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Chapter 40: He Made Gu Ang Cry

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey doesn’t like misunderstandings…


Gu Ang was still drowsy, his breathing only slightly more eager along with the infusion of pheromone. His eyes remained closed, but he reacted in kind, honestly, against Ye Fei. Through two negligible layers of nightgown, two like fire burns.

This kind of physical straightforward touching was too torturous.

In the past, when Ye Fei was just watching and listening from a distance, he could barely hold back the images in his head, and had some. But now, the most immediate physical thoughts were screaming out from their nakedness, screaming for possession of him.

Ye Fei finally let go of Gu Ang slowly, and pressed the tip of his nose against Gu Ang’s. Quite a bit of pheromone had been injected, which should be enough for tomorrow’s situation.

A little further down, and he could touch his lips. Perhaps because the air was a little dry, or his body was too hot, Gu Ang moved around a little, then stuck out a small tip of his tongue and flicked it over Ye Fei’s lower lip.

The somewhat dry lips turned pink under the moistening, and he hadn’t had time to pull his tongue back, his lips slightly parted, gasping softly. Ye Fei was helpless, the strings of reason snapped, and his head was filled with unspoken thoughts.

He clasped his palm to the back of Gu Ang’s head, pulling him closer to him, then lowered his head to kiss those two soft lips. The tip of his tongue slowly traced the moist lips before exploring them bit by bit, tantalizing the softness inside. The familiar scent was all over his nose, and Gu Ang nibbled unconsciously at his lips, meeting them bit by bit.

When they used to be together, both of them liked to bully each other half asleep, and the memories of this past life had almost formed a conditioned reflex. With his consciousness not yet awake, his lips and tongue were already giving a response.

Probably because he hadn’t touched his lover in a long time, Ye Fei wanted to shallowly taste him, but he couldn’t reign in the force. The shallow kisses gradually became passionate, rolling over with abandon. Like a traveler in a barren desert who suddenly found a clear spring of water.

Let those unspeakable drynesses, gradually amplified and slowly soothed.

Ye Fei rubbed the man into his arms, almost wanting to rub him into his body and blood, inseparable from then on. The darkness tore away the appearance of himself and left only the straightforward possession of lust. He thought to himself that he was probably a bad person at heart, bad to the core. Heartless and wolfish.

How else could some nasty thoughts be convincing themselves to erode that seemingly innocent soul? While he couldn’t make a sound yet, blocking his gasp so that even his breath couldn’t spill out. Before he could come to his senses, he left marks on every patch of skin with abandon, stamping his mark on every spot.

Then watched as the ends of Gu Ang’s eyes flushed and he whimpered for mercy, twisting and begging him. And then little by little, he invaded him, possessed him, overpowered him.

He knew Gu Ang had turned into an Omega, an Omega that even matched his pheromone.

With a little bit of pheromone luring, Gu Ang would have to submit to him. But this was so clumsy on its own.

Gu Ang’s lips were still slightly parted, wondering what he had dreamed of, murmuring softly, calling out brother with a whimper. Like a feather sliding gently, teasing the heart.

Ye Fei couldn’t resist. He was the one who started the teasing. Ye Fei gave himself a lame excuse and nibbled lightly on his lips before lifting his robe and pressing his reaction against Gu Ang’s in a slow rubbing motion.

Just touching like that had created a huge rush.

Gu Ang’s eyes were tightly closed, shaking in small increments, making some meaningful noises, even with a bit of an unmistakable sobbing voice. His lips were firmly gagged and those whimpers were swallowed back in one gulp, drowning into the darkness.

Ye Fei’s fingertips cover the end of Gu Ang’s eyes and felt a little slight moistening.

He made Gu Ang cry.

His movement quickened and the folded quilt was stirred and messed up, slowly sliding to the floor. The soft mattress couldn’t stop him moving up and down slightly, making a squeaking and rattling sound.

Ye Fei closed his eyes as he inexplicably remembered a scene from many years ago.

It was probably one year when it snowed and he took Gu Ang to the planet’s border to see the snow.

Gu Ang loved the snow so much that he refused to even take an umbrella and had to hang around with a head full of snowflakes. The two walked hand in hand through the snowy landscape, passing through a castle garden. A few clusters of cold plums were in bloom there, their branches trembling with the heavy, fine snow.

