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Chapter 39: Please Help Me

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey waiting for them to get together


Gu Ang’s heart was in his throat, and he didn’t dare to take a breath. The voice was all too familiar, except for Ye Fei, it could only be the mysterious man on the rooftop. They were very close vocally, both low and sexy. But whoever it was, he didn’t want to be found out again.

That spirited look on the field just now was only ten minutes ago, when he walked out of a self-inflicted mecha and the whole crowd was cheering for him. However, the moment the pheromone was pressed against him, he became the weak and uncomfortable ghost he was now.

He didn’t need to look in the mirror to know that his eyes were now red, his body was shaking, and even his lips were parted with a slight gasp. Proud as he was, he now wanted to hide from everyone. Gu Ang didn’t speak, just silently pinched his fingertips into his palms, using the raw pain to keep himself soberly focused. He hoped that the person out there would have the sense to leave him his last dignity.

Probably because of the excessive strain on his body, the smell that had just been suppressed by the inhibitor wafted out again in wisps, drifting around the small bathroom.

It was like it couldn’t be hidden.

Gu Ang tried to crouch down, pick up the inhibitor, and inject the remaining half in, but the bottle had rolled away. He looked down through a gap under the cubicle, and saw a pair of feet in army boots next to the rolling inhibitor. Those feet didn’t seem to move away, they just paused there without a second thought.

Gu Ang gave up the struggle and leaned his back against the door panel to catch his breath. He mentally murmured, hurrying away and pretending he hadn’t seen anything.

Ye Fei saw that he didn’t say anything and spoke again with deliberation, “I can smell your pheromone. Don’t be afraid, I’ll help you.”

Gu Ang was afraid to speak for fear of exposing himself if he made a sound. Thinking about it, he just hammered the fragile door twice hard with a jarring thud. The movements were cranky and carried a wave of anger. The meaning was clear. Leave the old man alone and get the hell out.

Ye Fei pursed his lips, Gu Ang was still too stubborn. Wouldn’t it hurt his pride if he rushed in?  The two men were at an impasse, one refusing to come out and the other refusing to leave.

Gu Ang didn’t hear the footsteps that left and his body slid down, crumbling onto the toilet, feeling the minutes tick by. The heat spread up little by little, and it felt like even his cheeks were getting hot. He propped his elbows on his knees and covered his eyes with his hands.

The memory of the raging pheromone pouncing on the training ground just now seemed to reappear, so hard that he wanted to choke.

He unzipped the zipper of his sweatshirt and unbuttoned two more buttons of his undershirt to let some breeze in from the window. If he could, he’d even want a pot of cold water to pour on himself so he could clear his head a bit more. Suddenly, a footstep was heard from outside and Gu Ang’s movements stalled.

An unfamiliar male voice rang out, “Why does this toilet smell sweet inside? Fuck, there hasn’t been an Omega in there has there?”

Gu Ang’s heart stopped, someone came and smelled his pheromone. A cold sweat dripped from the spot on his temple, unable to tell if it was from the situation or the pheromone aftereffects not wearing off. The whole re-differentiated into an Omega thing wasn’t something he was ready to make public yet. He sunk his eyes, and if the man barged in, he’d beat the man until he shut up.

“Excuse me, my friend isn’t feeling well, could you please change bathrooms?” It was Ye Fei’s voice that answered.

The male voice was scratchy, “How come I can’t go in this Alpha toilet? Funny. I’d like to go in and see what Omega was so bold as to single-handedly barge into an Alpha toilet.” He said and gave a teasing laugh, “Isn’t that just looking for a fuck?”

In the next second, Gu Ang heard the sound of bones clicking together as if something had snapped.

And the male voice begging for mercy, “It hurts, it hurts, let go, let go! I said the wrong thing, didn’t I stop going in?”

“Keep running your mouth like that, and next time it won’t be this little injury. Get the hell out of here right now.” The voice was cold to the point of ruthlessness.

“Okay, I’ll go.” The male voice showed weakness, muttering retreat as he did so, “What the hell? Fucking on field day in the school bathroom?”

Ye Fei’s dark eyes fixed firmly on the man, his gaze like a knife, “I’ll remember you, and if this gets out, you know the consequences.”

The boy ran off in a heap, cursing under his breath.

