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Chapter 11: “After-sales service.”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


Bai Li was not aware of the discussion in the forum, so he lay down in the gaming pod with Supreme in his pocket after they ate.

Once he entered the game, he looked at the two large and deep potholes not far from him, and his temples popped twice.

“This group of players, what’s going on…?” Unconsciously speaking out loud, Bai Li directly averted his eyes.

He didn’t remember opening the fish module, ah? Did he teach players how to dig out the fish pond beforehand?

It was better to wait for the players to come online, and secretly observe what they really think. Only after he knew what they thought, could he add new items according to the actual situation.

He could salvage a little. 

He didn’t know when, but at some point someone came to stand beside him.

“Hello again, Li Bai.”

The visitor’s appearance wasn’t one that Bai Li had seen, but he still recognized the voice. After looking at Wen XingYao’s new face, Bai Li asked, “Demon Xing?”

This person should have seen the item ‘Change Face.’

“Yeah.” Recognized by his new friend, Wen XingYao smiled happily. His slightly ordinary face became uncommon with such a smile. When he saw that Bai Li wasn’t surprised by his suddenly modified appearance, Wen XingYao thought about it and simply asked the question in his heart, “Li Bai, are you…Are you the designer of this game? The pronunciation of your name is reversed, and you were the first to enter the game. That’s some coincidence.”

If the answer was yes, then all the things he couldn’t figure out before would be clear. Why the other party was so familiar with the tasks in the game, and why a suggestion he casually made the night before had been realized the next day.

Bai Li didn’t intend to keep this a secret, and didn’t think it would last long, so he simply nodded and admitted it, “Mn, I am.” He made a shhh gesture. “But you have to help me keep this a secret first, I don’t want too many people to know about this yet.”

With his identity discovered by Wen XingYao, it was in Bai Li’s expectation, but when mixed in with all the players, the possibility of dropping the horse was minimal. It should be a very simple action, but Bai Li did it naturally. There was no forced effort to it.

Wen XingYao’s heart fluctuated for a moment. He subconsciously nodded his head, and gave an “mn” to indicate that he agreed.

“Haha, thanks! I knew you would say yes.” Bai Li wanted to pat the other party’s shoulder, but when he got closer, he found that the other party was actually half a head taller than he was. His partially extended hand retracted with great speed.

How could he forget to raise his height in the game? In reality, he wasn’t short, but Demon Xing was too tall!

Wen XingYao pretended he didn’t see it. He looked down and opened the game store. Of course, from Bai Li’s perspective, he actually couldn’t see what he was doing. However at a certain moment, Bai Li stiffened, and his good-looking peach blossom eyes couldn’t help but become a little round.

“Demon Xing, what are you doing?!” The voice even produced a broken sound.

No one could remain calm when they saw a large amount of money pouring into a private account. The ‘private account’ wasn’t really private, but 70% of the money spent in the mall went into the game designer’s wallet, so that description wasn’t too much of a problem.

Just now, Bai Li watched as the amount of money spent by players in the mall in real time jumped a big step forward. Only he and Demon Xing were in the game at this point in time, and it wasn’t himself, so it had to be Demon Xing.

“I’m buying some items.” Wen XingYao seemed unable to understand Bai Li’s shock, as he matter-of-factly spoke, even as the items in his package continued to increase. He also smoothly praised, “You are quite diligent. In one night, you added so many new items. Good.”

When he looked at the situation, if it wasn’t for the fact that the goods inside the game were unlimited, Bai Li was afraid that Demon Xing would buy him out. What was so good?  No matter how many things there was to buy, it wasn’t a reason to go crazy.

“No, no, no.” Bai Li hurried to stop him. “Don’t buy so much. If you buy this much, it will take a year and a half to be used up…”

Look, he bought 200 Golden Tool Sets, 100 Magical Spring Water Gift packs, and 100 of the most expensive Fertilizer Combo sets. Not only that, Bai Li quietly glanced at his account and the number of diamonds, as he expected, directly exceeded 10,000!

This was a total of almost 50,000 star coins!

Bai Li was dizzy. This was the first time he witnessed the madness of the interstellar people who spent money like water…

Was it just Demon Xing, or was it everyone?

Bai Li’s face was dumbfounded, and he was unable to say a word for half a day.

Wen XingYao was quite dignified, listened to Bai Li and finally stopped his crazy kryptonite hand. When he saw Bai Li was unable to look at him, he couldn’t help but smile and ask, “Isn’t this good? I’m taking care of my friend’s business, right? Besides, you are the game designer, and items are for players to buy. If I buy more, you should be happy, right?”

“Happy or not…” Bai Li explained in a small voice. “You gave too much…”

Poor man looking up.jpg

Bai Li was completely out of temper with a tycoon. As he waited for his wildly beating heart to slowly regain stability, he took Wen XingYao to the old village chief to turn in the task and get their third task.

The third task was to reclaim an open space in front of the house and successfully plant seeds. Bai Li thought he could teach Demon Xing the use of fertilizer and magical spring water, which would also be considered…It was also a sort of after-sales service.

“First, take out the 3X3 land you opened from the first gift pack, and find a suitable corner to place it so that we don’t have to cultivate it ourselves.”

“Okay.” He did as he was told.

“Next, use a small hoe to dig a shallow dirt pit in the land.”

“Okay.” Obeyed and did as he was told.

“Choose a seed and drop it into the pit, then cover it with soil, while remembering not to compact the soil.”

“Okay, and then what?” Continued to do as he was told.

“Magical spring water can speed up the growth of crops. You bought two different fertilizers, one can make the crops grow taller and the other can make their fruits bigger. You can use them depending on your mood.”

“I can add all of these, or none of them?”

“Yes.” Bai Li thought Wen XingYao was the most obedient student he had ever led, so when the initial teaching was over, he couldn’t help but praise, “You have learned well.”

Wen XingYao kindly took the compliment, and returned it, “It’s because the teacher taught me well.”

They smiled at each other, and the atmosphere became more and more cordial, while the air around them was fragrant with the scent of knowledge.

The two big pits Bai Li saw when he first came in were left behind, and he had no time to care for them for the time being. In front of the golden mountain of the tycoon, what were two big pits?

On the other hand, the deputy officer Tang Ying also received a full 299 reports of the farming game “after playing” feelings.

He quickly went through some, then quickly put the thick stack of papers back on his desk.

The writing was the same as if copied from a template. Without looking at it, he could guess what kind of amazing rainbow farts were inside.

After all, even though he had played the game well until now, the game, including the designer himself, was turned over, and over praised!

Not to mention that the scenery was fresh and pleasant, the items were inexpensive and beautiful, and the grumpy emotions from the previous games disappeared without a trace in this game. More than one warrior described in their “after-play” that the six hours of game time was fleeting. From inside the gaming pod, they seemed to be in the universe for three days and three nights, and there was a very nostalgic sense of being soothed.

In short, cool!

Almost everyone defined this novel experience as the desire to explore the new game.

Tang Ying stroked his chin, then saw a green dot was flashing in the corner of the Admiral’s avatar in his address book.

This meant that he was online.

[Dear Admiral, you are online. Why don’t you contact your lowly subordinate?]

Tang Ying hurriedly sent a message to him.


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