With the high winds and rustling snow falling, the cold plums were crushed and couldn’t stop swaying. The snow didn’t stop, it fell for a long, long time, and the plum blossoms were piked on into bending. Gu Ang couldn’t resist reaching out to pluck the fine snow off the branches, finally revealing the beautiful cold plums.

A handful of white snow melted in the palm of his hand, the wind stopped, the snow stopped and everything returned to peace.

Ye Fei’s body tensed, his back bent into a bow drawn to its limit, making the final preparations for the moment of the shot. Fingers straining to the limit, he let out one last heavy, muffled grunt. His palm was sticky and wet, the tips of his fingers were covered in a white cum, and he couldn’t tell if it was his, or Gu Ang’s.

Ye Fei covered his eyes with his other hand to quell the last of his restlessness.

Gu Ang never woke up, like a doll, and after he was done fiddling with it, he was sensible enough to return him to his original position.

He dropped his eyes and examined Gu Ang, except for his slightly swollen lips, the more obvious were the bite marks on his neck.

How would he explain these to Gu Ang tomorrow?

Ye Fei was ruthless and unstoppable, lifting his cuffed robe and biting hard where his forearm was. He sank his canines in, leaving identical teeth marks.

After settling everything, he touched Gu Ang’s forehead and helped him put his clothes back on and cover up again. Everything was the same as it had just been, as if the debauchery had been an illusion.

Ye Fei got up and went into the bathroom, changed into a pair of boxers, and then carefully cleaned his hands bit by bit. The cold water ran down his fingertips, slowly rinsing away the incriminating evidence, while the burn he had just held in his hand felt like it was branded and lingered.

It was destined to be a difficult night to sleep.

The sleeping pills did work well, and Gu Ang slept peacefully with no signs of waking up.

Ye Fei leaned against his bed and lost sleep all night, secretly drank white peach oolong all night, smoked cigarettes all night, and sat withered until dawn. He sorted through a lot of recent events, from Lu ChangBai, to Gu’s father’s cheating, to the family struggle, to all the things he had hidden from Gu Ang. He felt that Gu Ang already had some suspicions, and the previous white peach oolong or brandy, despite the lame excuses to round it off, were enough to make him question.

It was just that there was still one last hurdle to go. The vest, sooner or later, would come off, so where would that leave him and Gu Ang?

Ye Fei was well aware of Gu Ang’s anger and would have stormed out when he knew the truth. But at this point, it wasn’t time to come clean.

Ye Fei glanced at the time, seven in the morning, the sky showing a slight dawn. He glanced at the date again before noticing that Gu Ang’s birthday was, indeed, coming up.

After their rebirth, Gu Ang was alone, even though he still had his parents. Ye Fei thought that he had to give Gu Ang a happy birthday. He’d take all the unhappiness of this time and cover it.

After another half hour, he saw that the Games were about to begin and finally walked sheepishly to the bed to wake his lover up, “Get up, you’re going to be late.”

Gu Ang just fluttered his eyelashes, still not opening his eyes. Ye Fei reached up and cupped the tip of his nose, blocking his breath.

It worked, and within moments Gu Ang was holding his eyes open with a red face and his mouth open to gasp for air, “Fuck, what are you doing? Let go.”

Ye Fei’s fingers scraped the bridge of his nose and soothed the tip again, “You’re on sleeping pills, sleeping so hard.”

Gu Ang shook his head drowsily and hmmed. He felt his body become relaxed and much better, it was just that spot, that hurt a little. He had trouble talking about it, thinking he might have been holding it in for too long to take it seriously.

“Are you on today?” Gu Ang asked in passing as he stood in front of his one-piece mirror changing.

Ye Fei looked at his neck through the mirror, the temporary mark had disappeared a bit, but there was a bit of broken skin from the punctured gland. He took a few seconds to slow down from remembering Gu Ang’s question, “I’ll go if you go.”

“Okay, I’ll leave after I brush my teeth.” Gu Ang grinned broadly, not paying attention to his neck, and zipped his sweatshirt up to where Adam’s apple was, covering the marks completely.

Ye Fei was relieved to be a thief for the first time. In the past, if he wanted to make out with someone, he didn’t need to be so sneaky. The more you live, the more you regress.