Ye Fei thought to himself, at least he didn’t see who the person inside the cubicle was. If the word really got out, the one who made up the story was just him, and his reputation didn’t matter, it was bad already.

Seeing that Gu Ang would never come out, he could only tap on his comm and find his contact, Interstellar Fierce A and send a private message.

YG: [It’s me out here. Don’t be a hero, I’ll help you with a temp mark.]

Gu Ang heard the communicator vibrate and tapped it open with a shaking finger. Sure enough, it was the mysterious man on the rooftop, only, his voice was just too similar to Ye Fei.

Interstellar Fierce A: [How do you know it’s me in here?]

YG: [I can smell it, very strong white peach oolong.]

Gu Ang bit his lip. Ah, it was such an odd scent, he hadn’t smelled another in all his years. He pinched his brow and continued typing.

Interstellar Fierce A: [I don’t want a temporary mark, go away.]

YG: [I’m worried about your condition.]

YG: [I won’t do anything else more to you. Omegas are vulnerable at times like this, and now that there’s a field full of Alphas out there, I’m afraid you won’t be able to hold up.]

YG: [Open the door.]

The messages came one by one, in a sincere tone.

Gu Ang, however, refused to back down; the last time was already a fallacy, how could he fall for it again?

Interstellar Fierce A: [You crossed the line, please bring me the inhibitor.]

The conversation went a little too far, with Gu Ang being too stubborn and refusing to compromise.

Ye Fei bent down to pick up the bottle and handed it under the doorway, and he saw the palm redden with a faint tremor.

Gu Ang reached over and caught it, yanking the bottle back with all his might. He was relieved that there was still half a bottle left. Keep injecting and it should fix the problem. He tapped on the screen and typed, [Thank you, you can go now. If you don’t go, I won’t come out.]

YG: […Okay.]

Ye Fei felt like Gu Ang was a little sun. Ever brilliant, warm, with a dazzling light. Even when dealing with him, he was so full of energy. He almost forgot that Gu Ang was even more desperate than he was when he made up his mind to do something.

Like the moment of divorce, and like now.

Ye Fei sighed slightly, knowing that he couldn’t be persuaded, so he could only turn around and walk out of the bathroom, standing at the door to protect him.

The disguise machine came in handy but he wouldn’t even get a chance to come face to face with Gu Ang.

Gu Ang heard the footsteps fading outside, and only then did he reopen the inhibitor again, re-inserting the needle into the skin and allowing the inhibitor to be infused into the bloodstream.

Afraid of another accident, he went down hard and used the entire bottle. The smell of pheromone slowly faded, and his heartbeat gradually returned to calm. It seemed to have worked and he felt much better.

Gu Ang sat in the bathroom for half an hour before he carefully pulled open the cubicle door, which was empty outside. The mystery man was gone. Gu Ang unburdened himself and slowly descended the stairs, thinking better of it, and turned to the small shop selling medicines by the door.

“Little handsome, you’ve been coming to my place for three days now, huh?” There were a lot of people coming from outside schools today, and the boss was doing so much good business that he took a rare break only to see a familiar face.

Gu Ang propped himself up against the counter, still feeling a little weak, “Give me some more inhibitors.”

The boss looked at him, “You don’t look too good. You can’t use this inhibitor stuff too often, it’s medicine after all. It’s not good for your health.”

Gu Ang pursed his lips, forgetting the excuse he had made last time or helping the little sweet Omega at home with their shopping, “So, is there anything else that works better? The Games are today, and there are too many Alphas.”

The boss laughed, “I heard. The Royal Knights put pheromones out in the morning, right? A lot of Omega viewers just came over to buy tranquilizers, and said that the smell was overwhelming. The average person really can’t bear it.”

“Okay, I’ll take that too. Make that five bottles, and by the way, give me a little something to help me sleep.”

“Ooh, do you want to get a VIP card for 30% off?”

Gu Ang was amused, “You’ve fallen for the money, haven’t you?”

“I’m just seeing you patronize me for three days.” The boss lit a cigarette, “Honestly, you bought it for yourself, right? I was suspicious last time, where was such a good boyfriend to buy these gadgets for his own little sweet-o every day.”

Gu Ang pursed his lips, not admitting or denying. It was a good half a moment before he spoke quietly, telling those difficult thoughts to a stranger, “Boss, why do you think it’s so hard for Omega to survive? Alpha pheromones make my legs weak, and give me an inherent disadvantage.”

