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Chapter 13: “Did you… go through the back door?”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


If not for the appearance of this gruff male voice, Wen XingYao was almost ready to think that there were just two people in this game, him and Bai Li. The appearance of the third person made him realize that this was, after all, a virtual reality game, and there would be a constant stream of new players entering afterwards. The person who greeted him today was just the beginning.

He stopped the movement of his hand, turned to look at the person who spoke and greeted him lightly, “Hello. I’m farming here. A mission in the game.”

“Farming?” Xiong Pili widened his big bell-like eyes almost uncontrollably, then stopped at the edge of the field under the threatening gaze of Wen XingYao. Somewhat sarcastically he muttered to himself, “So this game really has farming, ah…I still have to plant myself.”

Since entering the game the night before, Xiong Pili had a great fondness for it. In his opinion, the game was good everywhere, and it was worthy of a game made by Mr. Bai. The whole night, he was busy in the game. He thought after it was time to go off line he would feel mentally exhausted, but it wasn’t like that at all. Not only didn’t he feel tired, but he began to look forward to entering the game again.

He counted the minutes and seconds, then Xiong Pili entered the game after six hours. There was no one else around, so he thought he was the first player in and decided to explore a bit. He thought that there seemed to be a small stream to the east of the village, and that it might have fish that he loved, Xiong Pili immediately went in that direction.

Then he ran into Wen XingYao, who was farming, and greeted him warmly. After the greeting, the world changed…

“Yes, it’s farming.” The other party’s bewildered look seemed to please Wen XingYao, and he kindly explained more. “You must be a new player to the game, right? The first is to weed, the second is to settle down, and the third task is to reclaim the fields and start planting. The tasks are relatively simple and can be completed within an hour. If you are faster, you will be able to start planting in an hour like me.” This could be his accumulated valuable experience, na.

“The task, ah…I took it yesterday, it’s just weeding.” Xiong Pili’s hand pointed to the west. “Last night a large group of us were together in that place to do the task. It was difficult to get rid of the grass. So the second task hasn’t been given yet.”

The direction he pointed was the location of the two, large and small, pits.

Then Wen XingYao remembered Bai Li’s strange expression when he first came online. Had he been looking in that direction? So that’s where the two pits came from, doing the weeding task? However weeding didn’t need to dig such a deep hole, did it? The two pits were so big, it should have taken a lot of time and effort to dig it, right?

As he looked at the suspected ‘veteran player’ with a puzzled look, Xiong Pili scratched his head, and asked in confusion. “Is it wrong for us to weed like this? When I came in last night, there was already a large group of almost 300 people digging the grass over there. When I saw that there were many of them and they were doing it in a decent way, I thought I should do it that way, so I followed along. You see there are two pits, one big and one small. the big one is from the previous group of people digging, the small one is from those of us who came late who did it together.”

Three hundred people…Wen XingYao’s face twitched a few times, and quickly matched those three hundred people with the three hundred warriors he asked Tang Ying to find. Did he dare say that the disaster was more or less related to him?

That group of douchebags! He changed his expression several times, which was seen by Xiong Pili, and caused a bad feeling to well up in Xiong Pili’s heart.

Before he boarded the game, he was still gloating about his previous weeding progress, thinking that the large group of them were really great. However, after entering the game and meeting a more experienced veteran player, his reactions told him that they seemed to have done nothing yesterday…

Was it useful to dig such a deep hole? No!

Looking at the other person’s land, which was flat and weeded, there were also two small thatched huts, and two small fields. They were playing the game, while the rest of them were only digging holes!


The nearly one meter nine, big tall man showed an expression of aggrievedness.

Wen XingYao couldn’t look down on him, and dryly comforted a few words, told him not to give up, and maybe there was a rescue. As for how to save it, he didn’t know.

“Really?” His eyes lit up again, and Xiong Pili took the initiative to introduce himself, “Brother my name is ‘King Pili.’ Let’s add each other as friends! When you have the time, let’s play the game together! I can’t do anything about those two pits anyway. If you think of a good idea, please tell me about it. In the future, if you have any hard work, just look for me. I’ll give you a package!”

He also showed the bulging muscles on his arm. He was so enthusiastic that he had no defense.

“Demon Xing,” Wen XingYao gave his game name and added King Pili to his friends list. “No need to help with work or anything. I can do it myself.”

When he looked at the two names on the list, Wen XingYao’s mood became strange. In other games, he would never add anyone as a game friend. The only purpose of entering the game was to vent his boundless desire for destruction through non-stop fighting. Forget communicating with other players, he didn’t even say a word in those games.

Whereas now, he was like a doorman, standing at the gate and chatting with people.

After adding friends, Xiong Pili regained his spirited appearance, and waved at Wen XingYao, “Then I’ll go do the quest first! Brother, see you later!” Before he left, he also secretly stared at Wen XingYao’s small field several times, as if he were thinking.

Wen XingYao didn’t mind him snooping around openly. He had a vague urge to call the other party, and teach them all the farming tips he had learned from Bai Li. It was a pity that the player called King Pili left so quickly…

Wen XingYao’s loss didn’t last long. As he finished helping water Bai Li’s nine plots, he heard another strange voice. “Hey brother, you’re digging the soil too? That’s not right, how can you get rid of all the weeds by digging just a little bit!”

