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Chapter 19: Please Stick to Your Own Choice

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


A second before Han Tian took out his phone to check out, Qiao Xi quickly pressed his hand and handed his phone QR code to the cashier.

Han Tian turned his head to look at him, but did not say anything.

As he pushed the cart out, Qiao Xi’s face was getting worse and worse. The strong feeling of hunger made it difficult for him to walk.

At this time, a Snickers bar, which had been unwrapped, was brought to his mouth.

“I just bought it, have some first.” Han Tian was carrying a large bag of ingredients in one hand and holding the chocolate in the other.

Qiao Xi bit half of the peanut chocolate into his mouth, then took the rest of the Snickers from Han Tian’s hand and said vaguely, “Thank you.”

“Do you want to rest here for a while?” Han Tian asked.

Qiao Xi chewed the chocolate and shook his head. “No, let’s go home.”

After swallowing the very high calorie food, the scratchy hunger feeling was slightly relieved, but…not enough.

He couldn’t help but ask, “Last time, when I came back from the orphanage, did you still have the chocolate you gave me?”

Han Tian did not answer directly, but asked rhetorically, “This is not good?”

Qiao Xi sighed, “Mn, it’s too mushy, it’s not good.”

Han Tian pursed his lips, rummaged in the shopping bag and found a piece of chocolate wrapped in tinfoil and handed it to Qiao Xi. “This one, try it?”

Qiao Xi quickly peeled off the package, threw the unnamed chocolate into his mouth, frowned and chewed, muttering, “Hmm… Is this the one I ate last time? Why does it not look like it…”

He clearly remembered that last time when he was dizzy, Han Tian finally fed him the chocolate, which was particularly sweet and tasty, and particularly… It was filling.

Han Tian said firmly, “This is it. Nothing else.”

Qiao Xi ate the whole chocolate in disbelief—indeed, he was not hungry anymore, and the panic and dizziness he felt just now were gone.

However, there was still a feeling that something was missing…still something, vaguely, unsatisfactory.

He licked the corner of his mouth and muttered, somewhat puzzled, “Well, maybe I’m really mistaken?”

The corners of Han Tian’s mouth lifted slightly, but he quickly hid it, saying as if nothing had happened, “I’ll drive on the way back, why don’t you lie down in the back seat and rest for a while?”

Qiao Xi blurted out, “The back seat? No, I want to be closer to you, I want to sit next to you.”

He instinctively felt that he wanted to be closer to this person, and closer, and wanted to smell this person’s body more—it seemed that this was the only way to really calm his anxious heart.

Han Tian stopped in his tracks this time and gave Qiao Xi a deep look back.

Qiao Xi, who was still a bit dizzy from hunger, stammered, “Mn, that, uh, I mean, sit next to you, so we can chat. Well, yes, to chat.”

Han Tian laughed. “Of course, it’s convenient to chat.”

This was just repeating what Qiao Xi himself said, but Qiao Xi felt a kind of embarrassment, or shame, of being seen through.

He lowered his head and reprimanded himself for the nth time. What the hell, I’m not ashamed of anything.

Qiao Xi was dumbfounded all the way. He pulled open the car door and got into the passenger seat.

As soon as he sat down, he saw Han Tian start the car skillfully, and then turned his body slightly sideways, looking at him intently, while extending his right hand.

This, this posture?

Qiao Xi’s breath stopped, and his eyes were fixed on Han Tian’s face.

However, Han Tian just stretched out his long fingers and hooked the seat belt buckle on the top right of Qiao Xi.

His white fingers tugged the buckle down slowly, from Qiao Xi’s front chest can be swept, and finally sharp the buckle embedded in the slot, and did not touch Qiao Xi a bit.

Then, this person put his hand back on the steering wheel as if nothing had happened, and did not forget to say, “Fasten your seat belt, let’s go home.”

Oh, so it was the seat belt!

No, I really can’t continue to study charm! This is interfering with my hunting behavior! I have no way of recognizing my prey’s intentions! I can’t continue to study charm! Hum!

Qiao Xi secretly made up his mind.

On the way back, Qiao Xi was trying to find something to “talk” about when he heard Han Tian speak up first. “You were great today, you took the initiative to stop those kids.”

Hearing these words, Qiao Xi, who had been lazily leaning back in his seat, sat up straight, his brow furrowed, and his heart flushed with unease.

Yes, oh, he actually stopped the evil deeds of humans? If he reports today’s incident, will he be considered as not following demon rules and lowering his overall performance points?

Han Tian saw that he didn’t answer, but he continued without panic, “Does it make you feel bad to stand up and stop them?”

Qiao Xi thought about it and said honestly, “No. In that situation, if I didn’t stand up to them, I would have felt bad.”

Han Tian’s eyes were fixed on the front and his tone was light but firm. “If something like this happens again, no matter what others have taught you before, you can stick to your choice like you did just now and don’t make it hard for yourself.”


What does that mean?

Qiao Xi intuited that there was something unusual about this statement.

He looked at Han Tian suspiciously, wanting to ask some follow-up questions, but he didn’t know where to start.

Han Tian, as if he did not feel his eyes, still drove the car without looking away, and drove extremely smoothly.

Qiao Xi was a bit embarrassed, so he could only lean back again and half close his eyes.

“Han Tian?” Qiao Xi called out in a daze when he was about to enter the neighborhood.