The boss grunted, “It can’t be helped, the physiology between Alphas and Omegas is too great. To put it bluntly, Omegas started out as a top breeding offspring, and only in recent years with the affirmative action movement have they become more and more equal in status.”

Gu Ang’s heart sank even more, and his hand on the counter gradually clenched, pinching finger marks on the glass. He had a hard time convincing himself that Omegas were nothing to fear, he could still be the fiercest Omega in the interstellar.

But the attitude towards all of them was a touch of disdain and pity. He didn’t need this look down from above. He was the proudest Gu Ang, and he didn’t need to be anything else.

Gu Ang took a step back, full of mockery, “You’re an Alpha, aren’t you? So you can judge with that condescending attitude.”

The owner stood up and propped himself up on the counter looking at Gu Ang, his expression suddenly serious, “You guessed wrong, I’m an Omega, and a former Omega who graduated from Red Flame.”

Gu Ang froze, staring at the unkempt man in shock, “So how did you…”

How did an Omega, who graduated from Red Flame and had struggled to get this far, commit to living in front of a school with just a little shitty shop?

The boss sat back down again and lit a cigarette, “Because at that moment, my husband died in battle, and I was bent on avenging him. But I found out that I was pregnant. I had to keep his baby, it was the last thing I thought about. My kid is also in your Red Flame, and they did pretty well on the field today.”

Gu Ang mumbled something, apologizing for being aggressive, “I’m sorry, I seem to have misunderstood you.”

“It’s fine, I guess no one who looks at me with this big and thick appearance can imagine that a person like me could get pregnant and give birth.” The boss looked like he had seen the world, “In one’s life, as long as one lives up to one’s heart, it ‘s already great. Hey, what’s the point of telling you so much? Do you still want the card?”

Gu Ang froze and nodded, “Do it, charge ten thousand first.”

He used to have a smooth ride until he was twenty-six and life gave him a head start. It was as if all the hardships had agreed to come at him, and his life, which had been so bright, fell into darkness.

Gu Ang found it ironic that God had taken away the brightest light of his life when it was clear that his name meant luminous. He had once complained about the injustice of fate, but now it seemed that everyone had a hard time.

Gu Ang came out of the small shop carrying a few bottles of tranquilizers, full of the owner’s sour and astringent love story. It touched him deeply, and even somehow resonated with him for a few moments.

Before, when he and Ye Fei were together, two Alphas, they were destined to be prepared for a lifetime without children. It wasn’t until he saw the papers in Ye Fei’s safe during the divorce that he realized how much that man loved him to the point of making sacrifices. And now, was there a chance?

The doctor said that the odds were that his genital cavity was incompletely developed and he wouldn’t have children.

A bird flew past the top of his hair, tearing away a few strands of his hair and sobering the man abruptly. Gu Ang slapped himself violently on the forehead, laughing at himself for being weak.

What was the point of thinking about all this nonsense when he couldn’t even say whether his future was as an Alpha or an Omega?

He went back to the viewing area in Class S and looked around, not seeing Ye Fei. So who was in the bathroom? Could it have been him?

Bai SiNing saw him and greeted him warmly, “Brother Ang, you’re back, how are you?”

Gu Ang thought about his panic as he pulled and could only go along with him, “The doctor said a day or two of rest would be fine, nothing serious.”

“Then you can’t be on for this afternoon’s game.” Bai SiNing patted his chest, “It’s fine, if I need someone to go this afternoon, I’ll be on.”

Gu Ang glanced at him, “Why are you being such a dog today?”

Bai SiNing shrank his neck and spoke weakly, “I’m redeeming myself.”

Gu Ang gave a hmmm, “A bit of awareness, where’s Ye Fei?”

“I don’t know, he just left in a hurry, said he had an emergency for his dad.” Bai SiNing looked around, “It doesn’t look like he’s back yet.”

Ye Fei saw that Gu Ang was late in coming out and sent a message to Ye HongFeng, and the two of them made an appointment at the 13th piano room. Gu Ang asked him to look into the cheating thing earlier, and after putting it off for a few days, it was time to bring it up.

Inside the piano room, Ye Fei and Ye HongFeng both sat side by side on the piano bench, looking serious. Ye HongFeng was the first to speak up and ask, “It’s not easy to see you, so tell me first, how is the secret mission between the clans going?”