The two hurried to the venue for today’s game, Training Ground Zero. The finals of the sport were mandatory for all, no absences, and everyone was a fighting beast. The entire school, over 1,500 students in total, were all brought into the school’s largest training ground by class.

Training Ground Zero. It was one of the most special training grounds of Red Flame, which was not open to the public during weekdays. It contains snowy mountains, grasslands and volcanoes, three different ecological environments, suitable for training in different combat environments.

First year Class S were divided into grass areas at the moment. A canopy that enveloped the entire training ground flickered, showing the time remaining in the match as well as the number of people remaining.


[Duration of the race: 12 hours]

[Elimination condition: driving mecha destroyed]

[Class points calculation: 1 point for each remaining mecha for the class]

[Individual points calculation: 1 point for each mecha destroyed]

The race was called off unannounced, and the countdown was ready to go, decreasing by seconds.

“Brother Ang, we’re all yours if you say what to do.” Bai SiNing, who was already riding in the mecha, poked his head out and asked.

“I naturally have no problem commanding, but I’m afraid that some people wouldn’t be convinced.” Said Gu Ang, his gaze sweeping, and finally fixed on the direction of the “Four Kings”.

The eyes held a faintly provocative look. After last night’s sleep, he felt all the strength come back. A full-scale showdown, right? Then we’ll fight the entire school.

A student chimed in, “If anyone wants to disobey commands, they can bring it up now, so they don’t go masculine when the real fight comes.”

“Gu Ang, when did you start talking so shady too?” Wang snorted coldly with a disdainful expression.

“I’m not seeing eye to eye with you, but I still understand that a team only needs one voice. If it was really necessary, you’ll just ask me to be bait and let me die, and I won’t hesitate for a second.”

The Four Kings hugged each other and cursed back.

“That’s right, looking down on whoever it is.”

“It was the old man who helped you hold so many people at bay with his life in the last match with the regular class!”

“That’s right, a team competition, without a few brothers, you and Ye Fei won with just the two of you? But God Ye, are you just going to give up your command like that?”

The Fourth King was also trying to show off his tongue and stirring up strife between the two by the way. The matchup hasn’t started yet, so it was nice to disgust Gu Ang a bit.

In case Ye Fei wanted to command too, this could get interesting.

“I’m not interested.” Ye Fei’s simple and straightforward answer directly cut off all kinds of petty thoughts of the others.

Gu Ang smiled when he heard Ye Fei’s answer and spoke, “Since no one has any comments, I would show you the art of my war command.”

“Come with me!”

“Go!!!” With Bai SiNing leading the chant, the rest of s class followed behind Gu Ang’s mecha and started moving in a big way.

Ye Fei’s mecha followed at the end of the line, a little smile spilling out of his face.

“War command…”


“A five-star Admiral with hard fists and an artist who just boxes his teammates together and up…”

His little friend, ever so cute and confident.

Ye Fei drove the mecha lightly, Gu Ang waved casually, and he could pad back.

At the same time, a green flare rose into the air over the volcano area. The mecha in the volcano area, upon seeing the flare, didn’t hesitate to start moving in the direction of this signal. And this flare was released by none other than Wei YangZe, the leader of all students in the junior class.

The obvious goal was also to get all the junior guys together first.

One was to prevent internal depletion, and the other was to stop some overblown juniors from running off to other areas without permission and then getting wiped out.

Wei YangZe lay on top of the mecha, his expression idle as he looked around at the mecha gradually gathering over, and lightly commanded, “When the people are gathered, first gather all the war energy reserves in the volcano area.”


On the Snowmass side, the sophomores also began converging under the guidance of a red flare, again using a unified strategy. Just as the other grades were converging on their respective leaders, Gu Ang also led the Class S in a constant scattering across the grasslands in search of the rest of the freshman class.

Jiang RuiYuan changed into a dark blue dress today, sitting gracefully on the commentary platform, and spoke elegantly, “Marshal Ye, we all know that war was all about timing, location, and harmony. In this mega training ground, which is a combination of three different training grounds, the juniors occupy the volcano area, the sophomores occupy the snowy mountain area, and the freshmen occupy the grassland area. Can you help us analyze the situation in terms of “location”?”

“The location aspect was naturally where the freshman grass had the biggest advantage.”

