, I only had enough points left to exchange for a corn hat, but I think it was worth it, and the tree house is so beautiful!” Finally, the first treehouse tour ended with Yue Ling Shu’s crazy compliments about the treehouse.

The audience wailed, and urged Mo Song to hurry up and show them the next one.

After that, Mo Song took them to visit several different tree houses, and indeed, each one was a different species of tree, and the huts that were built on the trees also followed the style of those trees. The audience was content to watch, saying that their imagination was constantly being refreshed.

When they were about to reach a huge tree house with pink flowers, Mo Song gave the live viewers a mysterious smile. “Viewers, the next treehouse we’re going to visit has a special owner. I don’t know if you remember, but the first place award in the ‘Corn Master’ event was two new game slots, and the owner of this tree house is one of the new players who just entered our game. This player’s game name is ‘Heart’s Jade’s Mom’, so you should guess her identity, right?”

The live broadcast room exploded at once.

[Heart’s Jade’s Mom? The other person is not called Heart’s Jade Dad, ah? Oh my God that’s not what I think it means! Suddenly I’m a little envious of what is going on. There is a kind of ‘I’m out there working hard, in order to send the best things in the world to you.’ The meaning of it, I also want to have such a daughter, oh!]

[Want +1]

[Want +2!!!]

[The one in front of you is thinking about farting! Although I am also very jealous, I have a number in mind. In the future my child will not be as sweet as Heart’s Jade…]

[Watching live, I grabbed my own child and beat him up. :)]

The Heart’s Jade’s Mom in the game was her mother. The couple got the game quota, and wanted to share their happy moment, so they discussed it together and simply took a pair of “husband and wife names.” The name was simple and brutal, and the discerning eye would know that they had a great relationship with the player Heart’s Jade.

“Hello.” Heart’s Jade’s mother gently greeted the live viewers and introduced herself directly, “I am a new player who just entered the game. This tree house was given to me by my daughter. She said the flowers on the tree are pink, and my favorite color is pink. I just entered the game and haven’t decorated the house since it was given to me. As you can see, this is actually a peach tree. According to the system, its flowering cycle is twenty days. After twenty days the petals will gradually wither and the tree will start to bear fruit, after another five to ten days, the tree will grow peaches. I think the peaches that grow in the game will taste good, right?”

This passage was so informative that even Mo Song didn’t react for a while.

[Oooooh! What kind of fairy daughter is this? What kind of lucky mother is this! New players were given a big house right at the beginning of the game, or a tree house with only ten in the whole game, it’s so cool!]

[I really did not expect that it is actually still a fruit tree that can produce peaches. You can look, and can eat…say it is the highest utilization of the tree house. No one has another opinion, right?]

[Haha! This time to @Peaches are So Delicious. Little peach brother, when the time comes, do not forget to come to your Heart’s Jade sister’s house to eat peaches ah! And by the way, also give us a taste! TAT.}

[Haha, am I the only one who thinks this mom is rich? But this quiet showing from her daughter is too cute. Not at all to make people hate her!]

Mo Song also followed the audience with a few compliments, and had a nice chat with Heart’s Jade’s Mom after the visit. When the tour was over, Heart’s Jade’s mother even offered to give Mo Song some peaches to try when the first batch came out.

Mo Song almost made a spectacle of himself by drooling on the spot, but he was able to hold it back.

After he visited the peach tree house, Mo Song didn’t stay much longer and took the audience to the remaining players who owned tree houses.

It was worth mentioning that behind the Peach Blossom Tree House was Song Xinran’s Oak Tree House. Mo Song gave him a “friendly” greeting from the audience, and told him to remember to play well with Heart’s Jade so that he can eat the peach he’s been waiting for!

Song Xinran’s cheeks puffed up as he listened, laughing and crying, and  he almost told the audience that he had already eaten a big, sweet and delicious peach. Also, while waiting for Mo Song to come to the door, he was actually hanging out in the live room. When he saw the name of Mama Kang’s game, he somehow thought of his own tycoon fans…

It took Mo Song a full three hours to take the viewers through the ten treehouses of various shapes and sizes. By the time the tree house tour was finished, it was already noon.

A viewer commented, [The tour didn’t really take too long, more time was wasted on the road. Blunt Opinion, do something, otherwise I’m afraid I won’t see Big Brother Li Bai’s room at the end of the day…]

Not waiting for Mo Song to take a stand, there were other viewers talking about ideas.

[Hey, I heard that there is a new vehicle called a ‘bike’ in the game. Why doesn’t the anchor go and borrow one?]

[And that white horse! Since the last time I saw it at the Blind Box Conference, I can’t get it out of my mind. Do you know the player who has the white horse?]

[If you can’t, you can borrow some wild boars. You can ride on the biggest one, followed by a few piglets. Walking on the road will be absolutely awesome!]

Mo Song hurriedly made a “pause” action. He smiled and said he had prepared, “Haha! Don’t you worry, I have thought about this problem. We’ll first rest for half an hour, then we will stop to eat a meal or something. In the afternoon we will start to visit the rooms of your heart guests. The first one is ‘Long-winded, Scrupulous Son’s’ house. I’ve made a deal with him, after the tour he will drive me with his Peeps the whole time, we’ll ride the Peeps to other people’s houses!”

The audience performed a burst of laughter on the spot, [Pfft Hahahaha! But it didn’t matter, we do not mind, do not mind at all…]

Riding prawns was also very interesting!


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