Ye Fei pondered for a moment, but decided to give the old man a general overview of the situation first, “Thirty-two mission points, as far as I can see from the mission intelligence network, seventeen are occupied, fourteen are unoccupied, and one was destroyed. I’ve occupied four so far, which is considered above average.”

“Wait, destroyed? You mean the mission point was destroyed by one?” Ye HongFeng hadn’t participated in secret missions himself, but he had read the dossier recorded in his family.

There were only two instances of mission points being destroyed. The first time was when a volcano that had been dormant for ten thousand years suddenly erupted, and the tremendous energy destroyed the coordinate points originally placed inside the crater. The second time was when the Federation suddenly launched an attack on the Empire, riding a planet-devouring beast to blast and destroy the planet directly where the mission coordinate point was located.

It was also this kind of heaven-destroying level of natural disaster that had the chance to destroy the mission coordinate point. This kind of moment of witnessing history, Ye HongFeng sounded a little excited, not expecting that the moment of witnessing history in the secret war within the Empire that lasted for ten thousand years was caught by his own son.

“That’s right, I was there when the mission site exploded.”

“Pfft…” Ye HongFeng squeezed his thermos, and a mouthful of tea spewed out of his mouth, spilling all over the floor.

After Ye Fei skillfully dodged it, he kicked away the poor piano stool that had been sprayed with tea, and casually pulled another stool around him over to sit down. He knew that Ye HongFeng would react like this when he heard it.

You’re a marshal, can’t you be more reserved?

“Okay, no drama, tell me more carefully.”

When it came to self-destruction, it was bound to be a matter of life and death.

Ye HongFeng put away his usual casual appearance with Ye Fei’s father-son duo and opened his eyes slightly, like a sleeping lion suddenly opening his eyes. The authority he had cultivated over the years in a high position naturally flowed out.

“Nothing much to say, just uploaded the clan emblem and the lab blew up completely, with no crumbs left. Ran into a tricky opponent recently, that Lu Clan Lu ChangBai that I asked you to check out for me last time. I’m guessing he used some kind of remote means to set the coordinate points to blow up.” Ye Fei had never had the time to sit as the head of the Ye family in his previous life or in this one. He wasn’t qualified to go through the top secret information that was recorded, and naturally, he didn’t understand what it meant for the mission coordinate points to be destroyed.

“Lu ChangBai, it was no wonder.” Ye HongFeng nodded, insightful of everything. Knowing a son was like a father, and to be able to get someone as high-minded as Ye Fei to actively seek help from his family did have some tricks up his sleeve.

“So, how’s the investigation of this Lu ChangBai that I asked you to help me with last time?” The man was like a ghost with a ticking time bomb strapped to it, and at some point, it would stir up his life. Ye Fei was eager to know what kind of handle Lu ChangBai, the villain with a different watch, had.

Only, the father, who had been omnipotent and thunderous, surprisingly showed a hint of a look Ye Fei had never seen before at this moment. A hesitation, a very long hesitation.

Half a dozen seconds later, Ye HongFeng spoke slowly, “This Lu ChangBai, I sent someone to check it out, but… To be honest, there was very little information that could be found out, and you seriously instructed me to investigate the background, so I then purposely used the nails that were buried in the Lu family for a bit. But the results, still, aren’t good.”

“Oh?” Ye Fei was a bit surprised at the moment, being so young and hiding so deep.

“Information shows that Lu ChangBai had been physically weak since birth and had a barely average level of intelligence, so he grew up living under the halo of his older brother, Lu ChangQing.”

Ye Fei: “???” A load of bollocks, even if I hadn’t fought him, I’d barely believe it.

Ye HongFeng continued, “Moreover, according to the information provided by various Lu ChangBai’s former tutors, except for architecture, in which he had some interest, he wasn’t failing badly in all other subjects, but also had absolutely no talent whatsoever. So he spent years locked up in his room modeling various buildings on his computer and putting together Lego sets. All in all, from all accounts, this Lu ChangBai is an ordinary person with little talent and some playfulness. That is, after his brother Lu ChangQing died, the head of the Lu family was left with only one son, so he had to be pulled out of his room to be groomed as an heir.”

After saying that, Ye HongFeng took out a stack of information from his briefcase and handed it to Ye Fei, “Since he hardly ever gets out much, there’s limited information that can be gathered. Here’s all the information, which is basically the same as what I just said, so you can take a look if you’re interested. But this information is too official to be of much reference value.”