Jiang RuiYuan was puzzled, “But both the snowy mountain and the volcano are easy to defend areas, so why do you still think the grass was better?”

Ye HongFeng had experienced countless wars and saw it all at once, “When it comes to advantage, it has to be seen in the context of the rules of our tournament. The name of the tournament is Total Duel, but in the end, victory or defeat depends on the ability to destroy the opponent’s mecha as well as preserve oneself, not on capturing strongholds. As a result, the plains not only make it easier to gather forces of your own, but also easier to preserve strength to avoid attrition during the non-combat phase.”

Jiang RuiYuan nodded in agreement, and in the meantime, Cope was talking about the background of the competition, “Marshal Ye still has a poisonous eye, and I can reveal a special message to everyone here. The mecha used in this tournament, although it looks like a generic military mecha, is actually a simplified version. Not only was it significantly weakened in mecha defenses, it’s more likely to result in the mecha being destroyed and more susceptible to environmental influences.”

Gu Ang and Ye Fei in the race, being the ones driving the mecha, naturally picked up on the problem much earlier. So Gu Ang, for all his talk of sweeping the board, was very honest about inviting other partners to join his team first. Needless to say, Gu Ang had subjugated his fellow graders early on with his next stunning performance since the start of the school year.

As the five remaining classes of the freshman year all gathered together, the ground suddenly began to shake violently. Gu Ang was propped up on the mecha console and could clearly see the scene outside through the simplified version of the Z-ion radar he carried.

Two torrents of steel had arrived in the grassland area from the volcano and the snow, left and right, and began an unannounced attack on the freshman students led by Gu Ang. It wasn’t about picking up soft targets. Quite the contrary, both juniors and sophomores have heard early on that freshmen were extraordinarily gritty.

So the two sides, almost by heart, launched simultaneous attacks from two different directions.

“Brother Ang, what now?” Bai SiNing’s face was hard and heavy. Bai SiNing usually looked wimpy, but was already considered one of the best freshmen.

Yesterday in the chaos of the battle had long ago navigated past the strength of other ages, and the result was to be mercilessly bloodied.

In Red Flame, an intense training program, every day was a time period of high growth and progress, not to mention a year or two, even a month or two can open up a huge gap.

Gu Ang was also feeling overwhelmed at the moment, not expecting the senior seniors to be so ruthless. It wasn’t that he didn’t know in his heart what level the group around himself was. The only ones who could really get their hands dirty were themselves and Ye Fei, counting at most Lin XiuYong from class A.

Originally, in this situation where the enemy was strong and they were weak, they still wanted to carry out the sixteen-word strategy of advancing the enemy and retreating, stationing the enemy and disturbing him, tiring the enemy and fighting him, and retreating the enemy and pursuing him.

But now they had just gathered the men together, and before they could even begin to divide up the work, they were just blown up by enemy soldiers riding their faces.

“Command transferred to Ye Fei. Everyone, follow me! Kill a way out!” At this tense moment, Gu Ang didn’t hesitate half a second, and after directly shouting, he led the crowd in front and rushed towards the direction where Da San’s crowd was.

In terms of lining up troops and deciding to win, Gu Ang was inferior to Ye Fei. In terms of life and death, Ye Fei was inferior to Gu Ang in terms of the strength of the broken kettle.

The two people on the commentary stage at the moment were equally unprepared for this three-way melee to come so suddenly.

Jiang RuiYuan exclaimed, “Marshal Ye, in the past, didn’t the final battle of the Undifferentiated Combat Games break out in the last hour before a battle of this magnitude? How come this time the competition had just started and this has happened?”

Ye HongFeng looked at his son with some concern, ”This time the situation is rather special. There are few people who can overpower all the classes of an entire grade with the might of one person, and in the past, there might be one person from one school who would naturally be able to easily integrate their grade and then win the competition. But this time, there are four such people.”

“Do you mean Ye Fei, Gu Ang, freshmen, Cheng JiaMu, sophomore, and Wei YangZe, junior?”

At the mention of his child, Ye HongFeng was a little proud, “That’s right. Several of them were able to quickly assemble the class of this grade directly because they overpowered a rising star of their age by their own strength. In the past, I’m afraid I would have had to suffer many dark losses and be forced by outside pressure in the last hour or two to be able to unite and work together.”