“Let’s cook dinner later, shall I join you?”


“Mn, I’m great, I can definitely help!”


However, ten minutes later, when Qiao Xi was also standing in the kitchen with his apron on, he didn’t look like he could “help” at all.

“Peel the tomatoes. No, not cut the tomatoes into pieces, peel them.”

“Forget it, put the tomatoes down and you can use this peeler to peel the potatoes.”

“Wait, that’s not how you use a peeler… Ah, watch your fingers!”

“Forget it, put the potatoes down and take the chicken out and rinse it.”

“Wait, rinsing is not with hot water… Forget it, why don’t you watch from the side?”

Qiao Xi, who was deprived of the right to cook, could only sit back on the high stool, elbows propped up on the cooking table, holding his chin, staring at Han Tian in disbelief.

The man was wearing an apron he had just bought, burying his head in washing and chopping, his hands moving so fast that Qiao Xi couldn’t even see them.

About noticing Qiao Xi’s eyes, he suddenly raised his head and smiled at Qiao Xi. “Don’t worry, it will be ready soon.”

That smile was like the first blooming flowers in spring, like the first moonlight in summer.

Qiao Xi’s mind, for the first time, flashed a vague thought: this person is not only a soul with a fragrance, but also, it seems, look, very good-looking?

He shook his head, wondering how he could suddenly focus on the appearance of a human.

While fuming, something was placed in front of him with a click.

He turned his eyes to find that it was a glass of golden orange juice.

“I tried squeezing it from the oranges I just bought. You taste it.” Han Tian stood in front of him, one hand on the cooking table.

“Oh! Okay!” Qiao Xi dutifully lifted the cup and first licked it with his tongue.

The orange juice was sweet with a slight acidity, which was pleasant and refreshing; the orange juice had another ice cube in it, which was very refreshing.

Qiao Xi smacked his mouth, tilted his neck and gulped it down.

“Slow down, drink slowly,” said Han Tian, with a smile to discourage.

Qiao Xi drank most of the orange juice in one gulp, gasped with satisfaction and exclaimed, “It’s delicious!”

Han Tian nodded in satisfaction and went back to frying and cooking.

Half an hour later, three dishes and one soup were on the table.

Cauliflower stewed with tomatoes: the cauliflower was white and fat, covered with thick tomato juice.

Green beans with roasted chicken breast: green beans with bright green color, and tender yellow diced chicken evenly mixed together, refreshing and moving.

Scrambled eggs with green peppers: the peppers had been seeded and stir-fried softly in advance, while the eggs were carefully fried to a golden brown.

The soup was a potato and short rib soup, stewed to perfection, with green onions sprinkled on top of the thick white soup.

Qiao Xi sat down in a dignified manner and smelled the aroma of rice in the air.

Well, it was indeed the aroma of rice. There was no greasy or acrid smell, just the pure, authentic aroma of the ingredients.

Qiao Xi lifted his chopsticks and gave himself a piece of cauliflower. After thinking about it, the chopsticks made another turn in the air and sent it into Han Tian’s bowl.

“This?” Han Tian was serving soup to Qiao Xi while looking at him.

“You’ve worked hard. You eat first,” Qiao Xi said solemnly.

Han Tian’s eyes curved, picked up the cauliflower and put it into his mouth, saying, “It has a very light sweet taste, try it?”

Qiao Xi took a piece for himself, tasted it carefully, and a happy smile appeared on his face. “Mn, really, it’s sweet.”

Moreover, the cauliflower stew was extra soft, and it was easy to chew.

After Qiao Xi swallowed the cauliflower, and Han Tian gave him another spoonful of diced chicken with green beans and admonished, “Plant and animal proteins, both need to be supplemented.”

The green beans were soft and the chicken was tender, so Qiao Xi ate it with confidence.

Seeing Qiao Xi’s satisfied look, Han Tian brought another chopstick of green pepper egg. “This one is a little spicy, can you see if you can eat it?”

Qiao Xi didn’t have much idea about “spicy”.

However, he was now very comfortable with the food Han Tian sent into his bowl.

So he ate it boldly—and then his face scrunched up into a frown. “Oh, it’s weird, my mouth hurts!”

Han Tian cried and laughed and said, “Stop eating and have some soup. Ah, the soup is a bit hot, do you want orange juice? What about ice water?”

And so, the three dishes and one soup were all gone. Of course, Han Tian took care of the scrambled eggs with green peppers.

Han Tian still took over the job of washing the dishes after the meal. But at least Qiao Xi could stand by and help wipe the plates.

He slowly wiped the plates while looking at the wall clock—it was almost 8pm.

When he finishes cleaning up the kitchen, should this man leave?

…If he could stay here a little longer…

Thinking of this, Qiao Xi’s hands moved more slowly.

“By the way…” Han Tian handed over another plate, followed Qiao Xi’s line of sight for a moment, and spoke.


“I’ll be too busy tomorrow and the day after tomorrow to go to the cafe and come over to cook…” Han Tian with some apologies.

Qiao Xi was not surprised, but her heart still felt a little blocked, and she gave a sullen “hmm”.

“So…” Han Tian looked at Qiao Xi’s eyes and spoke very slowly.

So, what are you going to do? What are you going to do?

Qiao Xi’s eyes involuntarily opened wide, looking back fixedly, and his heart began to beat uncontrollably faster again.


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