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Chapter 18: Great, This Prey is Pretty Good at Fooling

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Qiao Xi knew that it was obviously the three teenagers who were bullying the disabled delivery lady.

Qiao Xi also knew that according to the rules of the Demon Academy, he should not stop this kind of behavior. After all, unlike before at the orphanage, this time the target of the bullying was an adult.

This type of evil behavior was actually pleasing to the demons.

A qualified demon, instead of stopping the teenagers, would whisper in their ears, praising their shameless behavior, and then hasten their degradation.

However, he, as a top student of the Demon Academy, was fixed in place, unable to take a step. His eyes, too, coalesced on the slightly ghastly stump, unable to move away.

There was a strong and contradictory emotion surging in his heart…

Depression, anger…

I really want to stop those three bastards!

Yet he couldn’t, he shouldn’t, right?

But why did he feel so bad? It was like something was pounding in his chest, and even breathing became difficult.

Qiao Xi didn’t notice at all that both of his hands were already tightly clenched into fists, and were still shaking slightly.

At that moment, a warm, dry hand covered the back of his hand.

Almost instantly, the agitation and pain in his heart mostly disappeared.

“Qiao Xi, are you trying to stop them?” Han Tian’s voice was low, but it went straight to Qiao Xi’s heart, erasing the last few moments of his hesitation.

“Yes, I want to,” Qiao Xi replied. He took a few steps forward with his hand out, and bellowed, “What are you doing?”

The young man at the head of the trio, who looked white and clean, just 13 or 14 years old, looked Qiao Xi up and down for a while. His eyes lingered for a few seconds in the plastic shopping basket Qiao Xi had tossed aside—inside were the keys to the Range Rover Qiao Xi had tossed in and the community’s access card.

The teenager put on a good, clean smile and said politely, “Big brother, we are shopping.”

Qiao Xi held his breath and pointed to the shopping basket they had just tipped over and said, “Shopping? Then what’s on the ground?”

The teenager shrugged. “Hey, we just bumped into auntie by accident, auntie, sorry, we’ll pick it up for you.”

The delivery girl looked at Qiao Xi and the teenager in confusion and waved her hand. “No, no, I can do it myself.”

The other teenager with a slate-inched haircut, however, listened to the boss and was already picking things up.

Soon, the boy with the slate-inch head collected the things, and carrying the basket with both hands, in a sweet voice said, “Auntie, just accidentally bumped into you, sorry, ah. This is all for you to pick up, you can take it.”

The delivery lady hung her head and said thank you, while reaching out her left hand to grab the shopping basket.

At this point, the young man said with a smile, “Hey, auntie, I have handed it to you with both hands, should you also take it with both hands? —Oh yeah, I forgot, you only have one hand! Hahahahahahaha!”

The delivery lady’s already waxy face was suddenly devoid of even a trace of blood.

Her lips trembled as she mumbled, “You… You guys…”

Qiao Xi couldn’t hold back any longer. He flicked his finger—


The can of tomatoes on the shelf next to him suddenly fell down from a height by itself, turned unnaturally in the air, and hit the wrist of the slate-headed boy swiftly.

“Ouch! Ouch!!!” This tomato can was not light in weight, and the wrist of the teenager was immediately swollen.

Qiao Xi did not intend to give the three men any time to react. He bit his lip, his right hand moved again, and more cans on the shelf began to clatter, looking like they were about to come down in a group.

At that moment, he was tapped lightly on the shoulder.

This tap was not too strong, but enough to make Qiao Xi’s heart startled, and the whole person sobered up. What I was just doing? Was I planning to use demon power in public, without any disguise? If I reveal my demon identity in the earthly world, I will immediately lose my graduation qualification!

While Qiao Xi was in a state of panic, Han Tian’s clear voice rang out, “Principal Zhang, did you get a good look?”

Principal Zhang?

Qiao Xi turned his head suspiciously and found that Han Tian had already taken out his cell phone at some point and was shooting a video at the three teenagers.

The teenagers who were still arrogant just now suddenly changed their faces when they heard the words “Principal Zhang”.

The first teenager couldn’t even think about what those strange cans were about, and was in a hurry to run out of the room—however, Han Tian had already turned the screen over to the three teenagers, and said in a gentle and elegant manner, “Students, your principal Zhang has something to say to you. “

On the screen was a middle-aged man with gray sideburns and gold-rimmed glasses.

With anger in his eyes, he glared at the three teenagers and spoke in a stern tone, “Chen Ke, Wang Yang, Liu Xiaoyu, you three, is this how you represent our school outside?”

The teenagers’ faces were not half as cheeky as they had been, and they all stood up straight with their faces white and their hands resting on the side of their legs in a regular manner.

The most out of place guy just now raised his face with trepidation and explained in a low voice, “Principal Zhang, this is after school hours and we’re not wearing uniforms, so we can’t be considered a disgrace to the school…”

Principal Zhang slapped the table on the other side of the screen. “Shut up! What you just did, I saw it all clearly! How are you taught in the school’s civics class?”