Jiang RuiYuan was afraid that the audience outside the field wouldn’t understand the situation and asked everything, “We watched the game yesterday. The freshmen are certainly very strong, but most of them have a big gap with the sophomores and juniors in terms of strength. According to reason, shouldn’t the freshmen join with the sophomores to target the juniors? But now why would the sophomores join forces with the juniors and besiege the freshman class together. Isn’t it normal logic to combine the weak in order to attack the strong in one?”

Ye HongFeng shook his head, “Of course not. If it was an unusual freshman year, the sophomore year would naturally choose to join forces with them. But this freshman class is just too strong. If the sophomore year had Wei YangZe, maybe there would still be a possibility of joining forces, but with this Cheng JiaMu, there’s no way.”

“What you said is becoming more and more incomprehensible to me. Why can Wei YangZe unite with them, but Cheng JiaMu can’t?” Jiang Ruiyuan listened with a bewildered expression.

Ye HongFeng directly pointed out, “He didn’t have the temperament. Not to mention handling Gu Ang and Ye Fei, or even Lin XiuYong, I don’t think Cheng JiaMu has the ability to handle. It’s because he fears these three that all of them started to attack while taking advantage of Wei YangZe’s attack. Simply put, Cheng JiaMu did it out of fear, while Wei YangZe did it out of excitement.”

“So you’re saying Wei YangZe has the temperament to manage the three men of Gu Ang?”

Ye HongFeng smiled faintly, ”Naturally, he doesn’t have the temperament for that either. But Wei YangZe never fears that his opponent is strong. He initiates an attack simply out of excitement, because there’s an opponent he recognizes.”

Inside the arena, the two mecha went forward with the same sharpness in the dusty sky, facing all the junior seniors led by Red Flame’s strongest junior, Wei YangZe, without showing any hesitation.

Looking at the figure beside him who was driving alongside him, even though it was just a simple school sports day, Gu Ang knew that the person who was willing to accompany him through the mountains of sword and fire was still the same. He was a shadow he was destined not to dispel from his mind. And he himself was destined to be the light in his heart that could not be extinguished.

It was a short battle.

Gu Ang and Ye Fei were like two of the sharpest swords, plunging straight into each other’s positions. The laser gun in his hand was like a death’s scythe, tearing a hard piece out of an otherwise perfect formation. The scalpel-like precision of the strike directly destroyed the already weakened military mecha as fast as possible.

And the students inside were forced to return to the cockpit to be taken out of the arena of the competition.

But Wei YangZe wasn’t so easy to deal with. While constantly dispatching his men to pursue the rest of the freshmen, he himself was like a most crazed and hungry wolf king, desperately tearing at the attention of Ye Fei, who was also in charge of lining up his troops.

Ye HongFeng spoke again, “Wei YangZe is worthy of being the strongest of Red Flame’s juniors, he saw the backbone of the freshman year right away, the reason why he is able to try to break out despite such a high intensity attack is all thanks to Ye Fei’s clinical command.”

Jiang RuiYuan covered her laughter and said, “Marshal Ye, bragging about your son is too much.”

The crowd, which was watching the game nervously, was also amused and the atmosphere was much lighter.

Ye HongFeng cleared his throat, “But you see, after Wei YangZe wrapped his full strength around Ye Fei, he couldn’t spare more energy to command, and the battle damage rate of the freshmen was several times higher all of a sudden. Within this minute alone, over ten mecha were destroyed.”

Inside the arena, Ye Fei, who was being pestered by Wei YangZe, also felt a headache. The freshman team was so bad that there was no way to put many of the tactics in place, and every order had to be accurate and simple to be given. But now that he was being pestered by Wei YangZe, there was no way to focus on giving orders himself.

Once he divided more of his mind into commanding, then he’d bring less killing pressure to the table, and that pressure increased on everyone.

“I’m Class A Lin XiuYong, I’ll be taking over command from here on out.” Suddenly, Lin XiuYong’s voice appeared from the intercom. “B squad 3 to guard the right flank, S squad 2 to withdraw from the left flank, C squad 1 and 2 to top it off…”

Immediately afterwards, without any extra explanation, a command had been sent out from the intercom. Group 2 expressed dissatisfaction.

“Hey! What’s wrong with you? Why do you want our group to go back! Was it an opportunity to take power from God Ye?”