Taking the information handed over by Ye HongFeng, Ye Fei didn’t say anything more on the topic. Since even Old Ye couldn’t find out the background, it meant that Lu ChangBai had already finished trimming it in advance. How could the mind of a young teenager who was obviously less than eighteen be so deliberate?

It looked like a fight with him was going to be tricky in the future.

Ye Fei casually pressed the keys and thought about what he was supposed to find Ye HongFeng for, to help Gu Ang find out about his father’s cheating. But when the subject came up, he didn’t know how to speak.

Ye Fei took a detour and spoke implicitly, “Dad, you saw Gu Ang’s performance today, what do you think of him?”

“Pretty good, skilled in handling, hard punching, and has brains.” Ye HongFeng gave Ye Fei a light look, “I appreciate him, and quite like him.”

Ye Fei curled the corners of his mouth a little, a little proud of himself, knowing the comments were a given. When he took Gu Ang to meet his parents for the first time in his last life, Ye HongFeng felt extra speechless at first.

He was sipping his tea, his eyes not even lifting, his voice faint, “Why did you bring an Alpha back?”

Ye HongFeng was not old-fashioned, but he imagined that Ye Fei could find a wife as beautiful and gentle as his own wife. He didn’t expect such a big surprise when the kid hadn’t had anyone around for twenty years.

Gu Ang nodded slightly in greeting. With that, he handed over the small bag he was carrying, “Uncle Ye, this was the gift I brought you.”

Ye HongFeng kept his spirits high, “Put it there.”

“Have a look.” Gu Ang wasn’t offended and held out the contents of the bag, his tone unassuming, “I know you’ve seen the world, but this is a small token of my appreciation.”

Ye HongFeng raised his eyes and reached up to pull out the contents of the bag, which was just a drawing. He gasped, “This is all you’re giving me?”

“It’s a construction diagram.” Gu Ang smiled and explained, “This mecha I gave you, I started to build it myself, it didn’t compare to your mecha, but I added some features I think are pretty good myself, so you can try it out when the time comes.”

Ye HongFeng came to life when he heard mecha, “Where’s the mecha?”

Ye Fei coughed, “Our home training ground, I’ve got it there.”

“Come on, let’s go check it out.”

Gu Ang quietly pulled the corner of Ye Fei’s shirt, sounding a little freaked out, “Look, I told you your dad would like this.”

He had asked a circle of people before what he should give to meet his future dad. Most of them said something about cigarettes and alcohol, which didn’t feel like much fun.

Ye HongFeng was a marshal, was he lacking those things? So Gu Ang supervised his own work for a little over a month, meticulously grinding and working through the night to build a newest mecha, which was incredibly flattering.

Ye HongFeng walked quickly to his home training ground, a dark blue mecha was already standing in the middle, taking up a large chunk of the field and looking imposing. His face eased a bit as he opened the hatch, rolled up and began to operate it. Ye HongFeng was left-handed and the mecha could be a bit awkward to use if it wasn’t tailored to him.

The one Gu Ang sent, however, was tailor-made for his habits, with both the handle, console, and control port placed on the left side.

Ye HongFeng was satisfied that he couldn’t even speak. But he was also arrogant, thinking that he couldn’t take it easy on these two boys, he’d have to try again.

Ye HongFeng stuck his head out from the hatch, “Gu Ang, I heard from Ye Fei that your mecha fighting is also quite powerful. Come, you can choose any one within this training ground and let’s fight once.”

Ye Fei was worried that Gu Ang was being bullied by his own old man and stepped up to relieve the situation, “Dad, people are coming to the house for dinner, what’s the point of fighting?”

Gu Ang’s lips quirked in defiance of the challenge, “Mn, I’ll take the red one.”

It wasn’t like the two men were skirmishing, as both men adjusted and began to spar for real in the training room. The two sides came on strong, sparks flying as soon as they made contact, leaving no room for ruthless hands.

Ye Fei flashed to a safe area to the side, worried, fearing that Gu Ang wouldn’t have the upper hand. Ye HongFeng was a veteran soldier after all, whether it was skillful combat or movement speed, that was beyond the reach of a newcomer who hadn’t long graduated.

