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Chapter 12: Planting and Harvesting

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Why did you stop suddenly?” Bai Li looked up at Wen XingYao, who was next door.

Their two small huts were adjacent to each other. Meanwhile the placement of the two 9X9 lands was one in the upper left corner of the plot and one in the upper right corner of the plot, which resulted in their lands actually being just a meter apart.

In the previous half hour, Bai Li taught Wen XingYao how to plant land in the game, as well as how to use fertilizer, magical spring water, and some farming tools. Only one of the nine plots of land was used, leaving the remaining eight empty plots free for Wen XingYao’s play.

The game’s farming methods were naturally much more streamlined than in reality…Bai Li believed that this method could be learned by anyone, so he was comfortable letting Wen XingYao take care of the fields by himself.

The maturation time of crops had also been greatly reduced. Items such as the most elementary wheat seeds, could mature in an hour. With the use of the magical spring water, this time would be even shorter.

The two were busy in front of their respective homes, while they waited for the crops planted to ripen, then Bai Li noticed a sudden pause in the figure not far from him. Since he thought that the other person was having trouble with the matter of planting, he asked a the thoughtful question.

Mr. Bai also wanted to ensure the quality of after-sales service.

In fact, it was nothing important. Wen XingYao had received a reminder from his address book, that said that deputy officer Tang Ying sent him a message, to ask whether he could get off the game and reply to him.

Wen XingYao thought that Tang Ying looking for him probably would not be anything important, otherwise he wouldn’t choose to send a communication in such a method. The things he should have been informed about last night had already been taken care of, and Tang Ying would have done what he said. What’s more…He looked at the wheat that was still a few minutes away from ripening in front of him, and decisively chose to ignore it.

“Nothing, I was just thinking about something.” Wen XingYao casually found an excuse.

“Oh!” If it wasn’t a problem, then it was fine. Bai Li looked at the nine plots of land full of seeds, got up and said, “I’ll go into my house first and take a look. If you have any problems at the door just call out to me.”

Actually, his taking a look at the decorations of the small hut was only secondary. He intended to think in a quiet environment and figure out what items to add to the mall shelves.

Wen XingYao was planting the land with interest, also planned to harvest later, then replant with the next batch, so after hearing Bai Li’s intention he didn’t have much reaction. He thought he was already a master! He was completely capable of doing everything from sowing to harvesting on his own without the care of his master.

“Well, good. You go rest. I will also help you watch your land.”

Wen XingYao looked at Bai Li’s land, which had no fertilizer or spring water, and there was inexplicable pity in his tone. Hey, poor land, your master actually did not add any nutrients to you. It’s really miserable!

Bai Li didn’t notice Wen XingYao’s strange gaze, just turned around and went inside. Wen XingYao, on the other hand, focused again on the crop that was about to ripen.

He didn’t know if his luck was good or bad, but the random seeds opened in the first gift pack, plus the one rewarded to him by the village chief for completing the last task, were exactly nine wheat seeds, so he planted them all. During the experiment, he used the magical spring water and two different fertilizers, which meant that his side of the land looked much more plump than Bai Li’s side.

Taller, bigger, and faster growing.

Soon it would be ripe!

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Wen XingYao went to the old village chief, and bought all the seeds he could buy at this level, a hundred of each. The price of seeds was very cheap, so thousands didn’t cost him too much money.

Wen XingYao felt that the game’s prices were low.

From the vast expanse of land, to the growth of cumbersome weeds, there were only two conspicuous areas that were cleared out. The small piece had two simple small thatched huts, while in front of them were  small vegetable patches, while the large one, which was much more scenic, had nothing except two deep pits.

In the location of the village entrance, the old village chief was leaning on the wooden door frame, as if he was rooted in that place. The tall young man dressed in simple cloth said goodbye to him and paced back, as a breeze blew across the corners of his forehead, and revealed a vertical line vaguely in the center of his forehead; leisurely and idle.

The sky and the earth were vast, and he was the only one there.

Wen XingYao took a deep breath, and smelled all the rich aromas of grass and trees. For a moment, he thought he had found his soul home, and wanted to sleep on the ground. However, the golden crop in front of him interrupted his thoughts. The wheat he planted was finally ripe!

When he realized that all other things were left behind. Wen XingYao walked quickly towards the golden yellow color.


On the other hand, Tang Ying waited left and right, but even though he waited for his Admiral’s reply, he already had a feeling in his heart that he wouldn’t know where the Admiral was today. This had always been the case. As long as the Admiral did not intend to say anything, he absolutely couldn’t get a piece of information from the other’s mouth.

Hasn’t he gotten used to it after all these years?