“I’ve heard it before, every time the game has come down to the wire in the past there’s been infighting and then the power grab starts…”

Lin XiuYong pushed his glasses with his index finger, expressing his speechlessness. I’m trying to help you, okay? Don’t let your group pull back, and within a minute you’ll be caught up and blown away by the most elite troops in sophomore year. Save your strength for a longer battle, won’t you?

Lin XiuYong sighed, having gone to such great lengths to reward himself for three senior labs full of researchers.

Lu ChangBai explained that Gu Ang and Ye Fei had to win, and he had to help them.

“I’m Ye Fei, and I agree that Lin XiuYong commands.” As a formation connoisseur, Ye Fei slightly combined the current situation and knew that Lin XiuYong’s command just now was definitely on target and he had a talent in commanding.

Transferring command, he and Gu Ang could fight at full strength. But at this moment, the sophomores coming after them from behind had largely caught up and joined the fray. The scene was chaotic.

On the commentary stage, the two commentators did their best.

“Marshal Ye, the sophomores have also arrived, so I’m afraid that this time the pressure on the freshmen is ten times greater than before. It’s true that with both sets of sophomores and juniors in pursuit, the freshman pressure would multiply, but… This was also their most likely chance of escaping and avoiding the combined stranglehold of the two groups at this point.”

Jiang RuiYuan was a technician and felt a bit brain-dead at this moment, with a bewildered face.

Ye HongFeng explained, “There were two deciding factors on whether they could escape with their lives; one was Ye Fei’s level of command and the other was when the sophomore gang started laying the smackdown on their junior comrades.”

“To blackmail?”

“Sophomores aren’t supposed to be a match for juniors. If they don’t take advantage of this opportunity, I’m afraid there won’t be any chance of turning over the juniors after tackling the freshmen.”

Jiang RuiYuan let out an “oh”, “And at what point do you think the sophomore year will start to backfire before the freshmen have a chance to win the game?”

Ye HongFeng stared at the scene of the broadcast, where the command shifted, but the new man on the throne was well organized and decisive in his dealings, “Though I don’t know who’s in command now, this man commands like a computer, precise and cold, without any human touch in it at all. Commanding is like a game of Go, Ye Fei’s good at the big game, while this man’s better at the smaller fights. As things stand, this man’s better suited to the situation the freshmen are in right now. Under his leadership, I believe they can buy more time.”

Lin XiuYong, who was being praised by Marshal Ye HongFeng at the moment, was inwardly as quiet as water in the slightest and continued his command.

Finally! The chance to escape from the world came. As they watched the freshmen dwindle, the sophomores, led by Cheng JiaMu, finally began to wield the slaughter knife on the juniors who had been fighting side by side.

“Let’s go for the freshman first! Kill these sophomore buggers!”

Wei YangZe was the first to notice the change in the battle behind him and immediately yelled, abandoning his siege on Ye Fei and turning around to head straight for Cheng JiaMu.

A great battle broke out between the two sides of the men. As a direct result, both sides were reduced by more than thirty percent or more. Had it not been for the fear of Gu Ang and others, the situation might have been even more tragic.


“I’ll let you off the hook this time!”

Putting down their harsh words, the two groups of sophomores and juniors, led by Wei YangZe and Cheng JiaMu, returned unannounced to their home base to replenish their energy for the mecha.

Bai SiNing, sweating like the most responsible of lieutenants, was the first to report back to Gu Ang on the current situation after everyone was safely down.

“I’ve done some calculations, Brother Ang. Right now we only have less than forty people in the entire year combined, so I’m afraid… It’ll be hard to win this three-way fight again.”

Gu Ang swept through the crowd present, almost every mecha carrying injuries. Coupled with the fact that they were already slow to gather, and even less time to find supplies, the mecha’s drive energy had now dropped to an extremely dangerous level. Is there really no way back? Gu Ang glanced at Ye Fei beside him and subconsciously tried to seek help from him.

Ye Fei felt the gaze and looked back over, still shaking his head after a moment. No other mecha quality was here. Even if Ye Fei did play to the full strength of the five-star Admiral, the mecha itself was really limited.