But Gu Ang wasn’t afraid like a newborn, and had made a way out of it. It didn’t matter who was on the other side, hardened his dueling courage and returned fire when he took the opportunity in the thin attack. He fought back tenaciously despite Ye HongFeng’s barrage of attacks.

A cannon shot passed by and a large hole was blasted with precision at the location of the black mecha feathers. The two fought with such fervor that if Ye Fei hadn’t called a halt in the middle, the training ground would probably have been demolished.

Ye HongFeng got off the mecha and was inexplicably amused as he watched the beautiful gift he’d just been given get blown out of the water.

Gu Ang, this kid, was resilient and had a quick brain, and after one matchup, he liked him even more.

Ye HongFeng gave the sweaty teenager a look with appreciation in his eyes, “I admire you and agree with you dating Ye Fei.”

He didn’t expect to go back in time, and for Gu Ang to use the same trick to conquer his old man.

Ye Fei hesitated for a moment, but still stated his intention straightforwardly, “Gu Ang’s father is someone you should also know, Gu Shen. He is cheating on his mother with Lu Yan. He wants to check if he can find evidence and make the first move.”

“So, you want me to use our family’s resources to help him?” Ye HongFeng hit the nail on the head.

Ye Fei nodded, “Those two are big names and neither of us can do anything.”

“You’re giving me trouble all day long, I don’t want to mess with Lu Yan.” Ye HongFeng snickered, “Unless you tell me why you’re helping him?”

Ye Fei knew the little excuse couldn’t be avoided and bared his heart straight away, “I like him and can’t bear to see him sad.”

Ye HongFeng stared at him, digesting the information in the words, “Wait, Gu Ang… Isn’t he an Alpha?”

“He…” Ye Fei didn’t know how to explain it, so she simply kept it to herself for now, “is an Alpha, but liking someone doesn’t have much to do with their second gender.”

Ye HongFeng pondered for a long time before speaking slowly, “If you like him, I won’t stop you, I quite like this little friend too. You need to think carefully, if you mate with an Alpha, there will be no children, are you clear about the consequences?”

Ye Fei nodded, “I am.”

He made that decision in his last life, and it wouldn’t change in this one.

“Mn, I’ll look into it for you, but you two should discuss what you’re going to do with it when you find out. Old Gu and Old Lu, both are a bit tricky. It has been a bit long since I skipped work, so I’m going to go back and rush back to explain.”

Ye Fei’s heart was full of gratitude, but father and son were used to spending time together coldly and didn’t know how to express it for a while, “Thanks Dad, thanks for your hard work.”

The two emerged from the piano room side by side and returned to the field of play. There was a mecha battle going on on field two, with three grades mixing it up. The freshmen were technically rusty and suffered significantly in the Undifferentiated Combat Games, cannon fodders, almost being chased all over the field.

Ye Fei returned to sit next to Gu Ang, “Where’s Bai SiNing?”

“He’s on the field looking for abuse.” Gu Ang pointed to one that had been forced onto the edge of the field, “Just the gray one that’s about to get knocked off the field.”

Ye Fei saw that he was in a good mood at the moment, and figured that his earlier reaction should have gone down a bit, “You’re not on, so why is he on again?”

“I suffered a small injury in the last match and was resting.” Gu Ang continued to take that excuse and snickered as he looked at the field, “Those fools from the Four Kings, they’re all wimps, they might as well be Bai SiNing.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, a black mecha rushed next to Bai SiNing, knocking back a flurry of attacks around him and bringing the man back from the edge of the field.

“Lin XiuYong is kind of awesome, how come he’s not in Class S?” Gu Ang propped his head up, observing the combat skills of the black mecha. It was unusual, not like the usual mecha training strikes.

Ye Fei followed his line of sight, and Lin XiuYong in the black mecha had a sullen face, barely making any extra manipulative movements. But the mecha was clean and pretty hard on the attack, with instantaneous movement.

Ye Fei inspected the result, “He’s fighting with mental power. Lin XiuYong should be exceptionally strong in spirit, not in force. Freshmen competition is all about fists, it’s pretty hard for him to get in.”

Gu Ang nodded and watched as Bai SiNing followed Lin XiuYong like a little follower. The scene was kind of funny, like a little chick following the mother chicken. However, Bai SiNing barely survived until the last few seconds to get some individual points under the protection of Lin XiuYong.