The teenager in the lead hurriedly pulled the slattern, signaling him to never speak again.

Principal Zhang spoke to them for ten minutes about their outlook on life and the world, and finally announced, “The three of you will be removed from your positions as student leaders. In addition, at next week’s flag-raising ceremony, in front of the entire school, you’ll give a review.”

In the end, the three teenagers were young, and after hearing this punishment decision, they all showed a relieved look.

Seeing their appearance, Qiao Xi immediately thought, No, this is too cheap for them.

It seemed that these people had bullied this disabled person not once or twice, so would it be enough to just have a public review?

He was thinking about how to teach these people a lesson when Han Tian turned the screen to Principal Zhang and asked politely, “Principal Zhang, is there anything else you want to tell the students?”

The person on the other side of the screen was silent.

After a few seconds, Han Tian turned the screen back again.

This time, Principal Zhang’s voice was heavier. “The three of you will be canceled from the Senior High School and placed on probation for the rest of the year.”

The three teenagers, who had just gotten their breath back, exploded.

“Canceled? No way! No way! My father will kill me!”

“Principal Zhang, no, Uncle Zhang, you, you… I can’t have a record on my file… I- I’m going to find my mother!”

Looking at the three of them crying and fussing, Qiao Xi now believed that they would take good care of themselves, think about their mistakes and reflect on their words and actions.

Han Tian didn’t turn the screen around again this time, but cut the call straight away.

He didn’t pay any attention to the three people who were still crying, but bent down and picked up all the things on the ground one by one, arranged them neatly and handed them to the courier. “Take it.”

When he reached over, he inadvertently brushed the other side’s arm.

The delivery lady took the shopping basket and bowed to Han Tian and Qiao Xi. “Thank you, thank you.”

Then, she carried a basket full of things and went to the cashier.

Qiao Xi looked at her back and was slightly confused. Hey, when she was carrying the basket, she was clearly hunched over and seemed to be struggling, but suddenly her back was straight and her back was not hunched over, and even her steps were lighter?

Naturally, he would not know that the moment Han Tian handed over the shopping basket, he saw the first half of her life—a life full of suffering, but never losing hope. The death of her relatives in a car accident and the accidental amputation of her wrist in a factory did not stop her from getting up again and again and living tenaciously.

Rarely, Han Tian gave her the “gift of angels”.

From now on, although she could not recover from the severed wrist, she would never suffer from illness again. The traces left on her body by years of labor and suffering had disappeared without a trace.

Qiao Xi wiped his eyes again and thought, Well, I guess I just got misty-eyed. In addition, eh, how come my stomach began to rumble again? Am I hungry again? It’s strange, I haven’t been feeling hungry for the past few days. How come I’m hungry again after going out to buy something?

Qiao Xi picked up the red shopping basket he had left aside and said with a little embarrassment, “Han Tian… Should we go back first? I think I’m hungry.”

Han Tian took the basket from him—even though there was nothing in it—and pushed the cart toward the cashier. “Okay, let’s go home.”

Qiao Xi followed him, fighting his hunger, and asked, “By the way, how do you know which school those three little bastards are from?”

“Oh, that’s right, there’s only one middle school around here, so I guessed it was this one,” Han Tian replied.

“That’s right. Then you also know their principal?” Qiao Xi continued to ask questions while admiring Han Tian’s intelligence.

“It’s a coincidence. This high school has been cooperating with Medical College, and the best students from their high school can be sent to our academy without examination.” Han Tian had a sincere face.

In fact, just half a minute ago, Han Tian received a message from the principal. The words were earnest and humble, to the effect that he had mismanaged the children and would pay attention to them in the future, and would keep a close eye on them, hoping that Dr. Han would not be offended.

The implicit meaning of these words was actually: I hope that this little matter will not affect the guaranteed quota of the senior high school.

Han Tian took a glance and deleted the entire record.

Qiao Xi, who knew nothing about this, said with regret, “Since these little bastards happened to be seen by their principal and punished this time, it’s okay. Otherwise—hmph!”

Otherwise, I would have let them experience what it’s like to have their hands broken too!


Qiao Xi then remembered the tomato cans flying around and hesitantly started to make up a story. “Eh, Han Tian, did you see those cans fall down by themselves…”

Han Tian had already walked to the checkout counter. While taking something out of the cart, he replied casually, “Cans? Oh, it’s because it’s not placed properly. I’ll remind the staff later, it’s quite dangerous.”

Qiao Xi breathed a sigh of relief and silently thanked Han Tian for being such a good liar and saving himself the effort of making up a story.


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July 27, 2023 11:52 am

Ai, Qiao XI; you don’t know that your identity has already been revealed!!

July 29, 2023 12:52 am

A Demon with a heart and it’s slowly filling with HT. Would he be like this if the prey had been a, I wonder? He already seemed different.
HT handles things in a far more subtle way.
Thanks for translating and editing.

Audry Gazali
Audry Gazali
July 30, 2023 9:57 pm

Qiao Xi, the kind hearted demon. 😊

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