If you forced the operation, the end result would be just like the previous Gu Ang test, where the mecha was driven straight to explode. Ye Fei pressed the intercom and updated their status, “If we were given enough time for this battle, we would have killed them all by sneak attack sooner or later. But this exam was originally only 12 hours long, and now a third of it has passed, so time’s too short for us to take them all out by sneak attack.”

God Ye’s name and family background were well known to everyone. He had given a notice of critical illness, so it did seem to be a lost cause.

For a moment, the aura of everyone present sagged. Sure enough, time was a chasm that no one had been able to cross. That, combined with the fact that Gu Ang and Ye Fei had so much wind in their sails caused everyone in the freshman class to be targeted by the sophomores and juniors at the same time right out of the gate. To linger until the end now was a victory beyond measure.

“What if… I had a way to turn the tide and get the win?” Just when the crowd’s morale was low, Lin XiuYong suddenly spoke up.

Having previously promised Lu ChangBai that he would let the two win, he had already considered all the scenarios and made complete preparations. Although it was known that the reward after the victory was a mission to another planet, transferring the tiger away from the mountain and playing right into Lu ChangBai’s plot.

On another planet, it became easier to do anything he wanted to do with his hands. But since he promised to fulfill the order, he could only perform.

Everyone simultaneously directed their gazes at Lin XiuYong.

“Oh my God, is there really any hope?”

“Sure.” As Lin XiuYong spoke, he jumped out from within the mecha, holding a small red signaling device. “What’s this?”

Gu Ang saw Lin XiuYong emerge from inside the mecha and jumped down after him, bracing himself against the hatch and walking over to Lin XiuYong’s side.


“What detonator?” Looking at the expressionless Lin XiuYong, Gu Ang was shocked.

Ye Fei heard the keyword and unwittingly thought of the inexplicable explosion in the lab.

This modus operandi was as good as it got. With Lim Hsiu-yung, was there a connection? Without speaking, Lin XiuYong pushed his index finger on the frame and simply pressed the button. In the distance, snow-capped mountains and volcanoes exploded in a massive explosion visible to the naked eye.

Cascading shockwaves spread outward with the snow-capped mountains and volcanoes at the center, sending chunks of snow and dust flying in all directions and spilling indiscriminately.

Even the lens’ became cloudy and a strong smell of bursting air hung in the air. The avalanche and volcanic eruption triggered by the powerful shaking was like the hand of extinction, directly destroying all the sophomore and junior mecha who had just returned to the camp cleanly on the spot.

The field became uneven and resembled the scene of an extinct disaster. This scene set off an immediate gasp from everyone, including the commentary booth!!!

Have you ever seen a military school sport blow up a mecha? Have you ever seen someone blow up the school grounds during a sports day? What a monster this freshman freshman class was.

This man could play and count, was top notch in commanding, bombed his mecha to blow up the venue, arrogant and crazy.

“Ye… Marshal Ye, how did Lin XiuYong do this?”

Ye HongFeng was silent for a moment, “The guide will rewind the camera to the very beginning and then give it to the snowy mountain and the volcano.”

The huge light screen then saw two first year A students following directions marked on a map, burying buckets and buckets of energy that the seniors had worked so hard to collect in key locations on the snowy mountain, or installing them in key locations such as the crater.

Seeing this, everyone understood. Sophomore year and junior year got home stolen.

Lin XiuYong took advantage of the gap between the start of the sophomore year and the start of the junior year to bury energy sources in some specific locations in the snowy mountains and volcanoes before finally detonating them at the same time, causing the snowy mountains to have a major avalanche and the volcanoes to start erupting.

“Is this… was it really possible to do it?” Jiang RuiYuan, who was watching all this, asked incredulously.

Ye HongFeng replied with a scowl on his face, “Yes. But it requires very precise thinking and calculations, and there’s no room for half-hearted deviations.”

It wasn’t even human, it was a humanoid computer of the highest configuration. And right now this humanoid computer was standing in the field, calculating just how many points he had taken in this wave of operations.

Everyone, including Gu Ang and Ye Fei at the moment, looked at the expressionless man in front of them with dumbfounded eyes, unable to say a single word to express the emotion they were feeling right now.

Especially Bai SiNing, who originally thought his opponent was a weakling, and could’ve never imagined he’d be like a machine. Bai SiNing wimped out and the name calling changed from Xiao Lin to Lin, “You’re amazing… I kind of worship you.”