The host’s sprinkled voice came out of the microphone, “That’s it for today’s event, thank you all for watching. We’ll see you tomorrow at nine o’clock.”

The crowd was about to leave the stage when the big screen broadcast ended and began to loop the promotional photos taken by Gu Ang and Ye Fei.

In the first photo, Gu Ang had his hands in his pockets and Ye Fei had his arm half-around his shoulders, both of them with loose expressions and light smiles.

The Omegas who had already taken a step howled and sat back.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, finally the promo photos! I bought the tickets just to see this!”

“Fuck, these two are so handsome! I can’t keep my legs together.”

“It’s a little too sweet that Red Flame’s official website allows you to download pictures.”

“What’s with the inexplicable feeling of matching faces???”

“It’s true that when this Alpha and Alpha stand together they have an aura, and I weakly want to get a little high on this CP.”

Bai SiNing had just come off the field, looking at the two men with a head full of sweat, jumping up and down with unbridled excitement.

“Have you guys seen it? Once the promo photos came out, the Double A vote was already almost over 100!!!”

Gu Ang swept him lightly, “So what? Ready to give out fan benefits again?”

“No more posting, no more posting, that’s all I’m saying.” Bai SiNing rubbed his hands together with a repentant look, “If I had known it would be so easy to increase my fan base, I should have asked Lin XiuYong to take more looks for you guys that day.”

Gu Ang stood up and glared at him again, “Stop it in moderation.”

What double Alpha desperate love? He wasn’t even Alpha anymore… This poll was a joke.

Bai SiNing muttered after him, “I thought I could make it back in the end with this bet.”

Since the promo photos were so hot, he’d work hard and cut another battle footage for the school to show after the finals tomorrow, which would absolutely set the house on fire.

Gu Ang and Ye Fei didn’t bother with him, sending the man away and walking slowly back to the dorm together.

It was just that the two had been out of the limelight today and had stumbled upon a lot of enthusiastic fans along the way, the road was full of people and it was hard to move an inch. Ye Fei’s heart was a little sour, Gu Ang didn’t have such a great reputation when he was a student.

Later, when he joined the army, with strict management and surrounded by Alphas, he didn’t have many love interests.

At this point, three steps up, a pretty Omega came over to take a picture. Ye Fei, a little distracted, pulled Gu Ang’s wrist and squeezed out of the crowd, walking quickly back.

Gu Ang felt the warmth on his wrist and looked at him inexplicably, “What’s the sudden fast move for?”

The man’s voice was colder, not even bothering to put on a svelte appearance, “It’s crowded and noisy.”

Gu Ang poked him, “Are you jealous of my fan base?”

Ye Fei: “…” What do you mean, you seem to be enjoying the hype?

The two went back to the dorm with an eerie atmosphere, Gu Ang with a sweaty body, quickly went into the bathroom to take a shower, Ye Fei ordered takeaway and chose a nourishing soup. It was true that he was tired from tossing and turning all day today, not to mention, Gu Ang’s current physical condition was unknown.

When Gu Ang came out of the shower, he looked at the small table with the soup already served, “You got this for me?”

“Mn, you drink some, there are other dishes on the side. You eat, I’ll go take a shower.” Ye Fei grabbed his robe and proceeded into the bathroom.

Gu Ang half-crouched in his chair, taking a sip of his soup as he swiped through the forums.

The Luminous CP backers were adding new people all the time, now numbering over 200. seeing as most of them were real names, they should be off-campus viewers.

Interstellar Fierce A: [Where did you all come from?]

Ji Xiaohua: [Why do you speak so impulsively? What, there’s still a difference between first and last for pink CP?]

Solan: [That is… why do you care where we came from? Funny.]

Luminous Girl: [Everyone stop arguing and we are all fans of the same CP, so we’ll all be friends.]

Little White BaiBai: [(trembling) (scared) (crying out) Interstellar Fierce A is our caretaker, everyone be gentle with him.]

Gu Ang snickered as he watched the chat, Bai SiNing did have eyes. If this group knew he was the original, the picture would probably change abruptly in a second.

Too bad the double-A juggernaut love everyone was expecting wouldn’t be there. He and Ye Fei… The relationship was getting a little weird now, like it was flirting and like it wasn’t.

Gu Ang finished his meal, placed the tranquilizer he had bought at random on the bedside table, and went to bed to lie down. He read the inhibitor description earlier and it was effective for a short time, only about a day. He didn’t know what would happen when it failed, so he might as well sleep on it.