As he shed humble tears in his heart, Tang Ying also had no intention to bother him anymore. Why bother? When the Admiral remembered him as a poor subordinate, he would be able to usher in the spring.

At that time, someone came in to report, “Adjutant Tang, the warriors are now waiting and asking when they can enter the game again?”

“Hmm? Into the game, Carefree Farmstead?”

“Yes. It’s the first time everyone is playing such a game, and the interest is still relatively high…”

“You can’t lose interest even if you’re interested…They don’t want to cure their Genetic Collapse Disorder?” Tang Ying couldn’t resist rubbing his eyebrows. He thought that those people were really getting worse and worse. “Let’s say this, you inform them to go down and let them go into Void War first, stay inside for at least three hours to soothe the bad emotions, after that, time will be given to them to arrange freely under the premise of ensuring rest.”

According to Tang Ying’s idea, although the never seen game was interesting, everyone’s body was more important. They couldn’t become addicted to a game, and ignore their Genetic Collapse Disorder treatment. Nowadays, the top popular games were all verified to have some alleviating effect on Genetic Collapse Disorder. Even if they had long become tired of playing, for the sake of their lives, it was still necessary to go in and play for a few hours every day.

The subordinate led the order to go out, and soon there were a few soft sighs from outside. It was estimated that a few of the younger soldiers secretly guarding outside were disappointed to learn that they could not immediately enter Carefree Farmstead.

The office door blocked him from the prying eyes from outside. Tang Ying turned around, once again in the sad mood of, Why hasn’t Admiral gotten back to me yet?


Wen XingYao looked at the ‘beautiful scenery’ in front of him and couldn’t say anything. As a large landowner with five agricultural planets, it wasn’t that he had never seen a bumper crop. He had even participated in the harvesting of grain once or twice. However there had never been a time when he was more shaken than he was at this moment inside.

A small, delicate and lovely 3X3 plot that could be crossed in just one step, had nine spirited wheat plants full of golden ears growing on it. The unique fragrance of grain lingered around them, something Wen XingYao had never smelled before.

What smelled so good?

Why, when he smelled this smell, his stomach involuntarily issued a gurgling sound? Was this hunger…? How was it possible, this was obviously in a game, how could he feel hungry in a game?!

Another breeze blew by, and the full stalks made a rustling sound. If they could talk, Wen XingYao guessed, they might greet him enthusiastically, “Come and pick us! Come and pick us!”

Just pick!

Those nine wheat plants were planted by his own hands, and now it was his turn to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Wen XingYao took out the tool called a ‘scythe’ from his backpack. It was the only rare item he’d opened after opening 50 Golden Tool Sets. Golden and like a thin curved moon, the more he looked at it, the more he liked it. After he held it in his hand for a while, Wen XingYao planned to find a good time to open the remaining 150 Golden Tool Sets as well.

Li Bai said that there were hundreds of farming tools in the game, so if all the golden tools were collected and put in one place, it would be a spectacular sight!

After he fantasized for a while, Wen XingYao refocused on the harvest in front of him. The hand that had held countless weapons was now clumsily holding a golden scythe. His left hand carefully held the root of one of the wheat up a little bit, the sharp blade slowly approached, used a gentle force, and the wheat harvest was complete. It became a small, inconspicuous icon in his inventory.

Wen XingYao’s heart was full for a while, then empty for a while, and the two moods kept intertwining, making his feelings more and more complicated. After that, he repeated the previous action eight times, harvesting all the ripe wheat, and when the nine pieces of land became idle again, there were nine more identical icons in his inventory.

It was filled with wheat grains.

Wen XingYao took out a bag, stretched out his finger, curiously poked it into the wheat grain and played with it. That peculiar fragrance came out from the grain again, this time, he even gulped.

“…” This was poison.

He silently put the pouch back into his backpack inventory, and planned to wait for Bai Li to come out then ask him what the hell was going on. What was that smell, and why did he feel hungry after smelling it? However, now it was time to refill the empty plots.

Wen XingYao picked up a hoe and pounded away with it. This time, he chose a corn seed, which was also a crop he was familiar with. He didn’t believe, when the corn was ripe, he would still smell that good smell!

After quickly sowing the seeds, as usual, he used his magical spring water. Every one of the nine pieces of land could not be spared, he only stopped the action of his hands when the soil was thoroughly soaked. After that, Wen XingYao looked at the progress of Bai Li’s field next door, and found that the wheat Bai Li planted hadn’t yet matured, so after thinking about it, he decided to help Bai Li water it. He said he would help to look after it, so naturally he had to do his duty.

And at that moment, a gruff greeting came from nearby. “Hey, man, what are you doing here?!”


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