Lin XiuYong glanced at him and teased, “Not calling me Dad this time?”

Gu Ang gave them both a look, “Call Dad? You two, when did you get so fancy?”

Bai SiNing blushed a complete red.

The match was completely lost at this point. Lin XiuYong had earned enough points, while most of the other members were members of the first year Class S. The final battle of the Undifferentiated Combat Games [Total Showdown] came to a close.

On the screen, congratulations were first given to the freshman for winning the two-day practice tournament, and then, the top 10 classic clips from the entire tournament began to play. Starting with the tenth clip, in which Wei YangZe hammered away at ten students by himself, the picture gradually ignited.

Everyone recalled just how many incredible things happened in this tournament. The third place clip played and the two handsome faces of Gu Ang and Ye Fei appeared on the screen. It was a scene of two men fighting side by side against an attack, and the image of the teens moving cleanly into the enemy’s camp without a word was a hot watch.

The room began to cheer with excitement that this was the session, the brand new God. And, for CP fans, the two were in the same frame and the fan book was satisfying.

Then, there was the image of Gu Ang blowing his mecha up and coming out of the fire. Behind them were glorious explosions, like fireworks, setting off the haughty teenager in front of them in a spirited manner.

And first place, deservedly, went to Lin XiuYong who blew up the snowy mountains and volcanoes.

Bai SiNing was watching with a small red face, no less calm than the fans in the audience. He had cut a small clip and was a bit bummed that it didn’t come in handy.

He didn’t expect the end to come as such a surprise.

The organizers were so good at it, just ten sets of clips that triggered the closing straight to the top. The camera switched to the faces of several teenagers, their foreheads soaked with sweat and their clothes disheveled from the fight. But in this one, it really proved that teenagers were fearless.

Gu Ang felt hot enough to pull his zipper down and rip his jacket off.

The full webcast footage showed the mark on his neck.

The pop-ups jumped out of the afterglow of the battle and began to swipe wildly: 

[Fuckfuck! Was this neck kissed or bitten? So exciting?]

[Why do I feel like this plot, like a strawberry plant?]

[Woops out, I just joined the pit yesterday and today I’m out of love?]

[Which Omega gave Gu Ang that? Step up and let’s fight!]

Lin XiuYong removed his glasses and took a closer look at the scar on his neck. He didn’t have to guess, it was bite marks.

Gu Ang saw the big screen, covered his neck and gave Ye Fei a look, “Don’t you tell me that mosquitoes crawled in again yesterday?”

To be honest, he had another very erotic dream last night. In the dream Ye Fei nibbled and bit at him, and even helped him with his hands. Hard to believe, it was true…

Gu Ang turned red, was this man such a dog while he was on sleeping pills?

Ye Fei shook his head, “It wasn’t a mosquito, it was a giant insect, and I got bitten as well.”

At the words, he lifted his sleeve to reveal his forearm, and sure enough, at the wrist, there was a very similar wound. The expression was sincere and the voice was genuine. Almost described carefully to Gu Ang what that fantasy giant insect looked like.

The pop-up viewers couldn’t hear the conversation between the two, they just watched Ye Fei’s movements and bruises and exploded into another frenzy.

[These two are chewing each other like crazy? That’s exciting. I’m okay.]

[I’ve already brainstormed a flip-flopping that-thing, double-A-extreme love was real!]

[Originally two Alphas… I didn’t want to think in that direction, but that’s too much of a coincidence, right?]

[Definitely hickeys, I make out with my girlfriend and that’s what’s on me all the time…]

Ye HongFeng coughed lightly as he watched the pop-ups drift by. The two boys played so wildly? Was it really a case of the blue being better than the blue?

Gu Ang stared hesitantly at the bite on his wrist, how it looked, like it had been done by his teeth.

“What? What’s with the bugs again?That’s not right.” Bai SiNing looked at the two men’s wounds and ahhed, gasping for air. He lifted his shirt and pointed to the small of his back, “I didn’t think you guys would run into that bug too, I got bitten yesterday too and it hurt like hell.”

A silence fell over the pop-ups. Suddenly one number just sent out and was immediately blocked again. All that was left was the pop-up that hadn’t had time to delete.

[So it’s… a 3… 3P????]


Author’s comment: 

Ye Fei: …Farewell.


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