Wen XingYao, “…” What’s wrong with those two? They’ve got a problem with weeding?

That was just the beginning.

As time passed, more and more players returned to the game. As they ran and jumped excitedly, and measured the desolate village with their feet, they finally discovered the two small huts at the east end of the village that they had all overlooked the night before.

As well as Wen XingYao, whose progress was a great deal faster than all of them.

By the time more people arrived, two or three of them were already on the ground as they cried in pain, pounded the ground with both hands and let out painful cries of sorrow.

“Oooooooo! This is why, ah! I dug the ground for so long, and someone finally actually told me it was wrong. There is no need to dig so deep when weeding!”

“I’m so stupid! Really stupid! I only knew that I had to complete the task perfectly, but I didn’t think to ask the village chief what the definition of task completion was…Now, I hear that the next task is for us to place our huts in the vacant land after weeding. It’s such a big hole, why not just bury me!”

“Six hours! The whole six hours! I wasted five hours for nothing! I have five hours to do what is not good, just to dig grass. Now, well, it’s really grass! Who took the lead in digging the hole? I hate him, ooh…”

They were all fierce men and women over one meter tall, with bad tempers and tremendous strength as they pounding the ground with a single punch. In only a few minutes, the entrance to Wen XingYao’s house became full of potholes.

Xiong Pili also rushed over from afar to watch, heard their complaints, and could not help but move closer, very empathetic. He thought, probably except Demon Xing, the rest of the people would be more or less resentful. Everyone was so pitted…Ai.

Even with a large group of people at the door, Bai Li didn’t leave the house. Wen XingYao looked several times at Bai Li’s closed door. He guessed that the person inside was asleep, or that the small hut had sound insulation. However, no matter what, it was best to hurry up and get rid of these people.

With so many people, it would be too bad if any of them stepped on the corn he just planted. If only there was something to enclose the ground in front of the door, Wen XingYao thought.

At that moment, a scream suddenly came from the crowd, “Everyone go to see the game store, there is a new item on the shelves, we have to buy it!”

As words just fell, everyone subconsciously opened the game store, including Wen XingYao.

The mall really has a lot of new goods. Seeing the first names, A Cubic Meter of Water, and A Cubic Meter of Earth, Wen XingYao could not help but laugh. That Li Bai was really narrow-minded, ah. He actually shelved such a thoughtful item.

This was good. The players could fill in the deep pit, or fill it up with water, and then their task could be achieved. The price of those two items wasn’t expensive, only 10 star coins, and a lot would be bought according to the demand.

Bai Li also made four different types of huts. In addition to the first charge package which gave a small thatched hut, there were wooden houses, bamboo houses, and tile houses. Each kind of house was small, the shape wasn’t exquisite, but the style was extremely rare in the interstellar world, so it was refreshing.

Players shouted, “Now we’re saved!” while they discussed the new hut styles.

“Is this a house for people? It looks so small. I bet it’s difficult to turn around inside, but it looks pretty good. I like that bamboo house. It’s green and feels super good with the environment here!”

“The tile house is also good, ah! It looks more solid than the first few and is only 25 star coins, which is quite cheap.”

“Hey, there are four types of houses to choose from. I thought everyone lived in the same house before, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find where my house was. Now it’s good! At least there are some differences. When the time comes to decorate something outside, you won’t have to worry about finding your home.”

“Don’t, don’t say it! Say it again and I’ll buy it all!”

Wen XingYao, who happened to hear this, “…” This idea was really heartwarming.

So he did practical actions carried out in silence.

With a house, naturally one would need decorations for the interior of the room. The mall quietly developed a different area, which specialized in selling things for the interior of the house. Decorative items, such as: tables, chairs and benches, beds and closets and so on. Hanging decorations, and ornaments weren’t lacking. The prices were both high and low. As long as someone spent a little money, they could put anything in their houses.

Wen XingYao took a look inside, and didn’t want to buy anything. He intended to wait for the people in front of him to leave before he went into his house. Then he slowly planned.

Other players didn’t have his determination, not only not to buy, but also to buy only a few things. This ceramic vase, that wooden water cup was also good…Buy, buy, buy, all in the bag! Everyone’s face was smiling, happy and red, all without the initial sadness.

If Bai Li opened the door and came out to see this scene, he would probably think that interstellar people were really too easy to coax.

With the crisis averted and the shopping desire satisfied, the players finally remembered to hurry to do the task.

However just as they were about to leave, a special scent suddenly wafted over from a certain direction. It was the smell of sunshine and harvest; rustic, simple, yet straight to the heart. The foot that had just taken a step fiercely retracted, and everyone looked in unison in the direction from which the smell came.

Then they saw Wen XingYao, who was standing in the middle of the two fields, with surprise in his eyes and the same intoxicated expression on his face.

The fragrance was coming from next to him!

Wen XingYao and nearly two hundred people stared at each other with wide eyes.

After a long time, suddenly someone in the crowd questioned, “This brother…how do you have two houses? You can’t have two numbers, right?! Did you…take the back door?”

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