He took the sleeping pills he had bought from his boss, three of them, and they were very topsy-turvy, and it wasn’t long before his mind felt foggy.

His eyes drifted closed and soon fell into a deep sleep.

Ye Fei finished washing and drying the clothes the two had changed out of before getting out of the bathroom.

He glanced at the opposite bed, where Gu Ang’s entire body was huddled under the covers, with only a furry head showing, in a state of sleep.

Ye Fei stopped and sat down on the edge of his bed and saw the sleeping pills on the bedside. A heartache rushed up densely, Gu Ang now had to rely on these things to fall asleep. He couldn’t relate to Gu Ang’s situation, but having watched along the way, he could appreciate the pain of fighting.

His fingertips brushed his cheek, warm to the touch.

Gu Ang’s arrogance was completely gone while he was sleeping, very quiet, just unconsciously emitting some sleepy talk. Ye Fei leaned down and brought his ear to his lips. Intermittent air sounds came to his ears, not quite clear, “Brother… Help me, I’m so hot and hard… I can’t stand it. I miss you so much, where are you? I can’t find you.”

The latter words were almost a murmur, with a little thin cry.

Ye Fei wrapped his palm around his hand, knowing full well that he couldn’t hear him, and soothed patiently anyway, “I’m here, I’m here.”

Ye Fei paused, his voice almost too hoarse to speak, “AngAng, I’m here.”

It had been a long time since he’d called him by that name, and it was like a lifetime ago when he spoke it again.

Gu Ang responded, all by reflex, hazily, “Brother, hug me.”

Ye Fei leaned down and opened his arms to hold the man securely in his arms, smoothing them down his back one at a time. He didn’t know what Gu Ang was dreaming about, but felt the body heat in his arms grow hotter and hotter, and a few wisps of white peach oolong wafted out again.

Ye Fei thought about the fact that the Games were one day away tomorrow, the final, and that there could be more underhanded tactics. Maybe, a temporary mark should be made for him that would last through tomorrow. He glanced again at the sleeping pills at the bedside; Gu Ang had taken three and shouldn’t wake up.

It was just not really gentlemanly to take advantage of someone while they were asleep like that. Gu Ang, still dead from sleep, felt the warm embrace and his breath loosened a bit. He hugged him back, his head nuzzling into Ye Fei’s arms as if trying to draw a little comfort.

Ye Fei ran his fingertips up the glands of Gu Ang’s neck, sliding them gently.

It was thin, so thin that he could almost see the veins inside, and he remembered how it felt the last time he’d bitten through Gu Ang’s gland. Marking wasn’t only appeasing for an Omega, but for an Alpha, it was a seduction of desire. For the sake of Gu Ang’s safety tomorrow, let him, this time, be the bad guy.

Ye Fei tilted his head sideways and pressed his lips to Gu Ang’s neck. He bared his canines and stabbed gently, his nose full of the scent of white peach oolong. He even vilely thought that by marking Gu Ang a few more times, the man would be his forever. But he couldn’t lasso Gu Ang with such physical oppression.

He wanted the two to clear up all the misunderstandings and get back together in a proper manner. Just for now… Time passed as the two held their positions, Ye Fei still not moving. He was hesitating.

Suddenly, Gu Ang reached out and hooked him around the neck, bringing the man towards himself with no small amount of force.

The next second, Ye Fei’s canines pierced Gu Ang’s gland and dug in shallowly. Ye Fei got a little out of control as he sucked on the fragile tender flesh of Gu Ang’s neck, ferrying his pheromone bit by bit.

Sweat seeped out, soaking through the thin robe as the two tangled recklessly.

Gu Ang was still sleeping peacefully, the brandy pheromone soothing him nicely, and the frown between his brows gradually loosened. Unconsciously, Ye Fei took almost complete control of the man in his arms, the mere ferrying of the pheromone turning into a bite.

The man in his arms was teased unconsciously, and he felt himself react strongly, his hard arousal against Gu Ang’s loose robe between his bathrobe.

Ye Fei gasped heavily, hesitating to put his hand down and relieve himself… 


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April 18, 2023 1:26 am

Oh YF, it’s a slippery slope. Justifying this with good reason, still doesn’t make it right and might distance GA from him instead of the opposite.
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